A View to a Dolly

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

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One thing Olivia loved to do when she was staying at her and her husband Tom's penthouse was admire the view from the patio area. The view of downtown Buenos Aries was quite breathtaking especially early in the morning before it was covered in a thick layer of smog. Of course, considering the deteriorating state of her marriage, it may not be a view she would be enjoying much longer.

About ten or so days ago, Olivia had returned early from a shopping trip she took in Lima and found Tom in bed with two local models who were seeing constantly on local TV modeling swimwear, lingerie and other items that were very trendy for consumers. Distraught, the blonde fled her home before Tom had a chance to try and talk his way out of the situation.

After spending the next week or so at a friend's home ignoring her husband's constant cell phone calls and emails begging to meet with her, she contacted Tom and told him she'd be spending a few days at their penthouse and for him not to disturb her. After arguing for a few minutes, Olivia's husband reluctantly agreed though he begged her to meet him soon. Olivia cut him off before he got too carried away and told him she'd call him afterwards to tell him her plans.

" Mmmmmm.....maybe if I decide to divorce Tom, I'll ask for this penthouse as part of the settlement, " Olivia said softly as she walked back inside to sip on her favorite brand of gourmet coffee. Although it was already quite warm for 9 am, the blonde felt she had to have a cup of caffeine in order to get her day started.

Several minutes later, after finishing her coffee, Olivia was about to throw on her jacket and head off to visit her friends on the other side of Buenos Aries when she heard her doorbell ring. When she unlocked and opened the door, she found a dark haired mid twenties delivery woman waiting for her with a large bouquet of flowers.

Puzzled as to the sender might be, Olivia signed for the flowers and walked back into her penthouse looking through the bouquet for a card of some sort. Finding none, the blonde inhaled deeply the fragrant scent coming from the flowers, which were of many varieties and looked to be a fairly expensive arrangement.

" Mmmmm....I wonder if Tom is trying to make up by sending me gifts. He should know that my mind can't be swayed by flowers and junk like that. I guess I should have give him a call and make sure it was....uh....was....ummm...him....whew... " Olivia said out loud as she suddenly felt a wave of dizziness overtake her.

The blonde set the flowers down on a nearby table and turned slowly towards her cell phone that was at the opposite end of the room. Olivia's feeling of general sluggishness seemed to be growing stronger by the second and her body was moving very slowly as she crossed the room. Halfway towards the cell phone, the blonde's body seemed to freeze in mid motion with her right leg halted halfway in the middle of a step. No matter how much Olivia tried, she couldn't move her arms, legs or head in the slightest.

" HELP !! HELP ME !!! " Olivia shouted though she found her voice was restricted in volume to no more than her regular tone of voice. She was about to openly start sobbing when she heard the door to her apartment swing open and thought that her pleas had been when she heard someone step inside though from her position she couldn't see who it was.

A few seconds later, the familiar image of the delivery woman that had just visited Olivia came into her field of vision. The immobile woman, whose voice had now completed faded, saw, to her surprise and bafflement, that the delivery woman didn't look the least bit surprised. In fact, the delivery woman's face had a positively sinister look to it that sent a shudder down Olivia's rigid form.

" Well, well, looks like that toxin that was added to the flowers disguised as a fragrant scent did just as was planned. The first stage of the plan is complete, " the delivery woman chuckled as she pulled out a set of gloves from the box she was carrying. She carefully took the bouquet and put it into the box the gloves came from before removing the gloves and standing before Olivia once again.

" Plan ? This was all part of some damned plan ? Why me ? What is going.....NOOO!!! DON'T DO THAT !!! " Olivia's thoughts of bewilderment over his situation quickly turned to shock and horror as she felt her clothes being quickly stripped off her rigid body by the delivery woman. The immobile blonde saw the woman gather up her clothes and put them on a nearby chair leaving Olivia nude save for her shoes.

