Susan's Latex Birthday

by Ordos Tsceri

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© Copyright 2013 - Ordos Tsceri - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; MF/f; strip; majick; transform; lovedoll; latex; stuck; sextoy; strapon; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X


“Thank you Jess! This is the best birthday gift ever!” Susan gave her little sister a hug. Jess returned the hug; she’d never seen her sister so excited.

“The sorceress said she’d be over here around three, so we should be expecting her any minute now. The sorority sisters are off for a while, looking for something or other for the party, so you’ll have privacy. It’s just… you’re certain you want to do this?”

Susan looked at her little sister. She was a freshman in college now, in the Tau-Theta sorority, with sheepish good looks. She tended to wear her brown hair fairly long, and had a tendency to hide behind it when she wasn’t comfortable.

Four years ago, just before Susan had gone off to the university herself, she confided to her sister a secret fetish. For as long as she could remember, she’d been obsessed with the idea of being a sex doll. So much about it appealed to her; the helplessness, the anonymity, the inhumanity… it had just fascinated her almost from childhood. Sharing the kinky secret with her sister had meant a lot to Susan. She trusted Jess with anything, and knew she’d never betray her secret passion. That said, she’d never imagined Jess would find and pay a sorcerer to actually do the deed.

“Well, I hope you like it…” Jess, always a bit prudish with such affairs, looked rather nervous. Susan thought it was adorable.

“I love it Jess! I don’t think I’d ever have actually taken the initiative to do it on my own. You’re making my dream come true Sis! How did you ever find someone who’d agree to this?”

“Oh, she’s my girlfriend’s aunt on her father’s side. I met her at a family dinner a couple months ago and she mentioned that she did some transformation work. I remembered what you confided to me, so I asked her if she’d be willing to do a temporary doll transformation last week and she agreed. I got a pretty good price too, much less than what the Guilds would cost.”

“Ooo, she’s not guild? That’s great! Ever since that scandal back in ’44 I’d never been able to trust them. I actually tried to set up something like this once but I chickened out, thinking there was too much of a chance they’d just sell me to some guy and I’d be stuck in my fantasy forever. But if you know her and trust her, then this is perfect!”

She gave Jess another hug.

“I know that there’s more to this… uh, this thing for you other than just being changed, so I did a little talking and I’ve managed to come up with a way that gets you, ahem, used too.” Now Jess was earnestly blushing, but Susan’s heart was pounding in excitement.

“The sorority does a party this time of the semester, blowing off steam after midterms. Well, I’ve talked it over with them, pitched the idea… They think it’d be fun to have a sex doll for the party, just to see what some of the guys do, maybe get the hornier ones out of their hair. I’ve seen how drunk some of these guys get; am sure you’d be… ah… used. Certainly at least once.”

Susan giggled, an enthusiastic light in her eyes.

Jess shook her head. This was all too weird for her. She had no idea why her sister wanted this. Sue was taller than Jess, long blonde hair, full lips, impressive breasts; she’d have no problems getting guys. She never did. But she wanted this, and Jess wanted her big sister to be happy. So she had kept her ears open, and when the opportunity came up, she grabbed it, just in time for Susan’s birthday.

There was a knock at the door. Susan gasped in excitement, her attitude striking Jess as being something like a little girl on Christmas morning, or maybe an excitable puppy looking forward to supper. Jess answered the door to the sorority’s common room.

Before her was Tabetha, a young sorceress and rising aspirant of the Twelve Winds school of magic. If Jess hadn’t known of her before this meeting, she’d think the woman was just another visitor to the college, attractive but too old to be a student. She was conservatively dressed in a light jacket, jeans, and an unassuming top; she kept her dark hair tied in a bun.

“Ah, Tabetha, please come in,” Jess said.

The sorceress entered the sorority house and took a seat on a couch in the common room. Jess had some tea prepared and three of them spent some time chatting. It seemed like a good time to not be in any of the Magician’s Guilds, what with the recent fallout they were suffering from a number of scandals, frequently involving the misuse of clients. Susan acted polite and civil, but was jittery with barely contained excitement.

After a few minutes Tabetha got up and pulled a book from her purse.

“Down to business girls,” Tabetha put her heavy spell book on the table and opened it to a section she’d marked with purple silk tassels. “There are actually quite a few spells you can select from. It mostly comes down to personal preference.”

Susan pulled her blushing sister over to the table, her body tense with excitement. “What can you do to me?”

