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Storycodes: M/f+; magic; transform; lovedolls; boxed; nc/cons; X


In this day and age, they tell every young man (and woman) who wants to become a wizard (or witch, sorcerer, sorceress, warlock, etc.) that the world doesn’t need magic anymore. This, Colin knew, was bullshit. Or at best, a half-truth. His specialty was polymorphism, and even before he’d graduated, he’d realized that virtually every human being alive wanted magic, provided it would meekly obey their desires. He had become a rich man by making fat women thin and ugly men handsome, and occasionally the reverse.

Fetishes had become his favorite thing to work with these days. They let him use his creativity more, they provided interesting insights into the human animal, and they paid very well. It never ceased to amaze him how many people would become obsessed with things that, without the aid of magic, were simply impossible. Some of his clients were ridiculously wealthy, and some of them were just willing to find a way to pay whatever price he might name. Strictly speaking, he often did things that could get him in trouble with the local Mage Council, but he knew better than most how to cover his ass.

Tonight’s project was a little different from the usual. It wasn’t something that surprised him particularly—not that people could surprise him much anymore—but it was something that took a fair amount of work to set up. His client, a female CEO who shall remain nameless, had arranged the soundproof room, carefully selected the victims, and convinced each of them that they were going to some kind of audition or interview. By the time they were in the room with him it would be too late, but her instructions were clear, and he liked to do things with finesse. The odd part was that she wanted him to create a series of sense-crystals, recording the sensory stimuli and surface thoughts of the victims for her to enjoy. Coming up with enough variations of the same thing was a challenge, but he liked to think he’d risen to the occasion quite nicely.

The room had blank white walls, and a plain-looking bed. There was also a table, where he’d set out his materials. Seven sense-crystals, currently clear, and seven very different material components for seven similar polymorph spells. Everything was laid out very precisely, just how he liked it. He flicked open his cell phone, called the number his client had given him, and said, “I’m ready.”

The First Crystal

Janet wasn’t sure what to make of the room, much less the man who stood in the center of it. He was wearing all black, except for a silver pentagram pendant.

“Hi, I’m—”

Without saying a word, the man lifted up the bottom of her shirt and jabbed something into her belly button. There was a piercing pain there for just a moment, and when she looked down she saw an air valve, like on a pool toy. She tried to pull it out, but it was as though it’d been stuck to her belly button with superglue.

“What did you do?”

He smirked, and leaned against the desk.

“What did you do?!” She felt hot, and her clothes suddenly felt uncomfortable, confining. Her shirt was halfway off when she stopped herself. “I don’t need to take my clothes off. I don’t.”

“But you want to. At best you’re just delaying the inevitable.”

Janet’s breasts grew, until they pushed their way out of her bra. “What’re you talking about? What did you do?!”

“First of all, you’ll find out soon enough. Second, I’m reasonably sure there’s nothing at all you can do about it.”

A strange twinge went through her whole body, like every little hair had stood up at once. “Whatever this is, whoever put you up to it—”

“Spare me.”

She dashed at him, and something strange happened. Her body felt lighter with each step, and she misjudged enough to fall flat on her face. The heat and discomfort were becoming unbearable, and she finally relented and started to take her clothes off. There were seams around her distended breasts, running around her shoulders, down her sides, along the fronts of her legs.

She let out a scream. “You’re turning me into a blow-up doll!”

He rubbed his head. “You’re stating the obvious.”

“Change me back! I’ll do anything!” She started to pick herself up, and turned around to face him.

He rolled his eyes, reached over to her back, and opened the little air valve there. She flopped to the ground, feeling empty.

The Second Crystal

When Kelly walked into the room, the man there told her to lie on the bed. She agreed, reluctantly, wondering what this had to do with the audition. She was trying to decide whether she could bring herself to have sex with this man if it meant getting on TV when she felt something cold against her exposed midriff. He was pouring the flesh-colored contents of a test tube into her belly button.

“Um… Sir?”

It was cold and viscous, and it seemed to disappear into her belly button. He carefully put the test tube into a tray on the table.

“Just stay where you are. It’ll take effect in a moment.”

