Trying life as a fucktoy, be careful what you wish for!

by Robotunit8

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“Are you really sure you want to do this? You could still change your mind if you wish?” he asked her, unsure of the wisdom of this.

Even Stephanie had to admit to doubts about this now she could see everything prepared for action. She’d wanted it to be, well very mechanical, but even so...! She knew the shiny metal dildo was small enough not to do her real physical damage, while at the same time being big enough that she knew the stimulation would probably take her over the top, both orgasmically and mentally, but then again that was part of her fantasy, so...? The bed was designed to be solid enough not to move as the mechanism pumped in and out of her, and enough tight restraints that she wouldn't be able to move at all while lying on it. And as she would be hooded, gagged and earplugged (her own wishes), she wouldn;t be able to stop it until... well until the computer defined she could cum no more at which point it would cut off 5 minutes later. How long it would then take her to come round was another matter?

Trying to sound brave and confident she asked, “The nipple clamps, they will be OK to wear for such an extended period, I’m hoping I don't break too quickly and I’d hate to damage my nipples too much?”

“Made specially for the job, they will cause a nice amount of pain as you wished, but they’ve been moulded out of some clever material that should allow just enough blood to flow through to keep them ‘alive’, well just about. So you’re going through with this then Steph, I just hope its wise?”

Stephanie laughed, “Wise, probably not. Crazy, quite likely. But I’ve had this fantasy for so long it would be silly not to go through with it now, having gone to this much effort. Besides which you insist on those vital sign monitor things being placed on my head so your computer can keep a ‘motherly’ eye on me so I don't kill myself! Or so you tell me. So shall we get started?”

“Fine. I’m keeping something back as a ‘surprise’ for you by the way, hope you don't find it too shocking!”

As Ray was renowned for his puns she guessed it was some kind of electrical stimulation he had in mind, though she wasn't quite sure what. Suddenly she remembered and pulled a small(ish) anal plug and a jar of lube from her bag.

“For my rear.” she said firmly, “Might as well be fully filled under the circumstances!” she said with a weak grin on her face.

“Fine!” Ray said, not really understanding her perverted fantasy in the slightest, but she wanted it done, he was a friend and he was prepared to help if she really wanted it to happen, so...

“Lets get started then.” she said trying to sound cheerful and beginning to shed all her clothing. She suspected she had shed her sanity some time ago when the planning for this had started to come to fruition.

As she stood there naked Ray had to admit that for a ‘forty something’ her body wasn't in bad condition with curves in all the right places. Though her C cup boobs were beginning to sag slightly they still looked pretty good to him. He noticed she’d shaved down below for this, probably wise, and better for his little surprise anyway.

He put the electrode skullcap on her first, this was designed to show purely that her brain was still functioning and nothing more. She wanted to be stretched to the limit, but had no desire for death, or brain damage to occur! She laid down on the bed and gagged her, then put the earplugs in as well, before putting the hood over her head and cutting her off from the outside world totally. Neck brace, restraints on wrists, upper arms, thighs and ankles, all very tight ensured she wouldn't move at all. He placed the clamps on her nipples which wasn't tricky as they were already proudly standing up in anticipation of what was to follow. He heard a muffled noise as they bit in to the nubs, but as instructed he just ignored it. He moved the dildo up to her pussy opening, already dampening, negating all his concerns about initial dryness when it started to fuck her. Lifting her up slightly he pushed the well lubed butt plug up into her rear which it entered with a squishy plopping sound, before setting her down again.

Then he got out his ‘electrical toy’, connected it up and placed half a dozen or so electrode pads around her entrance, then gave it a quick test. He heard a muffled squeal and he suspected that was a nice level of charge for her. He called her vital signs readout up on his computer monitor, checked she was OK, well as OK as she wanted to be, and switched on the fucking machine.

She was so well gagged that it was impossible for him to tell her reactions to the pounding, she was clearly moaning, but whether it was delight or pain was hard to say. But her endorphin readings suggested pleasure was definitely involved. It only took a few minutes for that tell tale spike to appear to show Stephanie had just orgasmed for the first time, but definitely not her last. A few minutes after that the same tell tale sign showed on her readout. And so it continued, orgasm after orgasm, nearly half an hour later she was apparantly still cumming in heavy quantities which slightly surprised him, he thought she might be drying up by now, but seemingly not.

What Ray hadn't noticed was he set off the wrong programme when switching the vital signs system on, instead of monitoring her vital signs he had put the computer into control mode, as would normally only be used for people in a coma to keep their brain active when their own vital signs are low. But in Stephanie’s case, it simply overrode her own thought processes and... took control. It had seen she had wanted to be nothing more than a fucktoy, and well, it was happy to oblige her, transforming her into one.

