Sorority Slavedoll

by PlastiClown

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Some people say that man is mastery and woman is mystery. That's a clever play on words, certainly, but there is a very spooky truth to it. When the former goes wrong, the latter sets it right, sometimes in the most horrifying ways. There's a reason why some women are called witches and a hapless young man discovered that reason.

Just off the campus of the University of New Wales at Pennstadt stands Sorority Row, a neat array of former mansions lining one of the main streets that run by the campus. Set a little apart from the others, separated from its nearest neighbor by a miniature park, was the Shi Imega Lambda house. It was to that house that Stefan Bonhuizo came with sinister intent.

Bonhuizo was a scout for a white-slavery operation and his disguise was perfect. Certain drugs had removed all of his body hair, especially on his face, and made his skin feminine smooth and soft. He had allowed his blond hair to grow and frame his face in a golden cloud of curls (yes, this is an elaborate dumb-blonde joke - PC). He called himself Steffi and he was now targeting the Shi Imega Lambda house as a potential source of sex slaves.

Steffi had discovered that most of the sorority's residents were mathematics majors, people with a reputation for social ineptitude, which would make these girls relatively easy targets. He couldn't possibly have anticipated what a hideous mistake he was about to make on that assumption. As it turned out, he ran himself afoul of a coven of witches.

Traditional magic often involves numbers and some magicians, throughout history, have said that numbers themselves have subtle magic powers. So what happens when those simple magics meet higher mathematics, such as analytic geometry or tensor calculus? To Steffi's everlasting horror, the women of Shi Imega Lambda knew.

Now, on a gray, rainy morning, Steffi stood naked in the sitting room of the sorority house with all of the women, about a dozen, present. His feet rested on a mandala-like pattern that was embroidered into the carpet with purple and silver threads with some red woven in and he was standing "at attention" like a soldier. His roommate, Nori Hobsworth, was just finishing her report on what she had discovered when she had put a blabbertruth spell on him.

"Well, we shall have to do something about that, shan't we?" Plutonia Voimalainen said. "Very well. Carry out the execution." The other women made comments of agreement.

Nori picked up Steffi's beret-style shower cap from where she had put it on the back of a chair and told Steffi to put it on. Made of limp, skin-smooth, transparent-white plastic with a white rubber headband, it just enveloped Steffi's hair without crushing the curls. Tiny pink rosebuds printed on the plastic gave it an especially feminine look. After giving his head a light shake to settle his hair under the plastic, Steffi resumed standing straight with his hands at his sides.

Next Nori took from a case lying on the mantle of the room's fireplace a strange-looking rod. A foot long and an inch in diameter, it looked as if it had been made by braiding Plexiglass noodles. One end narrowed to a rounded tip, like the point of a rifle bullet, and seemed to exude rainbows. Nori held the rod by the other end and whispered something in Steffi's ear. Then she stood on Steffi's left and held the rod with the glimmering tip aimed at Steffi's neck and said, "Now, Steffi, I'm going to make you my inflated plastic prisoner forever!"

Steffi's penis swelled, lengthened, and rose to full erection as the women watched in rapt fascination. Unable to resist Nori's whispered command, Steffi felt his sexual arousal intensify and then, just before he climaxed, he inhaled a deep breath, puffed out his belly, and let out a little moan. At that instant Nori touched the tip of her rod to a point an inch below Steffi's left ear and the room reverberated with a loud "Poomp!"

Freed from the enslavement spell that Nori had put on him, Steffi tried to escape and discovered that he couldn't move. Some invisible rubbery force was holding him rigidly upright. Suddenly he felt a strange sensation on the left side of his neck: Nori was running a finger over the short, translucent-white plastic tube jutting from the spot that her rod had touched.

"This is the valve that allows me to let the air out of him and then to blow him up again when I want to play with him," Nori said. "But there's one more change we need to make," she added.

