Stolen & Spied on Internet

by Bound Captain

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© Copyright 2010 - Bound Captain - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; kidnap; latex; dollsuit; corset; display; electro; toys; reluct; X


I am a single guy that can barely afford food and rent let alone the internet. A friend gave me a computer after he had upgraded his. This computer had wireless internet inside of it and I curiously checked to see if there were any wireless connections available. Sure enough there were three showing and one had no lockout so I clicked it to see if I could start surfing the internet.

Being the first time on the internet in a long time it was overwhelming the information that was now at my fingertips. I have a few fetishes that I thought were kind of weird and wanted to see if there was anything on the internet about them. I found out that there were many people into the things I was into and felt better about how screwy I thought that they were.

I had a whole list of favorite sites that I would frequent always hoping for some new hot stuff. I even began searching websites to possibly buy all this stuff like ruber doll suits, dildos, butt-plugs and more S&M items.

I was late at work one night and when I got back to my apartment I noticed my bedroom light on. I thought I had turned it off in the morning, but ah well. I walked in to my apartment cautiously. I walked slowly into my room and I see laying on my bed many of the items I fantasized about buying for myself, including items I never thought of like shoes.

I then was touched on the shoulder and was told that I could co-operate and dress up willingly or dress up while mostly paralyzed. I said with a nervousness in my voice I will try willingly, cuz who knows what would of happened otherwise.

I was guided towards my bed with all this feminine looking stuff laying on it. I then saw the person who had broken in and bought all this stuff. She said she had seen all my web activity from the free internet I had been stealing from her. She said we had better get started on getting my new clothes on.

I was hesitant but her friend stepped out from the bathroom and I am now trapped. I was then again told that I can be paralyzed or dress willingly. I agreed to dressing willingly. I stripped down right there. After I had undressed they wiped this cream on my dick and balls and  it burned like hell. We then started with these latex pants, they had what appeared to be a butt-plug in them. There was also a place for my dick to be stuffed into. They took their time putting my dick in the panties properly, it seemed to be more of a chastity belt like one I had wanted to order. The butt-plug was then inserted into my butt. It hurt like hell because they forced it in without mercy. I had tears coming from my eyes and was laughed at. The panties were then pulled all the way up. it had a small zipper that made it fit extremely snug and I had to suck my gut in for it to even fit on me, this made them smile even more.

They then pulled out the plug, or so I had thought. The main part of the plug was pulled out I was told. They told me to look in the mirror and see that now anyone has direct access to my pussyhole. My asshole was being kept open by the base of the plug and you could see into my asshole. They showed me how easy it was to put three fingers into my ass without any effort. They both laughed and said bigger things can even go in with ease too. I was slapped on the ass and was told that we needed to finish up.

They continued to dress me into a rubber like suit that had a head on it. The suit was very tight and felt like a nylon meets plastic material, a feeling that was like no other. The crotch area was open so the access to my pussyhole, as they called it, was still accessible . With it on the plastic or whatever the suit was made from made it more difficult to move. It was almost like I was hit with some really strong muscle relaxers or something.

The mask was almost ready to put on my head. They told me to open my mouth and I opened my mouth in compliance when they put this very large plastic ring in my mouth that was attached to the mask. The mask was pulled on more and I could see out of the eyes and it was weird looking out of them, everything in front of me was clear but the edges and corners were a blurry blue. The zipper was pulled up the back and the mask and full body suit was now on me tight as could be. They made some minor adjustments and it did feel a little more comfortable after they did that. I then heard a click behind my head clearly knowing they were locking the suit onto me.

They hooked up something to the chest with hoses, I heard what sounded like a pump and my chest got much tighter. They stopped and unhooked the hoses. They then took me too the mirror to show me what I looked like in the mirror. To my horror I looked exactly like a blow-up love doll with huge tits. A finger went in my mouth and I heard, there's nothing worse than an untrained mouth that won't stay open like a dolls just like yours. I wanted to run but my escape was blocked, plus I would of looked really silly running down the halls looking like I did not to mention I probably couldn't run too fast.

That made me think, are we staying here? Are we leaving? No sooner they said, enough chit chat, we have to finish you up.

They started to put a tight corset on me, I could feel the pressure on my stomach it was quite unbearable while they were tightening it. This made it very difficult to breath. It also forced me to have a straighter back with my chest more pointing forward. They finished it all off with a maids outfit and a wig. They put some tight shoes on me and we then all left my room. My heart started pounding like hell and I started to tremble. I tried speaking but all came out was noises out of the ring gag that was in my mouth.