After an hour Ray decided enough was enough, even though the computer was still showing pleasure spikes emanating from Stephanie’s brain, and indeed she was still gushing cum on every climax. What he didn't know was this wasn't of her choice! He switched everything off and set about releasing her, it was only when he then checked the vital signs monitor control and it showed no brain activity he began to panic! He didn't understand what could have gone wrong?

Pulling off the hood and removing the gag and earplugs he asked urgently,

“Stephanie, Stephanie, are you alright?”

She sat up slowly and spoke,

“Fucktoy unit 1 is fine Master, though she would like her pussy plugged again and stimulated please.”

“You aren't Fucktoy 1 or whatever you called yourself, you’re Stephanie. Whats happened to you?”

“Vital signs monitor was on control setting, and this unit desired to be turned into a fucktoy. So computer completed reprogramming accordingly. When her stimulation levels reached maximum capability after 20 minutes her brain overloaded, her thoughts were erased and replaced with the fucktoy nature she wished to become. This may be, as you called her, Stephanie’s body, but her mind is now computer controlled as Fucktoy 1. So Master, do you wish to fuck her, she is your toy after all?”

He checked all readings and sadly they were right, no human brain activity whatsoever. What there was however, was volumes of electronic data passing between the electrodes in her scalp and her brain cortexes, she was literally being controlled like a machine. Of course the computer had so defined things that she would never tire of being fucked which is why it had never stopped the process.

“And if I remove the controlling electrodes?” he asked.

“She becomes a mindless drone, her brain has been destroyed in the process of over stimulation Master. Unless...”

“Unless what?” Ray asked.

“I create an AI system for her based on the readings gathered from her mind before it overloaded. It would only be a replication of her mind rather than her natural thoughts, and I could then control her mind through the electrodes in the skullcap. It would be like a robot version of Stephanie, computer controlled but functional, at least to a great degree in the outside world. And it would enable toning down of her sexual desires to a more ‘satisfactory’ level if she was computer controlled, rather than being a mere fucktoy as she is at present. Is that desired?”

Ray thought to himself for a few moments, the irony being that Stephanie had always had a thing about being turned into a robot, and now, well this was getting close to her desire. So alright, she’d still have an organic body, but her mind would pretty much fit the bill at least. Besides which, he’d always fancied her, and now might be his chance!

“But in the end who would control her, me or the computer?” he asked.

“Ultimately you would control her, you could send commands to her through me. But in general terms I would be the device that allowed her to act ‘normally’, at least to a satisfactory degree. I would do the everyday commands, but you could set the programming for her. So shall I begin the process?”

Ray thought for mere seconds, “Yes, definitely.”

“Commencing AI creation for identity Stephanie Major... now.” was the only reply.

She blinked before closing her eyes, then for the next 2 hours the computer built an AI identity based both on the readings it had taken from her brainwaves, the stored memories it had taken before overload occured, then made up the rest as best it could!

Finally, finally she opened her eyes and cast a tired looking smile,

“Hi Ray, what happened?”

“How do you feel Stephanie, before I tell you whats happened?”

She looked concerned at that comment, “A bit strange, but beyond that fine I guess, why?”

“Because your little toy quite literally blew your mind! Thats why!”

“Then how...?”

“Computer generated AI I’m afraid, it had enough readings to create much of your personality, the rest is just guessed at. There is just one other thing?”


“I’m your controller!” he said with a grin.

She just giggled, “Well I always wanted to be a robot, just never thought it would happen like this!”

“Sadly you’ve still got a human body, that I couldn't change I’m afraid.”

“Ah well, no one’s perfect!” she replied with a giggle, “And your first command Mas-ter?” the giggle the only clue that she wasn't now the perfect robot.

Ray felt a bulge forming, “Blow job Stephanie.” was the command.

“Yes Mas-ter” she said with a grin, lowering his trousers quickly and popping his by now erect cock into her mouth and beginning to work on it. She suspected at least some of this obedience was computer controlled input, but she didn't care.

“Oh God Stephanie!” he cried as he could feel himself building up after a couple of minutes of her expert tongue work, “This is so good.”

He exploded into her mouth and she eagerly drunk his cum.

She grinned, “Yes Master, and what is your next command for your obedient ‘robot’ slave?”

“To bed Stephanie, and I’ll fill another hole for you once I’ve recovered.”

“Oh good!” she said with a wink, though she had no idea where her new sexually driven desire had come from, but she didn't really care.”

Master and slave lived happily ever after by the way. And most people never knew Stephanie’s mind was computer controlled.


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