All at once, Kelly felt a tingling all over her body. She looked at her arm, and watched the tiny hairs on it pull themselves under her skin. It gave her skin a rubbery, unnatural look. Her arm flopped down onto the bed, and she started to panic when she realized she couldn’t move at all. Her whole body seemed to be growing. Her legs grew longer, and her hips grew wider, and somehow this ripped apart her shorts. Her vagina became a smooth, rounded slit, that disappeared from her view as her breasts became bigger and heavier.

She felt a momentary stabbing pain in her belly button, and then there was a sound of air rushing in. The weight of her body lessened, while her skin became glossy and unblemished. Seams formed, first encircling her breasts, then around her body, with a tingle. Just as the rush of air into her body was becoming exciting and unbearable, the man closed the plug that she now realized had replaced her belly button.

He put a hand on her breast, and ecstasy coursed through her air-filled body even as she wanted to scream at him for what he’d done to her. He let his hand drift down to her vagina, now just a latex hole—even that light touch sent waves of pleasure that tried to smash her thoughts to bits—before he pulled open the valve and let the air escape.

The Third Crystal

When she walked into the room, there was a man sitting on a bed, holding a tube of some kind of cream or lotion. There was no label on it. He stood up and said, “There you are. I need you to strip and lie down here.”

She nodded, wondering where this was leading, and started by pulling off her skirt. “What is that stuff?”

“It’s… complicated. It’s meant to heighten sexual pleasure. You’re not allergic to any drugs or herbs, are you?”

“No, not at all.”


The bed was soft, but also very new. It had probably never been slept in before. He handed her the tube. “Apply this to as much of your skin as possible.”

“Aren’t you going to do it?”

“My wife made me promise not to.”

She took the tube in her hand, and unscrewed the cap. “She doesn’t have to know…”

“Yes, but I do.”

She chuckled, and squirted some of the lotion—it was white, with a very slight pink tint—into her palm. It smelled like plastic. When she rubbed some on her opposite arm, her skin tingled pleasantly. She continued, rubbing it into her tits, her belly, her legs, her ass.

“I can’t really reach my back, you know.”

“Just do the best you can. You don’t have to cover absolutely every square inch for it to work.” She twisted, and it was easier than she expected. She put it between her toes too.

“Don’t forget your face.”


“I’m serious here.”

She complied, and then swayed a bit, suddenly feeling dizzy.

“Are you okay?”

She dropped the empty tube, and put her hands to her head. “What was that? I feel… weird. Lighter.”

He looked at her with concern. “I’m sorry. Something must’ve gone wrong.” He put his hand on her breast, of all places, then dug in his fingernails. She let out a cry, but even as he pulled away a layer of flesh, she realized that didn’t actually feel any pain.

Underneath was latex, and she could see the circular seam of a love doll’s breast where hers should be. “It’s going to come off no matter what we do,” he explained, “and I can’t change you back until it does.”


Carefully, methodically, he peeled off her skin, revealing more and more latex each time. First her right arm and shoulder. The pink plastic moved as she wanted it to, though the lack of bones meant that the joints were awkward and clumsy. The other arm went quickly too, and then the back all at once. When she turned to look at the discarded skin, she saw it shriveling and disintegrating. She felt nauseous, but for whatever reason she didn’t gag.

“You seem really calm about this.” How was she talking? She probably didn’t have lungs now, and she didn’t feel any air flowing through her mouth.

He took hold of the skin on her stomach, and pulled down, revealing the latex body’s vagina, a simple, rounded slit. And just above it a plug, like on a pool toy, where her belly button should’ve been. “I’m a professional. If I make a mistake, I fix it and try not to repeat it.” He moved on to peeling the skin off of her legs. Seams ran down the fronts of the legs, and the feet had no toes.

“How long will it take to turn me back?”

The man looked down at her doll body in a way she didn’t like. “I’ll have to go buy some materials, but the spell won’t take long.”

“Oh. Okay.”

He took hold of the bottom of her face, and she instinctively backed away.

“I told you, it all has to come off.”

She hesitated, then nodded. The mouth of the doll face kept wanting to open into an O shape.

“I have to go to a… specialty store for those materials. I’ll be gone for a few hours. In the meantime…” He pulled open her plug, and the air began to escape.

