Timeless Beauty

by Paul G Jutras

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© Copyright 2008 - Paul G Jutras - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/fmm; ts; transform; mannequin; lovedoll; packaged; cons; X


Sam walked into the dorm house, looked at the lock and then in the dorm mistress's room. The plus size woman was dressed in a black blouse and flats, black with white palm tree design jacket and skirt with dark brown nylons. She knew there was only a half hour before she made her rounds and called lights out.

Upstairs, roommates Chris and Alex waited on their beds. Like their friend Sam, both guys were petite and lovely looking. Being transsexuals who been on hormones for two years both Chris (who called himself Christine) and Alex wished to be models when summer came around.

"Hi girls," Sam said as she entered the room. Each girl had a similar outfit on. Samantha had a white tank top and loose pink skirt and thongs. Christine had a white tank top with a blue mini skirt and a two inch heel thong while Alex had a white tank with pink skin tight bike pants and six inch heel thong shoe.

"Ready to send a new story?" asked Sam.

"Ready, Samantha" Chris said as she and Alex notice cum slowly sliding down the back of Sam's legs in a sticky goo.

When the other girls looked at her, she looked down and blushed. "I like getting into the part."

The girls all signed on to their favorite web site, Timeless Beauty. It was a story site where women were turned into robots, mannequins, dolls and other objects. There were times where Sam and Alex dressed that not only were they models, but mannequins. Mannequins that was forever young and beautiful. Their timeless beauty would always show off the latest fashions. Sam on the other had loved the love dolls stories. Being one who could never get enough sex with either guys or girls, she would pretend to be a frozen love doll when making out. Sometimes like her date earlier that night, she gets so into her role, she would forget to clean up afterwards.

"Look at this," Chris said as she pointed to the monitor screen. "I got an instant mail."

"What it say?" Sam asked. "Some boys asking us out to a party?"

"It says that someone loves the stories on site and has the powers to make them come true." Chris said with a giggle. "Like Alex and I could really become beautiful mannequins poised in a window while you're having sex whenever your owner inflates you."

"Must be some kind of gag," replied Sam.

"Should we go to the address?" asked Alex. "It's down by the warehouse district."

"Why not," Chris said. "We've all taken self defense classes. We're old enough to take care of ourselves."

The next morning was Saturday and they had no classes. Sam was dressed in a blue tank top and sweats when she met her friends outside the dorm house. Chris had on white blouse with a black jacket, skirt and open toe pumps while Alex had on a purple dress, stockings and pumps. "Whose are we taking?" Sam asked.

"Mine," Chris said they headed for the campus parking lot. "Let's go."

Soon they were down by the docks. They followed the addresses at the warehouse to the one they were looking for. They entered the place to find the run down outside was a façade for an advance lab inside. They felt totally out of place and expected to be thrown out when a man in a white lab coat came up to them.

"Are you Christine, Alex and Samantha?' He asked.

The three nodded as he signaled for them to follow him. They entered an office and sat down before a desk. The man sat down before them. "I've really like the stories you posted on the timeless beauty web site. We use the site to find those who are willing to find their happiness by making my company secretly rich."

"We'll be young and forever wearing the newest fashions?" asked Alex. "Sign me up."

"I can't wait not to have to worry about bills or wearing hot, itchy clothes again." Samantha said. "One new love doll life for me."

"Okay then." The man said as he got up from behind his desk. "Shall we get started with the mannequins first."

The three girls followed the man out of the office and into the plant. They were all asked to disrobe. Chris and Alex was asked to stop at their bra and panties while Sam was asked to remove everything. The three felt a little self conscience about being naked or almost naked and all, but the trill of the future warmed them to the point they didn't feel the chill in the air.

Chris and Alex had a special mannequin stand attached to a pump placed in their rears. A feeling they knew they'd be feeling a lot of in the future. So they had better get use to it now. "What's going on?" Chris asked.

"As we speak, nanites are being fed up into your systems and re-writing you from an atomic level. You'll see and hear everything around you. The tiny robots are even program to give you mental orgasms when some work touches your bare plastic skin during your dressing and undressing."

Holding their poise became easier and easier. Soon even if they thought of moving an arm or leg, they found they couldn't. Even blinking became impossible as Sam moved around them and saw a blank gaze staring back at her. "Are you sure they're alright?"

"Yes, of course," a scientist said with some assurance. As he removed Chris' hair; which had become only a wig, he attached a wire to it and them to Sam's head. "Just think to her."

"Chris are you okay?" asked Sam.

"This is fantastic." Chris' voice echoed in Sam's head. "I'm really a living mannequin. I can't wait to be dressed in something pretty and displayed in a store."

"What do you think of the process?" The head of the company asked.

"I'm happy that they're so happy." Sam said with a smile. She watched the scientist cut off the girls bra and panties to show their firm breasts remained in place and their sex with smooth over plastic like any mannequin.

"Guess unless you end up in lingerie you won't be wearing much of these anymore." The man said as his men proceed to cut into the girls wrists, right leg, waist and head so they could be made to be disassembled and assembled like any mannequin.

The girls had the special lab mannequin poles replaced with regular mannequin poles and packed in crates to taken to the warehouse. "We'll contact the store owners that know the type of work we do. While I can't say they'll ship to the same place, where they do go will treat them with the best of care. Their most realistic mannequin displays after all has made their stores among the most famous and richest in the world."

"Now for you, Samantha." said the man as he had her put on a special pair of rubber panties that made her look like she had a real vagina.

Sam walked with the man into another lab and was asked to get onto the type of table, her sister was examined on when she was going to have a baby. With her feet in the stirrups, she noticed that the table were fixed with restraints so she couldn't move.

A dildo was stuffed in her mouth so it fixed it in an O shape around it. A similar pump was put into her as was put into her friends. She knew that the tiny robots were working on her as they had her friends.

Sam watched as her breasts swelled up in cup sizes and her vagina bloomed open for anyone who wanted to could use. She tried to close her eyes and image being used over and over again by some man. That was when she had already notice her eyes were stuck open position.

She stared at the rest of herself to see her skin take on a rubbery latex look to it. Her fingers fused together like mittens while her toes fused together to make her feet single strips of rubber. The last thing she noticed was a plug growing up from the belly button before the machine shut down.

"You'll mentally orgasm every time you're used dear." The man promised. "It's not going to be exactly the same as the orgasm life of sex as you've been use to, but I'm sure you'll love it."

As he pulled her plug and defeated her, the release of nothing but air that allowed her to hold her shape escaped and caused repeated orgasms until she was a flattened strip of rubber. He rolled her up and bagged her for shipment to a special friend that he knew would love for years to come.

The last thing she heard before being boxed up was the man said: "Don't worry dear. Love dolls have a standard selling contract that when the owner dies, the doll is returned to the company for resale. You'll always have one loving owner or another in the future."




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