That's Show Business

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; transform; lovedolls; nc; X


"C'mon, Lindsay, if we don't make it to the audition on time, we won't have a shot at being in that new film 'Magic Maidens of Maltoth' that they're getting ready to shoot at the Chillbird studios in town," Gwen called out as she spritzed her blonde hair with yet another portion of hair spray.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm just trying to figure out what to wear that will give the best impression. What do you think.... sleazy or demure?" Lindsay said holding a bright blue mini dress up to her nude body while primping before a mirror.

"Well, as long as you remember that you have to show some sort of acting ability and not just flash your tits to the casting director like you did to get your last role," Gwen said as she checked her lipstick in a nearby mirror. She walked into her bedroom and swiftly put on a blue satin pair of panties with a matching push-up bra.

"Hey! It wasn't my fault that the guy had just broken up with his wife and was looking for a little action. It's not like we asked you to come into his office just when.... ummm..... we were being interactive.... " Lindsay murmured as she walked up and playfully slapped her friend and room mate on the ass.

"If you want the job, try to keep that kind of 'activity' to a minimum or at least wait till the wrap party after the film is done shooting," Gwen said as she walked back to the bathroom to put on her make-up and adjusted the straps of her bra. She then glanced at her watch and quickly put on her modest white dress with blue trim and matching shoes.

"I'll be in the car, Lindsay. You've got five minutes to get ready before we have to leave for the tests....! " Gwen called out before grabbing her purse and headed out the door hoping this would be great day by the time it was done.....

That evening.......

"I can't believe that we were asked to come back for a second day of tests especially after you flubbed your lines at the audition," Gwen said as she ran her hands through her hair in perplexment.

"Well, don't look at me. You were the one who knocked over the background scenery twice when you were supposed to be screaming for help from the hero of the film. Between that and the tiny errors I made, I thought we'd get shown the door in a hurry," Lindsay said softly as she dug a bottle of mineral water out of the apartment fridge.

"Yeah.... instead, the director... I think his name was John Smithee... asked us both to wait until the rest of the people trying out were done and had gone home for the day. He then walked over to us, thanked us for our patience and started reviewing the info we had listed on our resumes. Once that was done, he handed us both a couple of script pages and told us to come back in the morning to rehearse a few scenes, " Gwen said motioning towards some papers lying on a nearby coffee table.

Lindsay nodded slightly as she took a drink from her bottle of water and walked over to the table in question. She picked up the papers and starting leafing through the pages, which were marked in bright colors for the different roles. After a few moments, Lindsay's face took on a puzzled look and she paged back and forth rapidly before looking at the cover of the script intently for a few seconds.

"Ummm.... I think you better have a look at the script that you were given," Lindsay said as she handed her room mate a copy of the script. When Gwen looked at the script's cover, she saw it was titled "LOVE IS AN ARTIFICIAL THING" and not the scifi one she was testing for.

"Huh? I don't understand.... did they give us the wrong scripts or something?" Gwen muttered as she stared at the script as if it was a foreign object.

"Just a second..... I'll call the director..." Lindsay said as she flipped open her cell phone and punched in the director's phone number. After a couple of minutes of conversation, she turned the phone and looked at her room mate with a resigned look on her face.

"Sorry to say, Gwen, that there was no mistake made in the script. It seems the director thought we were better suited for another flick he was shooting two days after finishing the one we were trying out for. According to the woman I talked to, that will be next week or the week after at the latest," Lindsay said as she went through the script once again.

"Well, that's a bonus at least. Do you want to go over the first few pages of the script now? The director marked which lines are for each of us and it even indicates that we have a scene together," Gwen chirped as she started scanning the pages with her finger before stopping and twitching her nose.

"Are your allergies kicking up, Gwen?" Lindsay asked her room mate knowing that Gwen took medication for several types that proved to be extremely nasty in terms of reactions.

"No, I don't think so. It's just my nose felt irritated there for a few seconds like a cloud of pollen had suddenly come in contact with it. Well, let's get things started, shall we? According to the script, we're intergalactic vigilantes who retrieve anything and anyone for the right price. In this first scene, the two of us are discussing our next mission.... infiltrating a planet that mimics one of Earth's oldest customs," Gwen said as she ran her left forefinger under her nose in contemplation.

