Vault of Assumed Consent

by PVCnLeather

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© Copyright 2014 - PVCnLeather - Used by permission

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Good morning babe! Watcha doin?

Hiya Sexy! just laying in bed thinking about you.

Watcha wearing?

Yes, I still have them on..

I can't believe it! It's been four days!

You told me not to take them off until I saw you again!

Good boy. Do you like the way they feel
as much as you thought you might?

What I said was I didn't think it was fair that girls
 underwear was made of sexier fabrics than boys.
I didn't say I wanted to wear girls underwear.

That's not what I asked.



Yes what?

Yes, I like the way the silky fabric feels on my junk.

It's just hard to keep my junk in them is all.

Yay! I was hot all week thinking about you wearing my
pink satin panties under your boy clothes.
Makes me feel like I own you.

Funny. That's kinda how they make me feel too. my very own doll.

Well I wouldn't go that far.

Hey, Don't ruin it for me.

Whatever you say my pretty.

 I didn't know you were so kinky!

But I like it!

Oh, just you wait mister.

Yikes! I'm not sure I can wait!

I'm as hard as a rock just texting you!


Don't you do anything about that. Not until I see you again.


Yes. Really.

How about Friday after I get off work. You can stay the weekend.
My housemate will be gone until Tuesday through the holiday weekend.

OK. I have some things to take care of on Friday though.
I'll see what I can do. If not after work then
 most certainly by Saturday morning.

Good. I'll leave a key under the mat in case it's late when you get here.
Come any time you can. It would be really nice to have my dreams come true.

I'll do my best!

Over and out doll!


Over and out I said.

I laid in bed for another 20 minutes smiling as I massaged my stiff cock. Man was I horny. Jenny and I had been dating for only three weeks but our chemistry was amazing. She was funny, smart, kind and beautiful too. And now she was showing a kinky side that was about enough to seal the deal for me. I was falling hard for her.

I got up to shower and standing on the cool tile floor of the bathroom I looked at myself in the full length mirror on the back of the door. Nipples standing erect, I looked at my tall, thin defined body standing there in a pair of hot pink high cut satin bikini bottoms. The head of my cock sticking out of the top of the waistband capping my stiff shaft clearly defined through the pink satin. I grabbed my shaft through the panties and squeezed. I really did like the way the material felt and there was a sort of sexiness in how the sides cut up to my pelvis bones and dipped down in the front just below my lower stomach muscles.

I peeled Jenny's panties down my legs and stepped into the shower as I had each day since wearing them. I would put them back on when I was finished obeying Jenny's request.

I had met Jenny through a friend of mine. I wasn't too excited about meeting Josh and his girl at the club that night on account they usually ended up ditching me before the night was over but this night I couldn't pass up the invite to see the band that was playing. I had worn my tight leather pants, tall Fluevog riding boots and a simple grey T shirt. I kept my leather Euro style riding jacket and helmet locked to my bike parked on the sidewalk. My motorcycle was the easiest way to find parking around the clubs.

Josh and Kim were easy to find. They were the ones lip-locked standing on the packed floor in front of the stage as the openers finished their set. I headed to the bar, ordered three Irish Car Bombs (it was one of those days) and headed to the floor with the drinks precariously clumped together in a triangle. Josh spotted me and waived me over.

"Hi my friend, tough day at work I see." looking at the drinks I was carrying. "Did you get chewed out by a pubescent teen with a tongue sharper than my mothers today?"

"No, more like an eighty year old who couldn't figure out how to operate his remote and thought tech support could reach through the phone and press the buttons for him."

"And you were too nice to tell him to call his wife instead?"


"Those drinks all for you then or are you sharing?"

"Oh no, why stop my generosity at the office. Two are for you guys."

Josh grabbed a drink.

"You rock dude! Kim, Alex bought us drinks. Toss one back with us."

"I'm not drinking tonight"

"Looks like those two are all you bud"

"Dude, I can't have more than one of these. I'm on my bike tonight"

...And this is where Jenny comes in.

I hadn't noticed the striking red head in the short leather mini, fishnet stockings and high heel calf boots standing next to us until she piped in at this point and said, "Hey, before you go all toss happy on that third drink that we all share the same lust for, how about giving this thirsty chick some consideration? ...And don't think I didn't also notice our shared lust for tight leather either." as she wagged her finger at my pants.

Awestruck by this strangers gothic beauty and dumbfounded by her forwardness I stammered...

"Um, sure. I hate to see a good drink go to waste... and for someone as beautiful as you to go thirsty."

Did I really just say that?

"Why thank you my good boy" as she beamed with a mischievous smile. "Here's to hanging out with my new friends tonight." And she raised her glass.

I followed suit and clinked glasses with the stranger as she winked at me and then I clinked with Josh as I mouthed, "Who is she?" and Josh to Jenny as he smiled wide shrugging his shoulders. We all tipped our glasses to Kim's empty hand and mouth gaping look of disapproval.

