Stocking Fun with Dolly

by Adam N Eaves

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© Copyright 2011 - Adam N Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; doll; nylon; lingerie; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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Ian thought about how he could really sex up his dolly. He knew how he loved to dress her up, so he got her ready in her best underwear set including stockings and suspender belt. The white lacy ones and the dark stockings against her blonde pubes. Always made him shiver seeing her like that and brought a smile to dolly’s face too. He laid her out on the bed when she was ready and began kissing her all over. He took one of her stockinged feet into his mouth and sucked on her toes lightly. Then he stroked along her smooth legs teasing her, right up to the tops, brushing past her mound with the palm of his hand.

"Mind if I join you", asked Ian, as he lept off the bed momentarily and got undressed.

Next he reached into dolly’s dressing up bag and took out a pair of her lovely tanned stocking hold ups. Ian sat on the edge of the bed smoothing the material on his legs, smiling to himself. 'Now you can feel what its like to have the smoothness of silk between your legs too dolly' he thought. He continued to stroke and caress her all over. Licking her thighs right up to her panties. His tongue explored the edge of her lacy panties right into the crease at the top of her leg. Dolly shivered with delight as she felt Ian’s smooth legs against hers and saw for the first time his huge growing member as it brushed against her upper thigh.

Ian then moved to her breasts kneading them gently in his firm hands. Circling the nipples with his fingertips making them hard as nails. Kissing her all over the tops of her breasts and her neck as he positioned himself between her parting legs. He lifted dolly up his hands under each buttock as he found his goal and his throbbing cock pushed aside her tiny panties. Deep thrusts made her shudder as his whole length entered her roughly. His balls banging against her bum as he cupped it in his strong hands lifting her to meet his strokes.

Ian had other plans for dolly as he concentrated on pumping into her. He manoeuvred her to the top of the bed so she was lying on the pillow and produced another stocking from under the bed. Dolly hadn’t seen this earlier and her mind pondered what was coming next. Ian spoke softly to dolly as he continued to slowly push his cock deeper and deeper into her wetness.

"Right dolly I know how much you like the feel of silky material against your skin, so don’t be scared".

He took the stocking rolled it up his arm making it into a larger opening, then positioned it over dolly’s head gently. He made dolly her very own stockinged mask to wear, which made her pant even more. She could still breathe through the material but it felt soft and containing. Ian thrust into her once more as he kissed her soft lips through the material. Holding her head in his hands stroking her flattened ears and tickling her face.

His cock was throbbing so hard now opening her up very deeply, her breath was almost in gasps as his manhood pounded her wet pussy. She could see her master through the material and felt very sexy indeed. The added bonus of him wearing stockings too and the feel of her panties by now formed into a tight string around her clitty button. Ian’s cock sliding down the side he could feel the material against his shaft and dolly was well soaked down below.

Dolly didn’t even feel the first orgasm approaching, she was so enticed by her masters strange behaviour and her deepening excitement, it almost took her by surprise. Her pussy tightened rapidly and her legs twitched as wave upon wave hit her. The ripples all along Ian’s cock making him bite his lip. He almost came on the spot but managed to slow down a little and ride out the first two orgasms. The sweat was pouring down his face and arms as he took dolly’s cute little ankles into his hands and bent her upwards so they were almost touching her chest. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Her pussy as so hot and sticky now with all her own cum and his cock and balls ready to explode.

One last thrust and a peck on her cheek through the stocking mask and he shot his hot jism deep inside of her instantly triggering another more powerful orgasm. Dolly’s whole body shook as Ian screamed out her name over and over, and he lifted her legs right up so her feet were on the headboard above her head. His full weight forcing his cock even deeper as he came, her pussy felt like it was being split in two as she panted once more and her head exploded with ecstasy.

'Boy that was a good one!' she thought.

Ian carefully removed the mask and kissed her so tenderly.

"I do hope you liked that bit of kinkiness", he asked her as he put back her legs and cuddled her close.




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