From the blunt end of her rod she pulled a plastic chip the size and shape of a quarter and put it into a slot in the box whence she had taken the rod. From another slot she took a differently colored chip, inserted it into the rod, and pushed it in until the rod emitted a soft click. "Now, watch carefully," she said as she touched the tip of the rod to the tube jutting from Steffi's neck.

Steffi felt a swelling in his chest and a thump in his crotch as if someone had kicked him there. He discovered later that his breasts had grown to the size of tennis balls with prominent nipples and aurioles. His penis had turned into a clitoris jutting half an inch from its sheath and his scrotum had inverted into a vagina.

Nori put the rod back into its case and then picked up a small, soft bundle of plastic. She stood in front of Steffi and unfurled it, revealing that it was a big, fat kitchen apron made of limp, skin-smooth, transparent-white plastic that had pink, yellow, and pale-blue lollidots spattered across it. At the top of the ankle-length, ruffled skirt big, blobbery opaque-red letters spelled out "Punch Me!" and on the bib, where it would rest on Steffi's belly, a red dot and rings formed a target pattern. As she slipped the halterneck over Steffi's head she said, "Now we're going to see how much fun you are as a punching bag." She pulled the apron's inch-wide, doubled-plastic ties under Steffi's arms, which were pressed against his sides, and knotted them in a neat bow behind his back.

It still hadn't quite registered in Steffi's mind that he was an inflated plastic doll, so he wasn't ready for what happened when Nori punched the target pattern. He heard a soft, rubbery "bap" and felt the impact of Nori's fist punching into his belly, but no pain. He bounced off Nori's fist as lightly as a beach ball and tipped over backward. Before he had a chance to react, the soft force that was holding him rigid threw him back up to be punched again. And again. For several minutes Nori danced the boxer's jig as she kept up a steady bap-bap-bap of blows, keeping Steffi bouncing gaily for her sorority sisters' amusement.

Then Plutonia took her turn as Nori rested. For almost an hour the women took turns using Steffi for a punching bag. For almost an hour the room was filled with the soft, rubbery thumps of fists striking inflated-taut plastic, the swish of the apron rubbing on Steffi's bare plastic skin, and the grunts of the women exerting themselves. Then they stopped and Nori confronted Steffi.

"Now, we have to get ready for the party," Nori said, "so I'm going to get you out of the way."

With that she stepped her foot onto a teardrop-shaped pattern extending from the mandala pattern that was holding Steffi upright and Steffi felt the force vanish. Panic-stricken, he tried to run, but he was surrounded and one of the women merely bopped him back to Nori, who caught him, tucked him, squirming desperately, under her left arm, and carried him upstairs to the bedroom they shared. She put Steffi's feet onto another mandala-like holding spot and stepped onto the teardrop. Again Steffi felt a rubbery-soft forcefield envelope him and hold him helpless.

"You won't need this for awhile," Nori said as she took the "Punch Me!" apron off of Steffi and tossed it onto his bed. Then, as Steffi watched, she went to the dresser that they shared, opened one of Steffi's drawers, and took out Steffi's raincoat. Transparent-green plastic draped limp over Nori's hands and reflected light with a wet-skin sheen.

Going behind Steffi, Nori unfurled the raincoat, put Steffi's hands into the sleeves, and then slid the raincoat up onto him. She put the pixie-style hood up over Steffi's shower cap, then went in front of him to bring the soft magnetic patches on the placket together to close the coat. Again, in spite of the horror, Steffi luxuriated in the sensations of soft, smooth plastic rubbing warmly against his bare skin. Nori slid the long, sash-style belt out of its loops and tied it around Steffi's right wrist, then ran it across his belly and tied it to his left wrist, and then took up both ends and tied them in a neat bow behind his back.

