by Baubleheadz

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Storycodes: M/f; transform; objectified; magic; mc; oral; reluct/cons; X


ThoughtLog.txt Started
2007-12-24 10:05:25 AM : Thought Log? What the heck is a Thought Log? And why is it in my head anyways?
2007-12-24 10:05:45 AM : OH God, figures my boyfriend would lay another trap for me, ON CHRISTMAS!
2007-12-24 10:05:57 AM : Where am I anyways? What AM I for that matter?
2007-12-24 10:06:13 AM : What’s all this time stamp crap doing in my head? What the hell did he do to me this time!?
2007-12-24 10:06:25 AM : IF that jerk off turned me into a fuck toy again, I’m gonna kill him, I mean come ON, Christmas day!? What a punk ass.
2007-12-24 10:06:57 AM : Last time he left a magical trap for me I ended up as a plastic pool toy for the entire duration of my boyfriend’s best friend’s birthday party. A pool toy for God sakes, a flat lounger float with a hole in each armrest for drinks. Thank god those where the ONLY holes he had installed on me! Then again the party might have been a little more interesting for me though. Being a pool toy gives you a lot of time to think on such devious things.
2007-12-24 10:07:46 AM : How DID he ever find out that I get turned on by being objectified anyways? Maybe he’s a mind reader not JUST a magician.
2007-12-24 10:07:58 AM : Now to think of it how does he keep his magic a secret from everyone but me any who? Maybe I’ll have to ask him once I get back to normal, speaking of normal, WHAT THE HELL AM I THIS TIME?
2007-12-24 10:08:38 AM : Well I feel like a featureless pile of goo… That does not help me much. What use is a pile of goo? I can feel the computer chair under me, just where I was sitting a few moments before, but now I feel much smaller, like a softball sized blob of something soft. How can that be sexy? (I wonder what color I am?)
2007-12-24 10:09:01 AM : OH Wait! I feel movement! Maybe I can control my own movements? … … No… figures. I wonder where I’m going, I feel like I’m sliding, and stretching out, reaching for something… Lifting myself up some… touching something cold flat and hard… Must be the bottom of the computer table… Oh I can feel myself lifting up, attaching myself to the bottom of the computer table (or whatever it is), upside down, hanging…
2007-12-24 10:10:06 AM : Well that was not helpful at all, now I just feel like an upside down glob of goo, how can that be useful, sexy, or interesting? Oh well I’ll find out soon enough, he always comes to check on me once I’ve triggered one of his magical traps. But wait, he’s asleep… how long will I be like this?
2007-12-24 10:10:41 AM : Ok lets get our bearings here Michelle. Maybe if I think hard I can figure out what I am. I’m upside down, hanging from the bottom of the computer table, probably under the keyboard. I have a “Thought Log” putting stupid time stamps at the beginning of each of my thoughts, and I have NO clue what that could mean. I can’t see, I can’t hear, my taste buds are inundated with the taste like that of a latex dildo, which does not necessarily mean I’m a sex toy this time, just that I’m made of some soft latex like stuff. I can seem to smell though. I smell latex, but I can also smell the rest of the room, stronger than normal. Smelling my surroundings won’t help me figure out what I am though…
2007-12-24 10:12:29 AM : Oh more movement… I can feel something… something growing from my backside (if a featureless blob has a backside). It feels like a string… no, thicker like a cord. It just seems to keep growing, like a really long tail. Wait the end of it is changing shape, turning into a plug or something…
2007-12-24 10:13:55 AM : Oh now that is a sexy feeling! Oh… my “plug” is plugging into something, and it feels great! Feels like what a hermaphrodite must feel like when they stick their dick in a pussy as another hermaphrodite is sticking their dick in their pussy! Like fucking and being fucked at the same moment! Maybe my plug was a USB plug, I remember from computer class that USB plugs are both male and female at the same time.
*2007-12-24 10:14:34 AM : Connecting with computer…
*2007-12-24 10:14:37 AM : Connection established…
*2007-12-24 10:14:37 AM : Synchronizing…
*2007-12-24 10:14:39 AM : Firmware update found… Updating
*2007-12-24 10:15:00 AM : Firmware update complete…
*2007-12-24 10:15:01 AM : Virus software updating… Immunity to all non-magical diseases updated…
*2007-12-24 10:15:23 AM : Starting download of all software updates…
*2007-12-24 10:14:37 AM : Downloading program SuckySucky.exe
*2007-12-24 10:14:58 AM : Downloading program ChristmasCheer.exe