"Cool! I'll go get those water guns we got for the beach last summer and we'll use them as props for the scene," Lindsay said happily as she hurried off to her bedroom closet to get the items in question. Visions of starring roles in multi million dollar movies made by famous Hollywood producers and living in mansions they only saw on TV danced in both women's heads as they started to rehearse the opening scene of their roles.

9 days later......

".....and the director said we were so good that he's expanding our roles in the movie. Instead of being one of the many background characters that frequent the bar scene that we shot three or four times, we get to be to be the main love interests for the two leading men in the flick. Isn't that cool? " Gwen chirped happily as her and Lindsay arrived at home after another day on the set.

"Well, it surprised the heck out of me to say the least. Both of us were a little stiff when doing the scenes yesterday and today though I have to admit when we did that scene where we are tied up by the bad guys back to back on the floor, it was kind of fun. I wouldn't mind getting some of those guys that were working in the prop department to tie me up when we were alone," Lindsay said softly with a giggle as she put her purse away and dropped her script copy on a nearby coffee table.

Gwen shook her head as she took off her jacket and hung it up "Those guys were interested only in work and not in the actresses that parade through the sound stage. Maybe when we go clubbing on our day off from the film shoot, we can find someone to use us like good sex dolls," she said quietly.

"What did you say?" Lindsay asked while cocking her head slightly sideways as if she heard something strange.

"I said we'll go clubbing on our day off and hopefully find some guys to show us a good time," Gwen said with a voice that was a little louder than before.

"Oh... ok.... mmmm... this new script copy smells like peaches.... " Lindsay murmured as she picked up her copy of the script off the table and sniffed it. "I wonder why they add an aromatic touch to the pages?"

Gwen shrugged her shoulders slowly "Maybe the woman who prints off copies of the script sells perfume as a part time job.... who knows ? I have to admit that I like it..... " the blonde said softly as she held the pages close to her nose to inhale the aroma deeply.

Lindsay nodded slightly in agreement before heading to her bedroom "Well, this next set of scenes involves us being at the beach before the alien invaders arrive in their dune buggies. I'm going to get the bikini that the costume department gave me to try on so I can get more in character, Gwen. Do you want me to get your suit as well?" she said with a voice that sounded slightly squeaky in tone.

"Sure. Hey, maybe we could head down to the beach after shooting and try some of those lines on the guys there," Gwen murmured as she settled down on the couch and stared up at the ceiling with a dazed look on her face. She didn't notice that her legs had spread apart into a V shape or that her mouth had pulled into an ovular shape as her mind seemed to be floating in endless bliss. Gwen's happiness was only interrupted when the loud sound of a book in Lindsay's bedroom came through loud and clear. Shaking her head slightly, Gwen stood up and went to see if there was any problems unaware of what she had just been doing.

Two days later........

" .....and if the evil Birdmen of the planet Prahy think that they'll conquer Earth and subjugate humanity, you'll have to overcome Captain Murlacker and the Defenders of the Universe!!!" a blond haired man yelled out while gesturing upwards with what looked like a large silver gun in his right hand.

"CUT! CUT!" A bearded man called out from his seat, which was situated off to the left of the set he was near. Standing up, the director made his way over to the actor holding the gun while the other actors, seeing the director's unhappy expression, melted away into the shadows.

"Look, Bob, it's only one line for this particular scene so it shouldn't be too hard to get it right, ok? It's Sergeant Murlacker and the Defenders of the Earth, all right? Don't forget, when you finish the line, you point you laser rifle forward and not upwards. Pretty easy, isn't it? " the director rasped with a voice that barely concealed his contempt.

"Yeah, I get it, John. I guess I'm having trouble finding the right motivation for this character when I'm saying the lines and I'm thinking about these cartoons I saw as a kid. You see... " Bob started to explain his problem before falling silent when the director held up his hand and motioned for him to be quiet.

"Bob, I don't need to hear how your childhood inspired you in your acting today. All I want from you right now is to get this line right on the upcoming take. It's your fifth time through it so you should be able to get these lines right, " John said in an exasperated voice before stomping back to his director's chair and ordering the filming to resume.