"Here Here" exclaimed Josh.

I learned that Jenny was at the club alone supporting the band. "My twin is in the headline band" she had told me. When I exclaimed "There are two of you?" She laughed and said, "Well in a lot of ways yes, but he's not nearly as cute as me."

As anticipated, about three quarters of the way through the set of the headline band Josh nudged my side and said, "We're heading out, do you need any advice before I go my friend? This one looks like a real ball of fire!" with Kim's glaring look of disapproval yet again.

"Nope, I got it. I'll call you tomorrow"

At this point I still had not had a formal introduction with Jenny. She knew my name from hearing Josh address me but I hadn't asked her name nor had I thought about asking. We were having so much fun dancing, singing and hanging on each other.

We ended up hopping on my bike (I keep an extra helmet locked to the bike for this very reason) and heading to a diner. Jenny wearing my jacket and hugging my leather clad legs tight with her fishnet thighs. I dropped her off at her rented house just as the sun was beginning to crest the horizon on a new day. Jenny told me that as much as she didn't want me to leave, I couldn't come in because of the "rules" she and her housemate had.

We kissed passionately at the curb as I found my hand slipping up her thigh and underneath her skirt.

"Another time" she cooed. "Let's call it a night for now"

"But I don't even know your name" I exclaimed.

"You know where I live. Isn't that enough?"

"Fair enough then."

Sitting at work like the other 1000 or so drones answering phones in the tech support center gave me plenty of time to think about how much fun Jenny and I had been having the past three weeks. And the sex was amazing!

I have always considered myself kinky but just never found a girlfriend who I felt I could approach this with. The internet was my best friend when it came to kink. Surfing the bondage sites and reading bondage stories. I was very intrigued with the idea of tying women up.

Could Jenny be the one? The whole 'I want you to wear my panties' thing was a strong indicator as were other comments she would often make. So I sat in my invisible cubicle and helped helpless people work through their computer illiteracy issues while I thought about how I was going to introduce bondage to Jenny.

I spent the better part of the week with a raging hard on pressing against the inside of Jenny's pink satin panties. Most often with my left hand inside the front of my pants feeling my cock through the smooth surface wrapped around it.

Friday came and part of my plan was to call into work sick so I could get my afore mentioned things done and run a couple of errands before making it to Jenny's place right about the time she got home. She would be both surprised and thrilled. I was pumped and horny as hell thinking that this might be the weekend I was going to introduce bondage into our relationship.

There was a new adult fetish store on the other side of town that had recently opened up in an old bank building. I had actually banked there previously. I wanted to check it out and see if I could find something sexy for Jenny to wear when, and if, she let me tie her up.

I had already packed my backpack with a few lengths of hemp rope I bought on the internet a while back and some cheap leather cuffs and a glorious black leather hood with no eye holes but just a breathing hole for the nose. I had been practicing two column ties on my ankles and had practiced frog ties on my legs. I felt ready but I also wanted to maybe grab a nice gag at the store if they had any to complete my supplies.

Friday morning I lounged around a bit and once again admired how I looked in the bathroom mirror in Jenny's panties. I threw on a pair of low rise jeans, a T shirt and my short riding boots. I threw my riding jacket on, slung my backpack full of supplies over my shoulder and stuffed my cell phone in my back pocket.

I took care of the couple of things I had on my list to do in an hour and I was ready to ride to the fetish shop about 30 minutes away. I was eager with anticipation. As I pulled up I immediately recognized my old windowless bank and also noticed the new sign outside that read "The Vault". Other than this one change it still looked exactly the same.

I parked my bike out front, locked my helmet next to the spare helmet and stepped inside.

"Now I don't recognize my bank" I thought. Gone were the counters where the tellers stood, gone was the island where I filled out my deposit slips and gone were the desks with the loan officers.

The place was filled with racks of kinky clothes! For both women and men. I saw leather, latex, PVC, spandex, corsets, boots and a lot more with just a quick scan A kinky guy could spend hours here getting lost in the racks. Where to start?

I was quickly approached by a female clerk who told me she would have to hold my bag at the counter and asked if there was anything "special" I was looking for. I pulled my pack off my back and handed it to her and told her I was looking for some items for my girlfriend. She motioned to the women's side of the store and said she was going to put my pack in the bins behind the counter and she would be right back to help me but I should start looking.

I headed directly for the corsets as many of the images I saved on my computer the women were wearing corsets while bound. I spotted a hot Pink PVC corset with garters and heavy boning that appeared to match Jenny's panties I was still wearing, I thought it would be sexy if I made her put the panties back on after I had worn them while I tied her up. A little revenge I thought.

The clerk spoke up behind me.

"So you are thinking a corset"

"Yeah, I know she really likes pink so I was looking at this one. How do I know what size to get?"

"Well do you know what her high waist size is?"

"No, but I know that her panty size is Medium."

