To Serve And Be Dollified

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; mannequin; lovedoll; gas; nc; X


It was quiet outside the massive Fuzzy Wuzzy theme park save for the sounds of the rides creaking slightly and scrap paper being blown around by the breeze that blew through the otherwise deserted entertainment area late on a summer night. The flickering neon light above the locked entrance gates illuminated a mostly deserted parking lot with no sign of activity anywhere.

Seconds later, the quiet was shattered by the roar of powerful motors as ten vehicles drove into the parking lot at very fast speeds. Overhead, three jet black helicopters came into view shining powerful searchlights into the interior of the amusement park. As the ground vehicles came to halt, numerous figures poured out of them with voices emanating from all around.

"Squad # 1, open up the gates. Squad # 2, follow number # 1 into the park and neutralize any visible opposition. # 3, 4 and 5, I want you to approach from the other directions of the park but do not enter until you hear from me to do so. # 6 and 7, establish a perimeter here and coordinate any air support we may need. Everyone else, stay sharp and prepare for deep penetration., " Delilah, head of the CAT squad, called out to her latex clad subordinates who immediately moved into the requested positions.

At the same time.....

Herschlinger ran his hands down the smooth plastic form of his favorite item to admire and caress. Jane Steele had been a thorn in his side in the past particularly when his bases in Europe and South America were destroyed in raids led by her and those wretched CAT squad bitches. However, she had been betrayed by a colleague and been transformed into an inanimate display mannequin.

As the evil criminal mastermind traced his fingers across the glossy breasts and over the blemish free shoulders of the dummy, he wondered if he should bother inventing an antidote to reverse Jane's condition sometime in the future. "Hmm... maybe after my plans for world domination have been achieved, I'll change her back just to show her how the world has changed. Of course, I could just have her disassembled and sold off as parts to window display managers. Decisions, decisions... " Herschlinger muttered as he continued to look over the contours of his prize. He was debating what to dress the mannequin when he heard a cough emanate from behind him at the far end of the room. Herschlinger turned to see a subordinate, dressed in the red uniform for the intelligence section, standing in the doorway with a slightly reddened face.

"Ummm.. sorry to bother you, sir, Herschlinger, but there's a disturbance at our West Coast facility. Several vehicles and airborne units are in close proximity to it with our surveillance cameras picking up numerous individuals approaching on foot from three different sides. Do you have any orders with regards to our people at that base or in the area?" the man asked his superior, who quickly got down from the oversized display case and walked over to a nearby desk which had several active computer monitors sitting on it.

After tapping on one of the keyboards rapidly for a minute or two causing several images to flicker on the monitor in front of it, Herschlinger turned to his subordinate with a stern look on his face. "Notify the base to activate the special defense force and tell them to lock down all entrances to the base. Contact the base chief and tell her I want to talk to her NOW!" the criminal mastermind barked at the trembling man in front of him. The subordinate hurried off to carry out his orders leaving Herschlinger to stare at the images flickering on the computer monitor.


The doors swung smoothly open and three members of the CAT squad silently moved forward into the deserted park. After twenty feet or so, the trio squatted down next to one of the many booths that lined the area next to the rides. Flipping down their night vision goggles, they looked around for anything out of the ordinary that would indicate their presence had been detected.

The squad leader Bonnie looked towards the northern part of the area and saw several figures moving towards them though the shapes indicated they were no more than a foot or so tall. Motioning to the squad behind them to fan out to the right, Bonnie turned to her squad members Lisa and Diane and gestured via hand signals to prepare for a fire fight. The two squads silently checked their weapons to make sure they were ready before advancing up towards the center of the park.

They had reached the halfway point to the center of the park when they heard noises emanating from the left and right of their positions. Peering around, they saw the bizarre sight of what appeared to be stuffed animals moving towards them on both sides. Knowing that Herschlinger often used appearance as a camouflage to lethal weapons, Bonnie motioned to the others to begin fire in five seconds at the approaching toys.

Exactly five seconds, a barrage of lethal gunfire erupted from the CAT squad's location centering on the advancing stuffed toys. Almost instantly, the toys were destroyed by the attack sending bits of stuffing everywhere on the ground in the air. However, at that same moment, the ground behind them exploded from the impact of a missile hitting it. The squad members turned to several giant stuffed giraffes lumbering towards them with what looked like missiles in their mouths.

