The Special Order Doll

by Gromet

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Storycodes: Solo-F; factory; workshop; doll; latex; catsuit; corset; boots; posture-collar; switch; crate; discovery; M/f; straps; encase; shipped; delivery; sextoy; fondle; kiss; sex; climax; cons; X


Working in the office as the accounts/administrator, but I also specialise in the special order dolls and getting their clothes online or via fetish wear suppliers, I then dress them and prepare them in a separate area of the factory away from the main floor where the general dolls are made. The special orders are made by one of our master craftsmen and then placed in the side room ready for me to assemble the order that the customer has requested.

I have a guilty secret in that I sometimes try on the outfits the dolls will be wearing, especially the latex outfits, on my pay I can’t afford to buy them but it’s nice to try them on, I love the feel of the smooth latex against my skin. I consider it one of the perks of the extra job, no one but myseld knows that this happens, I hope, otherwise I think I’d be looking for work elsewhere and suffer the humiliation of knowing my work colleagues know of my latex fetish.

There was a very special order that came in one day that I took great interest in, the outfit specified by the customer sounded very tight, very sexy and very latexy, right up my fetish street. I searched online and contacted some suppliers we use to get all of the parts needed. They took a about a week to arrive, some had to be specially made for the size of the doll, but as we were regular, well paying customers they made the items faster than normal. The doll itself was not one of our standard lines and had been made especially to the customer’s specs and dimensions; it was more womanly shaped and curvier.

Once all the parts for the order had arrived it was my job to put it all together, this was usually after my day job in the office, and I liked working after everyone had gone home from the factory, nice and quiet and I can also indulge myself with trying on the clothing without other people finding out. I took the last of the boxes that had arrived by courier today down to the side room off of the main production area that I use to dress and prepare the dolls before packing them in their crate for shipping.

I was looking forward to trying on the outfit before I had to dress the doll, I closed the door to my work area and then began to undress, the custom made doll was on a stand over to the side of the room near to the crate that she would be packaged in later, she too was naked like me and we both shared a similar sized body too, so I knew that the clothing would fit me.

Now that we were both naked I had a wicked idea, why not dress the doll in my clothes whilst I get dressed in hers. I soon had my underwear, bra and pantyhose on her, then my blouse and skirt followed closely by my watch and necklace, now dressed as I was she looked just like me. I even added a wig that was in stock that matched my own.

Satisfied with the way she looked it was now my turn to get dressed, first up was the black latex catsuit, this one was fully enclosed with hood, gloves and feet all covered by the latex material. Using some talcum powder to cover my body, I then started to ease the tight latex onto and up my legs, then over my rear end the coolness of the latex causing goosebumps to appear over my flesh there. Once up around my waist and the legs smoothed out I wiggled my hands down into the inky black tubes of latex that would encase my arms, the talc helping my hands slide down into the arms and then into the gloves at the end. Pulling the latex over my fingers, each one now covered in black latex, making sure that there were no wrinkles as I pulled the suit up, adjusting the suit to fit my body.

Next I had to bend my head forward and down into the hood part, I had to do this before pulling the suit too high otherwise I couldn’t get my head inside the hood. I eased my head inside the opening and pushed through, the hood tight against my skin, covering my face and hair. I made sure to line the holes under my nose for breathing, the mouth part was a tube of latex that I had to push into my mouth, the lips were a red latex color and the tube latex colored pink, I’m sure that the doll’s new owner would put this to good use. The eyes were covered over but I could see through as they had requested that a dark clear covering for the eyes, I suppose that he wanted to look into the dolls eyes when he used her.

I eased the suit over my shoulders and gently stretched the latex over the rest of my body, I was now inside the suit all I had to do was pull the zipper closed and I would be encased inside the suit. Using a tool I had made to help with closing zippers behind my back I gently eased the zipper up my back, the latex tightening as the zipper pulled the suit tight on my body, my body buzzing with a tingling feeling as the latex covered every inch of me in its tight embrace.

Once closed I admired myself in the mirror, turning my body this way and that to see me inside the suit from every angle, I thought I looked really good in the suit, it tightly held and enhanced my body’s natural curves and showed them off in their best light. As I looked down I could see the pink tubes sticking out from between my legs, these were the matching inserts requested by the customer for the dolls suit, they would have to be inserted inside the doll when I dressed her later, but then my wicked side decided that they should also just slide inside me too, and I looked weird standing there with two pink penis looking protuberances sticking out.