“What’re you do—” The lack of air pressure inside her body kept her from moving, and she was overcome by sleep.

The Fourth Crystal

There was a latex catsuit carefully laid out on the bed. It was flesh-colored though (why not just make it clear?), and it had nipples and a vagina included. Nikki looked at the man who stood there, leaning against the desk.

“Hi. I’m Nikki.”

He held up his camera. “Go ahead and put it on so we can get started.”

Apparently he wasn’t much for conversation. She took her coat off. “Where’s the powder?”

“It’s a special material that doesn’t need it.”

The suit opened in the back, but it didn’t seem to have a zipper. Once she had finished stripping down, she picked it up and pushed her right leg into place. The latex—or rather, the “special material”—was cold against her skin, but it was easy to put on even without powder. When she had both legs inside, she was struck with how exacting the fit was. The suit even had feet and toes. It seemed to cling to her skin perfectly, neither too loose nor too tight. She put her arms in and pulled her hands up into the “gloves” at the ends.

Without saying a word the man helped pull the back together so that the front neatly cupped her breasts. Then she felt him jab one finger into the small of her back, and draw it upwards. The suit seemed to be closing at his touch, like an invisible zipper. Nikki felt the plastic over her stomach, and decided she could probably rip through it if it came to that.

Then he held up a mask. It had a big open O of a mouth, eye holes covered with transparent plastic, and was printed with a cartoonish makeup job. She didn’t like the look of it, but she wasn’t in the mood to argue. Better to get this over with. The mask didn’t have anything to hold it in place; he just pressed it against her face, and it stuck.

“Do you have a mirror?”

The man shook his head, but he flipped around the little LCD monitor on his camera. She looked very much like an inflatable love doll.

“So, what do you want me to do? They weren’t too clear on the specifics.”

He turned the monitor around again, and for the first time he smiled. She didn’t like it. “You don’t have to do anything.”

“Um, excuse me?”

“She’s going to do all the work here.”

Nikki started to feel a tingling, like a full-body funny bone. “Who?”

“I don’t think she has a name, but that suit? It’s cursed.”

The tingling got more intense. “That’s not funny. You just put some kind of chemical in it, right?”

“Please. It took a lot more work than that.” He’d dropped all pretense of being a cameraman. He stood straighter, and his silver pentagram pendant gleamed.

She tried to pull at the suit, to take it off, but her fingers felt clumsy, and the plastic was so tight on her skin she couldn’t get any traction anyway. Her ears buzzed, her vision blurred, and she fell over sideways. The next thing she knew she was laid out on the bed.

“What’re you doing to me?” The O-mouth made it hard to speak. Her heart was hammering away, her insides were burning.

“If I tell you not to hold a grudge against me, it’s not because you don’t have a right to be angry. It’s because, first, you can’t do anything about it. And second, I’m not the one who wanted this to happen to you. I’m just doing a job.”

The burning sensation suddenly jumped in intensity, and she screamed. She kept screaming, in one continuous breath, until, abruptly, she felt fine.

She sat up, forced her mouth closed, and glared at him. “Whatever that was, it was bullshit. I’m going home.”

“I don’t think so. Not like that.”

“Then get me out of this thing.”

“It’s a bit late for that.”

He reached around to her back and grabbed hold of something there. When she realized what it was she tried to push him away, but it was too late. Air started rushing out of her body, and with it what little strength there was in her limbs. She became a heap of latex on the bed, and faded to a kind of sleep.

The Fifth Crystal

When Cindy stepped through the door, she saw a man dressed in black sitting on the edge of a bed. He was quick to look up at her and say, “Sorry about the surroundings. Everything was kind of last-minute, so they couldn’t get the chairs I requested.” He patted a spot next to him on the bed. “Have a seat. I’ll get you something to drink and we can talk.”

The bed was cheap and ordinary. The man returned with two glasses of pinkish liquid. He handed one to her and sat down beside her. Cindy sniffed the class. Some kind of fruit juice. She took a sip.

“So, Mrs. Ross said you had an opportunity for me, Mister…?”

“McDowell. I’m in the market for an executive assistant.”