I was told, don't worry you will only experience all the stories you read while on my internet, experience what was in the videos you watched on my internet and I will make money off of you for payback at a hefty interest rate for all the internet you have stolen from me. We walked out my apartment door and they locked it. We walked to their car that was in the parking lot. Thankfully I didn't see anyone dressed as I was.

We drove for what seemed like hours only to arrive at some big house with many cars in the parking lot and yard. Right as we get out of the car, a hobble chain was attached to my legs. My arms were then pulled behind me. I think they were putting them into an arm binder. I felt my arms go back farther and it hurt like hell. I know they put me into an arm binder by the way it feels. It was confirmed after I was asked if the arm binder felt like I thought it would. My answer again only made noises, and she said I thought so with excitement.

We slowly walked up these stairs into this house. We were greeted by a beautiful Dominatrix. I was handed over like a piece of meat, a sex slave for my new owner. I found out that the suit wouldn't be coming off for over a month! The Dominatrix was told I should be a perfect sex doll for anyone's use and she wanted payment for such a doll and for its use. The Dominatrix was told I would do anything including being locked up any way she saw fit. Also it is allowed to make any video from any session as long as she gets copies.

With that the lady I apparently stole internet from left and I was left there in the hands of my new owner for over a month apparently. I will be video taped and most likely pictures will be taken. I am now glad no one can see my face.

A numbered bar-code patch was stuck onto my rubber skin, number 129 or Rubber Doll Michelle. It took only minutes for them to log me into their sales system on their computer. I then saw some TV sets with all kinds of sexual things going on. There was a 'Just In' section and I saw a color bar test screen with my number and name, this made me nervous as hell. The Dominatrix patted me on the shoulder and said not to worry as if I enjoyed the internet as much as she was told I did I will enjoy my stay here.

I was then taken to what was now my room for when a customer shows up and wants to use me. I saw this thing that I could clearly tell it was to lock someone in place into a doggy position. We walked right by it and went to a bathroom area. I was then flushed out with an enema. Since these latex pants kept my asshole open I had no choice but to have it expelled over and over until I was totally cleaned out.

I was then brought back to be locked down to the thing in the middle of the room. My legs were locked to the floor. I was then forced to get on my knees and bent over the contraption. A strap was pulled over my back going under my arms effectively holding me into place. Yet, another strap was used to hold my arms down, not like it needed to be done as there was no escaping the arm binder.  A hook and strap then was attached to my head and and then was hooked to the hands part of my arm binder. The strap was tightened and it made my head tilt backward so I was forced to look forward. A realistic rubber cock was put in front of my face then there was adjustments made and it was then shoved into my mouth. Since there was the big ring gag holding my mouth open I had no choice but to accept the dick into my mouth.

They walked behind me and hooked a fucking machine up to my ass. It wasn't turned on just yet. I was told that the fucking machine will fuck me anyway, but if I fail to suck on the dick the fucking machine will also shock me. There were two cameras already on me! I am already internet material!

A switch was flipped on and I was being fucked by a machine and was also being shocked at the same time. I screamed for a moment and was yelled at to suck on my dick that was in my mouth. As soon as I started sucking on the dick that was in my mouth the shocking did stop like I was told. Some kind of fluid started oozing out of the dick, I was told that it was nourishment and once it's all gone the fucking machine won't shock me anymore.

Every now and then it'd be too much for me to keep sucking and swallowing the stuff coming from the dick gag. I would be shocked and I would scream and sometimes I could not get enough energy still to keep sucking so I was shocked continuously without mercy. There were points I was crying from the shocks it was so bad. From what seemed to be like 30 minutes I finally finished off the drink. The fucking machine did not shock me anymore but still relentlessly fucked my ass. I was still whimpering from the shocks I had just received. My moans and cries from there on sounded like I was in total pleasure as I moaned out with every pump of the fucking machine.

I was then left to my machine fate. I try to remember what stories I have read. What stories will they re-enact first? What videos will the remake? They made me into a rubber sex doll so I have to think what Rubber Doll Stories did I read lately. I also am dwelling on some of the freaky stories and sites I visited just out of curiosity.... Why O' why didn't I just get internet on my own......



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