Take a Seat, Dolly

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

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Allison stretched her arms as she wandered around her bedroom trying to decide what to wear for her day working down at the local antique store. She had started working at the store three years ago and found it a fun place to work with all the numerous and different items that came and went from the business. However, Allison also found the stories that customers told about the items they brought to the shop to be almost as fascinating as the items themselves.

For example, one fellow brought in a few weeks ago that looked like a painting originating from 18th or 19th century Europe. The man said it was originally painted by an artist depicting hell if it was run by cuddly white rabbits dressed as demons. He was offered $500,000 US by an art collector but thought it might fetch more if displayed at the store for sale. However, when Allison looked more closely at the painting, she saw there was evidence of red crayons being used on part of the artwork that made it relatively worthless. The man stormed angrily out of the gallery after smashing the art into a million pieces in extreme frustration. Allison shook her head as she mentally added his reactions to all the angry and blustery customers of the past.

The dark haired beauty had just picked out her outfit for the day when she received a call from Mr. Bronson, the owner of the store. He had just purchased a large quantity of antiques from a Czech collector sight unseen and he had no room to store it all between the store and his own house. The owner asked Allison if it would be possible for her to store a few of the pieces at her place temporarily until he had a chance to get everything appraised. He even offered her a bonus if she wanted to appraise the items she received as his way of showing his appreciation.

After a moment or two of hesitation, Allison agreed and told Mr. Bronson that she would come into work after the items were delivered. "A bonus for doing my regular work at home! You can't get much better of a way to make money.. just like all those annoying spam emails promise... Ha! " the brunette said with a wry smile as she headed back to the bedroom to finish changing.

Later that day.....

"......three paintings, eight figurines and eight other crates I have yet to open. I tell you, Ms. Martell, buying this lot sight unseen will make me back the purchase price and a whole lot more. Did you see the jade figurine of the Greek god Apollo that was packed inside the antique sea chest? " the shop owner said happily as he looked at a computer monitor going over his email.

"Even with the chip in the base, Charles, I still think it's worth at least four figures. Did the seller contact you directly or did you find him or her on the internet? " Allison asked her boss as she looked over a large vase, originating from 18th century Italy, that they had just purchased from a seller looking to raise capital for a new storm forecasting system he was developing.

"The seller contacted me out of the blue via email, Ms. Martell. He seemed most anxious to sell with the only proviso being that he was going to visit the shop 3 days after I receive the lot to talk about the items being sold. An odd request to say the least but I was willing to go along with it.... " the shop owner said as he looked over other items in his shop.

"Did the seller say why he was so anxious to sell all this stuff? " Allison asked while lightly dusting a few items next to the vase she was just looking at.

"He did say that he worked for the government in a line of work that he couldn't go into details about. One night, after coming home from work, he found his wife nowhere to be found and no sign of anyone else in the house. After a period of time, the local police filed it away as a missing person case that stood unsolved. The man couldn't stand to live in the house where he and his wife resided so he contacted me practically begging me to take the stuff, " Charles said quietly.

Allison whistled softly after Charles finished his story. "Wow ! Pretty heavy stuff..... I hope the guy gets his wife back safe and sound or at least a resolution of what happened to her, " she said frowning somewhat.

Charles nodded in agreement before turning his attention to a pile of invoices near his monitor. "In the meantime, we've got a wide assortment of items to appraise and either put out for sale here in the store or send them to be auctioned via one of the local auction houses. If I give you the rest of today and tomorrow off with pay, do you think you can get all the items I sent to you inventoried with individual preliminary value appraisals for them all ? " he asked his employee.

Allison thought about the idea for a minute or two. Between the bonus she was being paid for storage and the appraisal work her boss had begged her to do ( twice now in fact ), she stood to make a tidy sum off the items. "If I have to work through the night, I'll get everything in order for you, Mr. Bronson. You can count on me! " Allison exclaimed in an excited manner.

Next day... at around 10:30 pm....

Allison shook her head as she poured herself another glass of vodka and orange juice while she was standing in her home's kitchen. She had honestly never worked harder in her life and had managed to take care of all the items in question save for just a few. Looking over the last crates she had to evaluate, she saw one was supposed to contain 3 pieces of pottery (one of which was supposed to be a vase from 4th century China) and the other a chair supposedly dating from 17th century France.

"Hopefully, this stuff doesn't have any MADE IN TAIWAN like that last crate I just went over. Of course, that stuff gets balanced with the 6th century Xang dynasty vase which I think is worth at least $10,0000 or more at auction, " Allison said softly out loud as she glanced out a window at her garage, where the items she was done appraising were stored.

"Let's see... what next... pots or furniture.... hmmm.... I'm in the mood to look at something that wasn't some guy's chamber pot from a couple hundred years ago, " Allison said as she pried open the crate with the furniture piece and slowly removed the packing that was on top.

Ten minutes later, the woman had extracted the chair from the packing crate and set it in the middle of her living room. Taking out a pair of special gloves and magnifying glass that she used when examining items suspected to be at least 100 years of age, Allison meticulously examined the wood and cloth of the chair as well as any identifying marks that might point to who made the chair and the year.