" Now, Mrs. Suarez, it's time to do phase two of this little plan. It involves a little process that you've probably never seen before and never will again. This part all starts courtesy of this little device that I'm holding in my right hand, " the woman said holding up an electronic device in her right hand for Olivia to see.

" To the uninitiated, this looks like a code scanner that all delivery people would carry around. However, it is, in fact, a rather sophisticated unit recently developed in private research labs in Canada. You see, when the prongs come into contact with human skin for longer than three seconds, it delivers a low voltage electrical shock some people might mistake as a stun gun attack. In fact, the electricity masks the introduction of a synthetic chromosome which has been bioengineered to rewrite your physical being on the cellular level according to the settings on the scanner. In your case, it's been set to something very naughty indeed - an inanimate LOVE DOLL!!! " the delivery woman exclaimed with a tone that was decidedly nasty.

" LOVE DOLL !!!.....NOOO!!!!!..... " Olivia mentally wailed as she felt the device being gently prodded into her back by her tormentor. Moments later, the blonde felt the electrical charge hinted at which seemed to flow to every part of her body in a sharp sensation. When the feeling subsided, she saw the phony delivery girl had moved a mirror over in front of Olivia so she could see the transformation in every detail.

For about five or ten seconds, Olivia saw no visible effects to her body and she felt nothing out of the ordinary. She was starting to believe that the delivery woman's words were just lies and that her paralysis was due to some curare compound when she saw the first visible signs of the promised transformation.

On her arms, legs and stomach, her skin was becoming smooth and glossy devoid of any freckles, blemishes or other imperfections. At the same time, Olivia felt a growing sense of lightness inside as if her entire internal structure was changing into nothing more than air or helium. She wanted desperately to close her eyes or at least turn away from what she was seeing but her head, like the rest of her body, was frozen in position looking at the mirror put in front of her and there was nothing she could do about it.

" Oooohhhhh....my.....what...what is happening now...?....ohhh..... " Olivia thought to herself as she felt, as well as saw, her pussy clench tight which triggered a feeling of intense pleasure went through her body from the tips of her toes all the way up to her brain. A few moments later, the blonde saw her pussy open again as it formed into a perfect pink circle with the interior consisting of a latex and rubber sac.

Olivia could see what looked like seams starting to appear along her limbs as well as across her waist that indicated she was a latex doll sewn together at a factory and not the woman she really was. The smoothness she had seen before was spreading rapidly to all parts of her body with a definite shine becoming apparent to her. She felt another bolt of erotic pleasure that felt almost as good as an orgasm as she sensed her anus move upwards by several inches before forming into the same circular opening her pussy had formed.

While these physical changes were happening to Olivia, her growing sense of lightness was intensifying along with a growing desire for pleasure. She realized that her conscious thought was gradually being consumed by the simplistic thinking of a love doll ( if such things could actually think).

The transformation swept up through Olivia's torso and she saw her mound of pubic hair disappear in the blink of an eye ( though she couldn't bad an eyelash). She shuddered mentally in pleasure in spite of her predicament as she felt, as well as saw, her breasts swell outwards even as they took on the artificial appearance that the rest of her body was changing to. Perfectly round pink areolas capped by thick, rubbery nipples appearing on her growing bosoms. With a faint sound of what seemed like stretching rubber, her breasts expanded until reaching what looked like DD cup in size surrounded by seams that held them firm and enticing to any who might want to caress them. Olivia experienced a sensation of something growing out of the small of her back which she figured was an inflation plug that all inflatable dolls had.

" Mmmmmm.... my tits feel so good... I hope my owner fondles them soon.... NOOOO!!!... I'm not some inanimate fuck toy... I'm alive.... someone will change me back..... I know.... ooooohhhh !!!! " Olivia thought to herself as her thinking shifted back and forth as if she was in some sort of mental quicksand. The transformation reached her head and shoulders as the blonde felt her head swell outwards slightly with the same hollow feeling Olivia had experienced earlier becoming apparent between her ears. Her mouth pulled into an inviting O shaped opening with her mouth, teeth and tongue melting away as the interior formed into a smooth sac perfect for probing. She felt her hair changing into nylon fibers that still looked amazingly realistic as the strands hung loosely around her latex head. The transformation completed its' process as Olivia's blue eyes became nothing more than painted features that the love doll could still see with somehow.

