Stupid Decision

by Chryslerman

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Storycodes: F/m; latex; suit; latexdoll; stuck; cons; X

When people see me, all they see is a tall, thin guy. Not overly attractive, but not ugly either. Just a guy, normally would be forgetful looking if not for being so thin. As I grew older, I tried everything to gain weight, or build up muscles, anything. But I also became more submissive, and into more fetishes. I liked bondage, mummification, latex, leather, steel, chastity, feminization, and so on.

I spoke to my Mistress once of an outlandish dream I had one night. Of a suit made out of Latex covered metal, light but extremely strong, that would give me a taste of many of my fetishes at once, and only someone else such as her could release it. She was intrigued and listened intently, having me answer her questions as to details. I was so swept up in it, I really didn’t notice all of the notes she was taking.

About a week later, she had me get ready for a session as a Plaster mummy. I had never tried it, but had always wanted to. She had a friend help her, and I was mummified in plaster that day, and was left in it overnight. When I was released, I offhandedly noticed that great care was being taken to only split it into 2 pieces. I dismissed it later and thought no more of it.

***** 3 months later…..

I was at home, and Mistress was at her mothers for the long holiday weekend, when early Saturday morning a very large, heavy package arrived. The delivery guy brought it inside the living room and left, handing me a large manila envelope that he said went with it. I quickly opened the box and found a pink latex/metal suit similar to what I had dreamt about! I was amazed at it, and grabbed the envelope and pulled out the stack of papers that were in it.

I took in all the information you had given me about your dream, and made a few detail changes of my own and had a suit made to your exact sizes. I also have a few suprises built in. But DO NOT attempt to put this suit on with out my assistance! This is extremely important! If it arrives with me not home, you are to wait for my arrival!
YOUR MISTRESS” ¬†¬†Well, I read it, but was so excited I didn’t really comprehend it. I immediately started pulling the pieces out, and saw that the rest of the contents of the envelopes were instructions. One set said ‘Slave’ and one said ‘Master/Mistress’. I knew better than going into the set that belonged to Mistress so I set then on the end table and I immediately started going through them and began getting everything ready.

The first step was to clean and shave the entire body. I am normally shaven except for my genital area and my head. I shaved down below and the rest of my body to be smooth, and shaved my face. My hair on top is fairly short, so I took a swimmers hair cap from the closet, as we’ve used them before during sessions and placed it firmly over my hair and eyebrows. Next I was to begin placing my feet into the special shoes that were part of the suit. They were feminine with a 4 inch heel, that were in separate parts. I assembled the right foot first and as I pushed the pieces together, I heard an audible click. When I looked at my foot, I did not see any kind of seam where they clicked together.

I quickly continued getting my left foot, my legs and then my arms, my neck, all according to the directions. Each piece going together with a click. I noticed all along that the outside of the suit gave me a more feminine look. I pulled out the abdomen pieces and connected them together and then I pulled out the chest piece. It had built in breasts and had a shapely chest all in one. I saw on the inside of the breast piece that there was a flap to a small compartment inside one of the breasts. Not knowing what it was for I closed the flap and began assembling the unit on my body. I was curious at this point why the directions had said to get these pieces from my ‘Master/Mistress’ since the rest hadn’t said anything but I was too into this to care.

I got it together, and like the rest of the pieces I heard a series of clicks. It had joined together and joined the abdomen and neck pieces as well. It all seemed so seamless! I was then instructed to take the pieces from this one small box and attach them to myself. One was a special sheath for my manly member and a special latex butt-plug that had an opening through it, and attached to the bottom of the sheath. I put these on, and the sheath stood straight up against my lower abdomen and connected slightly to the base of the upper abdomen cover. Next came the lower abdomen/genital area pieces and I took the end of the sheath and placed a small hose to a special point on the one piece and began putting it together, again hearing the audible clicks. I had a small hole below for urine and a slightly larger hole back behind with a flap for ‘other things’.

I saw myself in the mirror, and was amazed at the look so far. Unbelievable! I was really beginning to look like a woman, that was built to the average size of a person my height. Now all was done except my hand and my head. The directions pointed me to my head. I got the pieces and found that there was a special latex hood to put on. It had open eyes, small hoses for my nostrils, built in ear plugs, and the lips were formed to snuggly cover my own. I slipped it on, installed everything, and fit my own lips into those of the mask.

I then saw that there was a choice that could be made at this point. I could just put on the regular faceplate or use the optional faceplate with gag. I figured that I would only have it on for an hour or so, and then take it off, I would use the gag and its faceplate. I slowly pushed it in, it was heavy latex that covered my tongue and lower teeth, and had a tube that ran the length of it, with the back at the back of my tongue and the front connected to the faceplate. I got that seated well, and then attached the nostril and mouth hoses to the faceplate and then connected that with the other head pieces, again hearing, now muffled, clicks. I also noticed that the faceplate had eye covers that from the outside looked like fairly real eyes in the mirror, but the iris’s were open allowing me to see out, and that they were to my prescription, as I normally had to wear glasses. But I also saw things with a slight green tint.

