Trophy Winner

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; boxing; transform; lovedoll; boxed; toys; nc; X


Lindsay drove slowly down the street scanning her eyes to either side looking for the arena she was to be at for her fight that night. She had been hired only a few hours earlier to participate in an exhibition boxing match between herself and a woman she knew nothing about. Since Lindsay had just turned pro herself and had moved to the area only three weeks ago in the hopes of finding a manager, she had immediately accepted the offer if for no other reason than the fact she desperately needed the money.

Reaching the end of the street and seeing no sign of the venue, the blonde haired woman turned onto a side street with the intention of circling around to the main intersection of the city and getting directions from a stranger as to where it was. However, before she was no more than halfway down the street, Lindsay heard the sound of loud braking fill the air followed immediately by a loud CRASH!!! followed by glass breaking and metal clanging that echoed through the street. Slamming on her brakes, she stopped mere inches from the edge of an overturned delivery vehicle that had been involved in the accident.

As she sat inside her car and tried to compose her jangled nerves, she saw that the door to the back end of the delivery van in front of her had come upon impact and the contents of the van were gushing out onto the pavement in what looked like a stream of black liquid. Rolling down her window, Lindsay looked outside expecting to smell molasses or oil but instead detected the faint odor of what seemed liquid latex in the air. Off to the left, a few feet from the river of latex, stood two men who were both agitated and gesturing wildly.

"You idiot, I was driving that load of liquid latex all the way from Canada to the port of New York so it can be shipped to some scientist in the Czech Republic for research. Just when I'm going down this shortcut to the freeway, you rear end my van and now the load is going everywhere," the driver roared stopping only to sip out of a large plastic mug with a TIM HORTON'S logo written on the side.

"Don't give me that crap! I had the right of way and you cut right in front of me, you idiot! Maybe next time, try driving with your seeing eye dog in the passenger seat!" the other man shouted with his face starting to turn bright red in color and veins were becoming apparent on his neck. Just when the two looked like they were going to come to blows, the arrival of several police cars and the fire department quickly settled the men down.

Lindsay gingerly stepped out of her car and onto a nearby embankment out of the way of the synthetic flood. As she stood and watched strangers running over to the road, with many holding containers to scoop up the expensive liquid for themselves, she wondered to herself if she was going to still be able make her match on time or not. Glancing at her watch, Lindsay figured things were going to get very tight indeed if this dragged out.....

Some time later......

The venue was packed with paying customers sipping on beer from plastic cups and talking loudly about the favorites for the upcoming matches. Glittering jewelry could be seen on the women seated next to entrepreneurs trying to sell shares in an investing scheme or taking wagers on certain boxers. Many people were giving their opinions on the main event for that night, a 10 round championship match between Jack McDirque, the undefeated champ, and Billy Boudreau, the young challenger. In total, there were six matches scheduled prefaced by an exhibition match between female boxers that was deemed to be for the male patrons only. Consequently, all the female customers were ushered into an adjoining room where they were given complimentary food and alcohol until the match was over.

It was against this atmosphere that Lindsay raced through the back door of the venue with a large canvas bar slung around her shoulder. The brunette raced in through the back door after flashing her pass to the security men stationed in front of it and headed immediately for the changing rooms. She was about to push open the room door when the card's promoter, Jack Kingston, blocked her way momentarily.

"Look, honey, if you want to have any kind of career boxing in this area, the first thing you have to learn is be on time for your fights. Promoters like myself will take dim views on fighters who fail to fulfill their contractual obligations in a satisfactory magnitude of perception," Jack said while running his right hand through his oil slicked hair.

"I understand what you're saying, Mr. Kingston, but...... " Lindsay started to say before falling silent upon seeing the promoter hold his right index finger to his lips.

"Right now, I don't believe this is the time for fastidious and eloquent explanations, my battling buttercup. I would suggest that you change into the satin vestments arrayed in yonder locker room and make your way to the gladiatorial ring in a prompt manner before the gathered onlookers do heap disdain unto your lovely appearance," the promoter exulted before turning and making his way down the corridor where two attractive women were waiting for him.

Shaking her head slightly, Lindsay made her way into the locker room and quickly took off her clothes and started putting on her boxing outfit and shoes. With the aid of a patient female trainer, the brunette quickly put on her gloves and head gear and after having her robe thrown around her shoulders, she headed out of the room and towards the tunnel leading to the ring.

Twenty or so minutes later......

