The Special Gift

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M+/f; gift; dollsuit; silicone; dollified; encase; sexdoll; objectify; stuck; mind-alter; clean; stored; used; owned; anal; denial; climax; cons; X

Woman to Sexdoll

Part 2.

story continued from part one

Janice woke up the next morning, she found herself laying on the carpet in the lounge room, she could see the soft tuffs of the carpet pile in front of her face, she was lying face down it seemed to her. Her body felt used and abused, her sex throbbed and ached, but in a good way, one where she had been through lots of sexual acts, her desires sated for now it seemed. Her limbs were out at odd angles from her body as she lay there as her owner/husband had left her last night after he and his friend had used her for their joint pleasure.

Her throat was also sore from the two men pushing their penises down her throat; quite roughly sometimes it seemed to her, something that she wasn’t expecting when she thought up the idea of being her husband’s plaything. She had thought that maybe he would use her pussy for his pleasure, taking her on the soft mattress of their bed in a gentle manner, one that could both enjoy, but the reality it seemed was another thing entirely.

Janice reasoned in her mind that she had presented herself to her husband as an inanimate sex doll, how else was he supposed to use her. In his mind she was just a sex toy to be used by him and for his own pleasure, something that she thought was very sexy at the time. Even now, after last night, she had enjoyed being used, even by the two of them, something which she couldn’t have planned for, and a wicked shiver ran though her at the thought of being used by two men.

Even though they were both rough with her, the silicone of the doll suit did manage to protect her own soft skin from most of the strains and stresses of last night. She would have thought that she would have been battered and bruised from the way they had used her, but this morning she only felt sore where the men had used her three holes for their own sexual desires.

Janice thought as she continued to lay there, ‘I wonder what today will bring?’ She unable to move her body because of the hard outer layer that Maggie had the booth spray on to her suit. She thought, ‘Will he use me again first up? And did his friend leave last night or can I expect more from the two of them?’

Janice lay there for the next couple of hours; she could hear people outside mowing the grass as they usually do on a Saturday morning, kids playing in the street and birds chirping in the trees. The house was silent, Janice couldn’t hear anyone moving around or doors opening. She wondered to herself, ‘Where was her owner? Was he even in the house?’

‘Owner’, she thought, ‘that sounds delightfully wicked, ‘I’m owned’ by my husband, I’m his dolly, his plaything.’ Her arousal started to begin again as she had these thoughts, her sex starting to feel wet and warm, a delicious heat and tingling feeling spreading out from her tummy. Not that she could do anything to cure her sexual itch at this stage, stuck as she was inside the doll suit, she still could not move.

Her husband/owner eventually awoke, he had a bit of a sore head from the night before, ‘Too many beers!’ he thought to himself. He had some vague memories from last night about he and his friend enjoying the gift that his wife had given him, then he remembered the doll and he felt his own member start to rise, he was aroused at thinking about the events of last night and the sex doll.

He wandered downstairs and walked into the lounge room, there he discovered the doll lying there, just as she must have been left last night after being used by the two of them. The doll was laying face down, with her rear enticing him with the soft, round globes presented to him and available, it seemed to his mind. His erection became more solid upon seeing this vision in front of him, a peach displayed for his pleasure, seeing as how his wife was away until Monday, he’d have to entertain himself and he didn’t want to waste the current boner he had going on between his legs, and the doll looked so available, teasing him to use her.

Janice heard and then saw her husband/owner walk into the lounge room; she lay there unable to do anything but be a doll, something overall that she was enjoying so far, even with all of the sex last night. ‘I’m a good little dolly owner, please use me.’ She thought, and if she could she would have wiggled her bottom sexily to entice him to use her some more.

Not that she needed to encourage him in that way, he was already getting himself psyched up and ready to use his new toy. His erect penis was standing out, loud and proud, and wanting to enter and plunder the depths of the sex dolly laying there before him. Without further thought, he knelt down on to the carpet next to the doll, his hands spreading the doll’s leg apart, her rear opening now fully available to him. Moving his leg over the dolls, he moved down to lie on the back of the doll, his flesh against the silicone flesh of the doll.

He pushed his solid member towards the rear opening of the doll. Janice’s rear hole was still sore after being abused by the two of them last night, not that he was aware of the doll’s feelings. Pushing harder he was soon over the initial resistance that the doll’s anal ring had put up, his penis now sliding into the doll, made easier by the lubricant and the previous night’s creamy white fluids of the two men now combined.

He loved the feel of the doll’s tight anal opening, this was something his wife was always reluctant to do for him, and the only time they did it was when they were both inebriated, that relaxed her moral compass and they enjoyed their mutual pleasures. He began to pump himself into the doll’s rear hole, taking great pleasure in doing something that his wife wouldn’t normally allow, a forbidden fruit in his mind.

