Vacation to Remember

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf; witch; potion; transform; lovedoll; mc; cons/nc; X


Bonnie and Kelly were two people very much in love who spent considerable time on the road seeing the sights and sounds of the country. They encountered many strange people and saw a few things that were only whispered rumors in most people's homes.

One ritual in particular interested the duo greatly. Deep in the bayou country, there lived a woman rumored to be the most powerful swamp witch in the world. As Bonnie and Kelly watched from bushes a short distance from the woman's property, the witch milked several poison snakes and spiders of their venom which she poured into an iron cauldron that was heating over an open fire. She then added several other ingredients such as herbs and a large pail of swamp water to the mixture.

Once the foul smelling concoction started to heat to a boiling point, the red haired woman stripped off her clothes to reveal her nude body that was covered in painted markings and tattoos. The witch then began to dance in circles around the pot while chanting several phrases that seemed to be a mixture of Cajun and French languages. After about twenty minutes, the woman fell to the ground in a heap with her body dripping sweat from the exertions of her dancing. When she remained motionless for some time, Bonnie went to go over and check to see if the witch was all right. She had just stood up and was not out in the open as of yet when the witch slowly rose from the ground and looked at the pot with fixed attention.

Bonnie returned to her hiding position as the swamp witch then threw buckets of water on the fire under the pot. Once the fire was extinguished, the witch got out several large glass bottles and started to ladle the warm liquid into the bottles. She then took a black marker and wrote on each of the bottle labels before packing them away in a wooden crate. The witch then put the crate in the trunk of her waiting black sedan and moved to get into the vehicle.

" C'mon, Bonnie, let's get in our car and follow her before she gets away. I'd like to see what exactly she marked on those bottles. If it's something cool, maybe we can get her to sell us a bottle or two, " Kelly said as he hurried towards their car with his wife right behind him.

They followed the witch's car for several miles at a safe distance till it slowed down and turned off onto a road leading to a farmhouse that looked to have been built at least 75 years ago. Bonnie and Kelly parked their car near the turnoff and saw the red haired woman got the crate out of her car and carried up the steps onto the front porch and into the house. After a few minutes, the witch came back outside and got back into her car. A second or two later, the black car sped out of the driveway and down the road in a cloud of dust.

" Wait here, Kelly. I'll go take a peek and see what's inside that might be of interest, " Bonnie said as she sprinted towards the house. Halfway there, she stumbled and fell as one of her shoe's heels broke off. Grumbling, she tossed both shoes off before going inside the dimly lit home via an open window on the left side. She stood up and let her eyes adjust to the gloom of the surroundings.

Once she could see, Bonnie was amazed to see the wide assortment of items that seemed to be in every crevasse of free space. There were large and small glass bottles on various shelves filled with everything from clear fluids to the pickled carcasses of small animals. Various iron and gold symbols of all shapes and sizes were on tables and chairs all over the room. However, it was three familiar glass bottles near the back sitting on a cupboard shelf that drew Kelly's attention to them as soon as she saw them.

The blonde woman walked over to where the bottles and picked up one off the shelf to examine it closer. The witch had written in big black letters LOVE POTION on the bottle's label. Next to the shelf was the crate that Bonnie had seen the witch carry into the house and inside were the bottles with labels inscribed just like the one she had in her hand right now. Acting purely on impulse, Bonnie tucked the bottle under her right arm and dashed out of the house via the back door she flung open. She raced across the open field heading directly for where Kelly was still crouched in the bushes keeping an eye open for the witch. When he stood up and yelled out what was the matter, Bonnie yelled back to go start the car before the witch got back.

" Hmmm... this looks a lot better than I thought it would. Maybe we can try it out when we get back to our motel room.." Bonnie said as she looked over the bottle she clutched in her hands after getting in the car. Kelly glanced over at his girl friend and, seeing the label on the bottle, smiled broadly as he started up the car's motor and swung the car out on the road.