A short time and a few glasses of vodka with juice later, Allison sat on the floor in front of the chair with her legs tucked under her. Taking a sip of her drink, Allison looked at the chair with a perplexed expression visible on her face. From what she could ascertain, the chair looked to have been originally made by a French artisan named Pierre Laborteaux in 1478 possibly for a noble estate. However, when Allison examined the underneath of the chair, she saw there was five large plastic bubbles attached to the backing with what looked like long funnels leading into the interior of the chair. Needless to say, the alterations to the antique by adding new materials to it diminished the appraisal value of the item by a considerable amount.

"Why would anyone do something like that to an antique? Didn't this guy know what he was doing ? Sheesh... " Allison muttered as she set the chair right side up once again and finished off her drink. Ordinarily, she would have examined the metal and plastic fixtures to determine what they were for but the lateness of the hour had Allison yawning out loud. She decided that she would finish these last few items in the morning before heading into work. The dark haired woman wandered off to her bedroom where she quickly removed her blouse and skirt and laid out her nightie on her bed.

However, the unusual features that Allison found on the chair continued to nag at the back of her mind and she found herself wandering back to the living room. Feeling a little tipsy from the alcohol, Allison slumped into the chair she had just sat in knowing there was little she could do to the value by sitting in it. She slipped off her panties part way and dangled her nightie over the left armrest before settling back and trying to steady her head with her left hand.

"Well, I hope Charles doesn't get too upset with the fact that a fair bit of what he bought is junk. He'll get his money back and maybe a profit but not much more. Maybe.... OUCH!!!!!!! " Allison muttered to herself before being interrupted by the sensation of several sharp needles poking into her arms, thighs and back. She tried to jump up and see what had jabbed her but found she had no strength whatsoever in any part of her body and couldn't utter a word. She could only sit there with her mouth trembling slightly as she tried to figure out what exactly was going on.

To Allison's horror, she discovered a few seconds later that her lack of mobility was the least of her problems as she saw her body was starting to change its' look to a glossy and artificial look. Freckles and blemishes that Allison had on her body all her life were rapidly disappearing as her skin took on a rubbery texture and look. Seams were becoming visible along her upper thighs and waist as if she was an inanimate thing made of sheets of latex or rubber sewn together. Allison saw her breasts swell outwards and push her lacy bra downwards slightly as they bobbed like corks on top of her rapidly changing body. She could see her nipples and areolas becoming bright pink circles capped by eraser sized nipples that looked (and felt to Allison) like they were permanently erect. She felt her cheeks start to take an outward glow while simultaneously her mouth contort and pull into an O-shape. A second or so later, she felt her teeth and tongue melt away as the interior of her mouth formed a soft rubbery sac.

"A LOVE DOLL... I'M BECOMING A LOVE DOLL !... A SEX TOY !... WHY ?.... WHY ME ?....." Allison thought to herself as she felt the change sweep through her body. She shuddered mentally as she felt her pussy slightly open like a flower before rounding into a circular shape. Allison could feel the same happening to her anus, which was also moving several inches away from its' usual place, and knew that all three of her openings were geared for probing by an owner.

As the process completed its' insidious change and Allison felt her eyes changed into painted features that had appeared filled with dreamy lust, her body, now just an air filled sac of rubber and latex, slowly started to bob up and down as the air conditioner blew a cool breeze across her. Allison could only sit in silence waiting and hoping that someone would find her and change her back soon....

Next morning....

The back door to Allison's home clicked open and the doll that Allison was now heard a person walk inside. After a minute or two, a man walked in front of Allison carrying what appeared to be a hammer and set of nails.

"Well, Allison, I'm glad that you are so careless with leaving the keys to your home out in the open when working. It makes getting into your house with a copy of them that much easier, " the man said with a broad smile.

"Charles !.... What are you talking about ?.... Did you know about this ?" Allison thought to herself as her boss leaned over and quickly stripped off the lingerie and shoes she was wearing.

"You see, Allison, my Czech seller was actually shipping me the specially designed chair you're sitting in with all the other stuff being a camouflage for it. The chair is a Dollymaker D2003, designed to convert any woman who sits in it into an amazingly lifelike inanimate love doll. For some reason, the European gentleman has an affinity for North American looks on his sex toys so, in return for a sizable fee, I agreed to 'acquire' one for him...YOU!! " Charles said as he picked up the doll and pulled open the inflation plug in its' back.

"NOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Allison mentally wailed as she found herself deflating rapidly. In a very short period of time, Charles was holding a limp piece of rubber in his hands with lifeless features staring up at him.

"The best thing about this is that you get stored in the designed box hidden under the seat cushion so no cheesy cardboard boxes for you, " Charles said as he folded the doll up and, lifting up on the chair's seat cushion carefully, deposited it in the false bottom under it.

"Bastard !.... if I ever get changed back, I'll fix you!....." Allison mentally shouted as she found herself lying on smooth oak before darkness enveloped her.

"Just need to get you ready for shipping.... " Charles said in a voice that sounded muffled to Allison in her present condition. "Once done, I'll arrange for a reasonable explanation for your disappearance and hire a new woman for the shop."

For Allison, the only thing that bothered her, beyond her fear of being used as nothing more than an inflatable love doll, was a rather strange one....

What would be the appraised value of a D2003 chair containing one doll ?




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