Tom's New Doll

by Gromet

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; latex; dollsuit; mast; discovery; toys; insert; chat; motel; objectify; drug; bagged; transported; cartrunk; oral; anal; sex; denial; climax; cons; X


I met Tom via an internet forum for people who wish to become dolls or people wanting to play with those dolls. I’d had this fetish for some time now and had even bought my own latex doll suit to wear at home, I’d put it on and lay back on the bed perfectly still and imagine I was just a latex sexdoll, inflated and waiting to be used by my owner, I would bring myself off to an amazing climax and drift off to sleep, waking in the morning still enclosed within the doll suit.

But I’d always wished that someone would find me and use me for their pleasure, maybe a burglar would break in and find me, have a quick fuck and be off none the wiser that I was a real person in the suit. I suppose these fantasies of mine are a bit bizarre and the dangers behind being found would far outweigh the pleasures. So I continued on with my solo adventures of my life as a doll.

Sometimes I would spend the entire weekend dressed in the latex doll suit, coming home Friday evening from work and getting stripped off and prepared with talcum powder before stepping into my other body. I would lay on the couch watching television, before making my way to bed and fantasising about being a real doll. The rest of the weekend I would do my normal things around the house, cleaning, washing and all the other mundane tasks we do, but I would do them dressed in my doll suit and sometimes I would just stay still wherever I was and pretend that I was that doll again.

I’d even venture out into the small garden I have and lay on a sun lounger on the patio, it was sheltered from view from my neighbours, but if they had wanted to they could have looked over and seen me laying there. I know my neighbour Bob likes to stare at me whenever I’m in the back garden, and I tease him sometimes by wearing my bikini out there, I’m sure that he masturbates whilst watching me mowing or weeding down the bottom of the garden.

There was one time I was nearly caught, a girl friend of mine popped by unexpectedly and I was laying on my back on the couch, in my dolly position as I like to call it, with my legs spread slightly as if waiting to be used, my arms at my sides, mouth open and just laying there watching some stupid soap on TV. The doorbell sounding brought me back to reality real sharp; in fact I slid down onto the floor and landed with a bump, the latex slides very easily against the fabric of the couch. My friend Sue called out as she rang the doorbell a second time, stating that she knew I was at home and to hurry up and open the door.

I didn’t know what to do at first; I knew that when I stepped out in the hallway to go upstairs she would be able to see my shape through the frosted glass, so I couldn’t reach the safety of upstairs. Then I heard a sound of a key entering the lock, damn she has her own key, I’d forgotten that I'd given it to her last time I went overseas so she could take care of my place. I quickly ducked down behind the couch just as she walked in the room, she must have seen me as she told me to stop being silly and come out from my hiding place.

As Sue entered the room I’d already started to unzip the suit and ducking down behind the couch I managed to get my head out of the hood of the suit. So I looked up over the top of the couch and told her that I was naked here, that she’d caught me unawares. I asked her if she could go into the kitchen and make some coffee whilst I dashed upstairs to put some clothes on, which she did. I think I made it upstairs without her seeing me, but if she did see me she never said so.

Tom on the other hand would be seeing me in my doll suit, we’d started off on the online forum and moved on to chatrooms and finally personal emails and then onto telephone calls between us. Tom would make me feel like the doll that I always wanted to be, he would invent scenarios that we would play together with me as the doll and him as my owner, they became quite steamy and I certainly used them for my solo-play after I’d gone off line, bringing myself to several wonderful climaxes.

He seemed to be a nice person from the stuff he wrote and from conversations we’d had on the telephone, it just seemed to come about that we would finally meet in person and play some of the things we’d be doing online for sometime now.  I always remember reading online to have safety person as your backup and had several people who I talked to in the online doll world who I could use, plus I would let my friend Sue know where I would be in case I needed rescue.

We’d set a time and a place, Tom had arranged to meet at a small motel about thirty miles from me, it was about 45 miles from him but this location was available and seemed suitable for our needs. We would meet in a couple of weekend’s time, and the time between arranging the meeting and the actual meeting seemed to drag on like double the time. I’d spend all the time I could in my doll suit, most evenings were spent dressed up as my latex alter-persona, my mind going through several of the online fantasies we’d been through, plus the newer one’s we’d come up with in the meantime whilst online together.

The weekend finally arrived and after finishing work on Friday evening, instead of going home I made my way over to the motel we’d agreed to meet at. I don’t own a car so I took the train and a taxi to the motel arriving before him as arranged. I made my way to the reception desk and gave them my details, after signing the book they gave me the keys to the room. Nervously I made my way to the room, all sorts of horrible scenarios going through my head. I did think off backing out at one point but made it to the room and the world seemed normal again.