She took a gulp of the juice. There was definitely mango in there, but what else? “Well, it depends on what you mean by ‘executive assistant’ exactly, Mr. McDowell. I have plenty of experience with typing, dictation, managing appointments, and so forth. I can even do shorthand.”

“Ah, the lost art of shorthand.”

“Yes. But I didn’t get into this business because I wanted to sleep my way up.”

“Good. From Ross’ description of you I wasn’t sure what kind of ‘assistance’ she was recommending.”

The juice was nearly gone. Guava. There was definitely guava in it. “Are you married?”

“What?” That actually took him by surprise. “No. I…”

He looked down into his untouched glass. “Suffice it to say, every time I meet a woman who I can truly consider my equal, it doesn’t last.”

“So I’m not your equal?”

McDowell let out a breath. “No. Mrs. Ross is… close. But I’m not her type.”

Cindy handed the glass back to him. “What was in there? If there was alcohol I couldn’t taste it at all.”

He stood up, and put the two glasses on the table on the other side of the room. “No, no alcohol. The active ingredients are a bit more… esoteric.”

“What, like a magic potion?”

“What would you say if I said it was?”

She rose to her feet, and swayed a little. “That would depend on what it does.”

She took off her coat and dropped it on the bed. “Is that why it feels hot in here all of a sudden?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. You’re going to have an unbearable urge to take off all of your clothes.”

“And then what?”

“You’ll turn into a magically animated inflatable love doll.”

“And then?”

“Then I’ll deflate you and put you in a box.”

She was unbuttoning her blouse without really thinking about it. She didn’t fight it. Either he was lying and this was some kind of drug, or her was telling the truth and there probably wasn’t much she could do about it. “Why would you do that?”

“Because it’s what I was hired to do.”

“So you don’t get off on it yourself?” She neatly folded her blouse and set it on the bed. Why was she doing that?

“I won’t pretend I don’t, but I’m into all kinds of other things. A connoisseur if you will.”

Her skirt came off, and went onto the bed too. Even having undergarments on bothered her now. “And there’s nothing I can do to stop it?”

“There are some spells that could halt the potion’s effects, but I’m reasonably sure you’re not capable of such a thing.”

Her bra, panties, and pantyhose went on the bed too. Would she be folded up with them too? “And there’s no reasoning with you?”

“Someone else hired me first. And I always follow through.”

Cindy stood there, naked, and folded her arms. “So what happens now?”

“Well, for this particular variation an open air valve should form in your belly button.”

And there was a plug, like on a pool toy, where her belly button should’ve been. It was sucking in air, faster and faster. She tried to close the valve, but it immediately forced itself open again.

“You’re just delaying the inevitable.”

She sighed, and stood there. “Is McDowell even your real name?”

“Of course not.”

She felt a pressure inside of her. It started in her torso, and grew to fill her entire body.

“While I was developing this version, the first test was actually pretty messy, but I’ve gotten most of the bugs out since then.”

Cindy’s body was becoming lighter, and her chest was swelling. “That doesn’t sound very reassuring.”

Suddenly, her chest split open. A thin layer of something like skin gave way, and a pair of latex breasts fully inflated themselves. Her body kept expanding, and the skin split in more and more places, around her shoulders, her hips, down her legs, revealing more and more latex. This new body underneath had an unnatural sheen, clean of any hair or blemishes, and had a network of seams, like plastic welded together. She found herself standing in the midst of a pile of skin-stuff, looking down at a love doll body.

She lifted her hands—they still moved—and looked at them. “I can still move? And talk?”

He walked around behind her. “Of course. But there’s one very important way in which you’re very much like a normal love doll.”

“What’s that?”

He picked her up, held her sideways, and pulled out the plug. The air rushed out of her, and she became limp plastic in his hands. She was dimly aware of him neatly folding her up, and putting her on top of her pile of clothes, before she lost consciousness.

The Sixth Crystal

Leila strode into the room to find a man there dressed all in black.

“Mr. McElroy?”


She shuffled her feet. The long coat was itchier than she’d expected. “I’m here for the audition… for the adult movies.” He was wearing a silver pentagram pendant. “I… I like your pendant. Are you a Satanist or something?”

