The Statue

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2006 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; statue; fem; mannequin; reluct; X

Dave and Cherie planned to get married. Dave was an amateur mime act who had the knack of becoming a statue by remaining perfectly still for hours. Cherie was a computer programmer. She earned a lot more than Dave. His main job as self employed was as an electrician.

Dave had no work going so decided that he would go to Edinburgh and appear in the street as a statue. "They make a lot of money during the festival" he told Cherie. Cherie said she would not go, but if that is what he wanted, then she would not stop him.

Dave flew up to Edinburgh and found digs outside of the main city in Leith. The rent was reasonable so Dave took the room and set about making his fortune as a statue.

The main Military Tattoo was due to start that Friday night. But as he saw, people were already doing things in the street. Walking around Dave saw plenty of places he could do his thing. But he had to find the best place and grab it while he could.

The night before the tattoo saw Dave standing outside a bridal shop. He looked at the dresses and thought how lovely Cherie would look in them. All the time he stood there, his audience would not let him see anything else. He stood perfectly still for 2 hours. He raised £60 that night.

Pleased with himself, Dave went back to his room. He phoned Cherie on his mobile and told her what he had earned and that was only in one night. Cherie was pleased for him and said she might just fly up to see him in action. Dave put the phone down rather elated.

The first week crawled by, and Dave saw all the underwear the bride has for her wedding being sent into the shop. Some of it was displayed. Now he could not only see wedding dresses, but a white satin Basque, white stockings with a garter. A white thing completed the ensemble. It made Dave feel randy looking at it. How he would love to buy it for Cherie.

By the middle of the third week, Dave plucked up courage to go into the shop and buy the outfit for Cherie. Dave went out that morning in his civilian clothes. No on recognised him.  He looked around and saw no one looking so he dived in trough the door.

An assistant came out, "Can I interest you in a wedding dress sir, I am sure we can get one to fit you!" she said  Dave replied that he did not need a wedding dress. He told her he had come to buy the Basque outfit in the window. The girl got the mannequin out of the window and Dave looked at it. He asked the price. £350 for the lot. It is rather expensive, but it is good quality he was told. "And it is not a Basque. It is a Victorian style lace up corset". He replied he did not have that much, so the assistant started to look around for cheaper version. Dave in the meantime was feeling the dummy's outfit.

The girl came back and caught him. "It is nice. Are you sure you would not like to take it?" she asked, but Dave said he couldn't. Cherie would go mad at him.  The girl showed him some lovely sets of underwear, but it was still too pricey for Dave. She left him in the shop while she went into the store room to look for even cheaper outfits.

Dave decided if he could not afford the underwear, he would steal it. He had a good look round and quickly shoved a pair of white satin knickers into his inside coat pocket. The suspender belt followed and it took Dave a bit of time to find the right size bra. His heart was racing. 

What Dave did not know was that the girl and the owner of the shop was watching on the discrete closed circuit television. It was all being taped. The owner and the girl went back into the shop. The girl locked the door and removed the key. The owner asked Dave what he thought he was up to. Dave replied "nothing", but the girl opened his jacket and pulled out the stolen goods. What Dave did not know was that until he left the shop, he could not be charged with shoplifting.

The owner asked the girl to phone the police. Dave begged them not to. Then the girl said "I know you. You are the statue man who has stood across the road for the last two weeks!" Dave told them he was. "You were good lad, but now you have lost it!" the owner said.

The girl said she had an idea. She and the owner huddled together and started to whisper between themselves. Every now and then one or the other or sometimes both together would look round at Dave and look away again. Dave was wondering what they were up to.

The owner said "Right my lad, now we could save going to the police, but you would have to accept our punishment". Dave said that he would do anything to save he police being called in. He offered his credit card, but they would not accept it.

Dave said he would do anything. He was told they could do with his skills as a statue. Dave was confounded. He taken by the owner to her flat above the shop. There he had to strip naked and have a bath in front of the owner.  He had the bath and the owner got a tape measure and measured him up. She had his chest, waist and hip measurements. Now she told the girl to find the outfit for him.

The owner took Dave's clothes and locked them in her store room. The girl called out and the owner told him to come downstairs with her. Dave covered himself and followed her down the stairs.

The girl had pulled all the shop blinds down. This gave a free and easy working environment for the two shop people. Dave was told to sit down. The girl washed his hair and set it in rollers for him. The owner went to look for some clothes for him to wear, but the girl told her what Dave fancied. The owner came back with the dummy. She removed the clothes from it.