“Well… there’s Lor’thoran’s Living Doll Lexicarum. It’s a pretty strong spell, but the effects aren’t as extreme as some of the others. It turns you pretty much into an animate real doll. Not fully inanimate, but definitely not alive either. You can move around but you can’t speak. There aren’t any mental suggestions with this model, but since your sense of touch is greatly magnified, subjects tend to become focused on pleasuring themselves and others. The spell usually lasts three to four weeks.”

Susan shook her head, “No, that won’t do it. I don’t want to be able to move and interact. Can you make me an inactive doll?”

Jess was a tad worried that her sister hadn’t objected to the duration first.

“Alright, that narrows down the choices some,” Tabetha flipped past a dozen or so pages in her book, “Okay, maybe this will do it. Anne’s Amiable Amour, lasts ten to twelve hours, transforms the subject into a perfectly realistic human replica made out of rubber. Again, you’d look just like a real doll. This one comes with a hefty mental component; you wouldn’t remember being alive when you’re in the doll state, but subjects often find it difficult to remember what happened as dolls anyway. Very useful for subjects who want to get through the transformation as painlessly as possible.”

“No, definitely not for me. I want to remember it, and feel it as fully as possible.”

“Thought as much… that brings us to Leonard’s Latex Lover, I think you might like this one. It lasts indefinitely, and transforms you into an inflatable love doll. Very realistic, but not quite as perfect an appearance as the real dolls have. Still, top of the line, high quality, and you’d stay fully aware. It’s actually generated a bit of a problem; some estimate that about forty percent of all top-scale inflatable dolls are actually created with this spell, but I digress. Those who’ve had it reversed claim that their touch is extraordinarily intense, and the fact that you’re inflatable seems to have its own strange sensation.”

“Ooh, that sounds good,” Susan said through her growing grin.

“Standard three holes, each modified to magically grasp whatever’s put in them. Each is self-lubricating. Your skin becomes a latexy, rubber-like substance. Smooth and somewhat shiny. You’re compartmentalized, so your breasts will have some realistic jiggle physics. The spell will exaggerate your figure and distort your face a bit… there’ll certainly be a resemblance, but unless someone’s looking at you who knows you they probably won’t realize that you’re the love-doll. You’ll start out fully inflated with a plug tucked into your lower back, but you’ll be somewhat pressurized so it’ll be hard to manually reinflate you. Best to use a pump if you have to travel.”

“This is perfect! When can you do the change?” Susan pressed.

“Now wait, are you sure this is reversible? She can be annoying at times but I’d just want to be certain my sister doesn’t become a blow-up doll for the rest of my life,” Jess said.

“It’s perfectly reversible,” Tabetha said with a reassuring smile. “Downright easy to reverse if it’s done within a week. Just as long as there isn’t any structural damage, and that’s really hard to do with the magical latex, then it’ll be a breeze. Just tell me when you want me to undo the spell and I’ll make it my priority. As for when I can cast it, I have all the reagents here, I can do it now if you’d like.”

Jess bit her lip nervously, “Are you sure you want to do this, Siss?

“More than anything, Jess,” Susan said, her blonde curls bouncing around her head and an eager smile on her soft lips. She looked just like Jess remembered her on Christmas Eve when they were both girls. She hadn’t looked so excited in years. Again, the objections and reservations Jess held against this peculiar idea melted in the face of her sister’s desire.

“All right, we can begin as soon as you’re ready. You’ll have to be nude, of course,” Tabetha prompted.

Jess turned to speak with Susan, but was silenced when she saw her sister already unfastening her jeans. A bit unsure about what to do, she backed towards the couch and took a seat, watching her sister’s strange desire come true from across the common room.

Susan couldn’t wait. She dropped her jeans and pulled down her plain panties, revealing her perfectly shaven legs and pussy. She’d always kept them immaculately shaven, largely as a subtle nod to her secret fetish. She’d run her hands over them when she was alone, imagining they were smooth plastic. Now she wouldn’t have to imagine any more. She couldn’t wait.

Her top and bra flew off soon after, exposing her shapely body and perky breasts. Her erect nipples betrayed her arousal in the warm room.

Jess was blushing deeply and making an earnest effort to hide behind her unruly dark hair. It was rather unnerving just how much her sister looked like her girlfriend.

Tabetha was being professional. She hardly took notice of the shapely naked woman in front of her as she gathered the reagents she’d need for the spell. Simple enough, really. A few drops of liquid latex, a rune-stone focus, and can of piss-flavored energy drink should do the trick.

