Wand of Wonder

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2007 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; magic; transform; lovedoll; stuck; toys; cons; X


" Well, that's another annual convention done for this year. I swear that this meetings get more and more dull every decade that goes by. " Holly muttered out loud as she threw her handbag onto a nearby chair before sitting down on her living room couch. Looking up at the television, she pointed at it with her left index finger for a second or two. Blue energy flowed out of the finger and enveloped the TV which flickered on almost immediately.

"...local shops are reporting an increased demand for wand batteries and spell components after spell casters were advised to stock up in advance of ethereal plane disturbances. Warlocks and witches are reminded to keep spells of mass destruction to a minimum until after the planes of existence have reached normal levels of fluidity. " the newscaster said with images of lightning and volcanoes erupting in the background.

" In other news, authorities are still looking for those responsible for the permanent transformation of a family in the suburbs into a flock of yellow eagles with one member missing altogether. The only hint of who perpetrated this misdeed was a card made of plastic with the words ANGRY FLIERS written on it. Witches and warlocks are advised to contact the local authorities via crystal ball if they have any info about this crime." the newscaster continued while images of the local authorities played in the background.

" Turning to sports, a major scandal was uncovered today that involved fans of the Boston Warlocks skyball team casting spells on the opposing teams they played during the matches. A spokesman said..." the image flickered and went dark as Holly gestured at the TV in a dismissive manner.

" Well, now, what should I do tonight ? I could go over to Gwen's and see that new eagle she's using as a familiar for her spell casting. The only thing is she tends to go on about the battles of magic she used to have when she was younger and not even a hundred years old. Hmmm....what to do...what to do...? " Holly said softly out loud as she wandered through her house looking over pictures of her at various parties in the past including the infamous " Atlantis: The Biggest Party Ever " that went kinda wrong.

When she got to her bedroom that was dominated by her four post bed with gold colored bedding, she thought of an idea of keeping herself busy that evening. Rummaging through her dresser drawers, she pulled out her Wand of Change ( as she called it thought it resembled a gray vibrator you would buy at a local XXX shop) and started looking through the same drawer for a cap for it.

" 'Mannequin'..no...'Statue'..don't think so...' Bra'...not today...' Sex Doll'...hmmm..well,why not ? " Holly muttered as she took out the doll cap and attached it to the end of her wand. She then carried the wand to her bed where she set it down before taking off her clothing.

Laying back on the bed, Holly enjoyed the feeling of the colorful sheets rubbing against her body as she picked up the wand in her left hand with a playful look on her face. Wetting the end of it with the tip of her tongue, the witch slowly inserted it into her moist pussy and turned it on with a twist. The wand started to hum as the end turned bright green upon its' activation as the object started on its' purpose.

Knowing she only had a few seconds of voluntary movement, Holly raised her hands up and cupped her breasts in anticipation. She felt her skin starting to tingle and knew the transformation was starting to take place. By the mirror she had situated opposite her bed, she saw her soft pink skin turning to shiny tan plastic She could see seams appearing on her arms, legs and torso with all traces of blemishes, freckles and body hair vanishing altogether. She could no longer move or talk at all but she expected that.

She saw her breasts forming rigid mounds of taut plastic surrounded by two seamed circles and capped by bright pink nipples. Her mouth slowly formed into an O-shape with nothing but soft plastic inside like any other sex doll. Holly could feel her other openings form the same shape as her body became the air filled body of plastic like any inanimate sex toy.

" A LOVE DOLL.. I'VE BECOME A LOVE DOLL!!.. THIS IS UNREAL!.. WOW! " Holly thought as the transformation finished it's change and an inanimate doll sat where a living breathing woman sat just a few minutes ago.
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