The fake delivery woman smiled in approval as the inanimate sex doll that Olivia now was wobbled back and forth under the gentle breeze that was coming from a nearby open window. " Well, that part is done. I guess we move to phase three in this little plan, " the woman said with a wolfish grin.

Walking towards the doll, the woman grabbed it around the waist and carried it slowly towards the outside patio. The doll's lower half dragged against the floor slightly due to the black heels it was still wearing with straps wrapped tightly around its' hollow legs. Once out on the patio, the woman hefted the doll upwards slightly before setting it gently crossways on a nearby stool. She positioned the dolls' arms so that they were behind the doll with the right hand slightly out to the side and the left directly behind the blow-up sex toy. She then shifted the doll's legs slightly so that they were resting on top of each other and keep them from forming into the V shape that all sex dolls legs formed.

" What is she doing ? Posing me so that Tom can see what I've become ? This is....oooohhhh...... ! " Olivia thought to herself before her thinking was interrupted by the sensation of her inflation plug being touched by her tormentor, which sent an erotic shudder through her hollow body. The experience lasted several seconds before the woman stepped away from the love doll and moved around to the area in front of the doll.

" Now we're into the final phase of this operation. I'm going to contact your husband and tell him exactly what I've done to you. He won't believe me at first which is why I'm using one of those new cell phones that can send a picture of you to him. Once he's done blustering, I'll tell him the demands I have and if he gives in to them immediately, I'll arrange for him to get you back - with a catch. You see, I've attached a device to your inflation plug that is hooked to a tiny timer built into it. I'll tell your husband he's got thirty minutes to get here and detach the device or else it goes into effect. The device will deliver a static charge through your body that will make your transformation PERMANENT ! If he gets here in time and removes the device, then your body will revert back to human form by this time tomorrow. Otherwise.... " the woman said smoothly before turning and picking up her cell phone once again.

A few minutes later, with the conversation going pretty much the way the woman indicated, the cell phone was put away and she turned to Olivia one final time with the odd " scanner" in her hand once again. " Time for me to go, sweetie. A push of the button and the little countdown starts. I'll even leave you a digital clock opposite you so you can keep track of the time, " she said with that same nasty smile visible like before.

" Permanently ? In 30 minutes ? YOU BITCH ! I don't know who is putting you up to this but when Tom rescues me, he'll make sure you'll all pay....and pay dearly ! " Olivia thought to herself as she saw her tormentor put the clock she mentioned down across from her before leaving without saying another word. The doll was left alone to wait in silence waiting for rescue from its' current state.....

28:30 left......

Tom sped down the crowded highway passing slower cars both on the left and right in a frenzied way. Sitting on the front seat next to him was his laptop computer, which he had just used to complete the transaction as requested on the phone. He estimated it would take him roughly 25-27 minutes to get to the penthouse leaving him a razor thin margin against the deadline that was imposed on him. With the image of Olivia as an inflatable fuck toy flashing before his eyes, Tom jammed the accelerator to the floor and weaved between two cars as he rushed to his penthouse with even greater urgency.

09:45 left......

" Less than ten minutes to go.... Tom better get here soon...... I'm having a hard time focusing.... hard.... hope my owner has a hard cock and feels my tits when he's putting it in me.... NOOOO!!!!.... I can't think that.... I won't think or be... be in my owner's bed to please him soon.... NOOO!!!!.... " Olivia thought to herself as she saw the timer tick down slowly and her hopes became more fervent as it got closer to zero.

05:00 left......

Two women were just about to start to crossing the street when they heard the approach of a fast moving car. They literally stopped in mid stride and missed being run over by Tom's racing car. The younger of the two, a brunette in her mid 20's, was about to flip open her cell phone and call the cops to report the speeder when she realized the car and driver was her current employer. Figuring discretion was the better part of valor, the woman closed her phone and convinced the woman with her to forget the incident.