"Hmmm. Anything else like dress size maybe"

"No, but she has worn these jeans once and they fit her pretty well. They are a 30."

"They seem to be pretty low cut. Does her waist narrow up past her hips?"

Motioning my hands up like I was feeling her waist I said "Yes, about this much."

"OK. I think you might want to start with a 24 inch or maybe even a 22 inch. That is the measurement you would shrink her waist down to but they both should fit fine. The 22 will give you room to shrink further with some waist training."

"Alright then. I like the idea of 22 inches."

The clerk handed me a 22 and I looked at the price tag. "Yoaza! I didn't realize they were this expensive."

"You get what you pay for in a corset and we do take credit cards."

"Alright, I am going to look around a bit at stockings and think about it. But I do like the idea of the hot pink."

"OK. I'll hold this one at the counter for you just in case and I'll also pick out some of my favorite items to set with it for you to look at. I know it can be overwhelming"

I thanked her and started looking at the various racks of sexy clothes while I imagined Jenny in each.

As I got closer to the back of the store I noticed the banks original vault was still in place and the huge heavy steel door was open about three quarters of the way. Above the door hung a red sign "VAULT OF ASSUMED CONSENT". Intrigued, I headed towards it.

As I entered the room I noticed how tall and thick the vault door was. About 10 feet high and at least fifteen inches thick. I ran my hand over one of eight, 8 inch diameter cylinder locking guide pins. Wow this door was awesome!

Then I saw the inside of the room. Dimly lit and painted entirely in red the walls were covered in bondage glory! Hoods, restraints, floggers, gags, masks, shackles, etc. I was in heaven! It was all hanging on four foot panels around the room. Each panel was separated by either a mirror or a piece of bondage furniture. A St. Andrews cross,  a spanking bench and a bondage chair were among them. Highlighted in the center of the room on a raised platform was a set of beautiful bondage stocks.

There was one other guy in the room shopping. I spotted the wall of gags and headed straight to them. I ran my hand over all of the choices and it fell onto the gag I had in mind all along. A simple red ball gag with a locking strap. I pulled it off the wall and continued to browse. What I really wanted to do was check out that set of stocks on the platform but I was too embarrassed to step up onto the platform so I browsed the hoods until the other guy walked out.

I approached the platform and stepped up. These stocks were solid. Two vertical six inch square posts painted black flanked each side of the open stocks. There was some sort of a rail system on the inside of each post that held the stocks firmly in place. The top stock was set about eight inches above the bottom stock in an open position. There were four evenly spaced guide pins protruding up from the top edge of the lower stock. I could not tell how the stocks slid in the rails or how the upper stock was currently suspended above the lower stock but I could tell that the outer two guide pins were locking pins as they each had a spring loaded tab on the side of the exposed pin and a push button at the bottom edge of the stock where the pin's head came through.  I pushed the button with my thumb and confirmed this as the tab retracted into the pin. Each vertical support post connected at the bottom to a similar six inch square post that ran parallel to and rested on the platform. This was the upright stocks support and they too had rails on the inside and an ankle stock sat in the closed position within them.

My heart was beating fast as I was on sensory overload. I imagined being held in the stocks and what it would feel like. I looked back towards the door and didn't see anyone so I stood on top of the closed ankle stocks and laid my right wrist in the right half-cylinder. It was lined with a dense foam pad covered in black PVC. The pad felt like one of those foam pillows that moulds to your head when you lay on it. I then did the same with my left wrist. My wrists fit snug into the foam in the half circles and felt comfortable against the smooth PVC but it wasn't the full effect.

I turned my head once more to look at the door and saw no one in sight so I leaned over, twisted my head sideways, fed it between the open stocks, twisted it back straight so I was looking down and rested my neck in the center half cylinder covered in the same PVC covered foam. My cock began to get hard with how awesome this felt. I closed my eyes and imagined being held firmly in place.

I then applied pressure on the PVC padding with both wrists and my neck to see how much give the dense foam had. I immediately heard a sound like a pneumatic device in both ears and the top stock came crashing down on my neck and wrists. My eyes and hands opened wide in shock and I dropped the ball gag to the floor I had been clutching.

 "Shit!" I said out loud. "Don't panic." I thought.. Just lift your head and wrists and this thing should separate enough to get your wrists out and then you can grab and lift the upper stock off your neck.

No go. It would not budge. I had just inspected one of the guide pins and knew exactly how they worked and I knew they were locked in place. I started to panic but was too embarrassed to yell for help. I struggled to pull my wrists through the holes but it wasn't happening. The foam pad molded perfectly around my wrists and neck. I even had trouble twisting them. I continued to try to lift up but still nothing. I was stuck.

Then I heard a couple of girls giggling as they walked into the vault. At first they didn't see me until I heard one say "oh my! I think that's a real person ." They walked around to my front and stared into my eyes from ground level.

"Hey, can you help me? I think I am stuck. I am so embarrassed"

"I don't know Stacy, this kind of creeps me out a little."