Janice had felt him climb on top of her body, his erect member now pressed tightly against her rear, the hardness of it in contrast to the soft, rounded curves of her bottom. The wickedness of the act was somewhat repugnant to her, yet also deeply arousing. Janice found it especially arousing being taken by him like this, something primeval in the way her man had taken her, used her roughly, forced her, in a way, to give him his sexual gratification. She enjoyed it when he held her down when having sex, she could struggle but not escape as he used her, her own orgasms were some of the best she’d ever had when he did this to her.

All too soon she felt him stiffen inside her anal opening, his thrusting had become more vigorous and his grunting had become much louder as he neared his climax, Janice felt the first spirts of his cum enter into her, and his body began to sag down and lay on top of her as his own orgasm washed over him. He stayed laying there, inside her, as the last waves of his sexual frenzy oozed out from him and into her.

Janice was again denied her own orgasm, but she was happy inside that her owner had used her, ‘All good dollies must please their owner.’ She thought. ‘Strange, where did that come from?’ she again thought, lost in the swirl of delight that her owner had again played with her. ‘Dolly likes it when her owner uses her.’ Her mind now confused, was she a doll or a real woman? Something had changed inside her head after last night and Janice wasn’t too sure what it was, but she felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction from pleasing her owner/husband.

Her thoughts were interrupted when her owner withdrew his rapidly shrinking penis from her well-used rear, his sperm now lying deep with her bowels along with last night’s offerings. Normally gravity would work when she got up and the slimy, cold liquid would run down her legs as she dashed to the bathroom to clean up. However, this time all she could do was continue to lay there and hope that her owner would clean her later. She felt him climb off of her, the deep longing for him to remain where he was overcame her, she wanted him to stay, play with her and use her more, after all, she was his sex toy.

‘Dolly is pleased that her owner has used her!’ she thought, ‘I wonder when my owner will use me again?’ Janice now began to have more ‘dolly’ type thoughts as she put it. In her more rational mind Janice thought to herself, ‘Why do I want to be his sex toy? What do I get out of all this?’ But then more of her ‘dolly’ thoughts quickly overrode those.
The doll stayed where it was, it didn’t move, couldn’t move, unless her owner moved her, and something in her mind wouldn’t allow her to move anyway even if she could, the suit’s outer coating of silicone stopped her to some degree, but something else in her mind also prevented it.

Meanwhile her husband, now sexually sated having just blown his load inside the rear of the doll, was heading off to the kitchen to make coffee.  He totally ignored the doll now his needs had been met, it was just an object to him, just another piece of the furniture around the house, only with added benefits. Breakfast and coffee was all he required now.

Later, that day.

Now filled with coffee and breakfast, Janice’s husband/owner felt much better. The recent sore head he had felt when he first woke now banished with caffeine. He remembered some more about last night over breakfast, he and his buddy had put the new doll to good use, they’d drunk plenty of beers and had a good time overall. Something that he hadn’t done in a long time, well with his wife seemingly away for the weekend there was no reason not to continue to enjoy himself, it was his birthday after all, he reasoned.

He walked into the lounge and past the doll, still laying there on the floor just as he’d left it; he grabbed the phone and called his friend from last night. Maybe they could get out for the day and do something.

“Hey, Mike, how’s things?” he heard when the phone was answered.

“Great Stevie, so how’s the head?” he laughed.

“Sore, but recoverable.” Stevie said. “That was some session last night.”

“Sure was; fun too.” Mike said, “Did I recall something about golf today?”

“Yup, we were going to have a few rounds at the local course.” Stevie replied. “Unless, you have some other plans?”

“No, no plans, Janice is away this weekend, so it’s a boy’s weekend to enjoy.” Mike laughed.

“Speaking of enjoying, how’s the doll this morning, we didn’t break her last night did we?” Stevie asked.

Mike replied, looking down at the doll on the floor. “No, she seems fine, still lying where we left it I guess. Though I’d best clean it at some point! Wonder how it got so messy!”

“Yes, I wonder.” Stevie laughed. “See you in ten buddy; get your golf gear on.”

Hanging up the phone Mike looked down again at the dolly, “Better move you I suppose. Don’t want anyone finding you revealing yourself like that, they might just want to take advantage!”

Picking up the doll he moved her into the kitchen, the smell of the recent breakfast and coffee sending Janice’s tummy into a small rumble, she hadn’t eaten now in over 24 hours, or more. The aroma of the coffee never smelt so good, she thought, ‘It’s a shame that dollies don’t drink, well other that what their owner feeds them.’