She chugged down the Indigo Auroch Energy Drink. Nasty stuff, but she needed the energy, and that wretched stuff certainly gave her ready calories and sugar to burn. Her reserves boosted, she set down the rune-focus before the nude Susan. She began chanting the words of power as she focused mystic power through the stone and into her client.

“Is there anything I need to do?” Susan asked.

“Just relax,” Tabetha whispered between chants, dripping the liquid latex onto her rune-stone. The second the liquid hit the stone the transformation began.

The first thing Susan noticed was a strange pressure in her chest. It wasn’t unpleasant, but it was profoundly odd. Almost like she’d taken an impossibly big breath of air. At that thought she realized she wasn’t breathing. She didn’t have to. Indeed, she found she couldn’t budge. ‘I’m being inflated!’ she realized to her mounting delight.

The pressure grew and spread. As it permeated through her body, making her skin feel tight against her body, she noticed a similar feeling spreading through her breasts. Looking down she saw them expand; literally ballooning up as they filled with the same delightful pressure that was flooding her body.

The smooth, massive orbs began to shimmer and the most amazing sensation crept along her tight skin. She could feel it everywhere, tickling her fingers and toes, caressing her legs and thighs, bringing the most marvelously smooth sensation with it. She found she couldn’t move her hands to investigate this new feeling, or move her neck to witness it, but she could still see the change as it swept over her breasts, turning her expanded chests into smooth, shiny, dark latex.

She hadn’t expected the change in body color, but now that she had seen it she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. She wanted to touch herself, to feel this new skin, but no muscle would respond. Indeed, she doubted she had any left now. Her mind was filled with the sensation of her new skin, delicate, sensitive, her erect nipples teasing her with nothing but the currents of the room air as stimulation.

Suddenly she began to tip. She’d been standing at ease when the spell began, but now her posture shifted, causing her to fall to the ground on her back. She bounced a bit when she hit the floor, and would have laughed had she still had breath. Her legs moved, shifting to an almost missionary position that left the smooth folds of her sex invitingly exposed. Her arms moved behind her back, bending slightly to prop her upper torso up, exposing the magnificent orbs of her inflated breasts and presenting her face to easy access. Lastly she felt her mouth open, forming an eager ‘O’ shape with her puckered lips and longing eyes staring out invitingly. Her hair had become black, and fluttered delightfully along her ultra-sensitive, dark-purple latex skin.

‘I’m a doll now! I’m a fuck doll!’ she thought to herself in glee. She’d wanted this for ages. And now here she was, shiny, immobile, open, sexy, anonymous, everything she’d wanted. Her skin was delightfully sensitive, just the pressure inside of her was arousing.

Jess, wildly blushing, walked up to her sister. It was embarrassing to admit, but she was hot. She had the type of body Jess would go for, and now it was sitting down, pouting with an open mouth, in an almost-missionary position, rendered in dark purple latex that glistened in the room’s light.

“She’s… still in there, right?” Jess hesitantly asked.

“Rather, she IS there,” Tabetha said, reclining in the chair and taking another sip of her Indigo Auroch. “You’re sister’s occupying nothing but magical latex and pressurized air right now. Well, she’s not really the air, but it’s there too.”

A smile crept onto the sorceress’ tired face, “So now we sell her to the emporium. We can get a good few grand for one that’s turned out as well as she did. They’ll brand her, ship her, and she’ll be out of your hair and in some creepy guy’s closet for the rest of your life. Just give me a 20% cut.”

‘I’m going to be sold! How could she do that!? Just a doll in some pervert’s closet, used and deflated to be stored until I’m used and used again…’ Susan thought, suddenly stunned.

“What?!” Jess nearly screamed.

Tabetha laughed, “I get all my inanimate clients with that one. Besides,” she leaned forward and gave the Susan-doll a playful slap on her inflated latex thigh, “somehow I don’t think this one would have minded.”

‘I… might have…’ Susan thought, relishing the brief contact of the woman’s hand on her tight rubber skin.

“That… that wasn’t funny,” Jess breathed, feeling her heart pump as the panic left her.

“I beg to differ. Anyway, I think I’d best be off. I have some other clients who want a sorceress. Doubt it’ll be anything as interesting as your sister, but you never know.” She took one last sip of her energy drink, glowered at it for an instant, and tossed the rest into the nearby trash bin. “Wish I could come to the party you two were talking about. It sounds interesting.”

Jess shook her head, “bunch of jocks from the frats, some sorority sisters edging them along; bad music and cheap beer. I normally avoid going to these things, but my girlfriend’s in the sorority and she gets a kick watching these guys make dicks of themselves.”

“Sounds just like my college days. Well, have fun luv.”