Finding a plastic toy that I use when I feel a bit randy at work, I keep it in a locked drawer in case of dire need, well sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do, we all have needs. I used this to push the insert, first into my now very moist pussy and them slowly but surely into my rectum. I’ll have to make sure that I clean this thoroughly before I dress the doll later, but I just had to try it, I may not get the opportunity to do this again.

Now properly dressed in the latex catsuit I again took time to admire myself in the mirror but I knew I couldn’t dawdle too long, I needed to get the doll ready for delivery tomorrow. I took hold of the boots that had been ordered for the doll, they would come up well over the knees, black leather with lacing all the way up the front. Sitting down on a chair I took one of the boots and slid my latex covered foot inside and down into the foot area, my feet slipped in easily, then I grabbed the other boot and did the same. Once on I began the task of lacing up the boots, pulling and tightening them and working my way up my legs.

They came to about mid-thigh when I closed the laces and tied them off, as they were new they were very stiff and it wouldn’t be easy to walk in them, but then I doubt that the doll would be walking anywhere in them, these were pure fuck-me-boots, a fetishists dream. But I have to admit they did look very sexy on me, they held my legs rigidly but also showed them off, I must admit that I do have nice legs if I must say so myself.

Next came the corset, this was also in black leather and lace, picking it up I held it around my waist, I have worn a corset before and I do enjoy wearing them, they have a nice feeling around my body tightly holding me in place, like a big hug. Once the corset was on all I had to do was tighten the lacing, easy with a hook on the wall – well a girl has to be prepared for all things, I have dressed down here when going out on the town with friends and have worn a corset on occasion.

Now wearing the corset over the latex catsuit, the boots holding my legs rigid and the corset doing the same around my waist I was nearly done, one last thing was the neck posture collar that was ordered for the doll by the customer, this was leather, black and came from the same place as the corset, they looked like a matching set. Easing the collar around my neck and closing the clasps behind the neck I was now dressed as the doll would be soon before delivery.

I again took the time to admire myself in the mirror, I looked every inch the perfect latex doll with the catsuit, corset, boots and collar, totally covered from head to toe in shiny black leather & latex, only the pink inserts stuck out and told everyone who would see me that I was a sexdoll ready & waiting to be used. The suit felt lovely against my skin, it was tight especially around my crotch. I rubbed my hands gently over the outside and it gave me delightful feeling inside, sending electric tingles from my sex to my brain.

Normally at this point I would undress from the clothing to get the doll ready, but again my wicked side took over and a thought popped into my head, what if I tried the dolls box, lay down inside to get the feel of how it would be to be the dolly. After all I was dressed as the doll, for all intents and purposes I looked like a doll, why not give it a try to see how you like it. The crate seemed to be taunting me – come inside and try me, see how it feels. I think my mind was awash with sexual desire or something, otherwise there would have been no way I would have gone this far.

Deciding to get this over with I walked over to the crate, my legs moving stiffly with the tight leather, I walked just like a doll would if they could, unable to bend the knees too much, plus I didn’t want to mark them or damage the boots, that would take some explaining to do! Reaching the side of the crate I looked down, there inside was the polystyrene foam cut out for the doll to lay in, her legs would be held separately with the foam running up in between her legs holding them slightly open.

I grabbed hold of the side of the crate with one hand and then the other side with my other hand, I stepped into the crate and began to lower my body down inside just as I would with a warm bath, easing myself down until I reached the padded base of the crate, my hips and legs held in place by the rigid foam. I then lowered my top half of my body back down into the crate, the sides of the crate blocking my view as I laid my head back down onto the foam padding.

Now I was totally inside the crate, I was a latex sex doll dressed in latex & leather, waiting for delivery to my new owner; I laid back and ran my hands over my body exploring the wonderful feelings and sensations that the suit, corset & boots were causing. I lost myself in my fantasy that I was the doll, looking up I could see the real doll dressed as me standing over me, it was if we had changed places somehow, she had become me and I her, was it some awful trick on the dolls part for me to take her place.

I was totally into my fantasy that the doll and me had swapped places, I had retreated into fantasyland and forgot all about getting the doll ready or what the time was, all I knew was that I was ready for delivery, the doll had somehow taken my place and I was loving every minute of it. I wanted to be her so much and now it had come true, well in my fantasy it had. I was so into my own little world that I didn’t hear the door open and my boss walk in looking for me.