"Yeah right" the one called Stacy said to me. "More like you are supposed to be there. Like you got caught shop lifting or something."

"No really. I'm stuck"

"C'mon Stacy, lets go"

"No. Please help me. or at least tell the clerk to come help me"

"Hey look at this." as Stacy spotted and grabbed the ball gag I had dropped directly below my head. "Did you spit this out?"

"No. It was in my hand. I dropped it. I was going to buy it"

"I don't believe you. All boys are liars."

With that she jumped up onto the platform and despite my protests forced the ball into my mouth and swiftly buckled it behind my neck."

"Really Stacy, let's go. I don't like this room."

"OK, now I'm ready to go" as Stacy jumped back down amidst my pleading growls and the two girls walked behind me and out of  sight. As they passed I heard one whisper "I think he's hard"  ...I was.

"Holy Shit! What just happened" I thought.


Several minutes of struggling passed before I heard a voice.

"My my. What do we have here?"

It was the clerk.

I tried to crane my head around to see but not only was my head facing down, My body was facing away from the door. I could only imagine how it looked when someone walked in the room with my ass up in the air. I quickly strained  my neck up as much as possible and scanned the rooms mirrors to see what was behind me. I spotted the clerk's reflection on the corner edge of one of the full length mirrors but I could only see her boots and wet look black leggings up to her knees.

"I thought you had left already until two girls came by the counter and told me they had silenced my slave for me. Then I saw your pack was still here. I was a bit perplexed so I thought I should see what they were talking about."


"Yes exactly" With that the clerk's feet stepped away and in the mirror I saw the bottom of the heavy vault door slowly begin to move.  "I have a couple of customers to help in the front then I have to close up the shop. After that I will be back to take care of you."


I could see the heavy door shutting the rest of the way and then I heard an airtight "THUUUD" as it closed shut. I immediately heard the cylindrical locking pins as they rolled into their waiting sockets in the vaults steel frame. A simultaneous "CLUNK" as all eight landed home.

"Oh Fuck!" I said through the gag.

I had a good thirty minutes or so to run a million scenarios through my head. The most plausible being that the clerk would be back after closing up to let me out and scold me for playing with the equipment.

That wasn't the case.

The clerk did come back. I heard the pins retract back into the door and saw the vault door  reopen in the mirror. The clerks heels slowly clicked as she moved around and in front of me standing at ground level. I could see the straps of my pack dangling on the ground by her left boot, but more importantly I noticed she had changed outfits I could tell from her boots and as I lifted my head as much I could  I couldn't believe my eyes!

Her heels were at least six inches high and ended at pointed toes. As I raised my eyes I saw the black patent boots tightly lace up her shins and end just below her knees.

From here her knees and then thighs were clad in shiny black tight PVC. I could see a zipper running up through her V shaped crotch and ending just below her defined PVC clad belly button. Her hips were curved and the PVC hugged her skin as it trailed smaller to her wasp like waist. The PVC continued to hug her every curve as it reached her perky breasts. They were in form fitted cups that made the PVC almost look painted on. Her hard nipples clearly defined through the fabric. The suit ended in a mock style collar and continued down the length of each arm ending in a five finger gloved hand. One of which held my pack.

I strained to meet her gaze as my building drool shifted and ran down my chin . When our eyes locked she spoke.

 "Did you read the sign above the vault door?"

I didn't (couldn't) reply

"Grunt once for yes"


"Yes, then. Good boy. It reads "Vault of assumed consent". And what that means is that I have to assume that since you voluntarily got yourself into this predicament here that you have fully consented to what ever may follow as a result."

"Now before you grunt twice assuming this would be the signal for 'no' let me inform you that two grunts is "Yes Mistress". ...There is no such thing as "no" in the vault of assumed consent."

"MMMMF" 'Oh I'm really fucked' I think to myself.

The clerk now moves back out of my view and I slowly lower my eyes and chin as my drool resumes its slow drip into the pool collecting on the platform below my head. I hear her heels ascend the wood steps at the back of the platform. I am trying to follow her movement in the mirrors as my eyes dart from mirror to mirror to locate her but I just cant see above the platform level.

"Lets see what we have in here." as she places my pack on the small of my back.

"Hmmm. Some rope, some cuffs, You really need some better cuffs than these, safety shears, A bottle of water. - Don't mind if I do." as I hear the cap screw off - "...and a hood. Hmm."

I then see her PVC clad arm and fingers clutching the now half empty bottle in front of my face as she gently places the bottle in the center of the puddle of drool. She jumps off the platform and I hear her heels move towards the wall and she returns and places a funnel in the spout of the bottle.

"You will be thirsty later and  too tired to clean up any mess so... two birds!"

As she ascends the platform steps again she is talking.