I placed my bag down on the bed and looked around, again thoughts filled my head, doubts about what I was doing here, he could be some madman. But then I thought that I had wanted to do this for so long now, to actually be someone’s dolly, a plaything for them to use, the stuff of my many masturbatory fantasies. Would I blow it now just as they were about to become real, this was my chance to become all that I’d dreamed of, if I walked out now I may never get the chance to do this again.

I tried to brush the thoughts out of my head, just then the telephone rang, I picked it up and it was Tom on the other end.

“Just checking that everything is okay?” he asked.

“Sh.. sure,” I stammered.

“Are you okay, do you still want to go through with this?” Tom asked me.

“I was having my doubts, but that’s just my nerves, I’ve settled them down now that I’ve heard your voice again and yes I do want to go through with this Tom.” I replied.

“That’s great, I’m still about 40 minutes away, I got held up at work, but I’m looking forward to seeing you shortly.”

“I’ll be ready and waiting for you.” I said.

“Good, see you soon.” Tom said as he hung up.

Now with my mind made up to go through with this I started to get myself ready for his arrival, I wanted to be ready for him as he walked in through the door. I headed for the shower, removing my clothes I gave myself a quick wash over to remove the days grime and started to dry myself on the motel fluffy towels. I made my way to the bed as I did this and opened the bag I’d brought with me. There inside peeking out was the face I knew well, my alter-persona the latex lovedoll, her eyes staring vacantly into the air, her pink latex skin with it’s dull shine laying there waiting.

I picked her up out of the bag; I also grabbed the can of talcum powder and moved back into the bathroom. I liberally doused myself all over with the talc to ease getting the suit over my body; I’d done this for so long now that it’s become second nature to ease myself into the doll suit. Placing the talc down I picked up the suit and started to slide it over my feet, one at a time my feet slid down into the latex confines. Then drawing the latex up over my smooth legs, the cool touch of the latex against my skin sending goosebumps all over my body.

When the suit reached my crotch I felt sparks of electricity hit my sex, my centre being seemed to come alive and tingle at the touch of the latex suit, it was like a small orgasm hit me as the latex brushed my sex. Bringing myself back down I pulled the suit higher over my hips and onto my waist, pulling higher. I then began to place my hands in the arms of the suit, pushing down with one hand whilst holding the top of the latex arm with the other hand. Soon both hands were in the latex gloves of the suit and the suit pulled up over my arms.

Bending my head down I pushed my face into the latex hood of the suit, holding the sides open with my now latex covered hands, my face popping into place I adjusted the openings for my eyes; nose and then my mouth, the latex sleeve slipping in between my lips and covering them and then over my tongue. My ears were held flat against the side of my head as the doll had no ears, but I could still hear through the latex, although slightly muffled.

Satisfied that the holes lined up on my face I began closing the zipper down behind me, the latex getting tighter against my face as the zip sealed my head inside the hood of the suit. I continued pulling the zipper down until I could no longer reach it, I then adjusted my arms behind me and began pulling the zipper down until it finished just above the rear cheeks of my bottom. Now I was fully enclosed within the suit, the latex warming with my body heat and adjusting to the position of my body inside it.

Looking down there between my legs was the insert for my love hole, looking slightly like I had a penis. This needed to be pushed inside me and I’d brought my vibrator for the task, just as I do at home I push the latex tube inside me with the head of my vibrator. Luckily I was getting quite turned on by now and my natural lubrication was flowing, it made it easier to insert the latex inside me, but I’d prepared the suit earlier and added some lube to the inside of the latex that would go inside me.

Making sure that the tube was fully inserted, I reached for a tube of water based lube and smeared this on my vibe and pushed this inside me to spread the lube inside the latex tube. The tube would act like a condom, the end sealed so anything that was inserted inside me would only go inside the latex tube and not inside me, and because I was sealed there would be no natural lubrication from me during sex, hence the need to add the lube.

Happy with my work so far I just had to push the rear tube into me, this was done using a small butt plug and having the inside of the tube pre-lubed helped too. I left the butt plug inserted for now as my body adjusted to the insertion of the tube and plug. I wasn’t sure what if he would use me there but I needed to be prepared in case he did.

Now all I had left to do was clean the outside of the suit and give myself the once over, making sure that I’d done everything right and was ready for him when he arrived. Clearing away my bag and clothing I tidied up the bed covers, now everything was in place, I left the tube of lube on the bedside cabinet ready for him, all I needed to do was get myself into place. I lay down on the bed and made sure I was in the middle of the bed, making myself comfortable I began to think of myself as a doll.

