Stuck Journaling

by PoseMe

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May 12
Dear Diary,
I feel like a middle schooler, writing to a diary. But, I don't know what else to do. There is no one to talk to right now about this. Let me introduce myself, I'm Bettie. I work as an administrative assistant at the Big Tires place downtown. I'm the one they come to when they need to order parts, get paid, and take a message. I'm roughly 5 and a half feet tall, with black hair, dark eyes, and rather pale in complexion (except in summer, rather red then). My husband is Cole, and he works at the newly renovated steel plant on the other side of town. He's quite tall, brown haired, green-eyed hunk of a man. He is the reason for this. Our marriage seems good but for one thing: I don't think I satisfy him in bed anymore. He seems rather indifferent. I know what you are thinking (affair), but I'm pretty sure that is not it. So, my goal: find a way to spice up the bedroom.

May 14
I've been searching the Internet for help tonight. I found some sites on new positions. Ouch, I don't think I could even get into those positions, let alone get him into me. I'm not made of rubber, but some of those girls might be. lol

May 15
Okay, let's try the costume thing. I had bought some before, and he even helped me pick some out, but they have been less than inspiring. I thought I might give it a try tonight.

May 18
Sorry it has been a couple of days, but the evening went pretty bad. I wore one of his favorites: off the shoulder black lycra top, too-tight boy shorts, knee high stockings, and thick-soled army boots. I slick my long black hair into a tight ponytail. The whole thing hurts or rubs me the wrong way, so when he was less than passionate, I got miffed. He couldn't understand what I was saying, and that he wanted me and such. We slept separate that night, but we made up the next day. No, it did not lead to sex, but he did stroke me gently.

May 19
Okay, this may be it here. It's late, so I'll look some more tomorrow.

May 20
Now I think I have it, you've got to love Youtube: "Give the best gift to your man: yourself." There is a 5 video clip series on hypnosis. And not just hypnosis, but how to hypnotize yourself into becoming a living mannequin, temporarily. It seems simple: listen to the first 1 over and over, training you to the voice. Lesson 2 tries you on basic stop-motion. Lesson 3 is the trial run of posing "stiff", while lesson 4 provides your spouse with the ultimate life-size toy. I did not even bother reading about lesson 5.

I know what you are thinking: what if you get stuck? No problem, the hypnotic trance can be broken by your bodies' natural tendency to live: won't die from hunger, nor pee on yourself. However, it did say that if you make it into that "deep trance" that being turned on and stimulated will keep you in the trance.

May 25
Well, today is the day. I start lesson 1. Wish me luck!

May 26
It is a nice soothing voice, with soft music, and flash images of something. Other than that, no change for day 2.

May 27
Okay, no change, day 3.

May 28
Okay, no change, day 4.

May 29
Okay, not seeing anything here, so I'm going to try lesson 2. We'll see if it works.

June 1
Woah, okay now that is more fun than I thought. I've been running that 2nd lesson over and over, stop-motioning myself around the room. Even if this does not work for real, I've got a fun way to release some tension. I kinda feel the need to have some techno-robo music in the background. I know, I know, middle schooler stuff. :)

June 2
I guess I need to find a hobby, because this is just too much fun. lol I thought about skipping the whole lesson 3 and jumping right into 4, but I thought I better keep with the program. It probably would not have taken very long, but I spent at least 30 minutes stop-motioning myself all over the bedroom first. After that, I tried lesson 3. It put a picture of a mannequin on the screen in a traditional mannequin pose. It suggested wearing something more formal than casual to set the tone. I put on one of my clubbing dresses (even though Cole and I never do that anymore). It is a rather short, stretchy, and shiny silver dress. It has spaghetti straps, low back, and a neck line that goes almost down to my stomach. I have to wear that strapless bra of mine, but I went without tonight. Oh, Cole is out with his boss and a client for dinner (don't worry, I've got time).

I grabbed my 3 inch heels to match, silver and quite uncomfortable (but Cole doesn't know it). Dressed the part, I stood in the bedroom with the laptop on the bed. It told me to match the pose of the mannequin. So, I put one foot slightly in front of the other, and bent my arms towards my body and my wrists out from my body. I tilted my head slightly to one side and tried to put on the blankest stare I could. So far, nothing too hard and not really that fun (I really like the stop-motion), but I was ready.

The video continued on with, "Now you look the part and now feel the part." With that I heard a soft chime with "on the third chime, you will hear FREEZE." Okay, I thought, just hold the pose then. Another chime followed by "you are one chime away from being a mannequin, patience." I was thinking of making a quick shift or something, when "chime" and "FREEZE." And there I was, a mannequin. I could not move. I tried but could not. I just stood there, looking all fake. It was quite the rush, and I guess the person who did this knew that. The voice said, "Now, your body is ready for a pole, just like any mannequin would. That will come later, but for now, remain a mannequin."

So I stood there for who knows how long, frozen in place, enjoying the feeling of being a mannequin. The video continued playing that soft music with a mannequin displayed. Finally, the voice said, "Your time is up." I heard "chime" then "unfreeze." I slowly felt everything come back and I moved and relaxed. It was so cool. I wish I would have known about this before. There was one side effect I did not expect, I looked down at myself to see my dress slowly poking out from my nipples pressing against it. Evidently, this mannequin-thing turns me on. You got it, diary, I'm ready for the next step.

