The Warehouse

by GreyRose

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Donna lifted the cup to take a sip of tea, and discovered for the second time that it was empty.  Shaking her head, she placed it back into the cup holder and turned her attention back to the warehouse.  It was a block away and had been very hard to find. Thinking back Donna questioned exactly why she was in this downtown district at 3:00am on a Friday night.  It started with the mystery file at the office, the one that only the president of the company and a few others were allowed to touch.

Earlier this week she had been asked to straighten up some files in the president's office.  There on the desk was the mystery file, she had glanced through it and found nothing but mysterious notations, some keys and a code for the security system. Not thinking about what she was doing, Donna took the keys with her to lunch and got copy's made.  After lunch she returned the keys and copied the security code and the address of the warehouse.  The rest of the week she kept asking herself what she was going to do with the keys and the information.  The answer she kept coming back to was that she was planning on being an investigative reporter, as soon as she graduated from college, and that meant solving mystery's like this one.

Tonight she had come home from work, and slept until midnight, then she had pulled out a map and driven down here.  The streets in this area were so twisted and confusing it had taken her an extra hour to find the building.  Having found it, Donna sat in her car drinking some hot tea and stared at the building down the street.  Finding the empty cup at her lips yet again pushed Donna into action. Putting the cup down, she climbed out and locked her car.  Taking her time and walking from shadow to shadow she approached the front door. She was confidant that no one was inside having watched for an hour and seen no lights or any sign of activity.

Taking a deep breath she opened the front door, and quickly stepped inside.  Frantically she searched about looking for the security panel to enter the code.  She found it around a corner from the door and  quickly entered the code.  Then she froze and waited for several minutes, waiting for the police or some security people to arrive and arrest her. Relaxing Donna began to investigate the halls and offices.  Giving them just a quick look before moving on, she saw nothing special.  Moving on into the small warehouse in back, she hit the jackpot.  Here she saw various forms laying about tables and numerous box's ranging from 2x2' to ones about 6' long.

There was enough light so that as she approached each table what was there was easily seen. On the first table was a female form wearing a tight rubber dress that exposed her every curve.  Laying on the table next to it were some gloves, a pair of boots, and a pile of straps, all made of rubber. Donna just stood there and stared, she couldn't believe what she saw. Standing next to the table she looked closely at the female on the table.  It was some kind of sex doll, it had a skin of latex and seemed filled with some kind of foam and gel that gave it a feel much like real flesh.  When she lifted the arm it had some kind of rigid internal structure that imitated the bone's inside a living person's body.

She felt that these dolls were a major improvement over some that she had seen at some Frat parties.  Those were just some cheap inflatable ones that the boys played with after the girls turned them down. But it was the clothing and equipment that was here on the table and showed sticking out of a number of the box's near by that really turned her on.  She had been interested in bondage for a number of years but had never tried anything more unusual than a pair of handcuffs. Here there were straps and gags and harnesses and clothes and lots of other things that she had no idea of what they were for, all of them made from latex.

Feeling wild and wicked, Donna rummaged through a number of the box's and laid out a few items for herself.  First she took a bright red ball gag and working the rubber sphere behind her teeth she buckled the strap tightly behind her head.  Next she took a 2' spreader bar and buckled it tightly between her ankles.  She finished off with a pair of wide cuffs that she buckled onto her wrists and snapped them together behind her back. Taking a few minutes to feel the hampering limits her new toys place upon her body, leaves Donna panting and squirming to enhance the sensations she is now enjoying.

Forgetting what her original mission for entering the building was, she learns how to walk wearing the spreader bar.  Managing her way to another table, Donna discovers another doll tucked into one of the tall box's.  This one is wearing a latex straightjacket, a full coverage helmet and knee high boots.  The doll was wedged into the tight foam packing of the box.

Moving on to the next table, Donna noticed that the doll on the table looked familiar.  Each doll could apparently be ordered to specific requirements.  The first one had a tanned skin tone with long blond hair, the second one had dusky skin, the helmet had not allowed for any hair to be seen.  This one had pale skin and curly strawberry blond hair that fell to the shoulders.  Moving closer to get a better look, Donna stumbled and fell across the figure and found herself face to face with...  HERSELF!!

The hair, the skin, the color of the eyes, they all were hers. Struggling to read the order with the sex doll, Donna freed her hands from behind her back.  Digging through the paperwork next to the doll, she discovered that Raymond Foxworthy was the person ordering this doll. Assistant Professor Raymond Foxworthy had been a man that she had given everything she had to seduce.  She wasn't worried about her grade, she knew that she was in collage to learn, and one of the things she had planned on learning was how good he was in bed.  All semester long she had tried and every time he had told her, "Not with a student.  Never with a student."

At the time she had worried that she was just not attractive to him, but now she had an idea as to how much she had gotten to him.  And looking at how he wanted her surrogate delivered, Donna felt that there was definitely reason to continue pursuing him. Suddenly an idea hit her, and she quickly divested herself of all bonds and clothing. Taking her soaked panties Donna slid them up the legs of her doppelganger, followed by her bra. It took her longer to dress the inert doll than she had thought it would, but soon enough the sex doll was wearing all her clothes and sitting off to one side watching as Donna dressed in the sexy clothes Raymond wanted to see her in.

