Twist And Shout

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; transform; lovedoll; toy; nc; X


Linda was more than a little happy as she opened the door to her home and strutted inside. The brunette threw her parcels on a nearby chair and walked over to check her phone and computer for messages. She smiled broadly when she heard her friend Denise's voice on her answering machine and nodded in approval as she heard her friend say she would be over later on that night.

"Perfect! I can show her the stuff I bought today and one thing in particular I know she'll like." Linda muttered as she walked back over to where her shopping bags laid and start rummaging through them. After several seconds, she pulled out a black and silver metal box that had a large silver D embossed on the top and put it on a nearby couch.

The black haired beauty took off her red leather jacket and flung it on a nearby chair before sitting down on the couch. Running her hand over her prized acquisition, Linda recalled how she came to acquire the box in question and what was contained inside.

Earlier in the day, Linda was buying some tops and shorts for wearing as a camp counselor for a local kids' summer camp when she drove by a store she had never seen before. Pulling her Mazda over to the side of the street and parking it nearby, she walked a short distance up to the brightly lit facade she had spotted earlier. When she arrived in front of the store, she saw it was one of those adult entertainment stores that specialized in selling everything from XXX movies to toys for discrete pleasure use by discerning adults. By the look of numerous people unpacking boxes and setting up display shelves, the store was still setting up for day to day operations.

Linda opened the store door and walked inside the store looking over the glossy packaging of numerous items and suppressing a chuckle as she saw the names on various adult movies and DVD's. She was looking at a "Freaks of Nature - Volume 17 (Director's Cut)" DVD when one of the staff , a sandy brown haired woman in her mid 20's, walked up to her.

"Hi, my name is Colleen. Is there something in particular you're looking for today?" the woman asked Linda in a pleasant manner.

"Well.. umm... I was wondering if you.. uh... have some personal pleasure items available for sale that aren't on display as of yet?" Linda inquired with a noticeable hesitation in her voice. Although she had been in one of these type of stores before, she still felt a bit awkward about asking for help.

Colleen thought for a second and then beckoned Linda to follow her over to the counter. Once the two got there, the clerk started rummaging through several cardboard boxes that were behind it. After a minute or two of looking and a brief glance back at the waiting Linda, Colleen got out a small cardboard box with the store's address marked on it as well as SAMPLE in bright red letters and placed it on the glass counter top. She opened it up and revealed to Linda what looked like a fairly ordinary dildo albeit in bright packaging with printed claims on it of the "best intimate experience a woman could ever experience by herself!"

Linda picked up the dildo and looked it over with a slightly puzzled look on her face. She glanced at the clerk who smiled broadly and leaned over the counter so the two were only a few inches apart.

"This is a special demonstration model sent to us by a new company to the adult exotic toy market. When they ship us the regular order here in two weeks, they guarantee that we'll be completely sold out within seven days or they'll refund our money in full plus take back any unsold merchandise without question, " Colleen whispered to her curious customer.

Linda was impressed by the clerk's pitch though she wanted to know a little more before buying. "That certainly sounds impressive but it doesn't answer one question for me. What makes this so much better than other.. uhhh..item available?" she inquired of the clerk.

Colleen nodded as if she expected the question. "The company didn't go into specific details though they did say the dildo is designed to adjust in length and firmness according to the info they included. Since it's a promotional piece, I'll let you have it for 40 % of the suggested retail price. Does that sound reasonable to you?" she said while pointing at the SRP that was marked on the side.

"Well, I think you've just made a sale today, Colleen. I trust you're set up to take my CashTake card ?" Linda inquired which produced a laugh from the sales clerk as she took the offered card and rang through the purchase.

Several hours later....

"I can't wait to try this sucker out! Especially if the company's promises turn out to be true.....! " Linda exclaimed as she stripped off most of her clothing and flung it on a nearby chair. She then dug out the box she had bought earlier and took out the dildo in question. Ripping the packaging off the toy, she held it in her left hand and looked it over for several minutes wondering just what the magic was in this little item.

"Well, there's no time like the present to test it...." the brunette crowed enthusiastically as she licked the end of the dildo before slowly inserting into her pussy. At first, she could insert only the lubricated tip into her but as the juices started to flow from the pleasure she was feeling, she was able to insert it deeper and deeper.