June 5
Well, it was another less than passionate bedroom moment. He was in and gone almost before I climaxed (if you can call it that). Anyway, I'm moving onto the next lesson. Looks like time is running out and so is my patience, so let's freeze.

June 6
Cole is out for the night, another sports event, so I've got some alone time to try it. This lesson says it freezes you after posing you. I've muted it and ran it through to make sure there is nothing that will do anything bad. It says, "Stand up and get ready to freeze." So, I'm not standing yet, but just testing the waters. It then says, "Put your hands on your hips, spread your legs slightly, and tilt your head slightly to the right." So far, it seems fine, but then it says, "You now feel a pole coming inside you, and that feeling makes you FREEZE." Now, I'm not sure about this, but without the sound, it will not work on me. I've got to have that "chime" at the 'FREEZE' to make it work. It looks like it is starting to "pose" me, but I wonder if I'm not looking at the screen? Well, let's see how it works.

Oh yeah, now that was awesome! It actually worked. I was standing there, hands on hips, then came the pole (I could almost feel one coming into me) and then 'chime-FREEZE'. I could not move, nothing new, but then it moved into the next section (I should have closed the blinds or something), where it "posed" me by telling me to bend over slightly, moving my hands to my rear end, throwing my head back, and making a kissing face. I could not stop myself, I just did it. I could not move, I was a mannequin, or maybe a sex-toy. I know I'm trying to get my husband interested in me and it has to work. Who wouldn't want a mannequin wife? Right? Tell me I'm right diary.

Well, there began a countdown on the screen. It said, "your time as a mannequin is coming to an end." I was almost sad, as it seemed to be so short. But then, there was one more surprise. "Pay attention to this, as we have one final test." It posed my right hand to come to my front and grab my breast. It told me to rub myself, stimulating me. Before I could stop myself, I did it, and then I stopped. "If you are no longer stimulating yourself, you are completely stuck. The stimulation has locked you deeper into the mannequin trance. Congratulations!" I can't believe it…I'm ready to become a living sex toy!

June 8
I'm waiting for the perfect day to spring this on him. The final lesson is a free-form sort of thing, so you can pose yourself and become a mannequin/sex-toy. My plan is to have him call me when he is 10 minutes from home. That will give me time to get dressed, turn on the hypnovideo (it takes 5-7 minutes of intro to get you ready), and be prepared for him. I'll leave a note by the door to make sure he comes in time. Supposedly, this last video leaves me for at least 15 minutes, unless stimulated. That should be enough time for him to find me and start playing. I'm so excited, I'm sure this will work.

June 11
Still nothing, he has been working so late that it is past dinner time when he gets home. I need him home early enough for us to do this before dinner. I've tried having it all prepared or ordered, but he always calls and says he's running behind. Diary, I'm getting frustrated.

While I've been waiting, I ordered something to wear for that first time. It is here, so maybe that is the sign I've been waiting for. It is a jet black, latex catsuit. It is rather tight looking, but it feels so slick. It zips in the front and has a thin white stripe down both sides. It has a useless white collar, and cuffs for the arms. I think my platform black boots will go with this. I don't really like my black ones, as the heel is too tall. I bought them to even my height with Cole, but they sure do hurt my feet. Hopefully, that will not matter. So, come on now, I'm ready.

June 17
Okay, now that could not have gone worse. I'm not even sure I can write it down now. I'm so humiliated at the moment. It all seemed to be working so well. He called like he said he would and I rushed to get ready to-

Maybe tomorrow, not tonight 

June 18
Alright, I'm more calm tonight. Let me back up a little, to make sure I had everything ready, I pulled my laptop into the bedroom while dressing. It was my first time putting on the suit. Woah, now that stuff is tight. I mean it felt like it was rubbing me wrong everywhere, even though it felt good in my hands. I probably should have worn it a few times to get it worked out. No problem there, I've got time to stretch it.

So, I'm working to get it on, but it is taking me longer than I wanted. I go ahead and start the video so I can get to that point. I've got the note on the bed, ready to place on the front door which is open slightly. Well, I've got the suit on now, and can see that the video is getting close to the 'chime-freeze.' I'm putting my boots on now, which slip on easy but the side zipper sticks. I decide to just stop zipping at my knee and plan on folding them over to save time.

Well, here is when I notice I'm almost out of time. I stand up to hit pause. Those wretched boots nearly make me fall, so I regain my balance by holding out my arms, hands spread out, and my mouth (oh my mouth) in a rather large "oh" position. The delay in moving to the laptop was my downfall, for at that moment: 'chime-freeze.' So, there I am, standing with my back to the bedroom door, arms out to my side, knees slightly bent, and a goofy 'o' on my mouth. Oh, I could have just kicked a hole in the wall, but I couldn't. All I could do was stand there and freeze. What was worse, I could barely make out the note, sitting on the bed and not on the door.

Okay, I'm getting mad again, I'll try this again tomorrow.

June 19
There I am, waiting for him to come, but he does not know to come. I wonder what he will do, I mean, I've never even told him about it. As it turns out, he doesn't know. Stay with me now, his car pulls in and he comes into the door "Bettie" he yells "I'm home." I hear his keys on the hook by the door and his briefcase under it. His footsteps tell me he is heading to the kitchen, which is the wrong way. I can see the countdown on the screen, just under 14 minutes. I'm thinking "do I want him to find me or not?"