As with the doll she started with the panties, though these sported a dildo for her pussy as well as one for her ass.  This was followed by a latex bra that had openings for her nipples to poke through.  She followed this with a penis gag harness that locked on in back.  Making sure that the keys were correct and that the lock was easily reachable before locking the harness on herself. Donna took time to enjoy the feel and the rush of sensations that her body now enjoyed.  Taking up the silvery chain that lay upon the table Donna looked at the clips on each end, with trepidation she put them on her erect nipples.  Feeling the flash of pain followed by the weight of the chain dragging on her flesh, Donna was unsure of this particular toy.  Moving on, she now covered her legs with rubber stockings, and laced stiletto heeled ankle boots tightly onto her feet.

Feeling that as an intruder the woman dressed in normal street clothes should not be sitting out in plain sight, Donna moved the sitting figure off into the shadows, into a hidden niche. Continuing she next wrapped a corset about her waist and began to lace it down.  Taking a break after lacing the corset down by a couple of inches, Donna attached the straps that were meant to run through the crotch.  Then returning to the lacing and managing at least another 2 inches before running out of breath for more.

Next she picked up the binding for her lower legs, this was a tube of latex that had a stirrup running under the arch of the boots.  The open edge ran up the front closed by a dozen buckles that ran up to her knees.  With all the buckles pulled tightly her legs were welded into a single pillar of latex.  Taking a pair of straps she pulled them tight about her upper and lower thigh.

Nearing the end of the enclosed instructions, Donna hopped over to the shipping crate intended to ship the sex doll to its new owner.  The chain dangling from her erect nipples tugging and teasing her, giving her reason to enjoy its presence.  Opening the lid of the crate that leaned against some low box's, Donna braced herself against it as she put her arms through some cuffs attached to the upper back of the corset.  Noting how much this simple act limits the motion of her arms, Donna squirms and tests the tightness of her latex accessories.

Suddenly realizing that the cuffs for her wrists and the locks for them are still over on the table, Donna hops back over to get them.  Making sure that the keys are reachable even with her hands locked behind her, Donna locks her wrists together tightly. Hopping back once more to the packing crate, Donna fits her latex bound body into the precut form.  Her body wedging tightly into the space, the added constriction adding to her already burning excitement.

Wriggling and tugging and fighting her bonds, Donna quickly works her way to orgasm.  She is so deep into her excitement that she does not feel the case slip during her bout of passion. Spent Donna drifts in the aftermath of probably the best orgasm she has ever had with out a partner.  Slowly regaining her breath Donna starts to work her way out of the case.  Being wedged so tightly into the packing foam, she tries to jerk her upper body free of the packing. The jerking motion causes the case to slide free of the box holding it up, as it falls the lid hits another box and is slammed shut and locked.

Donna is stunned to find herself sealed into the packing crate, the lid compressing her into total immobility.  Her only motion the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathes.  The nipple clips catch and drag on the lids packing foam, starting her on another rise of passion. The bondage and the total sealing of the case, combine into the fantasy of being delivered to a stranger as a living sex toy bring her to a second screaming climax.  Even as she is swept away by the tide of hormones, the lack of air brings on oblivion.

* * * * *

Four hours later, workers arrive to prepare Saturday's deliveries for shipment.  The women that were readying Mr. Foxworthy's order just shrugged their shoulders not worried about it being dressed and packed. They just completed the paperwork, and included the keys into the packing envelope.

Later that afternoon, the delivery truck arrived outside Foxworthy's home.  After obtaining his signature they wheeled the crate into his garage and left. Inside the crate, there was faint movement, a dimly returning awareness of events.  Donna was at first confused and then worried about what was happening to her, dimly aware of movement and voices outside her travel case.  While waiting for something to happen she fell asleep.

* * * * *

Later that evening, Raymond returned home and decided that he could no longer delay in playing with his new toy.  That girl from last semester had almost driven him to raping anything that wore a skirt.  He had never wanted a woman more than he wanted her, but there were very good reasons for not dating any of the students.  Her teasing had finally given him the push to get one of these advanced sex dolls.

Taking his time he opened the packing envelope and took out the keys and the packing receipt before opening the crate itself.  Opening the lid wide and looking upon the bound stand-in for his recent tormenter, Raymond drank in the delightful picture before him, slowly he knelt and reached out to tug on the dangling nipple chain.


The sudden squeal and the eyes pooping open gave Raymond such a start that he fell over still clutching the chain.  Luckily the clips were not secured tightly so they pooped off cleanly from his sudden pull. The sensation of her nipples being pulled on brought Donna back to the world of the aware with a vengeance.  And the sudden returning blood flow to her tortured nipples hit her with enough pain that she almost was able to pull free of the tight packing foam.

Raymond quickly sat up and looked into the case, not believing that what he had thought to be an inanimate doll was in fact a living woman. But one look convinced him that this was indeed a woman, her breasts heaving with effort as her body contorted within the case.  He could  also hear her gagged efforts to speak, and see her eyes pleading with him for release.

Standing and looking down at this totally unexpected present, he slowly smiled as a thought came to him.
"You know I told you time and again that as long as you were a student that there was nothing between us.  I don't know how you managed this, but your timing is perfect.  Right now your not a student, so there can be anything that we...   I choose to be between me and my new sex doll."
Crouching down he stroked her available charms, rolling one of her flushed nipples in his fingers.
His smile promising payback for months of torment.

Donna looked deep into his eyes and read her future in them.  That and his devilish fingers playing with her brought her to orgasm. She chose to misquote a line from an old song, 'Her futures so bright she needs to wear a blindfold.'

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