As for Tom, he never even noticed how close he came to running the women over as he raced into his building's parking lot and parked near the entrance haphazardly. Leaping out of the car, he ran frantically to the building front door which he flung open and ran into the nearby elevator. Smashing the floor button repeatedly, Tom tapped his foot nervously as he glanced at his watch and realized he only had a few minutes left to go. Only a little bit of time left........

01:00 left.......

Olivia was about to wail mentally in defeat as she saw the timer enter the final minute of the countdown with no sign of Tom anywhere. She was set to start contemplating the rest of her existence as an inflatable love doll when she heard the door to the penthouse rattle. If she still had a heart, Olivia's would have skipped a beat as she heard the familiar footsteps of Tom enter the apartment.

" Hurry, Tom....there's only a few seconds left and I don't want.... want... want you to fuck me... use me like a good dolly... NOOOO!!!!.... I don't want be a love doll forever !!! " Olivia thought frantically as she watched the seconds tick by......

00:30 left........

Scrambling frantically through the door, Tom dashed into the living room with his head swiveling back and forth. When he spotted the love doll out on the patio, he hurried over to her and picked her up hurriedly. Grappling onto her back, Tom tugged several times at the device attached to Olivia before pulling it free with a flourish.

" YESS....!!! " Olivia thought with a mental sigh of relief as she felt the device ripped from her just as the timer was at 00:05 . Her thinking was mingled with feelings of pleasure as she felt her latex body being hugged tightly by Tom and his hands running up and down her doll body. She felt him kiss her firmly on her mouth with his tongue slipping inside to the soft latex interior while simultaneously closing his right hand around her firm, shiny right breast. Both actions triggered an arc of pure pleasure through her that was extremely intense to say the least.

" Maybe I'll rethink the divorce when I get turned back... or at least lower my demands... ooohhh.... " Olivia thought to herself when the pleasure subsided somewhat.

Tom carried the doll to the couch and set it down gently. " Don't worry, Olivia. It's all over and everything will be all right from now on, " he said with a reassuring look.

The doll was relieved. The nightmare was over once and for all....

The End............


is it ?.................

" Yes, everything will be all right for ME, Olivia. You see, the reason I hurried to get home was that the device attached to you was indeed geared to trigger a change in you only not to permanently change you into a love doll. No, the item would have reversed the change to you and left you as a human being as before if not stopped. How do I know this ? I know because I gave the prototype devices to my lover Nina some time ago just after I found out about your secret attendance at that orgy involving the local football team, " Tom said with a sarcastic smile before going and answering a knock at the door.

" Nina ? Who the hell is Nina ? Wait a minute, could it be....? " Olivia thought to herself before being interrupted by Tom's return and a familiar face - the delivery woman !

" Yep, you guessed it. Nina posed as the delivery woman to bring you the flowers with the temporary paralysis scent imbued in them. She helped me develop both these formulas and the method of delivery for them as head of biogenetic research for one of my companies. Nina was more attentive to my desires than you ever were, Olivia, and not nearly as greedy. In fact, she's using her expertise to transform a recent derelict corpse she ' borrowed' from the local morgue to an exact twin of you. After a sufficient time for grieving, I'll find a new love in my life - Nina ! Of course, this means your divorce will never happen now, " Tom related to the inanimate doll with a tinge of happiness and glee in his voice.

" You bastard ! If I ever get changed back, you'll both pay ! I swear it !!!! " Olivia thought to herself as she felt herself being picked up once again.

" Oh, and here's the best part: once you're deflated, the device that was attached to you a few minutes ago won't work ever again. In short, you'll be a love doll for ever and ever...." Tom said as he pulled open the plug open with no hesitation.

" Nooooo!.... Put the air back in ! Put the air back in ! " Olivia mentally shouted over and over as her body rapidly lost shape....

And her future as an inanimate sex toy took shape....




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