I hear another car pull up and the door bust open. Oh crap, who could that be? It's Dave, Cole's best bud and coworker. I've known him for years, too, but he is a little too touchy for me. I mean, he usually feels me up pretty good in social settings. If Cole notices, he does not say anything. I try to play it casual, especially since Dave's wife is rather attractive and also flirty with others. Okay, we continue the downhill spiral here.

"Well, Dave," Cole says sarcastically, "Come right on in."

"Sorry, man," Dave says with no conviction, "but the server went down and our report did not upload." I can hear several expletives from Cole.

"Fine," Cole says grabbing his keys, "We'll just take my laptop back to work and resend it. I'll bet Alexander (that's his boss, a real jerk) was not too happy and blaming us."

Dave says with complete seriousness, "He was mad, but he really just blames you. I don't know what you did to upset him so bad." I can hear Cole snort. "Who knows?"

At this point, I'm thinking I'll get a free pass and no harm, no foul. But, fate had more to play here.

"Bettie, I've got to run back to work," he yells, "Back soon." As he heads to the door, I catch my breath (if I could), "Can I use your john?" Dave's fateful words.

"Sure, use the one in our bedroom," Cole is out the door now, "the other is messed up."

Like suggested, Dave comes into the bedroom. My heart is racing now, but the time is not: somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes.

I'm thinking, don't see me, don't see me. I hear the bathroom door close on the other side of the bedroom, so he probably just ran in, staring at the bathroom door. But, when he opens it up, I'll be in his line of sight. Time is under 5 minutes now, I think, so I'm hoping he takes a while. I can hide under the bed until he leaves. But, no such luck, for with under 2 minutes left on the countdown, I hear the door open and "woah, what have we here?"

Oh, Cole's home, finish it tomorrow night.

June 20
So Dave, comes up to me from behind, I can smell his cheap cologne. "Mmmm, my my my," I can hear his lips smacking, "now this is something." The timer is under a minute now, but then he starts rubbing his hands on my butt: my tight, black latex butt. I'm trying not to think about it, you know, cleaning the toilet and stuff like that, but it doesn't work, for as the time expires, I hear "chime-unfreeze" but I don't move. I'm stuck. I'm a sex-toy in the hands of the wrong man.

He walks around in front of me and stops. I think, 'maybe he recognizes me.' He says "woah, you look so much like Bettie." He starts to touch my face, but then lowers his hand to my breast. "Ooo" he whispers "now that feels good, almost real." He is up in me now, feeling both of them with his hands. I'm not trying to get stimulated, trying not to think about it, but I can't. It feels so good right now. I know diary, I'm admitting this in the open (sort of) but I enjoyed that part. He just took what seemed like minutes to stroke me and admire me. It was nice.

The next part, well, not so nice, he walks behind me and comes up to me tight to feel me again. What I notice is the pressure just under my butt, I think "what is that? His keys or cellphone or, oh no" that is when it hits me, he's turned on, big time. This thought just came to me, 'what if he wants to take me now?' I figured the worst is him feeling me up, but what if he wants more than that?

Well, he did. He wanted to go ahead and initiate me right there. Thinking me just a sex-toy, he rotated me around on one heel and bent my back easily. He pushes my arms down and there I am, leaning against the bed, my butt stuck out. Now diary, why does every guy want to give it from behind? I mean, Cole is the same way. Another story, so I hear his zipper and the swish of his boxers. Come on, wake up, move, something, don't let him in me. Now, I caught a break here, he moves to unzip the latex suit, and realizes he will have to peel it off me to below the waist. There is no entrance otherwise. Whew, I thought, I could have bought the one with a hole in the crotch, but I didn't. Yeah, me.

He says, "Oh great, this will take too long, and Cole might get wise to this. Don't want him to know I'm playing with his toy." 'You mean, his wife' I think. I thought I was free, but then he grabs my right shoulder and spins me around. I'm now face to face with him. He grins at me, closes his eyes and kisses me. Again, I'm the victim here, remember that, but oh did it feel good. He just held his lips there, softly, tenderly. His tongue just touching my frozen one. It was such a moment for me, but then it went down, literally.

He bends me up and down with my knees buckling. Within a few moves, I'm kneeling on the ground in front of him. His manhood staring me in the face. Oh yes, you know where this is headed. "Well, I can still have this, right? I can wipe you off when I'm done, which should not take long." Again, I tried to stop, tried to move, but then there I was: mouth open over him, being thrusted over and over. It was awful, I could not believe what was happening to me. I just tried to be anywhere else, but I could not. However, he was right, it did not take long. He pulled out and pushed me back against the side of the bed, moaning loudly. I felt his warm ejection run down the front of my suit. I am so glad he did that, and not in me. "Oh, yeah," he moaned "that was great." With a swish and zip, he was covered. Walking into the bathroom to get a towel, I kneel there, leaned against the bed, warm liquid rolling down me. It was like being tickled and turned on at the same time. He returned with a towel, a dirty one from the hamper, but at least he thought to clean me. With a squeak, he rubs me from neck to crotch. He lingered a little there, sending me on a wonderful ride of ecstasy. I thought I might at that point, but he stopped just short of my climax.