The big box only had a small box labeled ‘Master/Mistress’ and the hands. I took the pieces, a small latex glove, slipped it on and then slipped the articulated fingers and thumb on my right hand. Then I took the 2 pieces for the palm and back of the hand, placed them together carefully and felt the clicks, and did the same with my left hand. Once done I was now totally enclosed. I got up and immediately started walking around the house, and looking at myself in the mirror. I began to get hungry and I was reading more of my manual. It had a small hose type apparatus that connected to the faceplate at the lips and connected to the hose in my mouth. I would be able to suck things in; Soup, Pureed food, etc. So I decided to try it. Might be fun. I got some tomato soup and after heating it up, I had that, tried going to the bathroom (sitting on the toilet!) and got used to wearing the suit.

I decided that evening to take it off, but couldn’t find any place to pull it apart at. I started getting panicked. I opened the plastic covering on the Mistresses instructions, but when I opened the pages, everything was illegible. With these lenses it made the writing look like a blur, at least when put up to the light, because it looked blank just trying to read it. It was done on purpose!!!

I could move around just fine, but I was unable to get it off. I couldn’t talk, and therefore couldn’t call anyone. I surely wasn’t going to call 911. I decided to wait. I tried going to bed, but had a hard time getting comfortable. I wasn’t accustomed to the extra girth on my chest. I got a fitful nights sleep and began cleaning up the living room. I spent the day doing everyday house chores, and tried to find some clothes that would fit, but only found a few things of Mistresses. I hated the idea of walking around ‘naked’.

Mistress got home late that evening and saw me sitting in the living room. A mute, Pink Latex woman sitting in a chair with some of her clothes on. She at first was amused then got angry with me.

“What are you doing in that? You were told not to even mess with it unless I was here. You can get into trouble doing it yourself. I see you were trying to read my directions. Before or after you put the face plate on? You can’t talk, so you have the gag in… Before?” I shook my head no. “Oh no… Do you remember a part of the directions saying to get the pieces from your mistress, well I had to do something’s to the pieces, BEFORE they were assembled.”

She grabbed the box that was left for her and she found a special remote control, and batteries and a special battery holder. “Oh my god, Jerry. You’ve done it now. You had to put the batteries in this special holder, and they went in a compartment inside one of the breasts from the inside. Without, I can’t operate the electrically operated closures. You’re stuck in it, and I don’t think it can ever come off. I took your dream and enhanced the details. It is a special latex, covering a special space program alloy that is extremely light, but can only be cut by a laser. It’s all held together with special magnetized latch locks. Only by connecting power can the locks be unlocked. That’s what the battery pack was for. And I had a remote to use to control it all. This suit cost me over $42000.00 to have built. And now you’re stuck in it. You never listen do you?” I could only shake my head no, and lower my head in disappointment.

She got on the phone and called a number, and asked for the Director of Special Projects. She immediately got ashen faced, and hung up. “Well, I tried calling the friend that built the suit. Friday, they cancelled the Special Projects department of their company and I was told that everyone was sent packing. My friend was so upset at losing his position that he worked himself into a stroke Saturday, and he’s in a hospital and in a coma. He’s the only person in the world I can think of that knows enough to help. You’re stuck!”

I was just overwhelmed with feelings. I am only 34, and now I’m stuck in a fetish outfit out of my dreams. And I can’t go to work anymore, I can’t speak, Can’t taste a juicy steak, and a lot of things for the rest of my life. I was in shock.

“Well slave,” Mistress started saying, “You’ve told me you’ve wanted to play being a female, you like playing with Chastity Belts, Latex, gags, and you’ve had dreams about being a Living Latex Doll, and so I guess you have it now. If you want to proceed, get up, undress out of my clothes, and get a place cleaned out in the closet. If you’re to be a Living Latex Doll, we’re going to start now. Otherwise, you will be a maid, dressing as one, and doing what a maid does, including going out and doing the shopping and all. Its your choice.”

I took a few minutes, and made my decision. I walked into our bedroom, and cleaned out a corner of out walk-in closet. She had gotten out a bunch of the PVC piping and joints and such from the garage, and built a frame, and strapped the frame to the wall. “Get over here. If you’re a doll, I’m going to display you like one. I will attach one of the catheter bags to your urine hole and strap you to the frame, and I will use you occasionally, but when I want to. If you do this, we do it fully. Make your decision now, It’s the only chance you’ll get.”

I looked at her, gave her a smile she couldn’t see, hugged her, and then stepped over to the frame. I was strapped into the frame, I was connected to the urine bag, I was fed more soup, and then had a sheet thrown over me. With the earplugs in, it had been hard to hear her this whole time, but I could just hear her say as she shut the door, “He didn’t follow directions before, he’ll have no choice now but to.”

And I was left in the dark to ponder my new future.

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