I relaxed my thoughts and continued to put myself in my doll-like state of mind, I had done this many times before when at home alone, I became one with the doll, I was the doll, I was a lovedoll waiting to be used by it’s owner, I became the thing I most desired, just an object, a plaything laying here with only one thing on my mind to be the best lovedoll I could for my owner.

Time seemed to float by, my mind now in it’s dollified state, I was content to lay here forever if need be just waiting for my owner to use me for his pleasure. I was semi-awake when I heard the door to the room open and footsteps enter the room. At first no words where spoken and I didn’t want to move in the slightest, even though I wanted to look at him as he entered I held myself in check and lay there still as I could be, only my chest rising and falling as I breathed.

Tom walked into the motel room, locking the door from the inside and leaving a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign outside on the handle. He then walked over to the bed and began to look me over, taking in my entire body with his gaze. I lay still and focused on the ceiling above me, my eyes wanting to look at him but my mind concentrating on being the doll. I heard him walk around the room and then enter the bathroom, the toilet flushed and he washed his hands before coming back into the room. There he began to get undressed, he placed his clothes on the chair nearby and soon he was naked and lay down on the bed next to me.

I felt his hands start to caress the latex skin, his hands gently roaming over the latex covered flesh touching me. His touch was electric to me, everywhere he touched it felt magical. I had to fight hard to resist the urge to play back with him and begin touching him. I held myself in check and laid there in joyful bliss as he continued to explore his latex doll. I could hear his breathing as he laid his head next to mine, his hands still wandering over my latex-clad body.

Still no words were spoken, but then why would you speak to a latex lovedoll, the doll can hardly respond to smooth talking or words, the only thing the doll is here for is to be used for sex, for it’s owners pleasure and not it’s own. Although I was enjoying every moment of this, this was my dreams and fantasies coming true, here I was just as I’d always imagined a sexual plaything being used by its owner. He continued stroking my body for sometime, feeling every inch of me in the latex suit.

Soon he lifted himself up over me, placing some of his weight on me with the other held up by his arms, he placed his legs between mine, moving my legs further apart and giving him access to my sexual centre. His torso resting on mine, the weight on me pushing me into the mattress of the bed, holding me down and unable to move, I felt his erection brushing at the entrance to my plastic pussy, he lay there on top of me without entering, moving his body against mine, pressing me further into the mattress. I kept myself still, held my breath as he lay on top of me. Then with one quick jab he entered me with his erect penis, pushing himself deeper and deeper into me, his body coming down further to aid his insertion into me.

The feeling as he entered me was pure bliss, my body adapting to the intrusion of his member into the soft walls of my centre. He pushed as deep as he could go and held himself there, without moving just enjoying the moment. I felt full as his member seemed to grow more inside me, filling me with his flesh. Now he began to move himself in me, the pace building as he took me, his lovedoll and plaything for his pleasure. I lay there in wondrous rapture as this man made love to me, his doll.

Soon I felt him expand more inside me and he began to grunt as he thrust himself harder in me, all too soon I knew he would explode himself inside me as his orgasm would take hold. My climax was building too and I hoped that we would cum together, but if that didn’t happen than that would be good too, as I am just his plaything for his pleasure and not concerned with my own. He reached his before me, his member shot its load within me and the latex sheath, I could feel it spasm as he continued pumping into me, my orgasm so near but now so far.

He laid his body down on mine as he rested from his orgasm, his member still inside me, his body weight pushing me further into the mattress, holding me in place. I was happy that he’d cum and I didn’t as I felt more used by him, if we’d both cum that would have been good but it was more so that I hadn’t and made me feel more as an object than if I’d climaxed too. But I didn’t have to wait long before he started moving himself inside me again, he was going for another try.

I was impressed that he could continue, other lovers that I’d had would have had to have more rest before attempting to copulate again, but Tom was still erect inside me and was heading toward his second climax. This one lasted longer than the first, maybe the first was just to take to edge off as he seemed to enjoy the second go more. I could feel the stirrings within my body as it reacted to Tom’s actions on my sexual being, my breasts could feel his chest as he moved up and down on my body, my nipples erect and enjoying the attention, my pussy was very lubricated and the latex shaft slid inside me as he pushed inside me. My clitoris was standing tall and proud, enjoying the constant attention it was receiving.

I managed to climax before Tom let loose with his second coming, the orgasm bursting through my body, sending shockwaves of delight through every part of my being. I managed to stifle my cries, hard to do when in the throws of climax, but then dolls don’t cry out during sex, only accept what happens to them. We lay there spent, Tom’s member now shrinking inside me as he lay on top of me. I did not wish to move nor break the spell that now seemed to have fixed me to the bed, I was truly now just a lovedoll, unable to move, I would only move if my owner did so.

