The Salesman

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; magic; lovedoll; nc; X


Jennifer toweled off after her morning swim. She loved to go in the pool first thing in the morning after seeing her husband off to work. David was a wonderful man who provided her a very satisfactory lifestyle but unfortunately due to his many long nights at work, it left her very bored at times. At first, she tried hobbies, surfing the net and various other activities but none seemed to satisfy her, especially her raging desire and passion.

So she started to take on a few lovers from around the city. She was always discreet with them and made sure that at first they never met at her home or at places she might be recognized. However, she recently had dropped quite a bit of secrecy and once was on the phone with one while her husband's car was just leaving for the day.

Oh but the sex was well worth it she mused to herself. She absently played with her breasts as she envisioned how her lovers would run their hands all over her supple body bringing her to the height of ecstasy again and again. Last week, she even arranged a 3-way with a man and another woman. The bed creaked and moaned well into the night as they wriggled and screamed with lust and passion. She thought it would be a night she would have to try again, soon.

She was brought of her daydreaming by the chimes of the doorbell. She glanced at her watch and realized it must be the salesman David told her was coming by to discuss house improvements and other matters.

She scurried to the front door still wearing her damp two piece silver bikini and opened up the door. A man in his mid 30's was standing there, black hair with greying at the temples, carrying a silver attache case in one hand and a walking cane in the other. Jennifer noticed that the cane head was a silver snake head which looked very detailed.

"Jennifer, I presume," he said. "My name is Tim. Tim Smith.." He looked at her with a look of anticipation and something else, something Jennifer couldn't quite place.

She invited him inside and asked him if he'd like something to drink. He shook his head "No, not now... we have much to discuss.." he said firmly.

A little disconcerted, she nevertheless invited him to sit out by the pool for their discussion. Once seated, Tim turned to her and asked a series of relatively boring questions concerning how long they lived there, had they made any improvements to the house since then, and so on.

He then started to ask questions of a more personal nature, like did they plan to have children in the future. When he started to inquire about her sex life, Jennifer raised her hands. "Sorry, that's too much info for what you need."

Tim smiled. "Oh, but David has helped us on his end and you'd like us to be thorough, wouldn't you?" he said as he raised up his cane in his hands. The head of the snake was facing her and the tiny eyes seemed to be fixed on her own.

Jennifer's objections seemed to melt away in her mind. Honesty, yes, that never hurts - to a point she mused to herself as her mind seemed to be getting a little hazy.

Tim's probing questions seemed to be coming awful fast. Sex with David? Oh yes, but not often enough she seemed to blurt out. She was going to apologize but it didn't seem to matter and it was getting very warm.

Lovers ? Oh yes, she said, very slowly and listed off quite a few of them by name, forgetting her earlier confidences. It was strange how warm she was and how her body felt so tight now and pleasurable.

Fucktoy ? What was that word coming into her mind for? She noticed her legs were spreading apart. Oh, but she felt so good. She felt her sexual desire becoming all-consuming. That and her need to please and be used seemed to overwhelm her foggy mind. Suddenly, she felt herself slide slowly off the chair, hitting the concrete patio. Strangely, she seemed to bounce with almost a squeaky noise. She did not move.

During all this, Mr. Smith just sat there with the cane head pointed at her. When she hit the floor, he got up, went over, and picked her up. He carried her inside the house and she could tell that she was light as a feather. He then stood her against the bed and methodically began to take off her silver bikini. He then took a full length mirror out and stood it in front of Jennifer.

Jennifer was shocked at the image that looked back at her. She had been transformed into a lifelike love doll. Her breasts were enlarged and rode high on her chest. Her cheeks had an artificial look, with a bright red color to them. Her mouth was stuck in an O-shape as was her anus. She tried to scream or move but could do neither.

Tim then walked over in front of her and looking directly in her doll eyes said "My dear, this whole procedure is only temporary. You see, your husband found out about your indiscretions some time ago. Once he calmed down a little, he contacted my firm to arrange revenge; a different type of revenge, you see. You'll stay in this form for 6 months, to be used and stored as a plastic doll, as David sees fit. After the 6 months, you'll revert back to human form but with one minor difference. If you ever think of telling anybody about this or return to screwing around behind your husband's back, you'll revert to this form instantly and on a PERMANENT basis."

Tim reached over and cupped Jennifer's inflated right breast with his hand. A bolt of almost indescribable ecstasy hit her and she would have moaned out loud if she was able to. "The positive thing - from your perspective - is that your body is now hyper-sensitive to all love making. In time, you'll learn to look forward to being used.." he said with a small smile.

He then took her body and set it on her bed, ready to be fucked by her husband in a new way. Tim picked up his attaché case. "Goodbye Jennifer, I must be going now. I'm really busy today. Your husband provided me quite a list of names and sales are way up for the home office." he said with a small snicker. He then limped softly out the door and closed it quietly.

Jennifer lay on the bed, unable to lift a finger, waiting for her husband's return with a mixture of fear and anticipation while wondering what would have happened if she didn't let the salesman in....



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