With a quick move, he stood me back up and repositioned me as before. It was over, I was done. My first time as a sex-toy was a complete success for the wrong guy. I was humiliated and excited all at the same time. He gave me a quick peck on the cheek, said "Stay naughty, sex-toy", and slapped my butt. That was all I needed, I finished right there. I moaned and shouted silently as he left the house. The pangs of it were still there as I heard his car pull out of the drive.

I was frozen for another hour (I guess finishing held me tight, but I did not care), Cole came home 30 minutes later. I was all cleaned up and in bed, his dinner in the microwave. I just could not face him. What should I do next?

June 29
Yeah, been a while since I wrote in you. It just took me a while to come around and want to do this again. I think I can pull it off, and though I found some pleasure in last time (which was part of my problem), I want to make it with my husband. I have a new plan this time. I will go ahead and prep myself early and wait until he comes in the driveway to 'chime-freeze.' That way, I can be sure it is just him, and that everything is set. I will also face myself to the bedroom door, so he can see me first thing. I have rewritten the note more, hoping to give him more of an idea of what I'm doing.

Okay, wish me luck!

July 2
Quick note: we are going to be at a party on the 4th, then he will have to go to the plant to check on production. I'm going to try it then.

July 5
Well, not quite what I expected, actually nothing at all what I expected, but then again, nothing seems to be going my way here. Alright, Cole had left the party to go to work with Dave following in his car. I bum a ride from Dave's wife to get set up. I get home to our one story rancher. I get to the closet and start stripping and redressing. Oh diary, got the perfect outfit: a pirate. I had some fishnet hose, low-heel wrinkle boots, short leather miniskirt and a barmaid, loose fitting top. I bought a cheap triangle hat from a costume store, so I'm set. My plan is to set up myself in the bedroom again.

I'm all dressed now, got the laptop going in the bedroom, and rewriting the note. Cole calls right on cue. I left my cell in the living room, so I step back out to get it. At that moment, a car pulls into the driveway. Great. I think, he waited too late. I hear the car door open and realize I can't get to the front door now without spoiling it. My phone is still ringing, but I can't get it. I head back to the bedroom and on into the bathroom to get my hat. As I pick it off his vanity, I hear the front door. What happens next, well, it just isn't right.

Oh, Cole's home, gotta go.

July 6
So there I am, in the bathroom, all dressed up and I hear, "Hey, Bettie" Dave's voice, "Are you home?" I can hear him step into the bedroom door, 'oh no, he can't see me like this. He'll know last time was me, for real.' I can hear the laptop going and know that the 'chime-freeze' is coming. 'Great, now I can't stop that either.' As I'm thinking, I hear Dave say, "Sorry, man, must still be at the party. Oh, here is her cellphone on the table." He is talking to Cole, and he's still at work. "Yeah, I'll just grab a beer and head home. See you in the morning." I think I'm free until I hear "I'll grab a beer, after I grab a little latex butt."

Now I'm panicked diary, what do I do? I know I have but a few seconds left, so I sit myself onto Cole's vanity. I cross my legs, not wanting to show off more than I have to. I put my hands on hips and sit up as straight as possible. I pooch out my lips into a kiss, but then I stop. 'What if he realizes I changed my facial expression, I mean the clothes are fine, but a sex-toy would have the same face, right?' Not wanting to, but the foot steps and the impending chime is coming, so I open my mouth into a large 'o' to hear "chime-FREEZE."

So there I am, sitting on a table like a Christmas present, waiting to be found. Dave must have heard the laptop and stopped, thinking someone was there. He continues on and says, as he rounds the corner, "Oh, well shiver me timbers, it do be a pirate." He is more forward now, feeling my chest and legs. I think my warmth will give me away, but he has yet to really touch my skin. He lifts up my shirt to reveal all that I can bare, stating "hmmm, they even slightly sag like a real woman, oh they thought of everything." I could not believe he said 'sag.' They are still quite perky.

Anyway, he uncrosses my legs, causing me to lean forward into him. He is kissing me now, more passionate than before. Now last time I was terrified, but this time, well it just felt great. He was so into me that I could not help but enjoy it. Help me, diary. This is not right, but now it is too late. He pulls away and looks up my skirt. 'oh crap' I think ' I forgot panties. I was in such a rush I forgot them.' Well, he quickly notices that, and I hear a zip and swish like before. 'oh no, please don't so this.' He can't hear me thinking that, so he slides me over to the edge of the vanity. I can't look down but I don't need to. I slide off the table and onto him, obviously he was ready for me.

"Now my pirate, time to take advantage of me" as he starts to grind me, half against the table but mostly resting on him. He has little to say, and I am worried he will figure it out. I'm trying not to enjoy it, but it has been a long time for Cole and I, so Dave is giving it to me when I'm really in the mood here. I know he will finish soon, but what if he finishes in me, how will he clean me? Well, diary, he had a plan. He pulls out, pushing me back onto the vanity, and finishes right on the table. He almost covered his tracks, except he spent too much time enjoying it, so I sat in his puddle on the counter. He obviously did not notice. I could have finished if I had just a little more from him.