"Ummm... feels pretty good... though nothing out... uhhh... out of the ordinary..." Linda though as her left hand caressed her breasts and nipples while her right hand pushed and pulled the toy in and out of her in an increasing tempo of sexual excitement.

As her body became slick with the sexual heat she was feeling, Linda felt a little light headed and her legs were getting a little wobbly. She staggered backwards and flopped onto the couch hoping that sitting down would make it easier for her to cope with the intense feelings she was feeling.

"God, this feels gooodd.... mmmm... so verrry good...." Linda moaned as she pistoned the dildo in and out of her as her feelings of pleasure grew stronger by the second. She put her left hand on top of her head as the feelings of lightness grew stronger by the second. She closed her eyes as her mind was awash in the sensations and she found herself rapidly approaching an intense orgasm.

However, when she opened her eyes just enough to see herself, she saw to her shock that her lower legs had taken on a artificial look as if they were now composed of a tan colored latex shiny in appearance with no blemishes and flaws visible anywhere and the effect seemed to be spreading !

Horrified at the sight, Linda tried to sit up and take a closer look at what was happening to her but found her body no longer responded to her thoughts at all! Alone in her home with no one within earshot, her screams fell on deaf ears even as they became mixed with moans of pleasure as the feelings of pleasure were building stronger..and stronger.

Through her half closed eyes that seemed just as frozen as the rest of her body, Linda saw the evil process claim her waist and lower torso as she saw the edges of her pussy turn into an artificial pink material that allowed the dildo to penetrate even deeper into her or so it seemed. Although her arm had stopped moving, she could see it turn into the same material of the rest of her body with visible seams running the length of it much like the ones that were becoming visible on her torso.

" A LOVE DOLL... A DAMNED INFLATABLE DOLL... WHY?... HOW?... A SEX DOLL!!.. NOO!! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?... HELPPP.." Linda screamed as she realized what was happening to her. However, a few seconds later, her shouts fell silent a few seconds later as her ability to speak vanished just like her mobility, She could feel the interior of her mouth change as her teeth and tongue melt away replaced by soft supple latex ready to be probed by an inviting tongue.

The process moved upwards and claimed her breasts turning them into rigid mound of plastic that were flexible yet hold their shape when caressed or probed. Linda could see bright pink circles on the tits becoming visible capped by small yet perfect nipples providing very tempting invitations to any man or other person who came across her.

"God... nooo... uhhh... feeling so good.. but I don't want to.... nooooo!... don't want to be a doll... nooo!!!.." Linda mentally screamed as the orgasm that was building in her finally erupted in her. She would have screamed in pleasure and horror but she was just an inflatable sex toy and sat in silence... waiting...

Next morning..........

"....yes, we can get you that particular item right away if you're paying cash, sir. Just jot down your name here and I'll give you a claim check for you to come back and pick it up at ...oh...after 2 pm..." the adult store clerk said to the mid 40's man standing in front of her.

Looking at the slip and smiling, Colleen nodded "Ok, Mr. Charles Dickens, I'll make a call and we'll have the item here as promised later. I hope you like it." she said and waved to the man as he left. She then picked up a nearby cell phone and punched in a phone number while simultaneously digging out a credit card slip.

Colleen smiled as she heard the ring go incessantly on the other end and noted a small green light under counter was on with the word ACTIVATED written above it. She then disconnected and dialed another number while whistling softly.

"Chuck ? I've got an item for you and Bill to pick up with the usual arrangements. Swing by the store for the address and materials you'll need." Colleen said before hanging up and putting the slip that contained Linda's home address on it behind the counter next to a brightly colored cardboard box with a picture that looked remarkably like Linda on the front and NEW! INCREDIBLY LIFELIKE! LINDA LOVELACE... THE ULTIMATE LOVE DOLL written on it.

"Miss..?...I was wondering if you might be able to help me for a second .." a buxom red-haired woman in early 30's called out while looking over the selection of dildos and vibrators .

Colleen smiled as she walked over to the woman who looked a little uncomfortable being in such surroundings...

"You know, I've got something you might be interested in.." the clerk said with a smile......



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