A Table, A Vase and a Doll

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2009 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; potion; lovedoll; nc; X


Holly slowly walked up the stairs that led to her boyfriend James' apartment wondering why he asked her to dress up for a night at the clubs but to meet him at his place first. She knew he had been combining his work as an interior decorator with his desire to redecorate his place and suspected he wanted to show her the results.

Dressed in a red blouse with matching leather mini skirt and black high heels, the blonde beauty reached the top of the stairs and walked a short distance to where James' front door. She rang the doorbell and waited about fifteen seconds or so before her boyfriend answered.

" Hi, Holly. You look great tonight ! " James said enthusiastically upon seeing his girlfriend when he opened his apartment door. He walked over to his girlfriend and gave her a big hug followed by a passionate kiss on her full lips. Holly returned the passion in kind and allowed James to explore her lush body with his free hand.

Disengaging before their embrace got a little too steamy, Holly looked into her boyfriend's eyes and smiled warmly. " I'm glad you called me to come over. I was afraid that the little scene that happened at Spanky's the other night where you saw me dancing with another guy and I kinda wondered if I was going to hear from you ever again, " she said with a sorrowful look on her face.

A brief look of anger flashed across James' face before dissipating into a smile and nod. " Naah, I believe you when you said that guy was drunk and got you mixed up with an ex girlfriend of his. Let's put that whole thing behind us and instead talk about why I asked over today, ok ? " he said as he gestured towards his sparsely decorated apartment.

" I've decided to try and decorate this place according to what I like and not the advice of some yuppie home decorator. I was wondering if you'd give me a hand moving some stuff around and taking some pictures of some key areas. I've got a few ideas I want to run by you," James said with a warm smile.

Holly nodded in agreement as she hung up her jacket on a nearby rack and started to move various pieces of furniture around at Jack's request either by herself or with his help. Occasionally, they would stop and embrace in passion but Holly would break it off before it led to a trip to the bedroom. She saw the same look of consternation on James' face that was there before but figured it might have been frustration over her reluctance to be intimate.

After about an hour or so, James had taken a few photos and finished with the bedrooms and bathroom. When they started looking over the living room, he suggested Holly stand over next to a table while he take a picture with his new camera that has a special lens for indoors.

"James and his toys.... it's a good thing Bob has better priorities.... like me! Ha! Ha! " Holly thought to herself as she leaned back on the table and smiled at James as he snapped his desired picture.

FLASHH!!! The camera picture was snapped with the brilliance temporarily blinding Holly as she stood waiting. After a second or two, her vision cleared and she went to move to a different part of the room. To her horror, she found she couldn't move whatsoever ! She tried to shout out to James but found that her ability to talk had vanished as well ! She stood there in silence hoping that James would help her get out of her predicament.

Another surprise followed though as James seemed totally nonplused by her lack of mobility and communications. In fact, he had set down his camera and was busy pushing some of his furniture around. After doing that for a while, he walked over in front of Holly and stood in silent contemplation of her immobile form.

" Holly.... dear, dear Holly... you know, you shouldn't lie to someone about who you're seeing. I did some checking after seeing you in the bar and found out that not only were you going out with the guy you were dancing with but you're also seeing a traveling salesman and living with a visiting computer technician from the Czech. Republic. If that wasn't bad enough, you had asked another fellow to see if he could, once you and I tied the knot, arrange for me to have an 'accident' in exchange for splitting the insurance money. That wasn't very nice to do, Holly, not nice at all, " James said as he brushed his hands through her blonde hair.

" Shitt!!... this is not good.... how the hell did he figure it all out ?..... I've got to get out of here... ugghh.. but I can't even twitch my little finger or wiggle my nose.. what the heck does he have planned for me.... I want out of here pleaseee!!!..." Holly screamed to herself as she felt her blouse and skirt being slowly removed leaving her standing in just her underwear and black leather boots.

" Hmmm.. blue lacy lingerie and matching panties... oh, you are a sexy woman, Holly, though that may soon change. You see, I have a friend who works with a fairly secretive department in the government and he's been working on a substance that has some rather unusual effects on the human body. He agreed to lend me some in exchange for some photos I have of him and a 'friend' that was very naked and definitely not his wife," James said with an evil chuckle as he pulled out a small glass bottle and put it on the desk next to her. He then reached around and removed her bra and panties thought the latter was most troublesome to stretch around Holly's rigid legs.