"TAKE THE GIRAFFES DOWN!!!" Bonnie yelled to her fellow CAT members as she pulled out a hand grenade and hurled it towards the menacing toys. Seconds later, several grenades followed hers and the lethal giraffes exploded sending showers of fur and bits of metal everywhere. However, before the women could resume their maneuvers towards the center of the park, the squad on the side opposite were hit from above by a large amount of what looked liquid white caramel. Before the women could react to the spray, it hardened almost immediately creating a bizarre black latex/white caramel tableau.

"CAT Squad 1 to Head Pussy... kittens are down.. we need reinforcements now! Repeat.. kittens are down..!" Bonnie yelled into her walkie talkie as she scrambled for cover from the caramel missiles along with the squad members that were still mobile.

Outside the park.....

"Damn!" the blonde haired CAT Squad leader who was known as Head Pussy shouted when she got Bonnie's message of coming under fire. She sprinted over to one of the vehicles that were under her command, an armored personnel carrier (or APC for short) where one of the Squad reserve members sat ready at the wheel.

"I want all vehicles to be ready to go into the park on my signal! I'm signaling the choppers to go in for ground support now. Once they do their strike, be ready to move!" Head Pussy yelled out to the driver and the vehicles around it. She then motioned one of her subordinates to bring her mobile communications link over.

"Attention, all CAT Squad leaders! Proceed into the park and lay down suppression fire on any targets that become visible. Squads 4 and 5, move towards squads 1 and 2 without delay and get them out of the line of fire. If anything inside looks out of the ordinary, take it out! Move in now!" the Cat Squad leader exhorted into the headset mike. She then made a circular motion with her right hand to the idling choppers followed by a gesture towards the park.

Head Pussy watched with satisfaction as the choppers took off majestically towards the enemy positions followed shortly thereafter by loud explosions going off around the park. "I love the smell of burning cotton candy at night..." she muttered as she watched the night sky light up with flash after flash....

Below the park....

The shower water flowed across the auburn haired woman's body trickling across her pert bosoms and down her lithe body. Since Jill Williams had secured herself financially by turning traitor against her former CAT Squad employers, she had journeyed to the four corners of the globe on various tasks for her new employer Herschlinger. At the present, she was assigned to oversee this relatively minor base of the criminal mastermind. After a day or two at the underground base, Jill realized that the only thing remarkable about the base was that it was being used to store large quantities of the Dollmaker chemical in liquid form. Jill had been notified of Herschlinger's ultimatum and knew her former CAT Squad comrades might trace some of the chemical back to the base so she put her forces on high alert status and deployed Herschlinger's unusual elite guards above ground.

BOOM!! The shower stall reverberated with the vibrations of explosions on the surface level causing Jill to drop her soap as she struggled to maintain her balance. When she stood back up, the monitor that was built into the shower wall had activated on its own and the grim face of Herschlinger stared at the nude body of Jill with no reaction whatsoever.

"Mr. Herschlinger... I was just going to contact you... it seems there's a bit of a disturbance in the theme park. It's probably just some teenagers with firecrackers. I'm sure it'll..." Jill started to sputter before falling silent by an angry gesture from her boss.

"That little 'disturbance', as you call it, is your former employers attacking the park with a small army and firepower to back it up. I would suggest you marshall your forces together and prepare for the siege that is coming.... oh, and maybe get dressed at the same time," Herschlinger said while stroking his pet cat Ramses, who looked far angrier than its' owner.

Before Jill could reply, the screen went dark with the organization logo of a capital H with a silver dagger depicted going through the center and the backdrop of a green Earth and pyramid appeared on the screen. Just then, another loud explosion rumbled through causing dust to fall around the dark haired woman as she grabbed a towel and started wiping herself off. Jill walked over to her nearby bed where she quickly strapped on her newest acquisition: a black leather panty of sorts with silver studs that covered her pussy completely. She then headed over to a nearby console to talk to her lieutenants before heading out into the fray.

At that moment....

The ferris wheel went up with a mighty BOOM!! followed quickly by the merry go round as the choppers hovered overhead. Head Pussy, who had moved into the park as the action proceeded forward, ducked into her vehicle temporarily as bits of plastic horses rained down around her. Once the debris cleared away, she stepped back out and moved to the area where the CAT Squad members first encountered resistance. She saw some of the technicians were at work with laser torches carving through the caramel that had entombed several agents earlier.