"Gentlemen, thank you for attending tonight's boxing extravaganza. I remind you all to please retain your ticket until the end of tonight's card as we will be making draws throughout the evening for prizes that we are giving away. Right now, we'll start tonight festivities with the singing of the national anthem," the announcer exuded to the throng of spectators seated all around the ring.

As a blonde haired woman, waving to the cheering men as she moved to the center of the ring, started to warble the first few notes of the anthem, Lindsay waited patiently at the edge of the tunnel. As she stood there, the familiar face of Jack Kingston walked over to her carrying a pen and piece of paper in his right hand.

"Before you head out to engage in pugilistic combat, Lindsay, I'm afraid that I overlooked one minor detail when I set about staging this night of amazing alacrity that will dwarf all other entertainment exhibitions in the coming eons. I need to have you sign this contract stating your acknowledgment of the conditions you're fighting and so on. I know your hands are currently enclosed in the leather tools of your trade so if you can just jot down something that would be your mark, we can begin your colossal combat," the promoter said flashing a broad white smile.

Glancing quickly at the paper in front of her, Lindsay saw that it looked to be a standard contract absolving the promoter of any monetary damages if she tripped and fell on way to ring and so on. Hearing the anthem singer come to the conclusion of her singing, Lindsay quickly scrawled a barely legible signature on the form before turning her focus to the ring once again.

A few moments later, with the anthem completed, the ring announcer started to do the introductions for the two female boxers. The first to enter the ring was Lindsay's opponent: a blonde haired woman named Bambi O'Blenis, who was slightly shorter than her wearing black trunks and matching top. She looked nervous but confident as she strode around her corner gesturing confidently to the cheering spectators.

When Lindsay's introduction was done, the brunette entered the ring boldly and stared at her opponent in a fierce way (or as fierce as she could muster). After the announcer went on to state that it was a four round match with three ringside judges keeping track of score in the event there was need of them, the referee moved to the center and beckoned the two to join him. Lindsay continued to stare at Bambi as the ref reminded the boxes of the rules and regulations of the fight before sending them back to their respective corners.

With a loud DING!!!, the fight began and both women charged out of their respective corners eager to finish the fight quickly. However, after a brief exchange of uppercuts and jabs, it became clear that the two were evenly matched and the end of the round came with neither having the upper hand.

As she sat on the corner stool and took a swig of water, Lindsay noticed the crowd around the ring were unusually quiet. Glancing around as she listened to her trainer's instructions, she noticed that some were intently looking at her and Bambi instead of discussing the fight among themselves.

"Maybe these guys are bored..... well, time to liven things up with a fast KO...!!!!" Lindsay as she leaped to her feet upon the sounding of the bell. Unfortunately, Bambi was prepared to defend against a barrage of punches and the two settled into a pattern much like the previous round.

By the time the final minute of the fourth round arrived, the onlookers were cheering both boxers and their efforts and the decision as to who would win was a difficult one for all observers. When the bell sounded to end the fight, Lindsay and Bambi embraced briefly before returning to their respective corners. From Lindsay's perspective, she figured she had landed enough punches to give her the win.

After a minute or so, the referee gathered up the scorecards from the judges at ringside and looked over them carefully. As he did so, Lindsay noticed that Jack Kingston had made his way to the judge's area and seemed to be talking to someone there though she couldn't tell whether it was the judges or referee that he was taking with.

Thirty or seconds later, the referee made his way to the center of the ring and motioned for the boxers to join them. With her gloves off, Lindsay made her way to where the referee was and stood to the left of him. As she did, she noticed that they were erecting some sort of backdrop in one of the ring corners for what looked like a photo session after the match.

"I hope they get my best side in the pictures when they ask me how I stay so beautiful after a tough win," Lindsay thought to herself as she awaited the decision.

A minute or so later, the voice of an unseen announcer echoed through the ring area. "Gentleman, the judges have reached a unanimous decision! By the scores 39-37,40-36 and 39-37, the winner of this bout is....... BAMBI O'BLENIS!!!!"
the announcer extolled to the cheering crowd.

Simultaneously, and before Lindsay had a chance to react to the announcement, a small needle deployed from a ring on the referee's hand grasped around Lindsay's. It injected a fluid into the palm of the boxer's hand and in that instant, Lindsay found herself unable to move or talk at all!!!