"Based on the contents of your pack it looks like you were planning a little party tonight. Well so was I and since you are already at my party - A little early mind you - You may as well just hang out here with me and a couple of my friends that are stopping by. "What do you think? - Oh, I don't know your name do I? Hmmm, Lets call you "Lucky"

"I am waiting for an answer Lucky. And choose wisely. You only know two phrases right now."



"Nice. Now where were we?" as she removed my pack from my back and set it on the platform.

The clerk - or was she more than a clerk? Manager perhaps or even owner? - was now standing in front of me. I could see her booted feet spread directly below my face. She leaned in and her crotch rested firmly against the top of my head. She grabbed my hair with both PVC clad hands.

"You have a really nice head of hair on you"

I had been growing my hair for a while now and it hung about shoulder length. Brown with some highlights as recommended by Jenny.

"I prefer short hair. Long hair on boys just gets in the way. How do you cram all that hair of yours in your hood?"

The clerk steps aside and begins walking around me running her PVC clad finger through my trapped fingers and then down my pinned arm.

"Nice tone."

She reaches under my torso and slips her hand up under my shirt and runs the palm of her hand over my flat stomach and up to my chest. She grabs and pinches my right nipple hard.

"MMMMF" as I jerk.

"Very nice tone! This shirt is a shame on a body like yours. Let's see what we can do about that."

I then hear the "wisp wisp" of my safety shears as she slices them in the air for effect. She isn't really going to cut my shirt is she?

At that moment she lifts the back of my shirt at the collar and begins cutting my shirt from the collar down the right sleeve.

"HOLY Shit!" I thought. "I am totally fucked here." as fear and extreme panic began to set in.

Sensing this as she was now cutting my left sleeve she placed her other gloved hand firmly on my now bare shoulder.

"Shhhh Shhh . We are just going to have a little fun. I know you are kinky and I am very experienced and can read a person's body signals very well. I won't do anything to harm you and you will leave here unscathed and unmarked. By the end of this you will likely grow to love me and not want to leave. This little accident of yours may end up being the best thing that has ever happened to you. ...and you can pick out any shirt in the store to replace this one with."

Just then with her last snip my shirt slid off my body and fell in one piece to the ground.

"Oh my! what is this?" She exclaimed as she ran one gloved finger under the top of Jenny's panties above the waistband of my jeans pulling it up and letting the panties snap back in place.

"PANTIES!" Oh fuck, nearly a full week of not being able to take my mind off of Jenny's panties I now had totally forgotten I had them on. My face was suddenly turning bright red.

"Dear! this is certainly a turn of events"

And as if on que, my cell phone still firmly planted in my back pocket chimed to life.

"Oh, it sounds like someone is reaching out to you. Should we see who it is?"

I feel my phone being plucked from my back pocket.

"It's a text. From Jenny. Do you know a Jenny? Let's see what she wants."

As she reads me the text. "Hey babe, are you thinking you can make it tonight or will it be in the morning like you said?

"Jenny must be the girlfriend you spoke of earlier. Well I can answer her question for you since you are a little tied up at the moment."

"Let's see, what is your pet name for her...  Found it!  ...Oh juicy stuff here. I'll get back to this after we let her know you are a little stuck tonight and won't be there until tomorrow morning.

"Here we go." "Hi Sexy, yes, didn't get done what I needed to. I will definitely be there by the time you wake though." ..."aaand send"

"Does that sound good to you? Should I have addressed it "Love Lucky"?

"Oh, that was quick." "OK, I'll leave the key where I said. I hope my dreams come true and my doll (wink wink) is here when I wake! I have fun plans for us this weekend! Sweet dreams."

"Well, maybe I should read some more history here before I respond. I want to make sure you don't disappoint her ."

There is a moment of almost silence filled with "Oh's" and "Uh hu's" while I presume the clerk is reading our text history. I am racking my brain trying to recall what is there but can't remember the exact words, just the content. Regardless, here I am pinned in a set of  stocks with a relentless sales clerk dressed like a dominatrix toying with me while I am shirtless and my ass up in the air and my girlfriends hot pink satin panties exposed above the waistband of my jeans. How much worse could it get?

I was about to find out as I heard a bell ring.

"Ope. I'll be right back Lucky. Or should I say "Doll?" My ladies are here."

I heard the Clerks heels swiftly click away and out of the vault.

I could hear some voices as the vault door was open but I couldn't make out how many or what was being said. They were getting closer.

"Wow!  Is he for us?"

Four sets of various styled boots and female knees in both skirts and leggings in front of me now as I pulled my focus off of my drool dripping into it's funneled target for a moment.

"This was supposed to be a girls only night?" one said

"Well it sort of is." said the clerk I was now quite familiar with. "And with your help by the end of the night we won't recognize a difference. Here read this."

I presumed my phone was being handed to the newcomers. And what did she mean by not recognizing a difference?

"I'm still not following you." said another.

"Here, come look."

All of the boots disappeared from in front of me and I heard them ascend the steps to the platform while the Clerk was speaking.