I don’t know what he thought he saw at first, the doll dressed as me on the display stand standing over me dressed as the doll laying down inside the crate. But he didn’t flip out or sack me on the spot, he simply walked over and started to talk to the doll as if it were me, he asked how the special order was going and that the client was looking forward to getting his new doll delivered the next day. He continued talking to the doll as he looked down at me laying there in the box, the latex catsuit, leather corset and boots all shiny and hiding my naked flesh underneath.

I didn’t know what to do so just continued to lay there inside the crate, he continued talking to the doll as if it were me and admiring the doll in the box saying how wonderful she looked, dressed to perfection and that it would please the customer greatly with what I’d done. I felt his hands caressing the boots, the corset and then the latex catsuit, his gentle touches sending rivulets of pleasure throughout my body. I shouldn’t be here but here I was and enjoying myself, I was brought back to earth when he said, “Ah, you haven’t done the straps up yet, here let me help you finish off the order.”

Now I was confused, maybe the doll had really taken my place and I was now just the doll just as I had imagined in my fantasy, my boss didn’t seem to recognise that I was here in the crate and the real dolly was standing there next to him. I felt him pull the straps over my waist, then above my breasts, his hands brushing against them as he did so. Then he moved down my body pulling and closing each strap making sure that I was held firmly in place, just like a doll would be for transport.

Soon he had closed the last strap around my ankles, each one then got another pull and they tightened some more, I now couldn’t move or get out even if I wanted to, I was stuck here in the crate with the foam and the straps holding me in place. My boss continued talking to the other doll, making remarks on my work and how he had observed my attention to detail, that I was a great asset to the company. Well I was really just an asset now, part of the stock waiting delivery, I thought.

“Well can’t stand about here all night.” He said, “we both have homes to get to. Now let’s finish off this order and get going shall we.”

With that he picked up the soft foam packing that we use and placed it on top of my tightly strapped body, next I heard the top of the crate being put into place. I was being sealed in for delivery, why I didn’t say anything at this point of time I don’t know, maybe I wanted this to happen, maybe it really had happened that I was now the doll and she me, we had somehow transformed into each other. I then heard the screws being placed to hold the top down, all eight of them. I was now stuck inside the crate until someone let me out.

The crate was then picked up and moved, he was using the trolley just as I would have to move the now ready doll out to the main factory on onto the loading dock ready for shipping to the customer. Won’t he get a surprise or maybe I will, I was after all now just a latex clad sex doll, strapped into her crate and I would be delivered to my new owner the next day. The crate was dropped down, I must be in the loading dock I thought, just the delivery docket that would be placed on the top of the crate and that would be me processed.

All went quiet, I wondered if my boss would come back and release me, saying I hope that I learned not to play with the merchandise, but no it was all quiet, time seems to stand still when you have no reference, laying there in the dark of the crate I had no idea just how long I had been left there. So it was a shock when I felt movement, maybe the staff had started work already and I was now being loaded. I heard the roller dolls opening and then a vehicle backing up, I would soon be loaded and on my way I thought.

Soon after I felt my crate being moved again, this time I was being loaded inside the vehicle, I was going to be delivered to the customer. I was wet with the thought of what he would do with me, all sorts of scenarios ran through my mind. Some nice and some very naughty. The crate stopped moving, I must be inside the truck I thought, shortly after the rear doors of the vehicles closed with a thud, I was now loaded. I heard and felt the engine start up and the vehicle move away, it was quite bumpy inside the crate and I wondered if some dolls didn’t break with the movement during delivery.

My mind drifted back to me being the doll, I was dressed as a sex doll therefore I must be one I reasoned, my mind adapting to the thought that I really had switched places with the doll, my mind awash with my fantasies of being a doll, it was one of the reasons I took the job in the first place, I had used the images and everyday experiences of the dolls to bring myself sweet relief in the cool night hours between work. I had always dreamt of being someone’s dolly, not that I ever expected it to happen in real life, I would lay there in the bed dreaming of being used by someone and then just discarded, used and thrown away, an object of pleasure.

I’d had boyfriends but they didn’t last too long, they complained that I was too rigid or a cold fish in bed, they didn’t realise that I was just their doll to be used and abused, I was too lost in my own lustful fantasies to care about their needs, they wanted some loving affection but all they got was me laying there in my doll persona, lost to my own desires and not attending to theirs.

I was jolted out of my thoughts when the vehicle stopped and the engine switched off, we were here this was my new home with my new owner I thought. I heard the rear doors opening then felt the crate moving back out of the vehicle, I was placed on a delivery trolley and wheeled to where ever I was going. I would find out soon who would be using me.