"What.... what the hell is going on here? I can't move.... did this referee inject me with some sort of curare? Somebody... anybody.... HELP ME!!!!!!" Lindsay mentally shouted as the crowd cheered the announcement and Bambi strutted around celebrating her victory. Both Bambi and the referee seemed to be completely oblivious to Lindsay's predicament or if they were aware of it, they didn't act like it in the slightest.

"Thank you for watching the preliminary bout on tonight's card. There will now be a thirty minute intermission for the ring to be prepared for the rest of the card. While this work is being done, we ask that all spectators head to the refreshment area where the female spectators and prepare for the rest of a thrilling night of boxing. Enjoy!!!" the announcer's voice boomed out to an appreciative crowd.

"Hey!.... Don't everybody go!.... Can't anyone see that I haven't moved an inch since the decision was announced?..... wait.... that ring girl who holds up the cards announcing what round it is... she's coming my way... she'll notice..... she HAS to notice" Lindsay mentally shouted as she saw the blonde haired woman make her way around the rapidly emptying seats towards the ring. Oddly, instead of a piece of cardboard with a number on it, she was carrying what appeared to be a gold pillow with something fairly small sitting in the center.

As the people directly involved in the ring seemed to disappear like the crowd, Lindsay suddenly felt a pair of hands grasp her from behind and lift her into the air. She saw with her fixed grin that she was being carried over to the ring corner where the backdrop had been set up. When she was deposited somewhat gently on the mat, Lindsay noticed briefly that there was even a punching bag set up in the background for cosmetic effect.

"What.... what's going on?..... doesn't anybody notice I'm not moving?...... this must be that Kingston guy's fault... he knew what was going to happen.. he must have planned this.... what's that ring girl doing?....." Lindsay thought frantically as she saw the blonde haired woman walking in front of her fixed gaze.

A few seconds later, Lindsay saw the woman stand up holding the object that Lindsay saw fleetingly before. If she didn't know better, Lindsay would have sworn that the woman was holding what looked a fairly large gold colored dildo in her right hand. If it wasn't for her lack of speech, Lindsay would have asked the blonde about it between great peals of laughter.

After a quick glance upwards at the frozen face of Lindsay, the ring girl moved close to her and grasped hold of her boxing trunks. Without warning, the blonde pulled the trunks down on the immobile woman followed by the panties Lindsay was wearing. Once done that, she slowly moved the dildo up Lindsay's right thigh before brushing it against the outer edges of her exposed vagina.

"Mmmmm........." Lindsay mentally moaned as she experienced a wave of pleasure from the sex toy pressing against her pussy. Before she knew it, she heard the clicking of a dial or knob coming from the dildo's vicinity. Simultaneously, she felt the sex toy (or whatever it was) pushed deep inside her pussy to the point where she was certain the end of it was lightly pressing against the edges of her sex.

" Uhhhhh........... " Lindsay gasped and realized she was able to talk somewhat though the rest of her body remained completely immobile. A few seconds later, however, she found that she could move her eyes somewhat and she looked down to see her tormentor turn the dial on the dildo to what looked like the maximum setting.

Moments later, Lindsay found she could partially move her right hand and left arm and as the ring girl was standing up to pull down her blouse and expose her breasts, Lindsay grabbed the blonde by the hair with her left hand. " What ....... are .... you...doing.....? " she gasped while curling her right hand into a fist.

However, if the gesture was meant to unnerve Lindsay's tormentor, it failed miserably as the blonde down slightly and rested the fingers of her right hand on the dildo's exposed. "Sorry, honey, but it's time for your 2nd place price.... enjoy, sweet dolly!" the ring girl said sadistically as she turned the knob past the maximum setting to one marked with a red line.

"Enjoyyyyyy.....???" Lindsay said before the dildo spurted a powerful stream of liquid into her. Almost immediately, the abilities she had briefly regained vanished altogether with her eyes locked in place staring down at the blonde woman. At first, Lindsay thought she was just being rendered immobile again for whatever purpose her unknown tormentor(s) wanted with her. However, she was quickly discovering that this was not the case at all and something far more sinister was happening.

At first, Lindsay experienced a wave of dizziness accompanied by intense pleasure that seemed to be spreading rapidly through her entire body. As the seconds ticked by, these feelings were joined by a growing sense of lightness as if her body was nothing more than an air filled balloon. As she stared downwards, she saw that her skin was starting to take on a glossy, artificial appearance with imperfections disappearing rapidly as if they were being rubbed out by an invisible eraser.

