The Stockroom

by Tony-B

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© Copyright 2008 - Tony-B - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/mf; sexdolls; transform; sexchange; display; nc; X


It was a fantastic idea!  A place where you could go to buy body parts.

For the budding Frankenstein in all of us, it was a place where you could go to get body parts to make your own woman!  Think Bride of Frankenstein, but without all the cinematic bullshit! 

Think of a soft, feeling, and willing woman, built to your own specifications.  Big boobs, little boobs, a cute ass, or a big ass – whatever you wanted.  It was available for a price, and could be custom made to your specification.  The only thing was, they couldn’t give her a soul! 

She would have everything else, and it would all be working as it should – she would be a real woman, who was responsive, and loving, but would have no sense of right or wrong, and no moral values.  Only what you taught her.

She would never complain about her place in life, and would always be ready and willing to provide for your every need.  Whether you turned her into a wife, or a whore, she was a completely blank slate, and would readily accept whatever you programmed into her.  The company who invented this wondrous robot guaranteed her - they guaranteed she would do everything, and be everything, you ever wanted in a woman. 

You could love her, or beat her, it made no difference in how she would respond to your every wish.  You could even kill her, and bring her back to life, and kill her again, if that’s what you wished to do with her.  It made no difference, she was always willing.  You could program her to scream in terror, or suck your dick willingly, for hours at a time.  She would take your sperm willingly, and swallow your load, every time.

She was hydrogen powered, and would probably outlast you, taking care of you when you were sick, or old, and would always stay young and beautiful.  You never had to refuel her, she drew power directly from the air she breathed.  You never had to feed her, although you could if you wished.  Her body could convert food and drink into energy, and she could run for weeks on the energy contained in a steak dinner and glass of wine.

You could program her to go to sleep with you every night, and wake up in the morning and take a shower with you.  Her blemish-free skin was impervious to damage, and was self healing in the event of a major injury.  You could even program her to have a monthly period, and to produce ‘blood’, during that time of the month.  She could adapt her body by causing her abdomen to grow, to simulate pregnancy, if you wished.  And best of all, she would never complain about having a headache when you wanted to fuck her. 

She would laugh at your jokes, and cry when you were sad.  She would cook your meals, and wash your floors.  She could be a lover, a confidant, and friend, all wrapped up in a beautiful face and body.  You could take her out in public, and she would be the ideal companion.  She was the perfect woman!!!

One thing that did bother me a little, was that in order to program her, you connected a cable to your computer, and stuck a small plug up her ass, where it reached a terminal that connected your computer to her brain.  The software package allowed for more options than you could try out in a lifetime of owning her.  But the plug, bothersome in it’s concept, was a small inconvenience in order to own such a wondrous woman.  They put the receptacle in that location so it couldn’t be seen in ordinary circumstances, ignoring that some owners might have different plans for use of that butt hole!  I didn’t, of course, but it would still bother me a bit when I had to plug her in, so to speak.

And the price?  Don’t even ask!  It was more than the average man could afford.  The more features you wanted, the more it was going to cost.  The basic model, when it as on sale, was over a million dollars!  But I knew I had to have her – or one of her sisters.  They came in all sizes and shapes – and all colors, and every one of them was ready and willing to obey their master, the ad said!

I had pretty good credit, because I worked in the banking business, and knew all the tricks to increase my credit rating, but I would be short of cash to buy my own, custom-made woman.  But on a hunch, I called them and made an appointment to talk over a potential purchase, and see what could be done.

The nearest available appointment was nearly three weeks away because of the demand for such women, and that was the soonest I could get in to see one, in person.

I bided my time, and gathered as much cash as I could in my bank account. I would be relying on mostly my credit, but I had a sizeable amount of cash to make a down payment.  In our world, all you needed was enough cash to leverage a deal, and the credit to cover the balance.  I knew my credit was okay, but wasn’t sure I had enough cash!

Anyway, the day of the appointment finally arrived, and at the appointed hour, I presented myself at the showroom to make my choice.

The salesman was all polite and nice as he showed me some of the models, which were posed like mannequins in all stages of dress and undress, and in a lot of settings, so I could get an idea of how they would look in real life after they had been activated.  After seeing a dozen or more women, frozen in time, we got around to discussing terms.

I could have a woman of my choice in three days, with minimal programming, and could finish selecting options when I got her home.  Or I could buy a fully programmed woman for slightly more money, but it would take a week for delivery.  The ‘slightly more money’ he was talking about, was more than a hundred thousand dollars!  At those prices, only a maharajah could afford her, I thought!

I tried to negotiate the price down, and he offered me a ‘stripped down’ model for only $800,000!  But he kept talking about how much I could still experience with her – how many things she could do for me, and how I would love owning her.

The man was willing to negotiate the price down, and I asked if there was something still a little less expensive.

He told me they had some limited use pre-programmed models available.  One was a slave girl who could dance and sing, another was a Japanese Geisha who could entertain me and my guests, and still another was a black ‘Ho’ Biker Chick, who could wrestle with me on command.  She also had a bunch of tattoos, he added.

Knowing that I was short on cash, I asked if a ‘used model’ was available …..  It didn’t hurt to ask.

“Yes”, he said…..  There was one model they had who had been returned after her owner had died recently.  She was a bit limited, compared to the current models, but she would be serviceable for many years to come and might be more suitable to my bank account.

I agreed to look at her, and he took me to a back office where they built up the robots, where she was lying on the table, with the plug up her ass and she was being programmed.  She was totally nude, and had long blonde hair and blue eyes.

“She won’t be ready for a few days yet”, he said.  But she appeared to be awake, and turned her head toward me when we entered the room, and smiled. 

She didn’t say, or do anything, she just lay there, as the computer was feeding programming information into her brain.  The salesman started up again, telling me how much I could experience with her – how much the experience could change my life, and how much I could learn from having the experience of owning a woman!

I was convinced.  I wanted her!  But my years in the banking business got the better of me, and I started to haggle – to try to get him to lower the price a little more.

“Isn’t there a way I can experience this for a little less money?”, I asked.

Well, there is one way”, he said hesitantly.

“I’ll take it”, I said.

He reached up and put his hand on my shoulder in a friendly gesture, smiled and stuck out his hand to shake on the deal.

As soon as my hand was in his, he clamped down on it, spun me around, and pushed me up against the wall.

“Wha…” I yelled….

He grabbed me around the neck, and pressed his thumb into it, just under my ear, and I passed out.  He had hit a nerve --- somehow he knew just exactly where to press to hit it, and render me unconscious immediately.

It was three months later when I started to remember what had happened.

He had misunderstood my request for a price reduction on the used model.

As I opened my eyes, I found I couldn’t move.  It was as if I was frozen.  I wasn’t even breathing.  All I could do was blink my eyes to adjust to the light.  As I looked around I found I was standing in a small kitchen display, and I was partially undressed.  Worse, I had been changed into a woman, myself.  I had perfectly shaped breasts, which were fully exposed, and except for a pair of panties which I could feel, I gathered that I was totally nude.

I could see my reflection in a large mirror on the wall, and a price tag hanging around my neck….  It said, “RECONDITIONED - $300,000.00”.  And I could feel the plug sticking up my ass!!!



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