Tom rolled off me and lay at my side, one arm across my chest and his thigh over mine and he snuggled beside me, soon we were both asleep on the bed. Tom awoke me later in the evening and used me again for his pleasure, this time I didn’t climax and soon Tom drifted back to sleep. I lay there awake for sometime thinking about what had happened and running all that we’d done back through my mind, I had enjoyed becoming his doll and him using me for his pleasure, it was all that I’d wanted and wished for.

I awoke in the morning when Tom got off of the bed and used the toilet, he came back in and finally he spoke. “You were fantastic last night, everything I wanted.”

I didn’t want to talk, it would spoil the moment for me, I wanted to remain his lovedoll for the rest of my existence at that moment and speaking would break the spell I was under. But I did manage to smile under the latex hood.

“Would you like to continue being my doll for the rest of the weekend?” asked Tom.

I nodded my head slightly.

“Good then you need to use the toilet as it’s going to be a long time before you get the chance again.”

He lifted me in his arms and carried me into the toilet placing me down onto the toilet bowl he said, “I leave you to do what you have to, but let me know when you’re ready and I’ll bring you back into the other room.”

Quickly opening a small hole I was able to pee without taking the suit off, cleaning myself off I resealed the hole and then wiped his spendings that had run down my legs. With a small knock on the door I let him know I was ready and sat back down on the toilet as he’d left me. Tom came in and carried me back inside the room to the armchair and sat me down, he brought me a bottle of water and helped me drink with a straw. Halfway  through the drink he took the bottle away.

“Now I want you to be my lovedoll for the rest of the weekend, but I want you to feel more like a doll than just a person inside a suit. I want to take your ability to move by yourself away, remember we’ve done this online before where I use a drug to immobilise your body and you become unable to move by yourself.”

I took this information in and recalled the online sessions we’d had when he described what he would be doing with me once he had me immobile and in his power. I would be nothing more than a sex object for his use.

“Do you want to continue?” he asked.

I quickly thought about it and realising this was my one chance to try this I nodded my agreement.

“Good, then drink this, it’ll make you feel slightly woozy for a short time but your ability to move will be limited.” He said as he held a glass to my lips.

I sipped down the syrupy liquid and felt the warmth flow down my throat as I swallowed what would seal my fate as his plaything and lovedoll. He left me sitting on the chair as the liquid began its work of robbing me of my ability to move. He lifted my arm several times to check on the progress of the drug and soon my arm flopped back down on the armchair, I was unable to slow its fall and unable to stop whatever he wanted to do to me next.

Happy that the drug had done its job Tom lifted me off of the armchair and placed me on the floor, my knees resting against the bottom of the chair, my arms hanging limply by my side. He sat down on the chair and took hold of my head between his strong hands, as he moved my head downwards his penis came into my view. Holding himself with one hand and my head with the other he inserted his penis into my open mouth pushing down on my head and up with his hips. Soon he was fully erect and began pumping himself in and out of my mouth, his hands either side of my head holding it in place, the rest of my body hanging limply behind me.

As he became more excited using my mouth for his pleasure his penis began to expand again, heralding the impending climax he was approaching. As he became more excited he pushed himself further back and into my throat with his erection, if it had not been for the drug I would have probably gagged by now, but with my ability to move taken away all I could do was try to breath when he withdrew himself from my throat. It didn’t take long for him to finally push himself into me and gush his sperm into me, his climax seemed to last longer as I guess his excitement level would have been higher now.

He relaxed his grip on the sides of my head, it had felt like a vice just before climax, but then he would have been lost to his desire and not my feelings. I was able to breathe again now his member had softened and was gradually falling from my mouth, my ability to grab onto to it gone along with the rest of my movement. Letting go of my head my body flopped back, unable to hold me up in any position, I fell back onto the floor just like a real doll that I had become, I had been used and now my owner was satisfied he no longer needed me. I lay there at the foot of the chair, my owner sitting above me happy with his climax.

A short time later he arose from the chair with a glance down at me, he left me laying there as he went to the bathroom and took a shower. I was now just a sextoy, I’d been used by my owner and was discarded like a used toy would be. He came out of the bathroom drying himself, he seemed happy with himself as he hummed a tune. Then getting dressed he began clearing his things away, like he was getting ready to leave.

“Right let’s get you ready dolly,” Tom said reaching down to pick me up.

He carried me to the bed and placed me down on the covers. Taking a large canvas bag he placed this next to me on the bed and rolling me to one side he pushed one side of the bag under me. He then rolled me over until I was in the centre of the bag on my back.