*2007-12-24 10:15:02 AM : Downloading program SexSlave.exe
*2007-12-24 10:15:19 AM : Downloading program MasterControl.exe
*2007-12-24 10:15:24 AM : Downloading MasterTriggers.txt
*2007-12-24 10:15:46 AM : Downloading 1001SexPositions.dbs
*2007-12-24 10:16:04 AM : Downloading StripperDanceMoves.dbs
*2007-12-24 10:16:35 AM : Downloading RunFirst.bat
*2007-12-24 10:17:46 AM : Synchronizing complete…
*2007-12-24 10:17:47 AM : Running RunFirst.bat
*2007-12-24 10:18:24 AM : Relocating/Uploading ThoughtLog.html to
*2007-12-24 10:18:25 AM : Deleting Local file ThoughtLog.txt
*2007-12-24 10:18:26 AM : All log entries will now be logged directly to ThoughtLog.html remotely…
*2007-12-24 10:17:48 AM : Starting programs SuckySucky, ChristmasCheer, MasterControl…
*2007-12-24 10:17:50 AM : MasterControl loading MasterTriggers.txt
*2007-12-24 10:18:27 AM : Logging off of local system, all control relinquished to current running programs…
2007-12-24 10:18:32 AM : WHAT in the *JINGLE BELLS* was THAT!? I could not even think for myself for the last 4 minutes! All that computer jargon just took over my thoughts! And what the *HOLLY* are these programs doing in my head!? And WHAT do SuckySucky and ChristmasCheer do!? And why the *HOLLY* can’t I *FROSTING* curse in my own MIND!? Oh *CRAFTS*, I can’t even think straight in my own *FROSTING* head! Oh well, no point in fighting it, I know how these spells work, they just get stronger if you fight them, might as well enjoy this… (I can’t even enjoy cursing in my own thoughts. *BAH, HUMBUG*!)
2007-12-24 10:19:47 AM : Well, on the bright side, at least I know what time it is, but this is getting boring. Maybe if I don’t think anything for a while time will pass quicker ‘cause I won't know what time it is… maybe…
2007-12-24 10:56:29 AM : Oh, I can smell bacon and eggs cooking. I bet Jimmy is making us some breakfast. Oh wait there is that stupid time stamp in my head again, almost forgot I was a *FROSTING* blob… he must just be making breakfast for himself… what a jerk. Christmas day and he sets a magical trap for me and turns me into some kind of hangy-upside-down-blob thingy with no mouth, then makes a mouth watering breakfast for himself! Grrr… What a *YULE LOG* he is!
2007-12-24 11:22:02 AM : Oh what’s that smell... Like heaven… Oh I just want to reach out and suck on it, it smells SO good! Smells like sex in the rain!
2007-12-24 11:22:05 AM : Wait a second… “reach out and suck on it”, what kind of reaction to a smell is THAT!? Oh there is a hint of that smell again…. Oh I think it’s getting closer, oh I want it in my mouth! But hold on, I don’t have a mouth.
*2007-12-24 11:22:16 AM : Logging into Webcam software…
2007-12-24 11:22:18 AM : Hey, I can see! And Jimmy is right in front of me, I’m on top of the monitor looking down. But my body is under the computer table…. That’s just weird.
2007-12-24 11:22:20 AM : Oh I can smell that wonderful sex smell again! Oh and it goes away… Oh and it comes back!
2007-12-24 11:22:25 AM : Hey, every time Jimmy moves closer to the computer I can smell it stronger, every time he moves away the smell wanes.
2007-12-24 11:22:29 AM : Oh Jimmy come closer PLEASE! I need that smell! I just want to reach out and suck on it! I’ll do anything to get closer to that smell! PLEASE!
*2007-12-24 11:22:38 AM : User MASER logging on…
*2007-12-24 11:22:40 AM : “Hey there babe… enjoying yourself?”
2007-12-24 11:22:41 AM : Enjoying myself, you *CHRISTMAS TREE*, get me out of this thing! OH wait, hold on, OH that SMELL, it’s, OH, so good… PLEASE I need more… PLEASE… sorry for calling you a *CHRISTMAS TREE*!
*2007-12-24 11:22:45 AM : “I can see that the ChristmasCheer program is working wonders on your filthy language, kind of funny really, you not being able to curse! You can think about sucking and fucking but when you want to use a curse word as an emotion versus an action, the program replaces your language with Christmas Phrases. There really is no point to it, it’s just funny.”
*2007-12-24 11:23:09 AM : “I set this entire thing up so I could play around with what would happen when I mix magic and computers. Plus I wanted you to pleasure me while I do some work on my computer. So beg nicely and I’ll get closer to you, close enough that you can get your wish… to suck on me…”
2007-12-24 11:23:10 AM : PLEASE I can’t stand ONLY being able to smell you, I want you inside of ME, NOW… PLEASE… I’m here to serve you, if only you will get closer, though I don’t know how much I can do for you, I just wish I had a mouth!
*2007-12-24 11:23:23 AM : “Don’t worry about the mouth part, you’ll perform to task just fine, you’ll see.
*2007-12-24 11:23:24 AM : User MASTER logging off…