As the leader moved forward, she saw her trained agents moving quickly to the edge of the crater where ropes were being thrown down all around the edges and stun grenades were being lobbed into the interior. Shaking her head at the carnage, Head Pussy moved over to where one of the Cat Squad leaders was standing directing her members in support fire.

"Get your people inside the base as quick as possible, Agent Franklin! I don't want Herschlinger's people to get a moment's chance to release the contaminant into the surrounding neighborhood. Make sure all your squad members have their XN29 guns fully loaded and remember to keep moving forward at all times. I don't want anybody getting pinned down and hassled by the base troops. If you spot Jill Williams, I want that bitch alive..... do NOT direct lethal fire towards if she is sighted. Best of luck, Franklin!" the Cat Squad leader said to Bonnie, who nodded in understanding.

Seconds later, the black latex clad women started rappelling downwards as Head Pussy stood a short distance from the opening as flames shot upwards from inside it. Looking around at the carnage and the stream of people running in all direction, Head Pussy hoped that the base could be captured with minimal bloodshed and it would lead her one step closer to stopping Herschlinger once and far all.....

45 minutes later.....

A grey metal door slid open and Jill Williams staggered inside the room coughing loudly as she did with the door closing behind her. She quickly stepped out of her torn and mostly destroyed clothing leaving her naked save for the black and silver leather panty and belt combo she wore across her waist area. Looking at a monitor that projected a close circuit camera feed from the main area of the base, Jill saw the battle for base was all but over.

There were unconscious and dead CAT Squad members all over the base but there were many more still fighting and overwhelming the remaining base defenders. Jill saw a silver and black net shoot out from one of the Squad member's guns that enveloped three of Jill's troops. A second or two later, all three twitched and writhed from the powerful electrical charge delivered to them via the netting's circuitry. The three then fell to the floor unconscious as the Squad member moved on shouting to another team mate to ' start looking for the traitorous bitch Jill! '.

Jill shuddered as she recalled how she managed to fight off two Squad members in close combat herself before clubbing her opponents into unconsciousness. Looking around, she knew it was only a matter of minutes before her former team mates would get to where she was and take revenge for her part in Jane Stele's disastrous mission recently. Not bothering to grab a piece of clothing to cover up with, she grabbed a small hand gun and sprinted for the back of the room.

The brunette leaned up tightly against a smooth white metal plate so that her face was pressed firmly against it. A few seconds later, a bright red light swept across her face accompanied by low level humming emanating from behind the wall. Jill stepped back and saw a section of the wall slide away revealing a long passageway behind the plating. Hearing people starting to beat on the door leading to her area, Jill stepped into the passageway with a smug feeling that she had escaped her former colleagues' wrath with ease.

Heading quickly down the passageway, Jill quickly got to the end where it opened into a larger area that contained a set of railway tracks leading off in the distance and sitting on the tracks was what looked like a combination of a caboose and monorail car. Nodding in satisfaction, Jill moved to a number pad where she punched in a four digit combination before stepping back and looking towards the vehicle on the tracks in obvious anticipation of something happening.

However, to Jill's shock and disappointment, the combination did not result in a loud BEEP!! accompanied by the opening of a door on the vehicle she intended to escape in but resulted in a loud buzzing noise. Frantically, Jill punched in the combination several more times which only resulted in more buzzing noises. "Damn! What the hell is going on here?" she muttered as she continued to hammer numbers into the pad.

Out of the darkness, Jill heard a loud coughing coming from an unseen source. Picking up the gun she had put on the ground, the woman looked around quickly but saw no one in the immediate vicinity. Jill was going to walk over to the track mounted car to see if she could force her way inside when another cough became audible to her followed by a familiar voice.

"Miss Williams, I'm afraid that no matter how much you punch numbers in or beat on the escape door, you won't be leaving from here anytime soon...." the voice said with a serious tone that was accompanied by the sound of a cat hissing.

"HERSCHLINGER!! What the hell is going on? Are you responsible for blocking my leaving the base so I could report to you what my troops did wrong in defending it? Why? " Jill called out in anger towards the voice.

"Your troops follow the direction of their commander and that direction has been haphazard to say the least. If you had paid more attention to intelligence pointing to this raid instead of spending time at the organization's health resorts, we might not be having this conversation right now," Herschlinger said with an icy voice.

"You've blocked my escape for failure here and left me to fall into the hands of your enemies. That's not fair!" Jill shouted paying little attention to the odor of sweet flowery perfume that was filling the area she was in.