Janice’s husband/owner sat the doll down in a kitchen chair and walked away to the sink to fetch a cloth, he began to clean up her face. The ejaculate had dried on her face leaving a milky white stain, brushing the cloth roughly against the dolls face soon had the evidence from last night removed. He looked into the dolls face and her blank eyes as he cleaned her, he thought that she looked like his wife but quickly dismissed the idea, “Why would she want to, or how could she, be a doll?”

Now the harder part in front of him was cleaning out the dolls insides, ‘How do you clean her internally?’ he thought. He then remembered that the doll had come with an instruction booklet and went to retrieve it from the crate. He hoped that there was some sort of instructions shown that would aid him in cleaning up his new doll. ‘Well I’ve never had to clean Janice out after using her!’ he chuckled to himself.

Meanwhile Janice had watched him as he washed her face, the taste of his sperm was still in her mouth, and there was nothing she could do to get rid of it, unless her owner gave her some fluids, or cleaned her mouth out with toothpaste, she would have to continue to live with the taste until her owner cleaned her, not that she seemed to mind the aftertaste in her dolly state.

Janice continued with her dolly thoughts, ‘Thank you, my owner for cleaning my face, this dolly wants to look nice for you.’ She was surprised at where that thought had come from, on one side she was his dolly and the other, now the seemingly losing side in the internal battle of her mind his wife. However, the more she thought about it the more Janice realized she was just a doll – his doll.

Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t realise that her owner had returned with the booklet in his hand. He had read the instructions but he didn’t have enough time to clean her insides now, he had a golf course to play at. Therefore, he thought the doll would have to wait. ‘Best put her out of sight, in case someone looks in through the windows.’ He thought to himself. Picking up the doll he carried it over to a cupboard, ‘She should fit in here.’ He said to himself.

Opening the door he found there was not much room, “Damn!” he said out loud. But, then he saw that he could clear a space by taking out some of the junk that was stored there. Moving quickly he sorted through what he thought he could dispose of, or store elsewhere, then having created enough space for the doll he picked it up and carried it over. Putting the doll inside against the back wall, making sure that it was firmly seated, the dolls legs now pushed together to reduce space and with its arms by its sides.

“There, safe until I get back.” He said, and then he began to put some of the items he’d moved out to make room for the doll back inside. He realized that there was room to put most of the junk back in the cupboard, if he placed some on top of the doll itself. Now she was just another object inside the cupboard stored along with the rest of the household goods and junk that people collect, the doll blended in to the background among the stuff stored in the cupboard. “All tidy again.” He said as he began to close the cupboard door.

Janice was pleased when she realized that her owner was carrying her; and she hoped that he would take her somewhere and use her again; she liked it when he did that. But then she saw the cupboard door as he placed her inside and thought, ’this is where they store all the unused items around the house. My Owner doesn’t want dolly anymore.’ She felt sad inside, her owner had finished with her and was putting her away. ‘Please use me again soon, my owner.’ Janice thought in her dolly brain.

Then she felt him placing items back in the cupboard with her and thought, ‘I’m just another object for my owner to use and discard.’ When Dolly thought that though, the thought didn’t upset her, she was pleased that she’d been of service to him. However, now she could only wait in the cupboard for her owner to want to use her again and retrieve her.

Once the light from outside of the cupboard was extinguished, by her owner shutting the door, Janice the doll went into a sort of shut-down mode, her mind had been awash with thoughts about being used and played with but now, stored away as she was her thoughts seemed, to just stop. She was nothing more than a doll, an object to be played with she had reasoned, to herself, before her mind went blank.

Her owner now happy that he put the doll out of sight, was soon heading out of the door on his way to the golf course, forgetting all about the doll he’d stored away in the cupboard. He was looking forward to spending the day with his friends, enjoying a few rounds of golf, and maybe some more beers afterwards, he thought to himself.

The doll meanwhile sat alone inside the cupboard, her mind blank. Nevertheless, there were some deeper thoughts happening inside her mind, Janice was becoming more doll-like with the lack of stimuli and only had the thoughts of her owner using her previously. That was all she could seem to reference it seemed, visions of being used by her owner or owners, she began to think of her owner’s friend as just another owner to use her. Taken and used by them for their pleasure and then discarded, it was all a dolly could ever ask for, why would she exist otherwise other than to provide pleasure for her owners.

The house was now quiet; her owner having left for a day’s golf and maybe a night out on the town with his mates. The doll was safely stored away, seemingly forgotten at this moment, her mind now given over to being the best doll she could be. Janice was no longer aware that she was a real woman, a female inside a Really Real-Sex doll™ suit, she was more like a Real-Sex Doll now.

The factory’s owner Grahame’s words, “Welcome to the Doll family” echoing through her mind.

story continues in part three

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