Unnaturally Natural

by Medkit

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© Copyright 2013 - Medkit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; toy; mast; climax; transform; plastic; lovedoll; deflate; cons/nc; X

Kuro cautiously slipped his hand around the dirty brass handle of his bed-side drawer. Disturbed by a natural creaking, the squimish man retracted his hand and slipped under the covers of his king-sized bed, the drawer left half open. Once the man's fear had vanished, he returned to his stealthy action only to be betrayed by the rickety brass handle. Kuro paused, brushed back his thick and untamed brown hair, and continued. The two floor house was as empty as a poor man's garage. When he had decided the coast was clear, the drawer was pulled to succession, and in the dim light produced by his bedroom lamp, a rectangular box sat in the compartment of the open drawer.

Kuro glanced around, before quietly removing the box from the table, placing it on his lap. Any hopes of subtly where sure to be ruined now that the images on the box where exposed to anyone with 20/20 vision. The label read, "Hyper-realistic Love-Toy, Sure to make any girl jealous! 100% flesh!".

Despite the description, the image on the box was that of a rather waxy looking tube with a pair of badly painted lips facing the reader. Kuro sighed, looking over the object with a heavy heart. If his friends found out about this, he was sure to spend months in exile with his girl friend, explaining his emotions and whims to her, something Kuro was positive he didn't want to deal with.

Kuro's apprehensive expression reflected off the printed label, his opinion for dental care quite evident when he began to grind his teeth. "I should just get it over with. It's not like anyone would know. It's a gift, it'll be fine. No one will even care if I've fucked a plastic vagina." The worried man thought.

The object's box still had a Christmas themed sticker printed on it; It read, "To: Kuro, From: Gemma. I know you hate these things, but I thought it'd be cute. Have a happy Christmas/Birthday, Kuro!"

Kuro sighed, and reached to place the box back in the drawer. "Wait, no. I'm doing this, dammit. I'll be damned if I don't get to say I've done it!"

Kuro protested against his own arm, placing the box back on his lap and undoing the box's lid. Once the lid was laid on it's side, the faint yellow light of the lamp shone over the pale peach object. It's texture was not unlike the description the box gave; However, it didn't match the picture. "These things rarely do." He thought, holding the box closer to the lamp. The way the light hit it certainly made it seem like it was really made of skin. The realism send a shiver of uncertainty throughout Kuro. "This is so weird.." He mentioned obliviously.

Gemma's boy friend placed his hand on the smooth cylinder, it's warmth worrying Kuro beyond uncertainty. "This is so lifelike.." He held it up, looking at the lips of the object. He would've sworn they quivered but Kuro assumed it had to do with the amount of light, placing the object down in the box. It felt as smooth as Gemma, but that couldn't be possible. Gemma left for a business trip to New York two days ago, and any sort of mysterious transferal was unlikely. "In no way would it be possible.." Kuro muttered, his voice almost cracking from how tense he was.

After attributing the toy's oddities to the enviroment of his bedroom, Kuro calmly slid the thing beneath the sheets of the bed, finding his own with expert ease. Uncertain still, he grimaced and slid the toy over his member, it's bizzarely life-like feel and presumably false-dampness sending pleasure throughout his body. Kuro gradually began to relax, casually pumping in the saftey of the sheets. As the pleasure built, the feeling grew more and more realistic, so intense that the faux-vagina seemed to grip the surprised man's member.

Kuro climaxed with his hands gripping the toy, tugging on it as hard as he could to remove it, it's unnatural strength only dying when it flew off, slamming against the bedroom door. Something ice cold dripped from his phallus, the liquid's temperature sending Kuro into a panic. He hastily escaped his bed, grabbing the bathroom door's handle with his right hand, his left holding his pecker in protection from an unknown threat.

He flew the door open and flicked on the radiant bathroom bulbs, practically blinding him. Kuro grabbed a washcloth from the shower and attempted to cover his member, glancing at the reflection of his wall mirror. His left thigh, from below his groin to his stomach, shone transparently and inorganically.

"What's happening to me?!" He shouted in fear, glancing down at his pecker. The bizarre liquid seemed to have vanished, drips of water not soaking in to his now latex-like flesh. A strangely familiar smell established itself in Kuro's armpits, not unlike the smell of a sex doll or inflatable pool toy. Kuro attempted to pull the cloth away, but his strength seemed sapped, his hand a mere puffy mitt with pale-pink rubber skin.

The transforming man took a second glimpse at the mirror, finding his lips have begun to curl in on themselves, converging into a wide O shape. "No! Someone, help! Any-mmrph!" His lips sealed themselves, a perfect compartment for some disturbed intruder's manhood.

The stubborn and helpless victim struggled to touch his face, only to find that his arms where stuck in an unshakable pose, outwards in an embrace. Kuro's toned chest lost all sense of muscles, painted ones taking their place on his latex abdomen. The hairy legs which sprouted from his nearly transparent thighs slowly fell under the sway of the bizarre liquid, dark brown hairs shedding from newly weakened latex limbs. His feet, once the picture of fetish perfection, simply glued together individual toes, until they formed clumsy socks. The fully inflatable Kuro slid backwards, unable to steady himself.

All the unfortunate man could do is watch himself as his head dragged across the wall's tile, it's friction preventing him from falling entirely. "No, this can't be happening.. I've got a girl friend, a job, responsibilities!" Kuro pleaded with his invisible foe, which claimed him as it's slave.

Having realized his hopelessness, he watched the final waves of transformation in the mirror. The doll went cross-eyed as they became as faux as his plastic prick, dark hazel circles replacing organic orbs. His bellybutton became a valve to undo every hope for help, the lack of a natural cap meant that gas would leak from him for some time. The hissing gradually seducing Kuro, promising love and a life worth more than the one he had been living. At last, the man was left a pile of wriggling, deflated latex.

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