“Fun party, Jess. Don’t you want to get into it?” Liz teased Jess, giving her lover a cuddling hug.

“Liz!” Jess playfully protested. With Liz around, even the idiocy in front of her wasn’t so bad. She could even ignore the frat guys ogling the pair of lovers.

Her sister, on the other hand…

Things had started a bit slowly, not that Susan had minded. Simple being exposed was a kick. Jess had lifted her onto the couch in the common room. It’d been hilarious how Jess had handled her; she desperately tried not to grab or even touch anything naughty, and was so cutely sheepish of even handling her dollified sister. It was a bit hard to notice over the intense, pleasurable sensation Susan felt when anyone touched her tight latex skin.

She’d spent a couple hours just sitting on the couch, staring blankly ahead with her painted eyes. What might have been a boring afternoon was actually quite enjoyable. The sorority sisters started getting ready for the party shortly after Tabetha left, and more than a few decided to poke a little fun at the sex-doll on the couch. A cheery brunette gave her breasts a quick feel up, an athletic looking blond gave her a peck on the cheek, and the raven-haired Asian girl she’d just learned was her sister’s girlfriend, Liz, had sat down on top of her when no-one was round and planted a deep kiss on her mouth, exploring the smooth latex cavity of her mouth with her tongue. It had been amazing, to feel the girl’s warm wet tongue move against her. Her mouth had felt full, electric, so delicate and sensual that it put to shame her normal penetration. That little taste had been so endearing, she couldn’t wait to get more. To see what it really felt to be fucked like a simple little doll.

There were plenty of candidates. The guys had been trickling in for an hour now. At first they’d just gawked at the doll a bit. She desperately wanted to be used, but even being looked at was neat. Their eyes ran over her exaggerated curves, focusing on the yearning gaps of her lips and vagina. She felt like an object, and not a particularly respected one at that. She loved it. From what she could see in her little unmoving cone of vision, a lot of the guys were liking it too, or at least the bulges in their pants were.


She hadn’t seen much action, but the night was young. And the guys were getting drunker and hornier by the minute…

“No, I will not give you a quickie here Stan,” a dark haired girl gave a husky guy with a short haircut a little shove. “If you’re so damned horny, there’s a doll here free to use! Just don’t bother me.”

The guy, Stan, wasn’t pleased. But he also wasn’t terribly eloquent as he had arrived at the party a bit tipsy and had become downright drunk by now. Susan would have held her breath in hope if she could. As it was, her lustful ache intensified as she focused every ounce of her attention on the fit guy approaching her with a growing bulge in his pants.

“Lousy, tight-panted bitch,” he mumbled, among other things, as he approached Susan. He unzipped his pants and jerked them down, exposing his hard cock as he began mounting the doll on the couch.

‘I can’t believe it’s happening! It’s finally happening! Oh God!’ Susan thought as Stan the drunk plunged his manhood into her purple latex pussy.

Its size had looked rather average when he approached her, but inside her it felt amazing. She was filled in ways she’d never even imagined. It wasn’t just like she was being only penetrated; it felt as though her whole body was being fucked. Pleasure coursed across her latex skin, radiated through the tightness of her rubber body with each thrust. She wanted more and more with each rhythmic movement.

“Hell, this thing’s squeezing on me… it’s tight!” She didn’t have any control over her latex body, but it did feel like she was somehow grabbing onto that magnificent, throbbing rod. “Damn, this thing’s a better fuck than Janet!” Somehow that made Susan obscenely proud. ‘I’m a good doll!’ she thought to herself, awash in the pleasure of being used.

All too quickly, Stan the drunk came. She felt every bit of it, the tiny pool of warm fluid as it squirted inside her cavity and dribbled down.

“Damn, that’s fine,” Stan muttered as he pulled himself away.

“Wow. I knew this party’d be worth it,” Liz said to herself, scrolling through the photos she’d taken of Stan and the Doll with her phone. “Can you believe that? Right here? In the middle of all of this?! Oh, this is so going up on MySpace. Hey, why are you blushing?”

With the lights dim and music blaring it was a bit easier for people to not notice what had just happened, but it was really hard to overlook. A bunch of the girls were giggling, the guys were laughing, many of both sexes looked profoundly embarrassed. Stan, it seems, remained hazily oblivious as he stumbled away.

“I… just watched…”

“A guy screwing a blow-up doll?” Liz offered.

“A guy screw my sister…”


“I, uh… I had a sorceress do a transformation… for her birthday, you see… well, she’d wanted to do something like this and, uh… we were planning this party…”

“That doll is your sister?”