"That will keep you helpless when I take you off the holding spot," Nori said as she put her left arm around Steffi's shoulders and patted his belly with her right hand. "We're going to have a party tonight. Our boyfriends are all coming over and, starting at eight o'clock, they're going to take turns playing with you. You'll have to wear your raincoat for the first guy, so that when he creams into you, you'll get pregnant with a copy of it. After that, whenever some guy squirts his jizz into you, the copy will get a little bigger and you'll get a little fatter. Oh, I'm getting hot just thinking about it! I can't wait to see how fat you get before you pop." Realizing the implication of what she had just said, she added, "Oh, I didn't mean that the way it sounded." She went nose-to-nose with Steffi. "As soft as it it, your plastic is effectively indestructible. You're going to be my big, bouncy blow-up slavedoll forever!" She kissed Steffi's nose, gave him a jab in the belly, and left, closing the door behind her.

Steffi rocked to and fro several times and then came to rest staring at the clock on the dresser. It was almost ten o'clock. In a little over ten hours a dozen men would be having their way with him. He trembled with horror at the thought and wondered whether this was what the women that he and his gang had sold into sexual slavery felt when they confronted their fates.

Remembering his gang suddenly filled him with hope. He had failed to make his scheduled report the previous morning, so his gang knew he was in trouble. They would come and rescue him and then they would turn the tables on these witches. Nori would become his plastic prisoner and he would show her how to abuse a blow-up slavedoll. He lost himself in revenge fantasies and thoughts of how he and his gang would use that magical rod. The voices of the women, coming faintly from downstairs, faded to mere background noise.

Suddenly he became aware that masculine voices were coming from downstairs and he rejoiced that his gang had finally shown up. He noticed that the clock showed the time as a quarter to eight and thought that his boys had cut the rescue awfully close. Then the door opened and Nori walked in.

"Time to get pregnant!" she said happily. She stepped on the teardrop on the rug to free Steffi from the holding field and took him by the arm. With a shock Steffi realized that the men's voices were not those of his gang, but of strangers. He panicked and tried to get away, but Nori was holding him too firmly. Desperately he shook his head, but Nori took him to the guest bedroom and laid him down on the bed. She slid the skirt of his raincoat above his hips and then put a heavy blanket over him to hold him down. "Be a slut!" she said and then left.

All too soon the bedroom door opened again and a young man came into the room. He had a dazed expression on his face and he didn't say anything. He took off all of his clothes, setting them on a chair, and approached the bed to stand over Steffi. As Steffi looked on in fascinated horror, the man threw back the blanket that covered him, crawled onto the bed, and mounted him. Steffi felt a sensation like someone stroking his scrotum as the man penetrated him and he trembled with a combination of fear and excitement.

The man laid his full weight on Steffi and began pumping immediately. Steffi felt his sexual arousal getting stiffer and hotter as the man moved on him. Suddenly he climaxed, bucking and writhing in the man's embace as he felt heat blossom inside him in hard spurts. Then it was over and the man went limp, panting from his exertion. Steffi felt a little more heat seep into him as he absorbed all that the man had to offer. Soon the man pulled out and got up, then he put his clothes back on and left.

A few minutes later Nori came into the room. She laid her right hand on Steffi's belly, went dreamy-eyed for a few seconds, then smiled and said, "Congratulations! You're pregnant!" She untied Steffi and took her raincoat, leaving her naked to face a parade of men. (Oh, so now Steffi's a "she" and not a "he". Unh huh! - PC).

For an hour and a half Steffi served the witches' guests as a sexual punching bag. Over and over she felt heat blossom inside her and climaxed long and hard under the grunting young man who was bouncing on her. Then it ended. There was no announcement of that fact, but after a long elapse of time Steffi realized that no more men were coming to play with her. She ran her hands over herself and got the impression that her belly was slightly swollen already.

At last Nori came for her. Wearing her bathrobe, she led Steffi out of the guest room and to their room. Steffi saw her raincoat and "Punch Me!" apron lying on her bed and she went to get into the bed herself. Nori stopped her.

"Get into my bed," Nori said. "I want to sleep on you tonight."