"Lucky here - I call him "Lucky" because of the predicament he got himself into, on this of all nights - was in shopping for his quote girlfriend - so he says - and picked out a few items that just so happen to match both the size description of himself and the color of these panties he's wearing." as she again ran her gloved finger under the exposed waistband of my panties snapping them back.

"Oh how fun!" exclaimed one of the girls.

"After reading his text with this person named Jenny I put two and two together and realized he was shopping for himself but was too scared to tell me that this afternoon. It appears that this Jenny person wants a and calls him her doll and Lucky here was planning on delivering. I'm just not sure he picked out everything he needs. That's where you guys come in."

I vehemently begin to protest. "MMMMF!" "GRRRR!" "MMMMMF!"

"See, He saying "Yes Yes Yes" Or maybe that was "Yes Mistress Yes.""

"Hey, lets see what else is under his pants." one of the others says.

"Good idea!"


"I love how cooperative he is."

Several hands on me now as my boots are untied and stripped off socks and all, my belt buckle unfastened and my pants ripped clean off. I hear them all land in various locations around the room as they are tossed.

"Disappointing no garter, but cute ass!"

"Get his ankles into the stocks ladies so we can prepare his transformation."

With this my feet are pushed a little forward and I here that "whir" sound again and the stocks being pulled apart. My left ankle is grabbed and I resist but I don't have the leverage to go anywhere. They successfully pull it down and hold it against the half circle as my right ankle is grabbed by other hands and moved down as well."

"Watch your hands ladies, as soon as you put that ankle in push forward just a hair and the stocks will close automatically."

My right ankle is placed into the half circle and i feel pressure against the backs of my ankles as the girls push forward. "Whir" and the stocks close.

"That's pretty awesome!" I hear one say.

"Yeah,  Now go shopping ladies! And don't hold back."

Did I say "Holy Shit!" yet because now I was saying it in my head over and over. Earlier I could shift my feet around but now I was totally immobile and stripped naked for all but Jenny's panties. I was so embarrassed.

I did notice that by lowering my feet the eight inches off of the top of the stocks to the floor it did relieve some pressure off of my back and improved my vision in the mirrors so that now I could see kneecaps on top of the platform.

"Just you and me right now Lucky." as the clerk is rubbing her gloved hand on my satin covered ass and around to my stiff cock. "I see you are enjoying this. Good boy."

The clerk knelt down in front of my head and put her hand under my chin. Slowly she raised my head to meet her gaze.

"I know what you were planning for your sweetheart and I promise I will have you delivered right to her door before sunrise. See it in my eyes. Again, I promise you only fun and games, no harm. And whatever the girls and I decide you wear out of here is yours to keep. You are going to make one hot doll!"

The clerk slowly lowered my head just before a tear built up in my eye. "Drip" Right into the funnel below.

I heard the girls come back one by one each exclaiming that they had a great selection of items. I watched in the mirror as it was laid out onto the platforms edge. Most of it I could not make out but a lot of clothing. Once gathered there was a lot of whispering and holding up of items for all to see and decide upon. The stack grew thinner with the final selection process.

Now one of the girls was in front of me walking towards the wall, She was plugging an extension cord in. She stretched it over to the side of the platform and laid down a pair of clippers.

My eyes grew wide. "MMMF" "MMMMF"

"Mistress said you would like this but no need to address me as Mistress. Just a "yes" is fine."

She walked off.

NO! She had said she preferred short hair but she wasn't really going to cut it was she? I stared at the clippers hoping this was a psychological game. It wasn't.

The clerk's boots - "Mistress" as not only I seem to be calling her now - stepped back in front of me at ground level. She picked up the clippers and before she turned them on she said: "I told you long hair on a boy just gets in the way."

She flipped the clippers on and reached for my head. I watched as clumps of hair began to hit the platform. This wasn't a short hair cut, she was shaving me bald! I could feel the clippers grazing my scalp one long run after another.

While I was distracted up front two of the girls were lathering my legs and began shaving them and the third was at work on my ass. No sooner did the first clipper run start that I felt a lubed finger intruder! In and out, then curled over and run in a circular motion. The finger came out after a couple of minutes and I immediately felt the rounded tip of something cool like steel. I could feel this new intruder being pushed and twirled. It took everything I had to keep from yelling in my gag in front of the Mistress.

The steel intruder finally pushed through and in. I could feel it resting there like a lead weight. This was a harrowing experience being violated in my ass while my head was being shaven clean.

The clippers shut off just about the time the steel intruder found it's resting place.

"Now that wasn't so bad was it.? A little distraction technique to keep your mind off of the worst part. And the worst is over. It's all pomp and circumstance from here."

The Mistress got back on the platform and spoke again.

"I understand from your texts that you have a concern with keeping your "junk" contained within your panties and frankly your left testie has been hanging solo since your pants came off. I have a solution for that. A proper Doll has no junk at all so we are going to hide it for you. No worries, this won't hurt a bit."