“Yeah… we’re going to turn her back at the end of the weekend!”

“That is… so hot.” Liz leaned forward and planted a deep kiss on the blushing Jess. She was so cute when she got this flustered.

“Let’s get up to my room. This party’s not nearly as interesting as you are,” Liz whispered as she pulled away. Jess meekly, happily nodded and allowed herself to be led up the stairs. Liz couldn’t shake what she’d just heard. She’d made-out with her girfriend’s sister… doll? However she turned that awareness over in her mind, it was still hot as hell.


After the was ice broken by one drunk, Susan saw a lot more action as the night pressed on. Another guy mounted her on the couch, blushing all the way, and used her mouth on a bet. It felt just as amazing as her plastic pussy had, and she was left yearning for more. More delicious human contact, more wonderful dehumanization, more being used like a pretty little sex-doll.

She got her wish. As the party wound down more and more people gave her a spin. She lost count of how many men stuck their cocks into her mouth, vagina, and anus. They were interchangeable in sensation due to her transformation, each one an identical orifice of unimaginable pleasure. They didn’t touch her rubbery skin much, other than to hold her steady or angle into position. As much as she loved the sensation of their warm bodies touching hers, in any way, she loved being used even more, being treated as an unfeeling, unthinking object.

And as the party came to a close, as guys left alone or with company, the most magnificent thing happened. Two guys, both drunk on their asses, took her up and unceremoniously spread her lengthwise across the couch. She relished the casual contact, and eagerly anticipated what she knew was coming next. The guys were with two girls, each of whom giggled wildly as they watched their guys mount the inflatable doll. One from behind who found his way into the orifice of her vagina, the other shoved his rod into her waiting, pouty lips.

It was amazing. Each push pressured her tight latex form; each thrust causing an unparalleled delight. She loved it. She savored the pressure, the glorious pleasure radiating form the opposite ends of her being. One of the women crouched up next to her and snuck her hand under her, groping at her tight breasts. Each touch ravished her mind; each hump filled her with unimaginable pleasure. Being the love doll, the sex toy, was everything she’d ever hoped it was.

They were all drunk, of course. She barely noticed as the man at her rear began to slow and lull into a stupor. As his paced slowed, his girlfriend jumped onto his back playfully, “Come on! Finish up!” she burbled. He resumed, pushing in on her, but also leaning on her latex body.

The pressure was spectacular. She’d grown accustomed to it, the ever-present tightness of the air spreading out her thin latex figure. But now, with this guy all but on top of her, it reasserted itself. She felt so full, no longer just from her mouth and pussy, but also from within herself. Every inch of her volume was savoring the pressure mounting inside her as this guy leaned onto her more and more. So full.

The man working her mouth kept up his pace, but the girl fondling Susan’s plastic breasts decided to hop on top of her, straddling her legs as best she could around Susan. The woman grabbed the man working her mouth by his shirt and leaned him back, kissing passionately as he thrust away into the doll.

It was too much. The pressure, the glorious, encompassing pressure, was just too much! Susan couldn’t think straight, awash in the overwhelming erotic sensations. The couple making out on top of her balloon body, the penetration at her opposite ends, it was all too much. What little thought she managed through the sheer pleasure dwelled on how dehumanized she was. People were making out on top of her! While she was being used! It was all so much, just too perfect.

As he came, the man working her vagina leaned over on top of her, his girlfriend still on his back. The combined weight really was too much. With a loud POP! Susan the inflatable sex doll burst, blasting the sofa with dozens of latex scraps.

Susan was blown away by the feelings, lost in a haze as the over-amorous lovers picked themselves up and stumbled away. She could still feel herself, scattered, what was her breast here, a nipple there, a large piece that was once her thigh landed over by a chair. It was difficult to think straight. She found she could still feel every inch of her former body; there really wasn’t much without all that air inside. Susan was still surfing the afterglow of her final climax, and couldn’t be bothered to think of what would happen to her now that she was just a pile of latex scraps.

She heard a noise from where she remembered the stairwell being. It seemed that the pieces that had once been her eyes were still the only parts giving her sight, and unfortunately they both landed face-down. As such, she heard rather than saw her sister.

“Susan? Sus— oh my god!”

Jess rushed over to the empty couch. At first she thought her sister had been stolen and cursed herself for not sticking with her all night. Then she saw a shimmering, dark purple scraps glistening around the common room in the dimmed light. Her heart sank.


