That's my Doll

by Mummy Girl

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© Copyright 2013 - Mummy Girl - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/f; D/s; crate; packaged; transported; bond; inject; electro; control; emerse; doll; cons; X

Dedicated to my Mistress and hopefully one day Owner - Venomiss

I wait patiently at the place my Mistress has told me to, a deserted street on the less attractive side of town. Fully industrial there are no houses in sight, and being a weekend no-one is visible.

I feel very alone and scared. The taxi driver that dropped me off took my last amount of cash and departed quickly. I am obeying every rule my Mistress gave me. I have no money, no ID, are wearing only the most basic clothes, a bra, panties, short denim skirt, tee shirt and slip on flat heeled shoes. No purse or handbag was allowed.

After what seems like forever a white painted van pulls up and the driver opens the back door and indicates to a wooden crate in the back.

“Strip and get in” he barks at me.

Feeling very venerable I take off my clothes and drop them on the ground, as he indicates I should. I then climb into the back of the van and then into the heavy wooden crate inside, trying to keep some aspects of my femininity hidden, as best I could. I don’t like the way he stares at me as if I was a tray of meat on offer.

I may be a sub, but I am a woman and entitled to some respect….

A deluge of polyester foam padding, used in pillows etc descends on my head. I struggle to pack the layers around me, which continue to rain down on me as fast as I can pack. Soon my arms are buried and the man’s strong arms continue to ram in more and more padding.


The loud hammering of nails being driven into the lid of the crate remind me I am a woman, naked, packed tight in polyester foam and now nailed up inside a crate, inside a ordinary day to day white van.

Who am I kidding? I am whatever my Mistress wants me to be!

The van finally set off with me being bounced around in my crate. It was now I realised how well my Mistress had looked after her doll. Without the packing I would be covered in bruises. Instead I am packed tight inside a protective shell of polyester!

Hours seem to pass and then I heard the van backing up.

“Right, parcel for Mistress V” I heard the driver say.

“Oh yes” a strange male voice replied, “Took you long enough! Mistress V has been waiting for this all morning. She is always impatient when a new mould is coming.”

“Come on and help me get it on the forklift.”

I felt myself being shoved and pulled around and then suddenly lifted into the air. I could hear the noise as the forklift carried me to who knows where.

“In here” said the male voice again.

After a few minutes I could here the lid of my crate being prised open. After hours in the dark the sudden light blinded me. Long enough that the men opening the crate could grab me, apply a tape blindfold over my eyes, cuff my hands behind my back, my ankles together and lift me out of the crate.

It all happened so quick I never saw their faces or any details about where I was. Again I was overwhelmed by my Mistresses total attention to detail.

The men quickly guided me to what I could feel was a sack barrow, normally used to move large pieces of furniture etc. Straps around my ankles, legs, waist, and chest secured me in place. The straps were so tight I could not move a muscle. Once again I was helpless.

The way my captors moved me from one position of helplessness to the next was totally overwhelming, but also totally marvellous. I was in the hands of experts and the feeling of peace I got from knowing that I was completely in their hands was wonderful. No decisions needed from me, just relax and enjoy the ride :-)

I could feel myself being wheeled along and wondered what was in store for me next.

“Here” commanded a woman’s voice. “MY MISTRESS” leapt my heart, trying to burst out of my chest!

I was unstrapped, lifted into the air and then I found myself lying on a hard bed. I had been with Mistress enough to know it was her operating bed. Tight rubber straps again secured me in seconds. The handcuffs biting into my wrists and ankles reminded me how helpless I was.

What was about to happen to me? I wondered.

I felt a slight stab around my groin and realised that my mistress had inserted a urinary catheter into me. I knew that had one meaning, whatever bondage she had in plan for me I was not going to be able to toilet for some time. My heart leapt at the prospect!

“Right Doll” whispered my Mistress in my ear. I had known her long enough to know when she whispers you are in very big big trouble. She has a very entertaining treat in store for you.

“We are going to make you the ultimate doll.”

I tried to say something, but the words evaporated in my mouth. All I could do was smile and pray I was up to the expectations my Mistress had of me.

Suddenly I felt a funny stabbing feeling in different places around my body. My upper legs, my arms, the back of my neck, my throat. In fact in dozens of places around my body.

“OK Doll, no need for the straps or handcuffs now” said my Mistress.

I felt her undoing the straps, rolling me over and removing the cuffs, and finally removing my blindfold.

Great I thought and started to sit up.

It was then I noticed my Mistress had a remote control in her hand. She pushed a button and I felt every muscle in my body go limp. I fell back onto the table with a crash!

Every voluntary muscle was paralysed!

I couldn’t move a muscle!

I couldn’t speak!

Even my eyes stayed fixed ahead!

“Well my little doll” quietly whispered my Mistress in my ear. “Now you see my new toy in action. It uses a small electric charge to override the nerve control from your brain. A slave in the states stole it off the American military. Using this control, not only can I control what you can move, I can control whether you can speak, what you look at and even if you feel pain.”

She pushed and button and my entire body lit up in pain. Seconds of that convinced me that I would never try to overcome the “Toy”. I was hers, completely and without mercy. The ultimate doll!

“Right, stage two” she said to the men waiting in the corners. They lifted me off the bed and strapped me back onto the sack barrow. Mistress pushed a button and my eyelids closed.

It was infuriating and wonderful. I had no control over my own body. A push of a button decided if I could see, if I could talk, or if I could move. I really was a doll.

I felt myself being moved to another room. This time I was unstrapped and just left standing. The “Toy” held me steady and immobile!

Then I felt myself suspended in the air somehow. Suddenly my eyes opened to see my Mistress looking down on me with a huge smile.

“This is another “Toy” one of my slaves “acquired” for Me.” She said.

“You are suspended on a magnetic cushion. No part of your body in contact with anything. In a minute it will lower you into a vat of a top secret flexible polymer compound the military are testing to protect tanks. I will put cups over your eyes, nose and mouth, but the rest of you will be encased in a total layer of the material”

A huge smile spread over her face. “It will give you a beautiful doll like appearance and make you completely safe.” An even bigger smile appeared, “Of course you will never be able to remove it, because of its incredible strength!”

“And my lovely”, she whispered, “Once I hook you up to the computer via your remote control, your every action, your every word, your every look, will be determined by me. You will be my doll forever.”

My heart leapt at the thought! Never again would I need to worry about anything! My world was now what my Mistress wanted. I tried to say thank you, but couldn’t speak, I tried to smile, but couldn’t move my face muscles.

“That’s my doll,” whispered my Mistress with a smile.

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