He cleans himself up, wipes off the floor, and stands in front of me. "Arrr, my pirate, that was so good." He comes close again, kissing me on the mouth. Mmmm, that felt so good, just being held there, almost to my climax. He pulls back and recrosses my legs. He looks me over, making sure I'm still the pirate sex-toy he saw when he came in. "Just as sexy as when I came in" he says, and as he goes to leave, he puts his right hand back on my breast and gives my nipple a flick. Oh, that was all I needed to climax, so I did. I don't know how long he stayed, but it was quite a while before I could move again. And as before, I was cleaned up and in bed by the time Cole came home.

So what do I do? I'm becoming the perfect sex-toy for the wrong man. Again, pleasing me, but that is not the point. Pleasing him is, just not him. Oh, frustrating. :(

July 12
It has been almost a week now since I wrote, but there has been little to say. I am torn over what to do. I have not even gone through the earlier lessons like I was before. I'm just, I don't know. I guess I need to give up on this. It will never work, but that is what makes me so mad. This was such a great idea!

July 15
Well, I have decided to come clean with Cole. I need to tell him what I was trying to do. No, I'm not mentioning the two times with Dave, and I hope Dave will keep his mouth shut (that's a stretch). Cole took me out to dinner last night, and we had a really good time. He was more like himself, still stressed but less distracted. So where is he tonight, don't ask, but it was a small step back. I think I can close the deal with some disclosure.

Here's my plan: tell him what I was trying to do. Show him the videos then change into something he likes and freeze for him watching me. Hopefully, he will like what he sees and maybe, just maybe, I'll be the perfect sex-toy for the right man. Ha, I'm sure it will fail like the other times, but it is worth a shot. I mean, I have trained so hard this far, right? :)

July 16
He's out of town for a couple of days, and I avoided an issue with Dave on accident today. A car hit a power pole or something, and we lost power to the shop. I came home early after stopping at the grocery store. I was in the kitchen when I heard a car pull up. It seemed odd for Cole to be here already, since he left for the airport this morning. I looked out the window to see Dave coming up. I am guessing something is wrong, so I met him at the door. Well, he was surprised to see me.

"Bettie?" he stammered. "What are you doing here?"

I smiled back, "I live here, besides the shop closed early due to electrical problems." I turned around and walked back to the kitchen, trying to hide my smile. I think I know why he came.

"Oh, well, uh, good for you." He looked around the room, lost for a moment.

"So, what's up?" I asked, let's see how quick he thinks on his feet.

"Oh, nothing, Cole thought he might have left his shaving kit on the table, so I was running by to get it and hopefully catch him at the airport." He was fidgeting, looking around anxiously.

I smiled, my back to him. "Oh, I thought he had that," I knew he had it, packed it myself, "well, check the bedroom." I looked over my shoulder to see him step towards the bedroom, then stop. He spun on his heel and headed to the door, calling over his shoulder, "he must have gotten it, see you later." I watched him out the window, shaking his head, probably cursing, too. I continued to smile, but then realized, if I don't tell Cole soon, Dave's gonna blow it. I know, I need to tell him soon.

July 20
Ok, diary, I have finally got some good news. See what you think of this:
So, Cole and I came home from dinner. I thought this would be the perfect time. I set-up my laptop in the bedroom and called him in the bedroom. He wandered in, looking confused. "Ok," I started, "I've got a surprise, but I need you to tell me what you would like me to wear for you. Anything, name it." I smiled at him, reassuring him hopefully. He looked confused still, and said, "What? You mean like lingerie or something else." I gave him a wink, "Lingerie, dummy. Pick me something." He still looked confused, but he finally said, "Uh, corset and thong." Now, he knows I hate the corset, so I figured this was a test, so I passed it. "Ok, no problem, have a seat on the bed." I wished I had looked at his face, I'll bet he was beside himself. :)

So I grabbed the red leather corset and matching thong. Yuck, I don't like either, and have not worn them in awhile. I kept my other clothes on, came back into the bedroom with them in hand. I pulled up the website and ran the video. I stepped back in the bathroom and pulled the door partially closed. I started describing what I have been up to while stripping and redressing. I peaked around the corner occasionally to see a still confused Cole. "Look, it is not that hard," with the thong on and corset covering me as I tied the back from the front, I came out. "I thought you might enjoy sex with me more if I was a mannequin. You know, all control, submissive, kinda thing." He grinned at that. "So, I ran through all the videos and, uh oh, it's getting close." At this point, I was just over halfway up with the corset. I could feel its tight sides pulling me in. Tying from the front to the back is not easy, and Cole usually helps, but he was in shock. "You mean, like a sex-toy?" He asked.

Before I can answer, I got up to the final loop, ready to tie it off when "chime-FREEZE". There I am, legs partially spread out, back slightly bent over, my arms stretched to the sides, my hands holding the laces, and an odd expression I'm sure. I did not even have those red heels on yet. At this point, he realized something was up. He stood up and walked over to me. He touched my cheek, "Bettie?" He walked around me, looking I guess. "Okay, you can't hold that pose for long. Start moving." I couldn't move but he didn't know. The timer was counting down, but he didn't know about that either. "This will get you going," he slaps me on the butt. I shake a little from that, which was enough to loosen the laces from my frozen fingers. The strings unravel, loosening the corset, sending it down to rest on my hips. Now, I'm exposed, still not moving, so he knows something is up.