With that someone grabbed both sides of Jenny's panties and yanked them to my knees.

"Can someone grab some ice? Lucky here hasn't cum in a few days and we need him soft for this."

As I heard one pair of boots run off I felt a cool steel rod being placed across my back. I continued to try to use the mirrors but could see nothing more than my spread legs with Jenny's panties stretched at my knees and three sets of booted legs shuffling around.

The fourth set of legs returned and almost immediately an ice filled cloth was pressed against my cock. It didn't take long for me to go flaccid.

My cock was then pulled through a narrow and semi rigid tube. As the tube reached my scrotum the Mistress grabbed my left ball and maneuvered it up and pushed it up into my groin. She held it there with her thumb while she did the same with my right. Holding one with her thumb and the other with her forefinger she used her other hand to press a semi rigid plate connected to the tube my cock was in against my groin while she slipped her finger and thumb out. She kept this plate firmly in place with her hand while a metal semi flexible strap fed through my ass crack and connected to the metal strap at my back.

The metal strap on my back was molded around my waist just over my hip bones and connected to the plate pressed firmly against my groin. The tube holding my cock was pulled down and connected to the strap in my ass virtually tucking my cock up between my legs.

"See, no junk."

"Now Lucky, we are going to pull your legs out of the stocks to make some necessary adjustments. While your legs are out we will be performing a small application on each of your legs."

"Girls when I release the stocks, help Lucky get his feet out and up on top of the side rails. Get ready."

"Whir" Each leg is grabbed and my feet are guided up on top of the side rails.

"Watch your fingers girls. I am going to move the stocks forward and the two sections will remain open and move in tandem."

I watch as the two sections move forward in tandem so the front piece is resting just below my neck almost touching my drool/water bottle.

"Alright girls, get back to work."

Jenny's panties are pulled the rest of the way down my legs and pulled off by one girl while another girl taped a small flat metal disk to the arch of my left foot. A wire feeds off of this disk and it is taped to the inside of my leg at the ankle, lower knee and upper thigh. The process is repeated to my right foot and leg. When finished the two wires were connected to the crotch strap.

The girl who removed my panties has returned with something black and PVC. She lifts one foot and slips it over my foot.  She does the same for my other foot and begins to pull what appear to be tight fitting PVC leggings up my legs and over my ass to my waist. Once there she stops and I notice there is still a lot of fabric hanging down and realize this must be a catsuit.

She then proceeds to lift my feet again and slips on a new pair of hot pink high cut PVC panties. While she is pulling these up the other two girls are lifting my feet once again and slipping them into a very high pair of hot pink patent knee high boots. These are expertly tightly laced.

"Looking hot girls. Let's get his feet back in the stocks now. Lucky, this is going to be a bit uncomfortable but only for a minute until we can adjust your top stocks."

As she says this the girls are moving my feet forward to the newly placed stocks just below my face. I note that there is no way this is going to work as these boots they put on me are platform boots of at least four inches. There won't be enough room under the stocks.

Just as I am thinking this the third girl reaches down in front of me and pulls a tray out from the side of the platform centered between the stocks pillars exposing a deeper layer between the bottom rails, my now tall feet are once again positioned inside the half circles and pushed forward. I am forced into an awkward bent position that is pulling me backwards applying a great deal of pressure to my neck and wrists. I hear the 'whir" and my feet are again securely locked in the stocks.

"Almost there Lucky. I am going to unclip your top stocks and the girls will help guide your body."

With this the Mistress presses a release button with her foot and leaned the right support pillar towards her. One of the girls grabbed the stock as it unclipped from the rail. A second girl grabbed the other side and unclipped her side from the opposite rail. The third girl steadied my body as I was moved into a standing position with the top stock now horizontal to the ground. The Mistress pushed the pillar back into place and the stock with my head and wrists sticking out was set flat on top of each pillar.

I now had my first glimpse of my surroundings as I had full use of the rooms mirrors.

Two of the girls now approached with a step stool and  a small 'T' shaped bar each. They set the stools down at each pillar and climbed up. The 'T' shaped bar was  placed through a hole in each side of the stock on top of the two pillars, they simultaneously began to turn the bars as they counted quietly in unison. I watched as a threaded bolt began to surface through each hole.

The bolt came through about a half an inch and then the stock began to rise. With each turn I could see and feel the stock raising until it had me completely upright and stretched tight with my chin resting flat on the stock. So much for the mirrors now. I couldn't see any longer.

"Nice work girls. Continue."

Now as I was standing upright my mind was still reeling from the predicament I was in and the severe misunderstanding of my text message to Jenny. I didn't want to be a doll! There was nothing I could do to protest.

I could feel the weight of the steel plug in my ass and wondered what the wires running to the soles of my feet were for.

Two of the girls approached. One carrying two silicone breasts and another an aerosol can. The girl with the can proceeded to spray my chest while the others pressed the breasts to my chest and held them firmly in place after eyeing some slight adjustments. The first girl began to pull the catsuit further up my stomach and then over my new breasts as she zipped it closed from behind.

