A Trunk of Pleasure

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2010 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

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If it got right down to it, Wendy would rather have been anywhere in the world rather than sitting in a stuffy lawyer's office. The blonde haired woman had spent most of her adult life partying at all the trendy night spots and having wild sex with every good looking man that came with her line of sight (and a few women as well). Wendy was able to afford her wild lifestyle thanks to her parents multi millionaire status with her father owning three largest adult entertainment companies in North America and her mother owning several luxury resorts in Europe and Asia. However, one of the responsibilities Wendy was forced to endure was the acknowledgment of her heritage and at the present, that meant sitting in a room surrounded by people of various ages dressed in black as they waited for a will to be read.

"Geez, all these sobbing and whiny people are so annoying! I mean, a few of them smell like they've got one step in the grave already! I wish that lawyer would hurry up and get in here so I can get out of these stuffy clothes and dress for some fun tonight. That hot looking guy from the West Coast said he'd be in the area until Sunday and I wanna see if he's as hot looking off the dance floor as he is on it. Mmmmm...." Wendy thought to herself and would have excused herself to go off to the bathroom and "amuse" herself at that moment. However, that idea was dashed when the door to the room opened and a gray haired man dressed in a dark blue suit and carrying a folder entered and quickly took a seat behind the desk at the front of the room.

"Ladies and gentleman, I will now read the last will and testament of Connie Jackson, who was declared deceased after going missing a year ago while vacationing in northern Canada. Connie was 37 at the time of her disappearance and had prepared this will approximately six months before her disappearance. The bulk of her estate, 1.2 millions dollars, is bequeathed to the Save the Wild Beaver foundation located in Europe and North America. Besides that, there are several individual items she wished to leave specifically to relatives she felt close to and deserved the item in question. The only other item the will mentions specifically is her parting words to all those assembled here today: 'Live your life to the fullest and not as a pale hollow shell of life that society wants you to be. Cherish what you have today and don't let the hot air of know-it-alls dictate your life.' With that, the will reading is concluded," the lawyer intoned as he read the paper in front of him.

After a few seconds of silence, the assembled people started to stand up and chat among themselves with a few venturing towards the lawyer to see if their names were mentioned for individual bequests. At this point, Wendy contemplated leaving and waiting for the lawyer to call or send her a letter regarding what if anything she was left. However, noticing that most people approaching the lawyer seemed to leave disappointed, Wendy decided to find out right and then and confidently strode up to the lawyer to make the request.

"Ahhh, Miss Bennett, I was hoping we might be able to talk today. According to the will instructions, your late aunt left you one of her most prized possessions: a silver trunk that contained some of the most prized personal items Miss Jackson had collected over the years. Per her instructions, the trunk has been remain secured and you are given the only key that will open the trunk. This address is where you can pick up the trunk and, oh, one other thing: it seems there is a standing offer by a man named Gerald Telford that you can sell him the trunk for a sum of hundred thousand dollars providing you do NOT open the trunk and examine the contents at all. With that, here is your key," the lawyer intoned and handed Wendy a gold and brass key along with a piece of paper containing the address in question.

"A hundred thousand for something I don't even really want? Hmmm, it's tempting but I'll never know what Auntie Connie had stashed away in a trunk. Geez, this is so hard," Wendy thought to herself as she took a seat in her car and played with the key she had just received. As she drove her silver BMW down the road and back to the condo she owned, Wendy pondered her options with an occasional glance at the key she had tossed on the dashboard. A short time later, Wendy stopped her car at a four way intersection with the road to the right leading back to home. Glancing at the address on the paper, Wendy figured going left would take her to the location of the trunk in just under twenty minutes or so. After a few moments of silent contemplation, Wendy flicked on her turn signal and headed left to what she hoped would be a detour well worth taking.

Just over twenty-five minutes later..........

"....must admit that I had my doubts that you were coming to pick the trunk at all. It my understanding that you were offered a substantial amount of money to relinquish it under certain conditions," a mid thirties man said as he watched Wendy bend down and look over the silver trunk in a manner similar to a child about to open a Christmas or birthday present.

"Yeah, well, money doesn't always get people want they want. Besides, my aunt and I were very close for many years and she, sniff, she always told me that she wanted me to have her trunk of memories, Mr. Black," Wendy replied in the sweetest, sappiest voice she could muster.

"Call me Henry. Are you looking to examine the contents of the chest now or are you planning to take the chest home first and look later, if you don't mind me asking?" the man inquired as he watched Wendy toy and fiddle with the key to the trunk in question.