He came around in front of me, looking at my breasts like he has never seen them. He came up and cupped one. I still can't move. I watched his look of surprise as he cupped the other. I still don't move. Now, he stepped back. "So, you really can't move. You are in some sort of trance, huh? Are you posable?" He came back to me and pulled my right arm up and it stuck there. He pulled my left arm around and put it on my hip and it stuck there. He grinned at that point, "Ok, let's try this." He straightened me up, put both hands on my hips and pushed a smile on my face. He walked around me again, poking me occasionally. I would have laughed, if I could, he was a like boy playing with a new toy, but I was really wanting a man playing with his sex-toy.

I could see the clock was winding down, and he had not really stimulated me. He pulled the corset down to my feet. He rotated me on my heel, sat me on the bed, and removed the thong and corset. He began to undo his clothes, dropping his shirt and pants. He came back to me to stand me up. So there I am naked in front of my husband, not moving unless he moved me. Now, I admit, that was a rush. I was totally in his control. I have always tried covering myself even somewhat on our times alone. I never openly just stood in front of him like this. I was nervous, but the look he was giving me made me feel better. "Mmm, so you are just waiting for me, yes? Well, here I come." It was a devilish grin he wore as he came back to me.

Unfortunately, the dummy was so caught up in posing and watching and preparing that he missed out. I heard "chime-UNFREEZE" just as he dropped his briefs. I brought my hands down and said, "Well, your time is up." He did not miss a beat, as he forced me onto the bed and began to take me like a wild man. Mmm, now you talk about passion, diary. I don't want to make you blush or anything, but he was SO into me. He just could not stop, and I didn't want him to. It was amazing, just like I wanted it to be. I have not felt so desired and wanted by him in a long, long time. Mmm, it was wonderful!

But, he did not get to take me as a sex-toy, so we are not done yet. ;)

Oh, and there still is that issue with Dave, hmmm. :(

July 22
Dave came by again. I saw him pulling out of the drive as I rounded the corner of the subdivision. He did not see me, since he went the other way. Okay diary, I need a plan. If Cole finds out what happened between Dave and me, then everything I just gained in our last bedroom time will be lost. Cole and Dave have been friends forever, but Cole and I are supposed to be married forever. So, what do I do?

I thought Cole could tell Dave he got rid of the "sex-toy" me, but that would set off a debate. At the moment, Cole does not know that Dave knows. This could set off a series of questions and lies. But even if I could pass that, Dave would wonder why Cole didn't give it to him or press him for more details (which might lead to a story on the conquest). I thought Cole could pretend he found out about Dave's playtime and tell him not to do it again, but that rips their friendship apart. I mean, what guy wants to find out his best friend took advantage of his wife? And, how do I (or can I even) explain it was an accident? Need a plan, diary, got one?

July 25
Well, Cole finally gave his sex-toy a ride. He came home the other night, and after dinner said he would like to cash in on that "rain check" from the other night. I, of course, said something about "already?" and "you liked that?" and such. He was quite excited and told me how much fun that would be. I was on cloud 9, but I did not tell him that. I mean, all those weeks of planning and practicing are going to pay off now. So, I asked him what he wanted. He did not take long to answer (obviously been thinking about it): a cowgirl.

Well, I have a pink cowgirl hat, leather vest, and skirt with cowboy boots to match (all pink, of course). So I told him to wait here in the living room, while I went to get ready. It will take a few minutes and such, so I suggested that he clear the table and clean-up after dinner. He hopped right to it, hmmm, this could be good to know, too.

I closed the bedroom door and went to the closet. It took an extra minute to sift through the costume box. I stripped completely and grabbed the miniskirt first. It's a nice pink suede leather with white fringe and trim. The vest is similar with 3 buttons in the front. I admit it is a little small, but Cole has never complained. ;) The hat is cheap but fits the outfit and the boots are from a Halloween clearance rack. With them on, I took a quick look in the mirror, I held up one finger and made my hand into a gun, "howdy, partner." With a wink, I headed to the door.

I could hear movement in the kitchen, so I opened the door but stayed behind the wall so he could not see me. "It is almost ready." I shouted. "Do I need to pose?" He called back, "Nope, I'll take care of that." I shrugged my shoulders and walked to the bed, hearing his steps as well. I got to the bed, turned around, put one hand on my hip and the other into the air, shaped like a gun, and held my pose. The chime-freeze activated me just as he entered the room. He smiled broadly: he must have liked what he saw, "oh, howdy, partner."

He walked past me. I could hear the sound of his clothes coming off and the squeak of the bed. He grabbed me by the shoulders, pivoted me around. I could see into his face as he leaned in for a kiss. He worked his way around my neck to my ear and whispered, "Time for a ride, cowgirl." And with that, he pulled me on the bed. Bending my knees around him, he sat me up on top of him. As I straddled him, I could feel his warm legs against my thighs and butt (no panties tonight). I wondered what he had in mind. He said something, but I missed it, as he entered me at that time, firmly placing himself in me. What a rush, finally getting to be this for him. I would have grabbed him, but I could do nothing but sit there on him, staring at the wall behind the bed. My hands were still where I placed them. He wiggled me around as he found his spot. He reached up and pushed the corners of my mouth up into a big smile. "There, now my cowgirl, time to take a ride."