Tabetha lurched back toward the sorority house. It was four AM, so whatever happened had better damn well be an emergency. Granted, that poor girl sounded distressed, but she had been nervous as hell about the whole thing. Probably a false alarm, some scratch or blemish she was worried would keep her sister from returning to flesh and blood again.

She knocked on the door, and was greeted by Jess, tears running down her face, and a transparent glass bowl filled with thin, purple, latex scraps.

“Oh… shit,” Tabetha muttered.

Now Susan was panicking.

The pleasure of the night’s party had long since passed. She didn’t fully realize what had happened to her until Jess picked her up, piece by piece, from across the common room. She’d spent the last six hours inside a punchbowl that smelled of champagne and vodka.

Admittedly, it had been kind of nice. Even without her internal pressure her skin seemed deliciously sensitive, and it was all clumped up together in a pile now. It was neat, but disorienting. She could feel her pussy touching her breasts, left ankle, and stomach all at once while her newly erogenous mouth was against her back, right toes, and left ear all at once. Neat, but almost too strange.

What had gotten to her was the conversation. Jess had kept telling Susan Tabetha could fix it as she gathered up the pieces. Tabetha had been much less certain when she arrived. She took the glass of Susan-pieces from Jess, made sure they were all there, and drove back to her shop. She didn’t speak to the pile of Susan, but her hectic muttering over spell-books and ominous vials wasn’t comforting. The realization was creeping up that, no matter how well you defined ‘good condition’, being exploded certainly wasn’t it. She’d never be a woman again.

“Well, I’ve got good news and bad news, little dolly girl,” Tabetha finally said at length, returning to the bowl of Susan-bits on her workshop table. Susan could barely see a strange, rectangular box in her hands.

“The bad news is that the magical damage is way too severe. The sex-doll spell is completely broken. Not even Merlin himself could make you a human again.”

Susan’s hopes fell. Being an object hadn’t been bad. Hell, she probably would have enjoyed being a purple latex love-doll for the rest of eternity, but this? An eternity in a jar?

“The good news is there’s still plenty of magic about you. You’re positively glowing with vitality; some from the spell, a lot from your own actions and desires. The point is there’s still something for me to work with. So, start thinking dolly girl. Try to focus on what you love, and what you want to be.”

‘Well, I’d love to be a woman again!’ Susan wanted to shout. What on earth did that witch mean? Of course, Susan couldn’t ask.

Tabetha picked up the scraps of Susan and poured them into the strange gray box, maybe the size of a shoebox. Susan couldn’t see much of it as her vision tumbled and twirled, her myriad ultra-sensitive body parts rubbing against each other in a thrilling manner as she fell into its dark confines.

‘This is kind of nice,’ she mused as the last pieces of her (left fore-finger, right shin, left ass-cheek, and part of her left side) fluttered down beside the rest of her. Maybe she was being remade into something? If it felt this nice, she could live as a lava-lamp, she supposed. The idea of being twirled and melted and juggled around in warm fluid was certainly appealing.

The box became completely dark as Tabetha put the lid on. What on earth was she doing?

Susan’s mind wandered. What would she love to be? What would she love to do? She thought of her sister, how she’d gone through so much trouble to make her happy. She’d love to make her happy too. She never really got the whole doll thing, the helplessness, the openness that made it her fantasy, but then again Susan never really got what she found in girls. She just couldn’t imagine sex without a cock. Where was the fun in that?

Tabetha placed the enchanted mold on the end of a long rod. It was the best she could do under the circumstances. How the hell had they managed to pop Susan? That should be next to impossible, given the forces involved. Still, not much left to work with. The enchantment she cast over the mold would shape it to Susan’s desire as long as there was still residual magic left over from the spell. Normally, it would have been tapped for her reversal, but now that that would never happen…

She turned on the stove-heater she kept in her workshop. She’d used it occasionally to prepare reagents, and it kept the workshop toasty on winter days, but she’d never needed it for something like this. She gently pushed the box containing Susan’s pieces on top of it.

The warmth was soothing. Susan felt it permeate what little was left of her, seeping into her, relaxing her. It was pleasant, almost like stepping into a hot tub. Her mind wandered, enraptured by this wonderful warmth. So soothing, so peaceful.

Suddenly, she realized she was moving. Somehow. Jumbled up as she was it was almost impossibly to reason out a direction, but she was definitely moving in this wonderful, peaceful warmth.