“Dollies only travel in bags, they don’t walk, they’re only objects for their owner to use and once played with put away until they get played with again.” He said.

Moving my legs up to my chest he tucked them inside the bag so my thighs rested on my chest and my calves held against my thighs by the canvas bag. My arms flopped inside too as he pulled up the sides of the canvas bag. I could see both side of the bag in my peripheral vision. There was nothing I could do to stop him doing this to me and I panicked at first thinking that I’d misplaced my trust in Tom and that he indeed was some axe-wielding kidnapping murderer.

Soon my clothes followed me inside the bag resting on top of me, all my stuff now joined me in the canvas bag. As he closed the zipper sealing me inside I heard Tom say, “Don’t worry little doll I’m taking you home to play with. Now you’re all mine.”

Then the zip closed and I was left in the darkness inside the bag, I felt him lift the handles of my bag and carry me out of the motel room door and out into the car park. He placed the bag down on the ground whilst he opened the trunk of his car and then he lifted me up and placed me down on the floor of the trunk of his car. He placed his own bag in beside me and then closed the lid, trapping me inside, drugged, bagged and enclosed inside a love doll suit. I was indeed just his toy to be used and abused whenever and now wherever he wanted to.

I heard the car start and then movement as he drove off with me captive in the trunk of his car. I began to think about my situation and what I could do to get out of it. But the more I thought the more I came to realise that there was nothing I could do, all I could do was lay there and I began to enjoy what had happened to me. Here I was my owners’ plaything, he’d used me as he wished and then packed me away, I was just another object for his pleasure. Dollies would be bagged or boxed if not being used, I’d dreamt that one day I would be in a box like barbie dolls were, it always managed to fire up my climaxes with me trapped inside one.

My thinking came back to being his doll, his personal plaything, sure I was bagged and in the trunk of his car as he drove home, but then if I were a real doll then I would be in the same situation wouldn’t I. So I was now really his property and he was using me like we agreed online and in our telephone conversations, I would be his sex doll for the entire weekend and he could use me as he wished. If he wished to bag me and transport me in the trunk of his car, then he could as I’d agreed to be his dolly.

I was beginning to enjoy being in the bag and inside the trunk of his car as he pulled up outside his place. I felt the movement stop and the engine cease, soon the car door opened and closed and walked back to the trunk. He opened it and took out his bag and closed the lid again leaving me inside. He headed indoors and opened up the front door. Everything went quiet for a while, I could hear the occasional car drive past but little else. Soon I heard the trunk reopen and then felt my bag being lifted by the handles.

He carried the bag inside and placed it down on the floor just inside the front door.  He again left me for a short time, making me feel more his property the longer he left me. I would have spent the entire weekend in the bag given the offer with the occasional use by him. But dolls don’t get asked what they like, they just do what their owners wish.

Soon he grabbed the bag and carried me through in to his lounge room, I didn’t know where I was until he lifted me from the bag and soon we were in the same position we had been in the motel, me on my knees on the floor and him sat in a chair holding my head as he used my mouth for his pleasure. He gave me no more thought as he would any other lovedoll as he rammed his cock into my mouth thrusting at the back of my throat until he sprayed his love juice into my mouth and throat.

He held my head there as he finished off his climax then again as in the motel he let me fall backwards down onto the floor, his cum started to dribble out the side of my mouth as I was unable to swallow. He switched on the television and began watching sport, no thought as to how I was down on the floor, I could go no further and was sprawled out where I fell.

A couple of hours later he switched off the television and headed off to bed, switching off the lights and leaving me laying on the floor, just another plaything. I was loving it, my ultimate doll fantasy, use me then leave me. It must have been thirty minutes before he returned and picked my up over his shoulder and carried me to his bedroom. He flopped me down on the bed, lifted my legs up until they were on the mattress then rolled me over on the bed so I lay face down. He was already naked as when he came and picked me up, and then he joined me in the bed. Tom then climbed on top of me, he used a condom on his member and some lube and then he pulled the butt plug from my rear and plunged his erect member into my waiting rear hole. He pounded into to me like a man possessed, using my anal opening for his pleasure.

My owner didn’t taken long to shoot his load into my tighter hole, laying down on top of me he savoured the moment, satisfied with his climax he then rolled off of me, turned out the light and went to sleep leaving me in the position he’d left me face down, my face was to one side so I was able to breathe okay. I heard him snoring quietly as I lay there enjoying what he’d done to me so far and running back through my mind what we’d done today, savouring every last detail. And wondering what tomorrow would bring.


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