Voodoo Spell 2: Rest and Relaxation

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; nc; X

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This story is the sequel to Voodoo Spell

Part 2: Rest & Relaxation.

Jasmine put her feet up on the table sipping on a cold alcoholic drink while looking at the figure that was lying on the couch. The brown haired woman's name was Gina MacDonald, sister of Holly, who was now residing in Jasmine's basement modeling a lovely black bra and panty set with a long metal support rod inserted into what was her ass .

Jasmine had caught Gina snooping through her house late one night and rendered her unconscious with a rag soaked in chloroform. She put the unconscious intruder on the couch and quickly searched the woman's pockets for a clue as to why she was breaking into her home and what she was looking for. She found a note in her right pants pocket that appeared to have been written by the private investigator Jasmine had hired a short while ago while preparing for revenge against her ex-husband.

The note indicated that Holly's disappearance may have been arranged by Jasmine and that clues to where Holly might be now would be contained within Jasmine's home. Searching Gina's other pockets, Jasmine found a loaded handgun which she knew Gina would have used to extract the truth, Jasmine emptied the weapon of it's ammunition and placed it in a nearby drawer which she then locked with a key.

After stripping Gina of her clothing, Jasmine went over to her dining room table where she set up the candles in the same pattern she had them when last she practiced her voodoo. She glanced over to Gina's nude body and admired the lean and beautiful body. Although she was not a lesbian by nature, she found the rise and fall of Gina's chest as she breathed to be quite an erotic sight.

As Jasmine looked over at Gina, a wicked idea crossed her mind of how to ensure Jasmine would no longer interfere with her plans and have some fun at the interfering bitch's expense. She sat down at the candle lit table and pulled out a doll that looked similar to the one she had used with Holly only this was bereft of clothing already. After lying the doll down on the table, she began to wave a glow stick in the air above the table while swaying back and forth chanting in a speech that seemed to be a mixture of French, Latin and other languages.

While Jasmine chanted over and over, she put down the stick and picked up an eyedropper that was sitting in dish full of a clear liquid. She squeezed a few drops over the doll's body and lightly rubbed it in with her left little finger while continuing her routine.

After a minute or so, an amazing change started to occur to Gina's form. For starters, her eyes suddenly opened wide though they did not move around at all but instead stared straight up at the ceiling. Her mouth opened wide and formed itself into what seemed to be an ovular shape. Gina's legs slowly parted and her right leg stuck out straight hanging over the edge of the couch. Her breasts swelled outward going from A to C cup size in a matter of seconds with the pink nipples becoming brighter in color.

Grinning in satisfaction, Jasmine leaned over and pushed the doll's hands gently so that the tiny hands cupped the doll's breasts. She then threw a handful of powder onto three candles in rapid succession producing a series of bright flashes that lit up the whole room. Chanting in a rapid fire manner, Jasmine pointed dramatically with her right index finger towards Gina's prone body and stared at the form with great anticipation.

Almost immediately, Gina's body began to shimmer noticeably even while her hands rose stiffly in the air and cupped her breasts in an enticing manner. Her skin began to look smooth and shiny with no sign of freckles or blemishes visible anywhere on her body. Seams started to appear up and down her torso that would suggest she was now just a inanimate doll made of sheets of latex sewn together. Her mouth, which was already in an ovular shape, stretched even more into an O-shape with her teeth and tongue melting away forming a soft interior of velvety softness. There was no longer any sign of breathing or eye movement for Gina whatsoever.

The brown haired woman's breasts quickly changed two mounds of molded plastic capped by bright pink nipples and ringed by the same seams that were visible all over her inanimate form. Her cheeks became pink much like her nipples were and her eyes became painted features like the rest of her face.

" Hmmm... very nice... very indeed..." Jasmine said as she walked over to the couch and picked up the newly created doll off the couch to look it over. She was amazed at how light the transformed Gina now was yet still resembled the woman she was just a few minutes ago.

" Now, one final bit of magic.." the priestess said as she twitched her fingers in Gina's direction.

" Huh... what... what the... I'VE CHANGED... A LOVE DOLL... A DAMN SEX TOY... NOOOO!!!!..." Gina screamed mentally as conscious thought returned to her and she realized her new state of existence as nothing more than a blow-up doll...

Next night....

A nude man kneeled on the floor in front of an equally nude Jasmine with a slightly glazed look in his eyes. Jasmine had spotted him a nearby bar and after a few questions learned he was Gina's current boyfriend. A quick spell cast later, he followed her home and stripped his clothing quickly and obediently.

Jasmine smirked as she reached over to grab hold of the man's long and hard cock. " Don't worry, Bob, if I spill any of your delicious cum, I've got something below to catch it." she said with a chuckle as she started to stroke his manhood.

Below them, Gina laid immobile with her mouth directly below her boyfriend's cock. After a few seconds, a few drops of cum splashed on her face and into her warm rubbery mouth.

" NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!...." screamed the doll to herself...

Over and over.....


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