"What's fair is what I decide, Miss Williams. I always believe in accountability and you are accountable for this disaster. As for leaving you to the tender mercies of your former colleagues, I've decided that's exactly what I'm going to do though a demonstration of my power will accompany you," Herschlinger said with an evil tone to his voice.

"What.... what are you doing ?...." Jill said faintly even as she started to hear noises coming from the secret passageway she had come through. She slowly raised her gun in her hand to a ready position although it was like swimming through molasses as far as her thinking was going. She finally smelled the sweet flowery smell that filled the area though she still didn't associate it with anything dangerous. Jill tried to move towards a corner but found her legs refused to respond to her commands.

Raising her head, she saw her skin was rapidly changing from the usual flesh colored look to an artificial glossy look devoid of any imperfections. Jill saw seams starting to appear on the side of her legs and arms as if her body was composed of pieces of latex and rubber sewn together by machinery. She started to feel a general sense of lightness sweep through her consciousness as if her whole body was filled with nothing but air and she was floating off the ground. Strangely, these changes didn't alarm Jill in the slightest as a sense of erotic based euphoria swept through her body. She could feel her whole body tingling as if it was being stimulated by outside forces she couldn't see. Jill would have moaned out loud in pleasure but it didn't seem important at all right now.

"You see, I've decided the best way to make an example of you is to expose you to the Dollmaker gas which will turn you into a very realistic but very inanimate love doll. It's a shame I can't witness the process in person but I have no doubt the CAT Squad fools will be impressed," Herschlinger said with a long and evil laugh.

"NOOO!!... " Jill screamed weakly before her ability to talk vanished along with all movement and her breathing. She could feel her pussy stretching and contorting as it became composed of the same material that the rest of her now was composed. She saw, by her reflection in the vehicle she desperately wanted to be in, her breasts form into twin rigid mounds of plastic capped by bright pink areolas and small pencil sized nipples that stood in a permanently erect manner. Jill saw her mouth form into an ovular shape much like her pussy and anus no doubt were now. She felt her teeth and tongue melt away as the interior of her mouth became a soft rubbery sac inviting probing by anyone who so desired.

"A LOVE DOLL!... A DAMNED LOVE DOLL!.... I'LL GET YOU HERSCHLINGER... IF I EVER BECOME HUMAN AGAIN, I'LL GET YOU AND YOUR DAMNED CAT !!!!..." Jill thought to herself as she bobbed slightly back and forth with only the heavy boots she had on preventing her from falling to the floor. She could only now wait for the base invaders to find her and decide what to do with her in her present form....

2 hours later....

Head Pussy looked at the immobile doll body of Jill Williams lying inside a large van on a metal table. The doll had been stripped of it's few garments as well as the gun in it's right hand and was lying there with it's arms sticking straight up bent at the elbow at 45 degree angles. If the agency head didn't know better, she would swear that this, and the two CAT Squad members who were unfortunate to also have been transformed into love dolls when they stumbled into the passageway Jill had been though, were just lifeless sex toys.

Shaking her head, Head Pussy stepped out of the van and closed it tight before turning to a waiting aide. "Get the two Squad members who have been changed into inflatable dolls back to the lab for analysis and possible ways to change them back. As for the traitor..... deflate her and put her in storage next to the other evidence we accumulated against Herschlinger. If we find a cure to this diabolical evil thing, remind me to get her changed back.... maybe..." she said as she saw the evac helicopters taking off with the wounded and dead.

"Wherever you are, Herschlinger, I'll get you soon...." the CAT Squad leader muttered with a look of determination visible on her face. Her subordinates nodded as the fire engines arrived on the scene and the light of a new day broke on the horizon.....


"Are you sure, Mr. Herschlinger, that you want this message sent to the CAT Squad agency saying you no longer plan to threaten the world with your weapon and that you've destroyed all the gas? " the portly Asian man said to his boss , who was petting his cat Ramses.

"Of course, Mr. Taji. I want the CAT Squad members to feel they have succeeded in stopping me. Of course, they'll continue to look for me and the gas but it will allow me the opportunity to go looking on my own terms.... Ramses and I need a vacation after all... somewhere warm I think..." Herschlinger said while jabbing his finger towards an island on a map before him.

"After that, I think I'll find a replacement for Miss Williams... at a salary that isn't quite as inflated..." the evil crime lord said with a mighty laugh that went on and on for several minutes.....

To be continued.....


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