He grabbed my waist with his hands and bounced me up and down on him. Mmm, now it was a nice ride. Gentle, easy, like a horseback ride should be. He picked up the pace and finally we were at a gallop. I could hear him breathing heavy, moaning from my body pushing down on him. My face never changed expression, as I rode my "horse" through the country side. He opened his eyes occasionally, to see me there, riding him. He changed his rhythm several times, I assumed he wanted to make it go longer. He had already finished me twice before he finished in me. He screamed loudly when he was done, and I knew he enjoyed it (I know I thoroughly enjoyed it more than once). He laid there for awhile, breathing heavy with his hands over his face.

He smiled at me, bent my back, and pulled me down to him. With a pinch, my lips were pooched for a kiss. He kissed me, long and slow, and said, "thanks." Rolling me over, I flopped onto the bed in a heap. My arm on my hip flattend into my side, with my hat flying off. He wiped himself off on a towel and headed to the bathroom. So, there I was, laying on the bed, an object that has been used. It felt good and weird at the same time. He enjoyed it so much, and I know I liked it very much, too. He came back to me and picked me up. He carried me into the living room. What was he doing now?

He sat me down on the couch, crossed my legs, and faced me to the TV. So, I'm a pink cowgirl watching TV now. He sat next to me, and turned on tonight's ballgame. I'm gonna have to sit through this? He said, "You never watch a game with me, so here is your chance. It seemed strange to leave you in the bedroom by yourself." And with that, I sat there and watched who knows how many innings before I could move again. Yes, it was dull, but it was also thoughtful. We both slept good that night.

July 28
Still not sure on Dave. How do I fix this without ruining what I've got? He could blow away it all with one careless word, and I just don't trust him not to.

Oh, I think I'm a racecar driver tonight. Cole said something about "zoom- zoom." I don't have a racecar outfit, so it will be interesting.

July 30
I think I got a plan for Dave. So I want to try to make sure I am convincing. I want to catch him in the act (or just before it). I will get out one of Cole's least favorite costumes: space girl. I figured it should get one more wear before I ditch it (Cole promised more outfits for his sex-toy). I will send a text to Dave, addressing it to Cole (done that on accident before), and tell him I have a migraine and have him sleep in the mother-in-law suite out back. To make it up to him, I put his "toy" next to the bed. That should get Dave here in a hurry, and keep him out of sight during this "trap."

I will go out to the mother-in-law suite with my bag of stuff and laptop. I will set the laptop on the bed and get the website loaded but not running the video. I want to make sure I am ready before he gets here, so I will get dressed before sending the text. I don't really need a bra for this one as the pvc dress has plenty of support for me, but I will make sure to have panties on this time, even though he won't get that far.

The space girl outfit is a tight, silver, pvc dress with matching boots, gloves, wig, and shades. It has no sleeves and long enough to reach mid-thigh on me. I can't spread my legs in it, which is not a problem again, but it does make for awkward walking. :) I will have to wear some white tights to cover the bruises on my knees from hitting the counter top last night (was just in too big a hurry). I have silver boots, with a one inch platform and chunky-type heels. They are cheap, and not suitable for wearing out (they were cheap, and on sale). They slide on, zip up, and come just under my knees. I can add the gloves for effect which come to my elbows. The silver wig is shiny and glittery, and comes to my shoulders. With a touch of silver lipstick and shades, I'll be ready for him. I can't understand why Cole does not like this, but I'm his sex-toy (not Dave's), so whatever he wants, right?

My plan will be to stand by the bed, posed with hands on hips and smiling (note the different facial expression). I will let him come close and make a statement about me being not real or something, allow a quick touch or something, then I'll tell him he is wrong and move. With that, I will outline my original plan from the start and what happened. This is a 'no harm, no foul' outcome. It was just an accident (well, more than one) that we can stop from ever happening again.

What could go wrong, right?

August 8
Well diary, this will probably be my last time writing in you. I have fixed my marriage with my mannequin impression. Cole and I have put it back together. He is working less hours at the plant, and I am working less in the bedroom. ;) However, it appears I have another "perk" if you call it that: Dave. Let me tell you what happened, and no, it did not go the way I wanted.

Okay, so I was set-up in the mother-in-law suite with the text just sent to Dave. It was a good thing, because he was there in minutes. I heard his car screech slightly as he came into the backyard by the door. The front door of the suite opens into the open room that is the bedroom, living room, and kitchen. The only other room is the bathroom off to the right, near the kitchen. I was standing by the bed at attention, saluting the front door. I was also smiling, so there was that difference, which I figured he would not notice (and he didn't).

He came in the door and dropped his jaw. "Oh, yeah," he exclaimed, "This is my lucky day." He dropped his keys on the table by the door, along with his pants in a step, and pulled his shirt off in the next step. I thought, he will be naked before he actually gets to me. He reached up to me, cupping both of my breasts. He moaned slightly and came in closer letting his hands wander behind me. He felt my dress closely, pinching both of my cheeks. He looked into my shades and said, "Now my silver toy, time to make you mine." I said softly but confidently, "I don't think so." Dave just about peed himself with that, because I have never seen him so shocked and embarrassed. Not only that, he was totally speechless. Oh, I wished I could make that moment last forever.

