Veronica Gets Dolled Up

by SparkyMira

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Woman to Sexdoll TF

I suppose taking a tour through a factory that made nothing but pricey and lifelike sex dolls is not everyone’s ideal way to spend a Saturday. But for me, that is just what I needed to relax. 

My name is Veronica and this is not my first time coming to the Shadytree Doll factory. In actuality I come here at least once every few months to relive my fantasy.

You see, I have always found the thought of being made into a sex doll hot. Just being an object made of special material that has no purpose other than to be fucked? Sounds kinky in all the right ways for me. 

Since I am too embarrassed to actually try acting upon my fantasies, I come to a very well-known factory that makes the dolls I dream about so often and take a guided tour. This allows me to imagine myself in the place of one of the dolls throughout the process of making one, and by the end I am usually very horny and ready for a night of fun in my apartment. 

After stepping off of the bus I walked into the large building and talked briefly with the receptionist. 

“One for the next guided tour of the factory please.” I said to the woman who typed away at her computer without a care for what I did. 

Finding her response odd, I spoke up again. 

“Excuse me ma’am. I would like to take the guided tour. Can you please sign me up?”

Again I waited and again I was met with no response from the rude brunette. 

Instead of trying a third time I turned away from her and made my way into the larger part of the factory, hoping to find another worker to talk to. 

Stepping into the production portion of the building I smiled. Around me I could see hundreds of dolls being prepared for a life of sex and love from an owner. Just thinking about it made me feel bothered in my nether regions. 

I walked forward, but to my surprise, no one was around. The factory was void of any workers at their usual positions or even at the control panel. This was strange. 

“Weird… is it lunch break or did they maybe upgrade the systems since the last time I was here?”

I kept looking around for a few minutes before sighing and turning around to leave. As I did however, I ran into some type of metal frame hanging down and was knocked off balance. 

“Ow!” I yelled as I fell over and landed against something soft. 

Looking around, I see that during my fall I was pushed over the railing and landed directly on one of the newer dolls that was recently placed on a conveyor belt. It appears I fell onto the beginning of the large machine seeing as dolls were being pulled out of a dark hole in the ground and placed behind where I was now laying. 

“God that could have ended so much worse…” I whisper as I think on how many bones I could have potentially broken had the doll not broken my fall. “Now what though?” 

My internal musings were broken by a whirring noise coming from behind me. Turning to face the other direction I gasped as the mouth of another portion of the machine opened to allow the doll I was currently sharing a space with entrance.

Panicking I scramble to get off of the belt and away from the machine, instead, I shove the doll underneath me a little too hard. I can only watch in horror as I slip onto my backside and the human looking lump of latex fell to the floor where I wanted to be. 

Once more, I tried to recover and abandon the machinery trying to make me into something I am not, but it was too late. 

A shadow loomed over my body +and the scenery changed from a large room into metal walls as the mouth closed around me and locked me to my fate. 

I didn’t know what to expect as I turned to face the oncoming machine. I just knew it was unavoidable now. 

A green light shone down and seemed to take note of every inch of my body. It flashed twice before a synthesized woman’s voice sounded out all around me. 

“Model is wearing unnecessary clothing. Removal needed. Model’s body structure is not up to company standards. Upgrades necessary. Facial restructuring not needed. Pleasing facial features acknowledged. Begin process.”

My mind was swirling as the information set in. 

“Ok so it is going to strip me and somehow upgrade my body structure whatever that means. At least it says my face is cute enough.”

My thoughts are soon turned to a tugging sensation near my neck. Looking back, I see some sort of metal appendage holding onto the neckline of my tank top, and with barely any movement it rips it off. 

Cold air hits my stomach and shoulders as another one comes and does the same to my leggings, shoes and underwear. Soon, I am left standing completely naked and shivering inside of the machine. 

As I held my shoulders to try and keep any warmth in my body, I was blinded by a bright light that shone in front of me. 

When my eyes finally adjusted, I could see the rest of the factory, I had passed through the first machine and was now on the second portion of the moving belt with about five other dolls. Each other them was stiff with their arms at their sides and legs at about shoulder width for stability, while I was still shivering and trying to cover my exposed body. 

Looking down, I realized I was now to far up for an escape plan to work, I was going to have to either get help or work my way out of here after I was through all of the work stations. 
I was ready to just keep shivering until I reached the next station about 15 feet ahead of me, but I heard another noise and looked down to see a small group of people being led into the room by the lady from the front desk. 