James then went over and put on a set of what looked like surgical gloves before returning to the table and pulling out an eyedropper. He measured off a set amount before moving in front of the immobile Holly once more holding the eyedropper so she could see it. "This little elixir will affect our relationship on a rather permanent basis. Although you'll hate the change at first, I'm sure over time you'll grow to accept it and maybe even like it. Either way, all my problems as well as mine will be gone for good, " James said nodding arrogantly.

"Change ?.... accept ?... what the hell is he talking about ?... what's in that.. oohhh !!..." Holly thought to herself before her self wondering was interrupted by an intense wave of erotic pleasure that surged through her body as James squeezed off a couple of drops onto her left breast and nipple. He then moved on to the right breast followed by applications to her slightly opened mouth and along the edges of her exposed pussy. Every application of the fluid seemed to intensify the waves of pleasure Holly was experiencing and she would have screamed out loud in ecstasy but with her ability to talk gone, Holly stood silently with only the slight quivering of her body indicating her present state of mind.

However, the pleasure Holly was feeling quickly became mixed with horror as she realized the real motive for James' application of the fluid. She felt her skin starting to change in texture and look from its' normal flesh tone color to an artificial type look. She could see her reflection in a mirror that her freckles and blemishes were starting to vanish as well as the tiny scar where she had her appendix removed.

"What's going on?.... What's happening to my skin?..... oooohhh.... why am I feeling so good?.... what are you doing now, James?....wh... ooooohhh...mmm....." Holly thought to herself frantically before her thoughts were interrupted by James running his hands up and down the left side of her body. Her thoughts of anger and revulsion towards the man were mixed with ones of pleasure and longing for more caressing as her body slightly quivered in response to James' fingers tracing a path down her silky smooth body.

When James stepped out of her field of vision and Holly could see her reflection once again in the mirror, she saw that most of her arms and legs that she could see in the mirror had become a glossy plastic in look with what appeared to be seams becoming visible running the length of them. Her pussy seemed to opening of its' own accord as it formed a symmetrical O-shape inviting anyone for probing. She could feel the same happening to her mouth as it slowly twisted on its' own before it froze in a wide ovular shape much like her pussy and anus now were. Her mouth's interior formed a soft padding of latex and rubber devoid of teeth and tongue.

As the process neared it's conclusion with her slender chest forming into firm yet pliable mounds of plastic capped by pink circles, Holly felt wave upon wave of pleasure that made her feel like she was experiencing one intense orgasm again and again. It was when the process neared its completion that the subject of the transformation finally realized what she was becoming.

"A LOVE DOLL... A DAMNED SEX TOY.... A GOOD DOLL... PERHAPS TO BE USED... USED ME... JAMES USED ME... TO GET REVENGE.... TO GET... GET ME IN BED... NO... YES... NO... YESS!!!...." the doll screamed as its' thoughts jumped back and forth between a woman desperate not to be used as a fuck toy and a love doll desiring nothing more than that.

James walked over and nodded with satisfaction at the finished doll before swiftly taking off its' black leather boots. He then swept up Holly's clothing and purse and put it out with the trash before returning to the apartment and to the love doll that was still standing in the living room. He silently picked up the doll by the waist and carried it into the bedroom where he set it on the bed.

" All right, Holly, I'm going out for my daily jog but I promise I won't be too long. When I get back, I'll be sure and try you out. You were a great lover and now you'll be a great love doll ! Ha ! Ha!" James said with a sinister laugh before changing into his exercise outfit and leaving without a backward glance at the nude doll that laid on his bed with arms pointing upwards ready to hold any who might use her.

Unfortunately for James, he was no more than a couple of blocks from his home when he was struck from behind by a speeding gray Buick Eaglelark and killed almost instantly. The driver stopped momentarily as if he was checking to see if James was still alive or not before driving into the night.

As for James possessions, his landlord let one of his former girlfriends pack up most of his things though he did keep the very attractive love doll he found for himself. As for the other stuff , it all went into cardboard boxes before being packed away into storage.

Everything except for an eye dropper and glass vial found on a wooden table...

" It smells like licorice..." said the ex-girlfriend as she lifted the eye dropper up and touched the tip of her tongue with it....

And so it goes.....


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