She was filled with a familiar surge of arousal as she felt her pussy come in contact with what had once been her left knee, shin, breast, lips, and right hand. It was becoming very hard to remember what had been what. It was moving around, loosing definition… it all felt so good, so absolutely soothing and peaceful and perfect she just wanted to flow with it…

She realized she was melting. The realization came at around the same time her former mouth and anus, still unbelievably sensitive, melted into the liquid mass of her body, filling her with the glorious sensations she’d relished as a doll. The sensitivity, the pleasure, flowed through her melting form, dominating whatever else was left until the entire molten mass felt alive with the glorious sensations of her latex pleasure. The heat increased, the sensation mounted, and for the first time since being turned into a latex doll Susan felt her mind drifting away, as if to sleep.


“I’m sorry Jess, but it just couldn’t be helped. I warned her before we started, and she accepted the risks. I’ve done what I can,” Tabetha said, clutching the dark mold holding Susan. She sat on a chair opposite the couch that Susan had reclined in at the party. Jess was trembling on the couch’s corner, Liz next to her with her arm around Jess’ shoulder. Jess’ eyes were blood-shot with the night’s tears, and she trembled in a horrible mixture of fear, guilt, and panic. Liz was trying her best to comfort her.

“Is… is my sister dead?”

“No, no no no… she’s still with us. Just… well, I can’t reverse the change, but she’s still conscious. I couldn’t make a complete woman out of the pieces that were left, so I kind of let her decide what to do with them,” she tapped the box with her fingers, “this material changed its shape to mold her into what she wanted to be. I’m afraid she’ll always be this… but at least it’s what she wanted.”

“What is she?” Jess all but whimpered.

“I haven’t looked yet… I thought you might want to be here for the unveiling. So, well… here she is.” Tabetha flipped open the mold-box, exposing its contents to Jess and Liz.

She was surprised by their reactions. Jess’ pale face began to burn with a scarlet blush and Lizz’s somber frown turned into a barely restrained grin. Tabetha hazarded a look down.

On her lap, in the grey mold-box, was an eight-inch long, dark purple dildo. It was a bit of a shock, but not too much of a leap given what Susan had been voluntarily changed into. Tabetha had to admit she turned out nicely. Certainly put her own collection of helpers to shame.

“Well… I suppose I’ll leave you alone for now,” she picked up the Susan dildo from the mold case. The eight-inch phallus jiggled obscenely in her hand, warm to the touch. She could almost swear it was quivering in anticipation.

Tabetha smiled as she left the sorority house. Things might not have gone as wanted, but all things considered, the results could have been much worse.


Jess was alone in her room with the sex-toy her sister had become. Susan was impressive all right, long, firm, but not too rigid. She even seemed warm. Jess sat on her bed and stared at it. She couldn’t help but think of all the times she’d shared with Susan, sitting on their beds and chatting, all the times she’d spent with the lively, intelligent, outgoing girl who had been such an idol for her.

And now she was piece of penis-shaped latex in her hand.

Liz had excused herself, taking pains to make sure she had some time alone in the bedroom. All for the best, Jess supposed. This wouldn’t be changing. She’d just have to get used to it.

Susan, for her part, was ecstatic. ‘I’m a dildo! I get to be used! I’ll be inside her, and her girlfriend… it’ll be nice to revisit that little sexy minx and repay her attentions. Oh, I can’t wait!’

“I guess this is it, Sis. This is… really weird. I’m sorry it came to this.” Even as she said this she found her fingers idly wandering the girth of Susan’s new form. Gently tracing lines across her shiny, smooth surface.

This wasn’t like her. She felt something off as she began to unfasten the button of her jeans with her left hand. Almost as if simply being near her dildo-bound sister was somehow turning her on. Maybe her own kinky lust was permeating through her inanimate form? With magic, most anything’s possible.

“You know… I guess you’re kind of nice like this.”

The Susan-dildo tickled her labia as she gently brushed it against her vaginal lips. Jess was quivering beneath its affection, even as she gently rubbed it around her womanhood. She wanted it, she was embarrassed to think it, but she just had to find out what it was like.

“Well… let’s give this a try, sis.”

‘Yes! Let’s! Use me!’ Susan thought in joy, aching in anticipation within her sister’s hand, her purple latex head inches away from Susan’s vagina.

Taking a breath, Jess plunged her sister into her womanhood. She moaned, enraptured with the sensation of being filled, the warmth within her, the delightful shivery movement that seemed to come from her sister as if she was vibrating. ‘Well, why shouldn’t she?’ Jess, realized. ‘My sister’s a vibrating dildo. And she doesn’t even need batteries.’ Even that thought turned her on.