The crate was moved inside, I felt some bumps as it was being moved and wished they’d take more care of the merchandise, these are expensive dolls after all. The crate was lowered down and I was soon laying on my back inside the crate. Next I heard the screws being removed by whoever was out there, I would soon see who they were. The lid was then removed and shortly thereafter the foam on top.

I could see clearly the figure of a man as he manoeuvred the lid out of the way, his back towards me he looked tall and well built. He then turned back to me and then I saw his face, it was my boss, he was the new owner.

“Hello dolly,” he said, “welcome to your new home”.

I was stunned, I couldn’t speak nor did I want to, I was a doll after all, his doll so it seemed, he was the customer after all.

“My that outfit suits you, you look every inch the fetish sex doll that any man would wish for.” He said. “Now let’s get you out of the crate and get a good look at you.”

He then started to undo the straps holding my limbs in place inside the crate, starting with the feet and working up. I just laid there still and let him do what he was doing; every so often his hand would stray and touch my body as he undid the straps. Once finished he reached in and lifted me out of the crate, I lay there in his arms as he carried me over to a nearby lounge, he placed me down gently on the soft cushions and began to run his hands over me.

Again I didn’t stop him, speak out or try to move, I continued to lay still as if I was a real doll, after all dolls don’t reach up and touch their owners unless they have their limbs moved for them. He left me to remove the crate from the room, when he returned I was laying in the exact position he’d left me, he had a surprised look on his face but that soon changed to a warm smile as he spoke to me again.

“Well dolly it’s been a long day, time to go to bed I think,” he said, “ and maybe I can get to explore more of that wonderful body of yours!”

He then picked me up in his arms and carried me to his bedroom, he laid me down softly on the bed and got himself ready from bed. Soon he returned and climbed onto the bed next to me, his hands started to explore the corset, then the boots and then the latex catsuit itself, his touch was electric to my body, I felt delicious waves of pleasure with his tender touches. I was lost in dolly heaven with every caress of my body.

He became more amorous his hands squeezing my breasts, his body gently rocking against mine, I could feel his erect member on my thigh. He reached over and grabbed my head, his lips soon found mine or the pink latex outer of the mouth piece I now wore, his tongue darted into my mouth, his passion building. I lay there still just as a doll would, after all I was now just a doll – his doll to be used by him, my desires and pleasures not a concern to my owner.

He stopped what he was doing, looking at me with a questioning look on his face, something was going through his mind at that point, but he was too wound up and frustrated now to stop what he was doing. I felt him use his legs to part mine, soon he would have access to my inner self, his hard erection pressing into the soft flesh of my belly. Once my legs were apart it didn’t take him long to locate and begin to penetrate my sex, wet as I was inside the latex sheath separated me from him so he couldn’t feel my moisture just the heat inside me.

He pushed himself further into me, thrusting his hard penis into the soft folds of my being, my sex now at maximum heat, I was truly lost in the moment, this wasn’t my boss anymore this was my new owner using me his dolly for his pleasure and I was pleased to be with him and really pleased at him using me too.  He pushed himself all the way inside, I could now feel his pubic bone rubbing against me, I was feeling full inside as he continued his thrusting, now hard and full of passion, his lips smothering mine making it hard for me to breathe.

Soon I felt him begin to swell up inside me and knew that his climax was getting near, mine was fast approaching too, I knew that he may finish before me, that my orgasm might not arrive the same time as his and in my dolly mind that was okay, I was after all here to provide pleasure for him not the other way around, I would be thankful that he had used me and I was thoroughly enjoying the experience, the passion and the total loss of control.

He continued thrusting himself into me using me as his sextoy, I laid there lost in my own world where I was a doll being used by her owner. His passion was building and his movements became more rapid, my body was being moved by him as her pushed himself into me, our bodies moving in time to the sexual frenzy that we were both overcome with, his pubic bone rubbing against mine and my little nub sending those delightful feelings directly to my brain. I think we were both lost to the moment, I was his doll and he was my owner.

As he started to climax he blocked off my air, his mouth pressing down onto my mouth covering it and also the two small holes under my nose. I held my breath hoping that he would soon finish, but to my surprise this lack of air triggered my own shuddering climax, he too lost in the final throws of his sexual frenzy to realise that he’d blocked my air, after all why does a dolly need air. I came and then blacked out, he continued his climax and then fell on top of me exhausted, too spent to do anything else but roll off to my side.

I lay there still, he looked back at me expecting something but I didn’t do anything, he didn’t know that I had passed out, but he didn’t last too long before sleep overtook him too...

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