Steffi went to Nori's bed and slid herself under the covers. She watched as Nori tossed her robe onto her bed, turned out the light, and came to get into bed herself. She rubbed up against Steffi as she got under the covers and she slid a hand towel under Steffi's buttocks. Heaving herself up a bit, she got on top of Steffi and slid her right leg between Steffi's legs.

Steffi felt Nori's labia kiss her right thigh and felt Nori's clitoris swelling and stiffening. She felt Nori's belly and breasts press soft and hot against hers and felt Nori's lips caressing her valve. Then Nori began to move.

"Oh, you're so soft and warm!" Nori said as she slid her clitoris up and down Steffi's thigh. "So smooth and rubbery! So weak and helpless! Oh, I'm gonna... I'm gonna... I'm gonna...!"

With that she climaxed, bouncing on Steffi as she bucked and writhed in ecstasy. When the passion storm abated, Nori lay panting on her prisoner. A few minutes later she used the hand towel to wipe up her mess, then she kissed Steffi's lips. Sighing, she said, "When I get married you're going to sleep between me and my husband, so that we can take turns playing with you. Every morning for the rest of my life the first thing I'm going to see is your pretty shower cap." Then she drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Nori took Steffi into the shower with her and taught her how to be Nori's shower maid. After getting cleaned up, Nori got dressed and then left for the day, leaving Steffi alone in their room.

After making up Nori's bed, Steffi spent the rest of the day playing with herself. She masturbated with her raincoat and with her apron. Then inspiration struck and after a bit of a struggle she managed to open the closet. She found Nori's transparent-red plastic raincoat on its padded hanger, took it, and put it on. She luxuriated in the sensations of the limp, skin-smooth plastic film rubbing against her bare skin and spent hours masturbating with it. Careful not to get caught playing with it, she hung the raincoat back on its hanger and closed the closet door an hour before she expected Nori to return. She put on her own raincoat and resumed playing with herself.

When Nori got home, she took Steffi's raincoat off of her and took the naked woman to the guest bedroom. At the door Steffi turned around, held her hands up in a gesture of pleading, and shook her head.

"Don't be silly," Nori chided. She patted Steffi's belly with the back of a hand. "We have to keep watering your new raincoat so it will grow." She pushed Steffi into the room and closed the door.

At first Steffi thought about hiding, perhaps in the closet. But then she realized the futility of such a move and went to sit on the bed. A few minutes later the door opened and her heart leaped with relief and delight. The man entering the room was Bifford B. Boppe III, the leader of his gang. Steffi's first thought was that she was being rescued, but then she noticed the dazed look on Biff's face and the fact that he was wearing only his underpants, which bulged ominously. Utterly defeated, Steffi lay down on the bed and accepted her humiliation.

After Biff left, Steffi was alone for perhaps half an hour before Nori came in. She was bring Steffi's raincoat and something else. As Steffi put on her raincoat, Nori unfurled the something else, which turned out to be a big, fat kitchen apron made of the same transparent-green plastic as Steffi's raincoat. Thumbnail-sized flower patterns were printed on the plastic in gay colors and across the top of the wide, ankle-length, ruffled skirt opaque-blue letters spelled out "Fuck Me!" Standing with her head bowed in defeat and submission, Steffi allowed Nori to put the apron on her.

"Perfect!" Nori said. "You are a good fucking bag, after all." She then led Steffi out of the guest bedroom and down to the sitting room. There Steffi saw Biff standing naked on the holding spot while Plutonia stood holding the transforming rod. When Steffi was seated in a chair with a good view of the action, Plutonia proceeded with the execution.

She handed Biff a beret-style shower cap made of transparent-black plastic with a black rubber headband. Steffi became intensely aware of her own shower cap brushing against the plastic of her raincoat's hood every time she moved. She trembled as she watched Biff put on the shower cap, come fully aroused, and puff out his belly as she had done. Then Plutonia touched the tip of the rod to Biff's neck and Biff turned into an inflated plastic doll with a loud "Poomp!"