“As you can see, all of our dolls are made in house by our custom doll making software and machinery. If you look up, you can see some of our freshly minted and approved dolls headed towards the molder that will form their shape into their final forms,” the woman spoke quickly and professionally… almost as if she were a robot more than a receptionist. 

It then clicked in my mind that the wandering eyes of that tour groups will soon be pointed at my shivering, naked body. Not wanting to be caught by the receptionist or those visitors, I ignored the cold and adopted the same position as the dolls ahead and now behind me as I moved slowly forward. 

Just to be safe I also tried to stare straight ahead and smile lightly as to avoid any chance of being differentiated from the other models moving with me. 

Their eyes hovered over each of us as I moved along with the others towards relative safety in the next machine. I glimpsed over and saw a young man staring at me directly before looking away and walking towards the next stop with the group. 

I sighed in relief but before I could relax my stance at all another shadow loomed overhead and cold metal clamped around my entire body, barring my head. Looking down, a metal mold was completely engulfing my body and dragging me towards a stand in the middle of the chamber. 

“Latex formula application beginning. Body modification underway.” The same woman’s voice rang out as the frame holding me locked into the stand and a warm liquid started filling the hollow portion that housed my body. 

“OH… NO I AM NOT A DOLL!” I yell as the liquid latex pools around my naked form and begins to harden slowly. The warm feeling slowly fades and a numb yet comfortable one replaces it. 

Looking down I see my skin is now covered by a thick layer of latex that has manipulated my body into a much more voluptuous form. 

My modest C-Cup breasts are now probably at least double Ds, if nor E cups. My torso forms a perfect hourglass figure and my hips appear much wider than they were before the mold captured me. 

Beyond that I could barely tell what happened to me because it was much harder to move my body due to the thick layer of hardened latex. I was so focused on trying to get a good look at the rest of my body I didn’t notice a second mold lowering from the ceiling. 

A hissing noise made my head jerk up to search for the noise. As I raised back up the back of my head rammed directly into a something that was padded and snugly fit with a comfortable grip around that portion of my head. 

I was about to question what was holding onto me before a matching piece of metal lowered and snapped shut over the front of my head, completely covering my face. Struggling was getting me nowhere as my lower body stiffly moved and my head was held in place.
I knew what was coming as a familiar liquid began filling the helmet holding me in place. It began covering my face and I held my breath as it overtook my mouth and nose. 

To my surprise something blocked it from covering my eyes and two cold, hard, yet clear objects were pressed against them that keep me from closing my eyelids. A large tube snaked through the wamr latex and shoved itself down through my mouth and into my throat, allowing me to breathe again and clear my nostrils. 

After a few moments and more heat being applied to my head, the mold and the tube retracted and left me alone in the chamber. 

I slowly moved my hands up to my face and ran a hand over my now latex lips. They were very sensitive and I could tell they were plumper and probably looked much more kissable. They also took effort to keep closed, as like the standard dolls made by this company, my lips now remained slightly parted for easy access.

Now I was panicking slightly more in my head as I was carried back out into the blinding light of the factory. My new doll body was now complete and I knew that now I was going to be prepped for shipping to either an online buyer or towards one of the specialty shops that stocked the dolls in their inventory. 

“I AM NOT A DOLL DAMNIT!” I tried to yell, but due to my rubbery lips muffling some of that yell it came out more of a whisper. I kept trying but to no avail as I dropped from my standing position on the conveyor into the waiting chute for the packaging machine. 

I fell against cold metal until a pad broke my fall. In less than three seconds upon my landing I felt something hard impact my mid back and I knew I now had a serial code and the company’s logo and information imprinted on my second skin. 

Truly my chance of freedom was gone the next second when I was sliding forward into an open box that I had fantasized about on many previous trips here. 

A simple pink and blue box labeled ‘Deluxe Dolly’ swallowed me whole and I felt ties wrap around my wrists, waist, thighs, feet and neck to hold me against the frame in the box. The top sealed shut, leaving me able to only look forward out of the plastic that showed my naked body off to any who wanted to see it. 

My prison slid forward once more and I saw to rows of other boxed dolls headed towards two different areas of the shipping department. 

On the left were a pair of trucks loading dolls into their trunks to be delivered to stores across the country. The right was more of a storage closet that had scanners putting specific dolls into a waiting list to be sold online via Amazon and kinky stores. 

“I am so fucked… figuratively and literally…” I say as I stare at the split coming up… awaiting the random decision that could change my life forever.


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