"Well, Henry, I think I'll take a look around while I'm here. Could you give me a half an hour or so of privacy as I, sniff, I might get a little emotional as I pull things out," Wendy murmured as she looked Henry with tears welling up in her eyes.

"I can certainly sympathize, Miss Bennett, and will adjourn to another part of the house while you do a brief look at the trunk's contents. If you need my assistance in any way, let me know and I'll be here in a few minutes," Henry said with a degree of solace before turning and leaving the room with the door closing behind him.

"I'm always amazed how a sad face, a few tears and a convincing lie can reduce any man to a quivering pile of goo. It's almost too easy at times," Wendy mused to herself as she watched Henry leave the room before turning her full attention to the trunk in question. Opening it, Wendy was disappointed to see what looked to be an assortment of old clothes, several photo albums and pictures of what looked to be Connie and her friends in a relaxed atmosphere at some kind of rural setting.

"Great! I turned down a fairly decent amount of money and wind up with a bunch of stuff that looks to be straight from the Salvation Army. Damn, I am such a.... hmmm....." Wendy thought to herself as she tossed aside clothes and other items in search of something that would either pique her interest but found nothing that interested her in the slightest. Sighing loudly, Wendy leaned on the bare bottom of the chest and contemplated whether to bother lugging the trunk home or deposit it in a nearby dumpster. As she pondered what to do, the blonde haired woman noticed for the first time that her hand rested on a surface that was higher than the bottom visible on the outside. Wendy realized that the trunk must have some sort of false bottom to it but this wasn't the place or time to explore the chest and find out its secrets.

"Mr. Black? Mr. Black, could you give me a hand putting this trunk in my car? I think there will be just enough room for it," Wendy called out and was pleased to see Henry enter in no time at all and start the task of moving the trunk to her vehicle. As the trunk was loaded, Wendy dreamed of what could be hidden in the secret compartment and in an odd way, she hoped that it wasn't just a lot of money or valuables.

Several hours later........

Wendy tossed her jacket into a nearby closet before making her way into a fairly large room that she liked to think as a private playroom to look over her newest possession. Looking over the trunk, she opened it and immediately started removing all the items piled on top of the area she was most interested in. Once that was done, Wendy started looking for a way to open the false bottom and access the goods beneath. After several minutes of delicate touching and probing, Wendy discovered several buttons located at the back of the trunk that unlocked the cover when pressed at the same time.

When Wendy removed the cover, she was more than a little surprised to see that underneath, there were a wide variety of sex toys in their original packaging along with several that looked to have been by her aunt in the past. Besides the vibrators, dildoes and various types of lubricants, there was a number of deflated love dolls in expensive looking boxes stacked on the right side of the trunk. Looking over the boxes, Wendy noticed that the boxes didn't display any of the usual captions seen on these types of sex toys. In addition, the names of the dolls were single names such as Christina, Lisa, Holly and quite a few others. Wendy had to admit that the dolls looked to be far better quality than the items she saw for sale on the internet. Looking closer, Wendy saw that the doll named Connie bore a close resemblance to her late aunt in a way she couldn't quite figure.

"Why the hell would my aunt hang onto a bunch of sex toys and love dolls in a hidden part of a trunk? I heard she worked for some private research company in South America for a few years but I didn't think it was involving stuff like this junk. Geez, did she pose for the people that made the love doll that looks like her? Funny she never mentioned any of this stuff to anybody before she passed on," Wendy thought to herself as she traced her finger across the clear plastic window for the box holding the Connie doll.

Wendy continued to rummage through the compartment and found two other items of interest: a diary that looked to have belonged to her aunt and a set of instructions for the proper operation of the sex toys besides the dolls. Mentally puzzling why dildoes and vibrators would need to include, Wendy glanced at the instructions, gathered up the diary, a silver vibrator and the Lisa doll and headed up to her bedroom for a little personal time.

Ashort time later.......

"...three different settings, four different speeds and one mode that is digitally locked. This is the strangest vibrator I've ever seen and that includes the one I bought in that little shop in the southern part of the Czech Republic last year. I mean, who ever thought a simple thing like a sex toy could be so complicated?" Wendy thought to herself as she glanced at the instructions that came with the vibrator while waiting for the Lisa doll to finish inflating. Wendy had found what looked to an expensive pump designed to inflate dolls without any hand exertion by the owner in the trunk and was employing it to inflate the sex toy that was looking better and better by the second.