After putting the rod back into its case, Plutonia picked up a kitchen apron made of transparent-black plastic and put it on Biff. The words "Punch Me!" and the target pattern were printed on the plastic in opaque white and once Plutonia had the apron tied onto her victim she accepted the invitation. She punched her fist deep into Biff's belly, doubling him over. Then he sprang back up, bounced lightly off her fist, and tipped over backward almost to the floor. Immediately he bounced back up as if eager to be punched again. The room was filled with soft rubbery thumps and the swish of plastic sliding on plastic as Plutonia kept biff bouncing for her.

Suddenly Biff bucked. As he bounced, he thrust his hips to and fro. The apron had been mastubating him, rubbing against his jutting penis, and now he was climaxing into its plastic. He wasn't squirting anything, so Plutonia was able to keep him going for several minutes. When the other women took their turns, they competed to see who could bring Biff to climax the quickest.

Crying inside, Steffi knew that her gang was doomed. They were all going to be turned into inflated plastic slavedolls. These witches were going to achieve what the police had been unable to accomplish - they were going to eliminate a white-slave ring and thereby make the world a better place.


The Plastic Prisoner as Sex Object

The basic sexual appeal of an inflated plastic slavedoll consists of two factors - the plastic and the humiliation. One brings in the element of femininity and the other brings in the element of sexual anxiety.

The plastic in question is polyvinyl chloride film. Either polymerized vinyl chloride infused with a plastifier or vinyl chloride copolymerized with vinyl acetate were used in films about as thick as a sheet of paper (4 mil or one-tenth of a millimeter) with twice that thickness being used for inflatable toys. Ideally it was soft enough to drape limply and it was calendered smooth, not quite as smooth as glass. It had the softness and the sheen of a young woman's moist skin, so the mind could make an analogy between the two.

The full feminization of the plastic came from its primary uses. As a child, I saw those uses in shower caps, household aprons, and raincoats. While men had their own plastic raincoats, the women's raincoats were essentially plastic dresses. Thus I (and many others of my generation) came to identify plastic as feminine. And because of the analogy between plastic and a young woman's bare skin, the plastic became associated with sex. If I were to see a woman or girl wearing a plastic raincoat, it would have the same effect on me as if she were wearing no clothes at all. In the 1950's and 1960's rainy days could get downright pornographic for me.

The humiliation factor came into play through shyness. The very thought of making a sexual overture to someone can raise a terrible anxiety and one way to deal with that anxiety, at least on the masturbational level, is to transmute it into something similar, the anxiety that attends the approach of physical discipline. The fear of being humiliated, the symptoms of anxiety over sexual rejection, can be transformed into excitement, sexual excitement, over the prospect of being humiliated in the right way.

Think of the ritual of taking a condemned prisoner to his execution or taking a slave to the auction block. The sense of helplessness at being taken to a final humiliation mimics the anxiety a child feels on being taken to his bedroom for a spanking and also mimics the anxiety of facing a sexual partner. Thus humiliation rituals can acquire a sexual implication. That implication becomes explicit when the prisoner is used for a sexual purpose instead of being killed or sold.

That sexual purpose can involve compelling the prisoner into an intimate association with plastic. To help make that association we have a simple bounce-back plastic balloon.

The inflated plastic punching bag, which was invented in the late 1940's, stands as the perfect prisoner for humiliation. The character printed on the plastic stands helpless as his master knocks him around. The resemblance of the bag to an erect penis subtly suggests sexual humiliation. Inflated plastic punching bags were especially popular at Christmastime in those early years. In the 1960's the Sears Christmas catalog usually had a half page or more devoted to the ones available and I remember seeing half a dozen standing inflated in the display window of the Montgomery Wards toy annex, like slaves on auction.

Thus we have the plastic prisoner as an object of lust.




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