by Lobo De la Sombra

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Storycodes: M/f; majick; spell; transform; lovedoll; sex; climax; revenge; cons/nc; X


Vesta relaxed into her easy chair with a soft sigh. It had been a long day, and she was just as glad to see it ending.

Looking at her, relaxed in her chair, an observer would have been quite misled by what they saw. Vesta appeared to be in her mid thirties, slim, well formed, her red silk blouse and black skirt faithfully outlining a full bust and flaring hips. Her face was one of refined beauty, with deep blue eyes and a flowing mane of auburn hair. All in all, the very picture of a beautiful young executive relaxing after a day at the office.

In reality, Vesta was a practicing witch, and a member of the Council of Mages. And while a lady never reveals her age, Vesta’s closest friends knew her 500th birthday had been several years before.

Now, relaxing, she pondered what had happened to the art of magic. It had, she feared, become just another business. In the old days, witches and warlocks had used their magic freely. The formation of the Council in the early twentieth century had changed all that. Now, all practitioners were expected to follow Council rules. Rogues and renegades were ruthlessly hunted down and punished.

As a member of the Council, Vesta understood the need for some of the rules. It wouldn’t do, after all, to have assorted witches, warlocks, wizards, sorcerers and mages fighting each other constantly for whatever reason. It made sense for all to work together for the good of magic. And to keep their infighting within certain guidelines.

It was one of those guidelines that bothered Vesta this evening. Specifically, the rule that no practitioner could attack one of lesser strength. This was felt to be an unfair use of magic. Of course, a lesser mage could attack a stronger one, it being felt that anyone that foolish deserved what they got.

Which brought her to Robert. A handsome, earnest young man of only 312, he had recently gained the fifth level. He had also made it clear that he fully intended to replace Vesta on the Council, totally disregarding her own level nine powers. He’d been sniping at her for the past two weeks, spells and charms that, while not strong enough to hurt her, had proved quite irritating.

Now, relaxing at home, she decided to forget the frustrations of work and enjoy the quiet. Besides, her package had arrived.
Some weeks earlier, Vesta had ordered an item from her favorite catalog, and it had apparently arrived. The small box rested atop her other mail, the name of the catalog company boldly displayed on top. Smiling in anticipation, Vesta pulled the box to her and opened the flap.

As she did, a bright light sprang from the box and enveloped her. Surprised by the unexpected assault, her natural defenses kicked in too slow, and Vesta could feel the spell beginning to affect her.

Vesta watched as her skin began to take on a shiny, slightly artificial sheen. Her body began to stiffen towards immobility as the power of the spell spread.

“A love doll spell,” she thought. “Someone is turning me into a love doll.” Focusing her strength, she was able to reverse the spell’s progress in one vital area. As her body changed, Vesta quickly invoked a spell of her own, barely finishing before her strength failed her and her lips froze in a half smile.

With the spell complete, the love doll that had once been Vesta sat quietly in her easy chair, mind racing as she sought an escape. Unable to move or speak, she could work no magic. She could only hope her final spell would be enough.

As she sat helplessly, Vesta heard the door of her apartment open. She had been expecting a visitor since the spell first hit her, and it was with no surprise that she watched Robert enter the room. For a moment, he simply gazed on the doll sitting before him, then smiled.

“Habit,” he said softly. “When we become creatures of habit, we become predictable, and therefore vulnerable. Isn’t that what you taught us in level two studies?” Idly, he toyed with the box on the table. “Well, your fascination with this company’s toys became your habit, didn’t it? So much so that you never expected an attack to come from such a source.”

Still smiling, he reached down and cupped one breast. Even through the blouse and bra, the sensation of contact seared through her, and Vesta realized that, not only had the spell turned her into a doll, it had greatly heightened her sensitivity as well. Only her immobility kept her from closing her eyes and moaning out her pleasure.

“But this is wrong,” Robert declared. “You are a sex toy. Sex toys don’t need clothing.” So saying, he quickly stripped her, every touch sending bolts of beautiful torment through her helpless body. Once naked, she was carried to her room and stretched out on her bed. Still helpless, and now terribly aroused, she could only watch as Robert began removing his own clothing.

“You see,” he explained, unbuttoning his shirt, “it was during that level two training that I decided you had to go. You were always so confident, so certain of your own power, you never imagined someone like me could act against you. So I began studying your movements, looking for a weakness. And when I found out about your catalog orders, I knew I’d found one.”

Removing his pants, Robert stepped to the side of the bed. Even out of the corner of her eye, Vesta had to admit to herself that he was generously endowed in more than magic. Sitting beside her, Robert began running his hands over her body, sending waves of pleasure through her. Soon, her mind floated in a sea of need.

“Of course, I had to make you anatomically perfect,” he said, smiling. “Such beauty shouldn’t be changed.” Moving over her, he slipped into her waiting channel. “It should only be used.”

Nothing before could have prepared Vesta for the overwhelming tidal wave of pleasure that swept through her as he entered her. Her mind reeled, coherent thought totally impossible as Robert thrust into her. Vesta could feel herself becoming unmoored, dimly realizing the danger of losing herself in the pleasure of being used. Desperately, her mind fought back, struggling to remain whole even as waves of unendurable pleasure sought to shatter her.

Nearly lost in pleasure and desperation, Vesta barely noticed when Robert stiffened, sending his seed deep within her. Somewhere deep in her mind, she smiled, as her final spell was triggered.

Robert groaned loudly as he emptied himself into the supine figure beneath him. The pleasure was everything he’d hoped for, and he reveled in the sensation, only slowly beginning to realize that something wasn’t quite right.

Instead of stopping, his hips continued to rock, thrusting his still erect manhood deep within the doll beneath him. Puzzled, he tried to stop, to roll off to one side, but his body refused to obey. Raising himself on his hands, he looked down at the doll beneath him, seeing the half smile on her lips.

“What have you done?” he asked, struggling to stop the rocking of his hips. The steady thrust of his manhood, so recently a source of pleasure, now took on an aspect of danger. Try as he might, he could not stop. Worse in its own way, the peak of orgasmic pleasure didn’t fade. Instead, it continued to wash through him.

As he continued to thrust, Robert could feel his body stiffen. At the same time, he could somehow feel the doll beneath him growing softer, warmer.

“How?” he asked, just before his lips froze into immobility. His hips, too, ceased their motion as his body became still.

Robert’s eyes, now locked forward, watched as figure below him smiled. Reaching up, Vesta lifted him from her body, laying him to one side. Rising, she stretched her reanimated body, still shivering slightly from the near overdose of pleasure she’d just received.

“How?” she repeated quietly. “I used a boomerang spell, my dear. Oh, but that’s level six magic, so you couldn’t have known about that. Once I realized what you’d done, I was able to delay the change to my head long enough to chant the spell. It was triggered when you came inside me.” Vesta smiled. “You see, I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist the chance to use me. Your own lust defeated you. If you’d simply resisted the urge, my spell would have been useless, and I would have been a doll forever.”

Still smiling, she rolled Robert over, then stepped back to examine him. Her eyes centered on his manhood, still erect, locked forever in the moment of orgasm.

“I will give you credit for one thing,” she said softly. “You do know how to please a woman. And I’m sure I’ll be getting plenty of pleasure out of you for a very long time.”

Lying helpless on the bed, the anatomically perfect mannequin that had once been a warlock named Robert seemed, impossibly, to shudder slightly. Staring at the ceiling, he cursed himself for his mistake, his mind struggling to resist the never-ending surge of orgasmic pleasure that threatened to overwhelm him.

And in his mind, he cried.



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