The stock was separated slightly on the right side and my wrist pulled through and held firmly by one girl as the other slid my arm into the suits sleeve. I was told to make a fist and instead of my hand slipping through the other end it slipped into a mitt at the end of the sleeve shaped like my fist. My wrist was put back into the stock and the process repeated for the other side. I felt the zipper being pulled the rest of the way to my neck.

I was now encased in a full PVC catsuit!

The Mistress positioned herself in front of me and said. "Remember that corset you picked out? Maybe you should have gone with the 24. This is going to be a tight squeeze."

I felt her arms wrap around me and the corset on my back and sides. She clasped the front busks one by one and then stepped around to my back.

"When I say "breath"  Lucky I want you to take a long deep breath and hold it until I say "exhale"


I took a long deep breath and I felt the corset close in around my waist, hips and lower rib cage.


My exhale did not bring me back to the starting point of my inhale.


Tighter the corset pulled at my waist.


I could feel my breathing beginning to be restricted.


Really? again. I took the breath and the Mistress's knee was in my back pushing as she pulled the cords with all of her might.


When I thought it couldn't get any tighter...


The Mistress was pulling at each lace from top to center and then bottom to center taking in any bit of slack she could find.

"Good girl. You are at about 24 but I am sure with some training Jenny will have you to the full 22 by months end.

The Mistress stepped back and one of the girls stepped up and strapped a bra around my now female chest. She clasped the back and pulled a strap over each shoulder from the top of the front cups and connected each in the back adjusting them for a snug fit.

The Mistress spoke.

"Lucky. We are going to release your neck and wrists now. Since I know you are living out your ultimate fantasy I am going to assume that you  will be fully cooperative as we reposition your arms. If I am wrong however and you struggle, you will find yourself face first on the ground likely with two broken ankles. And we wouldn't want that would we?"

The girls proceed to release my neck stocks and each arm is immediately grabbed and pulled behind my back. I can fully see myself and the events taking place in the mirrors and I cannot believe my eyes.

Just a few short hours ago I was riding my motorcycle in a pair of jeans and a jacket with my hair flowing out the back of my helmet. Now here I stand completely bald and with the body of a woman. A HOT Woman!

The girls are pulling my arms together behind my back and another is sliding what I see as a PVC monoglove up my arms. My balled fists land in the end and she crosses two straps in the back and guides them over my shoulders and back under my arms fastening them back to the glove that is being tightly laced by another. A strap is applied around my wrists once fully laced.

The Mistress pulls a chair up behind me and has me sit down. My ankles are still secured in the floor stock and I am sitting on the edge of the chair straight as an arrow due the restriction of my waist.

"Almost complete Lucky" exclaims the Mistress.

With this she holds up a latex mask. I have never seen anything like it before. It is anatomically exact in shape and color of that of a beautiful woman. My gag is removed from behind and immediately what I recognize right away is Jenny's panties I have been wearing are crammed into my mouth before I can speak. The mask is deftly pulled down over my head and it seals tightly against my face holding the panties firmly in place inside my mouth. I can see little but not peripherally out of the mask. I see in the mirror a  blond wig being pulled onto my head.


"Girls, fantastic work. Now lets get her up and walking."

"Lucky, you are about to be released to be free to walk around. We will help you down from the platform. Once down, be advised that this is a training to teach you how to walk like a woman. You will quickly learn where to properly apply pressure to your feet in heels by shifting your weight appropriately. This will give you the necessary guide to walk like a woman."

"Help me ladies"

My ankle stocks are released and I am aided off the chair to my feet. The girls guide me back to the steps and slowly down to the ground. I can see a little straight in front of me and I catch my unrecognizable self in the mirror. "Wow" I think.

"Walk Lucky"

I take a small step in the tall platform boots I am totally unaccustomed to and immediately I feel my sphincter muscles contract with a shock and I bend over almost losing my balance.

"MMMMF" What the fuck was that.

Another step, another shock. "MMMMFF"

"Pressure points Lucky" I hear.

Ahh, The wires! I step again and take pressure from my heel and move it to my toes. I feel a much lighter pulse this time. Another step, the same result but it is still extremely uncomfortable. A few steps and I am walking without my ass getting shocked from the inside out.

"O.K. Lucky. Seems you are getting it. Jenny is going to be very excited about her new doll. She will be elated with the effort you have put into her request. We are going to get you delivered to her shortly. I hope you don't mind but I did take the liberty of pulling Jenny's address from your phone and I have typed up a quick note letting her know your adoration for her and your committal of servitude to her. I also invited her to bring you back in soon as I have offered to help her complete your trainings. She will maintain the key to your new chastity belt and as I stated earlier tonight, everything you leave here wearing is now yours to keep. It is the least I could do for the entertainment you provided us tonight. Now lets get moving. I have some girls to discipline yet."

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