McElroy rolled his eyes at her. “There are better things to do with demons than worship them. Anyway, why don’t we get started?”


He picked up what looked like a dildo made of clear plastic, with something embedded inside. Wires? “I want you to use this to give me a demonstration.”

She let him put it in her hand. “Are you going to film me?”

“We don’t start taping until after performers are signed. The government’s been claming down on porn, so we have to make sure our legal stuff is airtight these days.”

“Oh. Right. You want me to get started?”

He nodded. “I have another appointment before I can go home. Don’t rush yourself, but do get started.”

She took off her coat—she was naked underneath, as instructed—and got onto the bed. The dildo did have some kind of wires embedded into it, and they formed some kind of symbols. But there were no batteries. “I usually like to use the kind that vib—” The sex toy in her hand vibrated. It wasn’t like a motor had started inside; the whole thing seemed to just start humming on its own. Even just holding it in her hand and listening to it was pleasant. “How does it work?”

McElroy was leaning on his desk, fingering the pentagram pendant. “Sorry, trade secret. But I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Gingerly at first, she slid the humming dildo into her pussy. It felt good. It felt warm and powerful and perfect. She started moving it in a steady rhythm, and she forgot all about her embarrassment. The man, the desk, the bed, everything faded from view in the haze of pleasure. She cried out in spite of herself, and still kept going. A tingling started to spread outwards from her vagina, and the dildo’s hum seemed to be growing louder.

“Enjoying yourself?”

McElroy was still in the room. She noticed out of the corner of her eye that he was standing beside the bed now. “This… is… amazing…”

“Are you sure you don’t want to stop?”

“Why… Why would I?” Her whole body was full of that wonderful humming sound. She felt light as a feather, empty of anything except pleasure.

“Well, you are turning into an inflatable love doll.”

For just a second a spell seemed to lift, and she realized that he was right. She focused her eyes on her own body, and saw enormous D-cup breasts, unnaturally smooth skin, and seams circling her breasts, running all across her body.

“If you stop now you might turn back to normal.”

She held the dildo tighter, moved it faster, more urgently.

“Okay, now this is the point of no return. You’re not going to be flesh and blood anymore, but if you stop now at least you’ll be able to move around and talk.”

But she didn’t want to stop. Defiantly, she thrust the dildo into her mouth. It felt every bit as good there. Her teeth and tongue seemed to dissolve, into a soft plastic sac.

“Fine. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Not that you can say much right now.”

She wanted to grunt at him, but there was nothing to make a voice with. She returned the dildo to her pussy. Her legs spread apart on their own, and they refused to move. Her arms started getting more stiff too, until they refused to move. But the dildo was still in place, still humming, so it was okay.

Then he pulled the dildo out, and held it in his gloved hand. “You know, you’re the tenth to try this thing out. Only two were able to stop using it.”

For a moment she just wanted him to put it back in her, but then, absent the continual tsunami of pleasure slamming into her brain, she started to take in the situation, and a deep dread came over her.

“Not that it saved either of them, of course. But I’m still awed by how much power pleasure has over people sometimes. Anyway, enough yammering. The part about there being one more appointment was definitely true.”

And with that, he deflated her.

The Seventh Crystal

Alice came into the room with a bounce in her step that the man waiting there seemed to find a little irritating. Of course, there was something he didn’t know, and it probably bugged him.

“Hi! I’m here because Collette sent me about the new aphrodisiac?”

“Oh, yes. Alice, right?”

“That’s me.”

He went to the desk and picked up a medicine cup with a single capsule inside and a small glass of water, then handed them to her.

“This is bigger than those NyQuil capsules.”

He shrugged. “That’s about as compact as I could make it and still have the proper effect.”

“Should I take my clothes off?”

He seemed puzzled by her question, but his answer was puzzling in its own way. “That won’t be necessary.”

“If you say so.” She raised the medicine cup, flinging the capsule into her mouth in one smooth motion (she had more experience taking medicine than most people), and took a swallow of water. She hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast, so she felt the water making its way down her esophagus and into her stomach. “How long does it take to kick in?”

“It starts within a few seconds, and the process should be complete within a few minutes.”