"Whoah, you, my dear dolly, are even better looking inflated than I dreamed! If I was a man, I'd be sticking my dick in one of your three holes or between those fantastic fucking tits of yours, honey!" Wendy exclaimed as she reached over, disconnected the pump from the doll and closed the doll's inflation valve. Wendy spent a few minutes examining the doll with her hands before turning her attention back to the vibrator that was lying on a blanket between her legs. After another minute or two of glancing through the instructions, Wendy applied a generous amount of lubricant to the vibrator tip before turning it on and started touching it to the edges of her vagina. As she started to insert it deeper into her vagina, Wendy could feel pleasure rippling through her mind at a level she hadn't experienced before. She found her body starting to build towards an orgasm but when it finally happened, Wendy screamed louder than any time recently. As her body started to settle down, Wendy, her face drenched in sweat, realized that this was the best sex toy she had ever owned and she would have to figure out all the secrets of it.

Several hours later, and after many usages of her next toy, Wendy had used up all of the available settings on the vibrator and started leafing through the instruction book that came with it once again. Wendy discovered that she had the choice of going to the maker's website to activate the new setting or dialing a 1-800 number to get the needed access. Figuring that dialing a number and going through the annoying process of dealing with repeated automated messages, Wendy got out her laptop and type in the company's URL. A minute or so later, Wendy was typing in her personal information as well as the serial number located on the bottom of the vibrator. Shortly thereafter, Wendy received an email from the company stating that the serial number had already been registered and asked for precise details as to how Wendy came to acquire it. Shrugging mentally, Wendy sent another email outlining how she had inherited the item in question and tossed in a few lines of how impressed she was with the vibrator and looked forward to buying more products from the company in the future.

A short time later, Wendy received a rather cryptic email with a six digit combination code to unlock the secret setting along with several other lines of what looked to be standard technical jargon to Wendy. Keying in the code on the vibrator, Wendy smiled as she saw that she could now access the forbidden level on the sex toy. She briefly considered reading the information that came with the code but figured it wasn't going to be anything important.

"It's probably just recommendations on how long to use the vibrator at this level and how prolonged usage could void the warranty and crap like that. Even if I do break it, I can always order another one even if it costs a few hundred bucks. Auntie Connie would, I think, want me to keep busy and this kind of endeavor seems to be something she would have done," Wendy thought to herself as she surveyed her room and noted what a mess the bedding was in. Determined not to wait to use the vibrator until the bedding was washed, Wendy pondered another place where she could use her toy.

"I know! Why don't I head downstairs and use it while I'm sitting on the trunk I inherited? I think my late auntie would think it's pretty cool that I'm using her gift to me while sitting atop a trunk she used to hide all of her private little toys," Wendy thought to herself as she skipped downstairs and headed to the area where she left the trunk in question.

Sitting atop the metal trunk, Wendy applied to the end of the vibrator, turned it to the new setting and started to slowly slide it into her vagina. At first, the sensations Wendy felt were pretty much the same as she had experienced before. However, as the vibrator built to the previously unused frequency, Wendy experienced pleasure that was stronger than anything she had felt before. The blonde haired woman felt her body building towards an earth shattering orgasm but just as Wendy hit that point, her entire body seemed to freeze in place and she was unable to move any part of her body. Wendy couldn't scream for help or call attention and as the minutes passed, the only sounds that could be heard in the room were the air conditioning unit and the buzzing of the vibrator that was still lodged tightly in Wendy's pussy. With orgasm after orgasm rippling through her body, Wendy thought she would lose her grip on her sanity if this stimulation kept going for too much longer.

After what seemed like an eternity, Wendy heard what sound like the front door of her home being rattled by someone. A minute or so later, the woman heard footsteps of someone inside the house but she was stunned to see who the person was.

"Well, well, I have to say I was surprised when I received an email from vibrator manufacturer stating that the secret option had been activated, I knew it was only going to be a short period of time before you activated the immobility power and, umm, you look really good sitting there naked on the trunk," the man Wendy recognized as the lawyer who read her aunt's will and got everything started.

"What.... what the hell are you talking about? Hey, don't touch me, you bastard!!!... OOOOHHH!!!... .I thought I was going to crazy from that damned vibrator in my pussy... uhhh... I... I still can't move!!..." Wendy thought as she was relieved when the lawyer removed the vibrator from her pussy and the seemingly endless cycle of orgasms came to a halt.