As the sensations Lindsay was experiencing intensified rapidly, she started to feel (and see partially) the other changes happening to her body. As the blonde woman removed the dildo from her pussy with a faint POP! audible, Lindsay felt her pussy twitching and closing on its' own as if it was trying to close around the dildo that was no longer there. After clenching tight (and producing what seemed like the most intense orgasm Lindsay had felt in a very long time), it opened into a perfectly symmetrical O shaped opening with the interior feeling like the same substance that the rest of her body was becoming. At the same time, she sensed her anus forming into the same circular opening even as it was improbably moving upwards by several inches.

The transformation rapidly traveled into Lindsay's torso and chest with her breathing, already reduced to a mere trickle of faint gasps, ceasing altogether. She could see what looked like seams starting to become apparent around her torso and on her limbs as if she was composed of sheets of rubber or latex sewn together somehow. Suddenly, Lindsay felt a sharp tingling sensation in her chest and watched in silence as her breasts pushed outwards by at least one cup size to form twin mounds of firm latex capped by bright pink nipples and areolas. She saw seams similar to what was evident on the rest of her body became visible around her firm breasts and framed them in an inviting way to anyone who might see her. As the change swept into her head and shoulders, Lindsay finally realized what was happening to her.

"MY GOD, I'M BECOMING A LOVE DOLL!!!!.... HOW CAN THIS BE?.... THAT STUPID DILDO!..... IT MUST HAVE RELEASED SOME SORT OF STRANGE CHEMICAL INTO ME.... THEY PLANNED THIS.... WHY.... WHY ME???" Lindsay thought even as the pleasure going through her increasingly hollow body intensified by the moment. The transformation started to transform her head as it felt to her like it was swelling slightly as it changed. Her teeth and tongue dissolved and melted away as her mouth's interior became a smooth sac that was already aching to be used and filled with something or by someone. The process was completed by changing her eyes into nothing more than painted features that showed a frozen look of lust and desire with a tinge of despair.

With Lindsay's finished transformation, the ring girl reached down and gently pulled down the boxing shorts a little more to make sure the doll was completely done from head to toe. After extricating herself from the doll's grasp, she stood up and ran her hands over the doll's shiny exterior lingering over the doll's openings.

"You bitch.... change me back!!!... change me now.... ooooohhhh....." Lindsay shouted mentally before her thoughts were abruptly interrupted when the ring girl rested her fingers on what Lindsay figured was her inflation plug in the middle of her back. In that instant, her thoughts of wanting to be human were replaced with a single feeling of pleasure that was more intense than the feelings from before. However, that pleasure was fleeting as, with a soft laugh, the ring girl pulled open the inflation plug and air rushed out of her body.

"I'M DEFLATING...... DEFLATINNNNGGGGGG!!!!!............" Lindsay wailed mentally before her conscious thoughts faded away into darkness as her body became thinner due to the air escaping from her. In a minute or two, her doll body had completely deflated and laid flat on the ring. With that, the ring girl stepped back and motioned over a person standing at the far end of the ring.

"Well, this is certainly the strangest way I've ever celebrated a win. Nevertheless, I WIN!..... I WIN!!!!..... " Bambi shouted as she held the dildo high in the air in her left hand with the deflated Lindsay draped over her right forearm. She strutted around the ring to the scattered applause of the ring girl, Jack Kingston and a few other select individuals watching the whole process unfold.

After a minute or two of triumphant strutting, Bambi handed the dildo and the deflated doll back to the ring girl and left the boxing ring. Getting out a box that was handed to her by Jack, the ring girl set the box down in front of her before starting to carefully fold up the love doll in her arms. She placed the doll inside the box and, after a last glance at the doll's face that sat atop the pile of latex and rubber, closed the lid.

Roughly three hours later..........

"........Juan De Gatronis, new heavyweight champion of the ECBA!!! As he leaves the ring, we want to show you, our loyal patrons, just how much we appreciate you attending tonight. Will the person sitting in Row 5, Seat 14 please come down to ringside to accept a special gift from the promoter Jack Kingston and all those connected with tonight's card? " the ring announcer called out to the cheering crowd.

Minutes later, a mid 30's man with a few extra pounds visible around his waistline was handed a bright blue and pink box. Peering inside, he saw what he figured would be there by the pictures on the box..... a love doll named Lindsay.....

"I think you and I will be going a few rounds tonight, my dear," the man said as he closed the box lid with fingers trembling in excitement.

As for Lindsay, she no longer would have to worry about winning or losing..... just giving and taking.....

Taking the intense lovemaking..... and giving pleasure to its' owner.....




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