She pulled her sister back, brushing the smoothness of her against her lips again, only to plunger Susan inside her once more. She moved one hand underneath her breast to play with her nipple as she thrust Susan in again and again. An embarrassing thought crept into Jess’ mind; was using your sister, who is now and forever a latex dildo, technically incest? She wasn’t sure, but the thought did make her strangely hornier. She quickened the pace.

Susan was finally being used. Plunged into the warm, wet darkness of Jessica’s womanhood and pulled out, encompassed by the walls of her uterus, squeezed tight as she shivered by whatever magic made her vibrate inside her sister. It was everything she’d hoped for. Each thrust, he bit of pressure on her latex form, aroused her more and more. She didn’t want this to end. She savored each and every thrust, every sensation, in perfect joy.

Jess came. She moaned on her bed as she reclined in the peak and delicious afterglow, her sister still half in her. All things considered, she mused, this wasn’t a bad way to end it.

She lounged for a couple minutes, much more content with how this whole episode had played out, before finally sitting up and removing Susan. She looked at her sister, her purple latex form glistening with her juices, and a strange, kinky idea came to her mind.

She ran her tongue over Susan’s latex glans, turning the lick into an affectionate kiss. She giggled at her own silliness, but decided to go a bit further with the idea. She put the Susan dildo to her lips again, only now she parted them, pushing the smooth dildo into her mouth where she sucked it, lavishing her tongue across the dildo’s magnificent girth. She’d never given a blow-job before, it had always seemed disgusting. But, of course, Susan wouldn’t ejaculate. This would just be a little clean fun. Sort of a ‘thank you’ for the excellent job she’d just done.

Susan was in heaven. Looking back over the long years, she’d eventually pinpoint her orgasm as the real reason this was so wonderful. Specifically, there weren’t any. An orgasm is a peak, a high point of delight that shadows over all other arousal and delight. As a toy she never felt one. As her entire being was massaged and teased by Jess’ tongue she wanted to orgasm, to ejaculate or cum or anything, but she could only endure the building, all encompassing pleasure. She wanted to scream or howl or moan or react somehow to the mounting ecstasy, and being trapped in her inanimate form only heightened her arousal. She was so far beyond orgasm as Jess’ tongue played over her latex form that she could scarcely think straight, awash in a turbulent sea of sexual sensation.

Jess pulled her sister out of her mouth, blushing. She giggled softly as she rushed to the adjoined bathroom to towel off her sister. Once Susan was suitably dry, she walked back to her shared room, to her own dresser, and carefully placed Susan in a special spot on the upper-left hand side of her sock drawer, removing two other toys at the same time. She wouldn’t be needing those; not with Susan.

Epilogue: One Year Later

Liz and Jess returned to the room they shared in the sorority house, slightly tipsy and very affectionate. Jess giggled as Liz kissed her delicate neck, working up to her ear before the two fell, hugging, onto Liz’s bed.

“Want to be on top or on bottom tonight?”

“I think I’d like to start on bottom, if you’re in the mood,” Jess replied with a smile. Of course, Liz was always in the mood for the top. It’s probably how this play had become so common in their lovemaking.

“Aww, you got it sweety,” Liz kissed her lover’s lips once more before stalking over to the underwear drawer.

As Liz pulled out the impressive purple dildo, Jess realized it had been almost a year exactly since Susan had gone from her sister to her favorite toy. Of course, she’d seen lots of use since.

In a way, it was kind of strange how easy it had all been. She had dreaded telling their parents what happened, but once she told them the whole story they were incredibly accepting. Evidently, they knew of Susan’s kink for quite some time (it turned out their father kept a tab on the site’s Susan visited growing up) and weren’t terribly surprised. In fact, they seemed kind of relieved to know that she was in good hands.

Jess was kind of disturbed about how well they took. Hells, they even have her bring Susan over for thanksgiving dinner, where the big purple dildo was placed on the table at Susan’s regular place for the meal. It was touching, but kind of creepy too.

Tabetha supplied all the necessary papers and passed the magical testimony, so providing the right papers to prove what happened had been consensual and no one’s fault turned out pretty easy. Jess had Susan’s affairs in order within two weeks.

There was a soft click as the dildo entered the leather and latex set up Liz had constructed. Jess smiled; it had been a stroke of utter genius to get a strap-on fixed for Susan. She still used the dildo herself all the time, but it was even more fun to use her with Liz. They took turns with the Susan-Strap-On, and their love making had never been better.

As for Susan, she was just coming off last night’s after-glow and eager for another session. Days had little meaning anymore, much less time. She was happy to be used like the toy she’d become.

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