"I suppose, at this point, I'm supposed to make a grand speech about how you've fallen into my trap and gloat endlessly about what I plan to do. However, the vibrator effects last for only a limited amount of time and I really must get you set for the final stage. By the way, my name is Gerald.... Gerald Telford, " the man intoned as he set the vibrator to one side gingerly and pulled out a dildo from his left jacket pocket and a small plastic bottle and a pair of plastic gloves from the right one.

"Gerald?.... you said your name was Gerald?.... you said Gerald was interested in buying the trunk and its contents.... did you fucking know this was going to happen to me?" Wendy thought to herself as she watched the lawyer don the gloves and apply a small quantity of fluid from the bottle to the glass dildo.

"You see, the whole plan really was for you to sell me the chest and its contents and I would have gone home to continue things as they should be. However, you chose not to take my generous offer and decided to go down this road instead. If you look at this objectively, everything that happens from this point on is your own fault," Gerald said as he bent down and without a moment of hesitation, he thrust the dildo into Wendy's pussy.

"You bastard!!!... STOP THAT!!!.. .STOP.... ohhh, I feel.... I feel good..... what.... what's going on? Why do I... I feel so strange?.... ohhh....uhhhh.... it's like my whole body is being massaged.... mmm.... hey.... hey!!... WHAT THE FUCK??!!" Wendy thought as her thoughts veered from repulsion of being touched by a man she barely knew to reveling in new sensations of pleasure going through her mind. However, these thoughts were interrupted by Wendy seeing her reflection in a mirror opposite her and saw that her body was changing in appearance! Wendy could see what looked to be shiny patches of latex or rubber appearing on different parts of her body and they appeared to increasing in size with every passing second. A tattoo of a female devil Wendy had got while a drinking binge celebrating her eighteenth birthday vanished as if it was never there along with a few other tattoos Wendy had got in the past. Wendy's breasts, which were a bit on the small size, swelled in size even as the nipples and aerolas changed from red to bright pink in color.

"I... I'm becoming some sort of fucking love doll!!!.... A SEX DOLL!!... THIS CAN'T BE!!!... I can't be changing into a sex toy used by every bubba after a shift cleaning sewers or whatever they fuck they do. I've got money... I know people... I.... ohhhh...." Wendy thought before pleasure overwhelmed her thinking as she felt her pussy start to twitch and contort on its own as Gerald withdrew the dildo. The blonde woman wanted desperately to reach down and finger herself but she could only watch as her pussy formed into an O shape that was perfect for any cock or sex toy inserted into it. With that, Gerald reinserted the dildo and smiled as he saw seams starting to appear on Wendy's limbs and on her waist. Wendy's breasts stopped growing and squeaked slightly as Gerald traced the tip of a finger across the surface of one of the breasts that were now framed by seams in an enticing way.

"You bastard!!... you... oh, no... those dolls.... were they all women before?.... have you been doing this before?.... ohhh....." Wendy thought before the change swept into her face and her eyes changed into painted features that had a look of eternal desire etched in them. With her mouth changing into an O shaped opening and an inflation valve growing out of the small of her back, Wendy's transformation into a very realistic love doll was complete.

"You see, the vibrator used at the unlockable setting merely renders immobile for twelve hours as well as prepares your body's cellular structure for the actual change. If I hadn't come by, you probably would have revived and figured you had a small stroke from the pleasure or something like that. Now, though, physical problems like that are all behind you," Gerald intoned as he removed the dildo and set it down on the floor carefully followed by removing the gloves he was wearing. Without another word spoken, Gerald picked up Wendy and carried her upstairs to her guest bedroom where he tossed her casually atop the bed.

"What is the bastard up to.... what's that noise?... sounds like he's inflating one of the other dolls.... oh, fuck, he's going to use the dolls and me here....!" Wendy thought as she waited to be moved again.

As short time later, Gerald, who had removed his clothes, reentered the room and proceeded to lubricate all three of Wendy's openings quite vigorously. At this point, Wendy anticipated Gerald was going to make use of her doll body for the first time but to her surprise, Gerald left the room shortly after the lubricating was done.

"I figured it might be good time for a family reunion. Wendy, say hello to Connie. I hope you're as good a dolly as dear old auntie," Gerald said as he tossed another doll onto the bed before settling on top of Wendy and entered her plasticized pussy with his rigid cock.

"Talk about keeping it in the family..... FUCKKKK!!!!" Wendy thought even as the first of many orgasms started to ripple through what was left of her mind.



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