He stumbled back, falling into the armchair facing the TV on the wall. I walked over in front of him, trying to keep my movements slow (since it is not easy to move in that outfit). "Okay," I started, "Cole does not know about this." Dave let out a huge breath, grabbing his chest and wiping his forehead. "However," I continued, "I need you to know that I am me and not a real toy." I think he thought he just made this mistake, but he quickly realized the others. "Oh no," he said, smacking his forehead, "The pirate and leather suit chics?" I nodded my head. He gulped loudly. I waited a moment to let that sink in, "Now, here is what we need to do. One, you need to stop playing with your best friend's wife." He nodded. "Two, you need to stop playing with your best friend's sex-toy." He nodded, but asked, "Why didn't you stop me?" Here was where I made my mistake.

I explained what I was doing. I went through the same speech I did with Cole. I explained the other videos and how I trained myself. I mentioned that it was not too hard, so his wife could try it for him. I got lost in the moment and went through each one briefly. He stood up to look at the computer screen, again I should have realized what he was doing. I told him how the fourth video was a longer set-up, but produced a sex-toy. He raised his eyebrows when I went through that, stopping it short of the "chimeFREEZE." He said, "So that is why you did not say anything or stop me, you were completely frozen." I nodded my head, "Yep, which is why I am thinking no harm, no foul here." I knew he would understand that phrase. "You did not know, and I could not tell you." He looked from me back to the computer screen. "I don't want Cole to find out." Dave nodded, "Oh, I agree, that would be bad." He looked up, as if he heard something. I jumped a little, "What? Did you hear someone?" I turned on my heel and clunked my way to the window. I peeked out and saw nothing. I turned around, "I don't see…" Dave was standing by the bed, hand on mouse, with a large grin on his face. At that moment, I realized what he was prepared to do. I tried to plug my ears, but it was too late. The chimeFREEZE caught me in mid-motion.

With the big grin still on his face, he slowly walked over to me. "Now, Bettie," he reached up to touch me again, but this time, I was not faking it. "Bettie," he came in closer, his hands around my waist and his face near mine, "You have got to be the best wife in the world." He runs his hands on my butt, kissing me near my ear. "I mean, who does all this for her husband? You are amazing!" I think he was being genuine there, which made me feel a little better. "But, I'm afraid you and I have a secret to keep. I agree, he can't find out about us, and he won't, so long as you keep your mouth shut and I know I will." He was kissing my neck now, moving around my face, avoiding my mouth. He grabbed my arms and pulled them around his waist. With a quick touch here and there, I was looking into his face with a smile on my face. Holding out his phone, he looks surprised and then snaps a pic. Holding it up to my face, there I am, smiling all big with my arms around him. He has a look of 'what are you doing?' on his face. I can't believe he was going to blackmail me.

He was not done though. He posed me a few more times, with me always looking like I was enjoying it and him like he was trying to stop it. I wanted to move so bad, but he kept stimulating me. I was stuck. He had all the pics he needed, so the fun was to continue. He pulled me to the armchair, facing it. Bending me over, he placed one of my hands on each arm. With a quick tug, my panties and tights were pulled down, sending a rush of cold air on my butt. I knew where he was going, and I knew it was wrong, but I could do nothing. So, there I bent over for him, waiting to be used. He took longer than I expected. I felt like I stood there forever before he came into me.

Now, I don't want to make comparisons, but I had nothing to do at that point. Cole is much more aggressive than Dave, but Dave pleases me down there more than Cole. I don't know what it is, shape or size or technique, but I finished within seconds of him starting. He had my hips then my breasts then back to my hips. I finished again and again, before I heard him moan loudly. He just flopped over onto my back, breathing hard. He almost sounded like he was purring, I don't know. Anyway, he was done. I heard him get dressed behind me. He also made a run into the bathroom, probably checking his hair. He came out saying, "Okay, here is how it goes. You belong to Cole, but I have 'visitation rights' whenever he is out of town. I won't push it, just need a fix every now and then." He stands me up and sits down in the chair. He pulls my arms back down onto the arms. I could clearly see into his eyes now. "Now, we won't have any problems, right?" Of course, we will, I think. He grabs my chin and shakes it side to side. "Because if we do, I have just what I need, right?" Holding up his cellphone, he nods my head up and down. "Very good," as if we were carrying on a conversation. He kissed me again, "I knew you would understand." Standing me back up and pivoting me, I fell into the chair. He propped my legs up on one leg, crossing them. He put my hands behind my head, pulling my breasts up to greater heights. He walked to the door and said, "You better get cleaned up before Cole gets home. I just forwarded your text message to him. He may get home soon and take you, too."

And with that, he winked at me and left. I was shocked. I was mad. I did not know what to do, course I could not do anything. I sat there, rejecting what Dave proposed. There was no way I could do that. I would have to tell Cole. I would have to.

Cole came home early that night. And if you could not guess, I was still stuck. He came straight to the suite in the back. He walked in, looking all excited. He said, "Well, my wife is sick tonight, so I guess I am stuck with you." He kneels down next to me, kissing me on the cheek. "Oh, how did I get so lucky to have you as my wife and toy?" He kissed me again on the mouth. Despite not liking this outfit, he had a great time, and I just resigned that this will be my life. I will please two men: happily stuck pleasing one and reluctantly stuck pleasing the other. The only thing I'm not is this: I'm no longer stuck journaling. :)

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