After three more takes, the scene was finally filmed and the cast and crew were sent home for the day. As John stepped down from the trailer he stayed in while on the set, he noticed two women standing nearby dressed in skin tight silver spandex outfits. As the director walked over, John recognized the two as Gwen and Lindsay, women he had hired as extras for the film and for personal reasons as well.

"Well, ladies, can I help you with something? " the director asked amicably as he walked up between the two women.

Gwen and Lindsay looked at the director with dreamy expressions on their faces before they both muttered something about not feeling well. John had wrapped his arms around both their waists with his hands coming to rest on their asses but they didn't seem to mind.

"Well, ladies, why don't I give you a lift back to your place and, at the same time, you can act out the final scene I have planned for you? " the director said while letting his hands move and down freely. The two quickly agreed with their voices having a noticeable squeak to their tones.

Once back at the apartment, Gwen and Lindsay quickly took off their outfits and put on their sexiest thong bikini bottoms and flimsy nighties with matching bras covering their firm breasts. The two made their way out to their living room with their gait decidedly awkward as if their knees were not bending at all.

"All right, ladies, you look super. Lindsay, I want you to stand behind Gwen and cup her breasts with your hands. Gwen, I want you to caress your pussy with your right hand and reach back with your left hand to go into Lindsay's thong and caress her pussy. Excellent!! " John called out as the ladies obediently followed his requests.

"What.. what scene is this for? " Gwen gasped as she felt her body stiffening up slightly and her thinking getting even more hazy by the second.

"Well, this part is where you transform permanently into inanimate love dolls courtesy of the chemicals you've been absorbing into your bloodstreams, " the director said quietly while pulling down his sunglasses.

"What ????.... " Gwen gasped before her ability to speak vanished as did the remnants of her mobility. She felt her skin changing rapidly from flesh and blood to smooth, glossy latex devoid of any blemishes or imperfections. Gwen could see, by her reflection in a nearby lamp, seams forming along her arms and legs and around her breasts, which no longer rose or fell as her breathing had ceased altogether.

"A love doll ???.....oooohhh...." Lindsay mentally gasped as she felt her pussy clench tight before opening into a ovular shape with a smooth latex sac inside perfect for probing by any owner. She could feel the same happening to her anus with the added effect of it moving upwards by several centimeters forming separation from her pussy like all love dolls. Her breasts became twin mounds of rubber and late capped by bright pink nipples and thick, pencil like nipples.

Both women felt their bodies growing lighter by the second and, with it, their frantic thinking over their situation becoming mixed with the simplistic thinking of blow-up dolls. The two felt their mouths stretch into O-shapes with the interior melting into smooth sacs much like their other openings. The transformation finished it's insidious process as their eyes became painted features devoid of any humanity whatsoever.

Nodding in approval, John walked over and picked up each living sex toy under one of his arms. He then carried them into their bedroom where he quickly stripped them of their flimsy lingerie before placing them on their respective beds.

Once lying down, the love dolls that Gwen and Lindsay now were took on even more of a fuck toy appearance as their legs slowly swung apart into V-shapes and their arms formed into 45 degree angles to hold their owners.

In response, John quickly stripped off his clothes and climbed on top of Gwen. "You see, my new dollies, I need some ultra realistic dollies for a film I'm shooting tomorrow. Once the filming is done, you'll probably be put into storage for future films. Of course, I might just put you into storage in my home and find someone else for the 'roles'. Oh, and if anyone asks, people will say you're pursuing your career elsewhere. If only they knew.... " he said as he started to caress the doll's breasts while guiding his cock towards its' inviting pink pussy.

"No... I'm not an object for desire.... for... fuck me... please !!!!...." Gwen mentally moaned as she felt an orgasm building in what little conscious mind she had. As it built, thoughts of nothing but pleasing her owner rolled through her artificial body as she felt her bulbous ass being squeezed and John's tongue flick inside her soft mouth.

"We're not sex dolls... change us back.. .change... come to me... please!!!" Lindsay mentally shouted as her thinking became blurred and she saw her room mate's latex body lifted off the bed as John's passion mounted and the squeaking grew louder and louder......

New roles indeed....



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