As the two sped off down the dirt road, the witch was just returning from her short trip to a local shop for ingredients she needed. She saw the car leaving in a hurry which judging by the tracks was just on her property a short time ago. Seeing the screen door on the back of her home swing back and forth, the black haired woman shook her head as she walked up to and into her house.

" Stupid tourists... I bet they were here to snap pictures of the ' crazy old swamp witch '...Humph!! " the witch snarled as she stormed to her main storage area to finish preparing her latest creations. When she saw that one of her bottles was missing, the scream that emanated from the house was so loud that the various types of wildlife that were in the house's vicinity scattered in fear.


Later that night....

Bonnie looked at the potion she had stolen while primping in front of the washroom mirror. It looked a lot better than what she had imagined it to be. Uncorking the bottle, she sniffed the contents and found it smelled like the potpourri she would buy in specialty stores. Pulling absentmindedly on the black and silver bra she was wearing, she debated for several seconds the pros and cons of taking the potion. Shrugging her shoulders, she took a deep drink from the bottle before replacing the cap.

When Bonnie stepped back into the hotel room a minute or so later, she felt light all over as if she could just float over to Kelly, who was sitting in a chair wearing only a brightly colored shirt, a huge smile and nothing else. She went up to her lover and they engaged in some intense caressing and fondling of each other's bodies for several minutes.

Bonnie then stood up and turned around so that her shapely ass was shoved into Kelly's face. As she did so, she felt her mind growing quite foggy as a feeling of exultation went through her body and a faint glow became visible on her frame. When Kelly lifted her up and impaled her on his rock hard manhood, the glow extended to him as well.

Bonnie felt herself seemingly getting lighter by the second with each thrust of Kelly into her. She no longer felt the need to speak or breathe as an amazing transformation started to occur. Her skin was rapidly changing from warm flesh and blood to smooth latex with no sign of freckles or blemishes anywhere. Seams appeared running up and down the length of her body with a clear inflation plug growing out of the small of her back. Her breasts became rigid mounds of molded plastic capped by rubbery nipples with seams forming circles around them. Bonnie's mouth gaped open and slowly formed an ovular shape like one would see on any realistic love doll.

As Bonnie's transformation into an inanimate love doll finished, Kelly continued to thrust in and out of it's plastic pussy as if nothing was out of the ordinary. He even reached around to squeeze it's plastic tits as he emptied his load of hot semen into the doll.

" Ooooh... I am making my owner happy.. he likes me.... make him feel good... squeeze my tits.... good.... " thought the doll as its' sole focus now was pleasing its' owner in any way it could.

" Man, I always like doing it with you, Bonnie.... if only you were a real woman.." Kelly muttered as he withdrew his dripping penis from the doll and set it on the bed. He then cleaned the doll and stripped off the lingerie it was wearing which he put in his suitcase without hesitation. Kelly then reached behind the doll and pulled open it's inflation plug.

" Use me again... soon... need to be usseeddddddd...." thought the doll as the air rushed out of it's body and it's arms and legs flattened out. After about thirty seconds or so, the doll was completely deflated and laid on the bed as a smooth sheet of latex with slight bumps where it's breasts were. It's eyes, now just painted features on the latex, stared straight up at the ceiling as Kelly went around the room picking up all the items that belonged to him and put them in his suitcase. He tossed everything else into a garbage bag including Bonnie's stuff.

Kelly then folded up the doll and put it into his suitcase which he then closed. Opening the room door, he picked up Bonnie's suitcase and deposited it into a garbage dumpster nearby without hesitation. He then walked to his nearby car with a slightly glazed look in his eyes and drove away without looking back at all.


Several miles away....

The witch stared at her crystal ball with a look of immense satisfaction as the image of Kelly's car faded away. " That spell I cast will ensure that the fellow thinks his former girlfriend has always been a latex blow-up doll and all traces of her existence will be gone by the morning. That'll teach those two that stealing my property comes at a price...! " she cackled before going off to prepare new potions.... for a new day...

And.. for some... new beginnings....



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