The process. So far so good. She handed the cups back to him, and he set them down on the desk.

The first thing she noticed was a sort of pressure on her chest. She looked down, and saw that her boobs were actually expanding, and thus straining against her bra and T-shirt. Her jeans felt just a little looser too. Just when the pressure on her chest started to become painful, a tingling sensation whipped its way around each breast. Circles of fabric, cut out of her T-shirt as though by magic, fell to the floor, along with half-moons of brassiere, and two big latex breasts with pink caricatures of nipples shoved their way into view. She felt them with her hands, and they felt awesome. They were filled with air too.

Alice ignored her host, and concentrated on taking in every detail of her transformation.

The same tingling sensation circled the base of her neck, went down her shoulders, and around her shoulder joints. The severed sleeves of her shirt slid down. When the tingling traveled down both sides of her arms, those limbs were momentarily forced to straighten, and the sleeves dropped to the floor. She found that she could still move her arms though, and held them up to get a better look. They too were glossy latex with seams. Even the fingers were still there, and could still move, though they had only faint suggestions of fingernails.

The tingling then slid downward from her armpits. Her shirt, cut down both sides, finally fell away completely, revealing a smooth, air-filled torso. She ran her hands along her stomach and sides, feeling the seam, and watched as it crept around her crotch, forming more seams like a bikini-line. A triangular piece of her jeans fell away, along with most of the front of her underwear. The vagina revealed there was a smooth plastic slit. This wasn’t quite like a real love doll, on which it would’ve been higher and probably bright pink, but when she let her right hand brush against it, she decided the intensity of the sensation was worth it.

The seams sliced their way down the front of her legs, finally cutting away the last of her clothes. The legs of her jeans fell to the floor even as the seam-forming sensation made its way up the back of her legs, and split in some complicated way to preserve her two buttocks (instead of fusing the two cheeks together like on a real love doll). The last thing was the air valve, which formed in her belly button of all places.

Alice stood there for a while with the pile of clothing scraps around her, taking in the sensations of her new body. She didn’t expect to be able to stand. This was all wrong.

She frowned, and rounded on her host. “What the hell did you do to me?”

“What does it look like?”

“I thought you were turning me into a love doll!”

“That’s what I did.”

“No you didn’t! Dolls can’t move, and they don’t think like people! I’m just a woman stuck in a latex body now!”

“Wait, wait, wait. Let me get this straight. You wanted to be turned into a doll, because you want to become, mentally and physically, an inanimate object?”

“Yes! You mean you actually, in real life, have magical powers that let you transform people into dolls, and you’ve never been to any doll story websites?”

“What? No. I… I only do physical changes.” He regained his cool and strode over to her. “I can treat you like a doll though.”

And with that he reached over and pulled out her plug. Her whole body became loose, smaller, and what strength had remained in her limbs after the transformation leeched out with the air, until she was a pile of latex on the ground. It was an amazing feeling.

Colin looked at the last one for a moment, thinking, then folded her up and put her in the box with the others. He had not been in the mood for a critique, and it left a bad taste in his mouth. Altering a human mind without completely breaking it is such a delicate area of sorcery that even wizards often resort to more conventional brainwashing methods. Doing that and a polymorph spell at the same time would be like juggling flaming chainsaws while riding a unicycle across a tightrope. He was good, but not that good.
He let out a sigh, closed the box, and handed it to the security guard who waited outside.

Each doll had been a woman who’d crossed his client in some way, and she probably had more plans for each of them. That was fine; he had enough dolls to play with at home. But first, of course, she wanted the crystals delivered personally. He pulled the silver pen from his pocket, the one he’d enchanted to activate his “insurance policy.” It was amazing how many of these people thought they could double-cross a wizard and get away with it. Subtle and quick to anger, that was him. Colin had tried being other things, but mostly he preferred being himself and watching other people become something less than human.

But, turning his client into an eighth doll wouldn’t be good for business. Even if she would enjoy it, at first.

He packed up the crystals in a leather case and headed down to the street. As he got into the waiting limo, he pulled out his cell phone and called his assistant. “Tom, it’s me. I just came up with an idea for a project, and I want you use that computer of yours to find some things for me.”



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