A Special Invitation

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; lovedoll; nc; X


Bright light illuminated the master bedroom which radiated with bright glass and brass sculptures. A blonde haired woman in her early 30's slowly pulled herself up and blinked several times as she glanced at the sun beating in the window. She stretched her arms outwards as she yawned before stepping out of bed.

Paula hoped that her boyfriend Greg would be coming by today to keep her occupied. Since her late husband passed away last year, she had drifted from one man to the next only to find they were only after the considerable fortune her husband had left her. Consequently, she had spent many a night by herself with only her dreams of having a man make passionate love with her to keep her company. Hopefully, Greg would be a man interested in her first and her wealth second.

After a quick shower, Paula toweled herself off and went back into her bedroom to decide what to wear that evening for a possible date with Greg. She had just finished picking out her outfit when the doorbell rang out indicating a waiting visitor. Paula quickly threw a robe over her nude body and raced to the door expecting to see Greg waiting there for her.

However, she was disappointed to find that it was instead a delivery man waiting for her with a package for her to sign for. After signing on the clipboard and tipping the man, she closed the door and walked to the kitchen table looking over the package for a clue as to what it was or who it was from. Unfortunately, there was nothing written on the brown wrapping paper except for her name and address.

When Paula opened the package, she found a large bottle of wine packaged in Styrofoam with two large crystal glasses packaged along with it. Figuring it must be from Greg, she set the bottle and glasses on top of the table while she went to start getting dressed for the date. She had put on a sexy pair of tan hose with satin white garters extending from a lacy camisole when she realized she might want to sample the wine before the date in case it didn't come from Greg.

Pouring herself a glass, she carried the wine into the living room on a crystal serving tray she used when entertaining friends and guests. Setting the tray on the floor next to the couch, Paula sat back on the couch and sniffed the glass of wine in her right hand. Detecting an aroma that reminded her of the vineyards in Italy she visited as a child, she took a sip of the wine anticipating it to be an excellent brand.

A few seconds later, Paula discovered that the wine was even better than she anticipated as she felt herself slightly shudder in pleasure from it. She quickly finished off the rest of the drink she had poured herself and put the empty glass back on the tray before laying back on the couch.

"When Greg gets here, I'll have to compliment him on his choice of wine... this vintage is easily the best I've ever had," Paula said softly to herself while running her hands up and down her body. If she closed her eyes, she would swear that Greg was there right now running his hands all over her body.

A minute or so later, Paula moaned out loud as she felt the sensations intensifying in strength and they were now accompanied by the feeling that her skin was becoming tighter by the second around her pussy and heaving breasts. The latter caused her to arch back in pleasure as she wished for the feeling to last forever.

However, it was a just a few seconds later that the true nature of her situation revealed itself as Paula found herself unable to move or talk at all. She could see by her reflection in the crystal that her body was rapidly changing from pink flesh to plastic and latex that was tan brown in color. Seams were becoming visible all up and down her body with her mouth gaped open frozen in an ovular shape. Her breathing had ceased altogether as her breasts became twin mounds of rigid plastic capped by bright pink nipples ringed by the seams which were all over her body. Paula could also feel something growing out of her back which she somehow knew was an inflation plug.

"A LOVE DOLL... I'VE BECOME A SEX TOY.... WHY ?... WHO?...." Paula screamed mentally as she felt the transformation rapidly reach it's conclusion and her thoughts rapidly dissipating. Several minutes later, the lifelike love doll slid slowly off the couch laying with its' left side on the floor.

Several hours later.....

A clicking of the front door preceded the entrance of a man carrying flowers and calling out Paula's name. When he entered the living room, he saw the doll lying of the floor and rubbed his chin in satisfaction.

"Well, Paula, I think things have turned out very well for both of us. Thanks to some documents I'll file in a day or two citing your disappearance while boating and the "new will" you did before leaving, I'll be getting all your money. As for you...." Greg said while picking up the doll and pulling open the inflation plug.

"I'll be held in a man's arms... though not the way I planned..." thought the doll as she felt herself go limp...

To wait for inflation... and be held by her new owner.. again... and again....




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