*2007-12-24 11:23:24 AM : Logging off Webcam software…
2007-12-24 11:23:40 AM : Oh that’s nice, oh the smell, and the warmth, I can feel the heat of Jimmy’s crotch just radiating against me! Oh and now I’m moving, reaching, morphing, wrapping myself around him, encasing his beautiful cock! I’ll have to remind myself when I’m back to normal to start giving him blowjobs! This is fun!
2007-12-24 11:24:02 AM : So warm, it feels so nice to enclose his penis in my mouth, I flick at him, and suck on him, tease, and pleasuring him non-stop. Anything to keep him happy, hard, and inside of my body! It’s like my entire body is filled with him, instead of just my womb. It’s like being fucked in the mouth and the pussy and the butt all at once. Totally full, complete, one… Like a puzzle piece with all its neighboring pieces present, complete, not lacking, peaceful, almost sensual.
2007-12-24 11:25:04 AM : I still wonder how he knows about my objectification fetish!? Does he know how much I love being just a toy, an object, a pleasure device, a fixture? Does he know how much it turns me on to be ignored by him like this, while I service him, please him. Does he know how much more I want to cum when he denies me my pleasure while my only purpose is to pleasure him!? How long will he keep me like this? How long will he sit at his computer working on his computer while I work on him, with me here to encourage him to stay who knows how long he’ll be? Will he give me release when he’s finished with me, or discard me as a used toy should be? So long as he does not take away the amazing smell of his musk. I must have his musk, and his cock.
2007-12-24 11:26:12 AM : I wonder if he knows how much I love when he lets his friends use me, unknowingly. Of course they have never used me in a sexual fashion. I’ve been turned into a pool float and used by anonymous people at a party. I’ve been given as a gift to a friend as satin sheets, to enjoy him and his girlfriend fucking between my layers, only to have their new sheets mysteriously disappear when I turned back to normal the next day. I’ve been turned into a bottle of whisky, coming closer and closer to orgasm as each person in turn drank from me until I was empty and I got my release.
2007-12-24 11:26:57 AM : The question is though, does he know, how each time I’m transformed into an object, how I dream of being used, truly enjoyed, fucked, sucked or made to give pleasure in some form or fashion? I like being used as an object, but I’ve always wanted to be used as a toy, for pleasure not just utility or novelty. Does he know how much I wish I could be a high quality latex fuck doll at a bachelor party? Or a blow up doll given as a door prize at a party. Or maybe given to a frat as a gag gift, hoping all night that someone will get drunk enough to steal away to a bedroom with me and have their way with me, leaving me to be found by the next person or couple to use that bedroom.
2007-12-24 11:28:24 AM : Oh no, I’ve let my mind get away with itself! Now all my thoughts are logged on the internet, for anyone to see! Worse yet, he will see them, and he’ll know about my darkest desires, I better not think of any other things I don’t want him to know, like my desire to be forced by a woman! Oh *CRAFTS*, I just gave that one away too! Now he’ll probably think to tie me down, spread eagle and have one of is ex-girlfriends come in and sit on my face while she fucks me silly with a dildo. How embarrassing would that be, forced to pleasure one of his hot ex-girlfriends!? How bad would it be for him to fuck her doggy style right over my face, slapping my forehead with his balls, ignoring me while he enjoys her? OH *CRAFTS* I better just stop thinking right now before I get myself into more trouble. I’ll just resign myself to enjoy sucking on his lovely musky cock and not think of that time I let him…

Thanks to Dis Man for proofing this story!

FYI There will not be a sequel, if you can’t tell by my other writings here, I like to leave the story open for your private alter interpretations.

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