The girl by now had plucked his eyebrows and penciled them in for him. She put on some foundation cream and powder. This was followed up by some blusher, light mauve eye shadow and an eye pencil for around his eye lids. False eyelashes made his eyes seem more feminine. mascara made them blacker. The deep red lipstick was put on his lips with a pencil to outline it.

The girl produced the knickers the dummy was wearing and told him to step into them. Dave refused and the girl was told to open the blinds so everyone would see him. Dave stepped into them. The girl went and got the corset the dummy was wearing. He watched as they put the corset on the floor and he stepped into it. The corset was pulled up and between the two females, they pulled it tighter and tighter. Dave could feel the breath being forced out of him. But the two tied it up with treble knots when they were satisfied with his shape. 

The owner unlocked the door and nipped out. Along the road was a sex shop. She bought some breast shapes for transvestites and the glue to stick them on. She came back, put the glue on them and stuck them on Dave's chest. The corset holding them in place until the glue dried.

Stockings were put over his feet and the two unrolled them up his legs. They were clipped onto the corset. An elasticated nylon waist petticoat came next. "It is an old one but effective for this!"" the owner said. Dave stepped into it and it was settled around his waist.

The wedding dress that Dave liked that was in the window was brought out. The girl took it off of the dummy and Dave had to  step into it. It was pulled up. His arms were placed into the arms of the dress and the dress was zipped up very slowly. Dave shivered although he was not cold. The hook and eye clip at the top of the dress was put together. Dave was now imprisoned in a sea of  sparkling white.

The girl took out the curlers from his hair and brushed it into a nice page boy style hair do. Now the veil was put over his head, covering his face. You could see his face, but the veil stopped anyone from seeing it was Dave. A Tiara was placed on his head. White court shoes went onto his feet and he was handed a bouquet of fake flowers. He went to walk and the old nylon petticoat rustled like a burglar alarm. "Now if you move, we will know immediately!" the owner said.

The girl took him into the widow. He realised now what they were up to and went out back out when the blinds went up. Dave froze immediately. The girl put him into the position she wanted and Dave had to stand there like that for hours. Only moving when people were not around.  Everyone who saw the display thought it was beautiful. The shop had several orders for the outfit including the underwear which a second set had been placed on a dummy next to Dave.

A crowd of girls stopped outside the window. Dave had a shock when he saw one of them was Cherie. She and her friends had flown up as she said they would. One of the girls said, "That dress looks beautiful. It would suit you Cherie, go and ask to try it on!", pointing at the very wedding dress Dave was wearing.  Cherie declined but said it was nice. Another girls asked where Dave was. Cherie said he had told her he was here somewhere near this shop.

One girl said that she thought the dummy looked like Dave. Don't be silly! Can you imagine Dave in a dress like that? Mind you, I would not mind getting married up here and seeing Dave in a kilt!" Cherie answered. "With nothing on underneath I hope" the first girl called out. 

"Of course! I would not give him permission to wear any pants!" Cherie retorted. The girls all cried out "Wayhay!"

Eventually the girls moved on, but Dave had to stay in the owners flat at night and stand in the window every day while people looked at the wedding dress he was wearing. Fortunately, people only see the dress not the dummy.

At the end of the festival the owner thanked Dave for the extra sales he had got for her and gave Dave a present of the underwear in Cherie's size.

Dave flew home and Cherie asked where he was when she went to see him. He said "getting this present for you!" and handed her the gift. Cherie loved it.

She purred up to him and said., "Dave, while I was in Edinburgh, I saw this lovely wedding dress. The make up on the dummy really set it off as well. The funny things was, it certainly looked a lot like you!" Dave laughed, but Cherie went on, "Can we get married in Edinburgh? If they can make the dummy look as beautiful as that I wonder what they could do for me. There is only a woman and a young girl in the shop. I would not mind inviting them to the wedding. They said they would come" Dave asked how she had spoken to them. He had been there  all the time, (Cherie did not know that) but she said she had met them at the Kirk on the Sunday morning when the shop was shut. She had gone to see if she could get married in St. Giles Kirk.  

"Can we invite them Dave? They really are a lovely pair, plus their partners of course. By the way, you will be wearing a kilt traditional style. I have put the deposit on it. You can go and be measured when we go up there next. We can go into the wedding dress shop at the same time and give them their invites. You must have seen them. You will love them both."


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