Warlock's Wife

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2007 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X


Sabrina looked through her closet for the shoes she wanted to wear for that night's dinner with her husband Travis. He had promised her an evening of fine wine and dining as compensation for his being away from home the last couple of months. Of course, the fact that Travis was a powerful warlock who often found himself involved in battles of magic or fighting creatures that were thought to be mythical explained his absence in that regard. Nevertheless, she found herself growing a little weary of explaining his numerous ' disappearances' as the result of last minute business trips Travis had to take to their friends and family. She had asked him if she could accompany him on his last adventure but he shook his head and told her that he was going to be doing battle with an arch foe of his and he wanted her home where she would be safe.

" I love that man with all my heart but I swear sometimes he ticks me off with his tendency to be overprotective of me. I can defend myself quite capably against any of his foes in a duel of magic. " Sabrina said with a voice tinged in arrogance.

The blonde woman went through her closet for a few more minutes before pulling out a pair of silver high heels and sheer stockings to match. She was about to start looking for a matching outfit when she heard a loud BAAMM!! which she recognized as the sound of one of the protective hexes Travis had put on the entranceways being set off by an unwanted visitor.

Throwing on a blue silk robe to cover her nude body, she headed in the the direction of the noise while at the same time preparing in her head the words for a spell in case she had a magic using intruder to deal with. Sabrina walked down the hallway towards the back door where the sound emanated from and saw there was something lying on the floor next to the door, which showed signs of being forced open.

The blonde beauty reached down and picked up what appeared to a stuffed doll that looked like a male warlock. Looking a little closer, she saw the doll bore a striking resemblance to a long-time enemy of Travis', Mecklar, a warlock who had done battle with her beloved over everything from control of several planes of existence to which country made the best beer ( Sabrina knew it was Canada, of course).

She was just about to head back to her bedroom and finish dressing when she heard a noise from the nearby living room. Quietly moving toward the disturbance, Sabrina crouched down just as she got to the room entrance in case someone had a nasty surprise waiting for her.

With grim satisfaction, Sabrina saw a ball of blue and green energy slam into the area where she would have been standing turning a house plant into one made entirely of glass. " Hmmm... looks like I've got yet another unwelcome visitor tonight... " she thought to herself as she quickly prepared a spell to take out her opponent.

Springing to her feet, Sabrina stepped just inside the room and unleashed a powerful containment spell in the direction of her attacker and was rewarded by the sight of her female attacker being wrapped tightly in the Bands of Ch'Thagor from which there was no escape save for the spell being dispelled.

Satisfied that her opponents had been vanquished, Sabrina headed back to the bedroom to finish dressing before she called Travis on the EWC device ( Emergency Warlock Communications ) and let him know about the attackers that invaded their home.

However, when the blond witch sat down on her dressing bench, she instantly felt a tingling sensation through her entire body. In that instant, she realized that she had triggered a magical trap set for her when she returned to the bedroom. She desperately tried to move or cast a spell to get herself out of the trap but found she couldn't move a muscle or lift even a finger. She was completely... helpless.... rigid as a statue and unable to say or do a thing about it !

Several agonizing minutes, Sabrina thought she heard a loud noise emanate from the living room area. At first, she thought it might be her beloved Travis home for the night. However, her hopes were dashed a few seconds later as she saw with her fixed gaze a man dressed in a wizard's outfit enter the room followed by the woman who tried to attack her before.

It was Mecklar ! ....and the woman must be his aide or assistant ! " Damn those two... they must have planned to trap me here all along.... Travis will make these two pay for this... what do they have planned for me... " Sabrina thought to herself as Mecklar and his female aide walked in front of her with smug looks on their faces.

" You want to explain to me again why I had square off against this blonde bitch... she had me wrapped so tight in that spell that I thought I was being squeezed by a giant boa constrictor snake. " the red haired woman snapped at Mecklar before she drew her right hand back to slap the immobilized blonde.

Mecklar reached up and grabbed his aide's arm before she could deliver the blow. " Nancy ! If you touch Sabrina in any physical way, it releases the second component of the spell and I don't think we want to be here when that happens. " he said with an evil chuckle.

The wizard then turned his attention to Travis' wife, " I would have thought the wife of such a worthwhile adversary as Travis would have been more cautious when under siege and not so easily fooled. A toss of a stuffed likeness into the most obvious place possible for protective hexes was enough to fool you for just long enough. While you engaged in battle with Nancy, I prepared the trap that you are now ensnared. Now that you sit there unable to move at all, I can enact part two of my plan. " Mecklar said with an evil grin.

" Plan ?...Second part ? ....what is that madman up to ? ...ooohhh!!!... " Sabrina thought to herself before her train of thought was interrupted by the sensation of her body being bathed in bright yellow energy emanating from Mecklar's extending hands. The wizard was speaking rapidly in what sounded to Sabrina like some sort of transformation incantation but what type ?

Seconds later, Sabrina started to realize what spell had been cast as the tingling grew in intensity accompanied by feelings of pleasure that felt as intense as any sessions of love she had with Travis ever. She could feel her body starting to shift in response to the magic and a distinctive perception of flesh changing into something that felt artificial in nature. Sabrina felt her mouth open on its' own forming a soft ovular shape and she was unable to close it.

When Mecklar moved a mirror in her line of sight, the blonde witch could see her feelings were justified as her body was indeed changing into an artificial material . Warm flesh was becoming shiny plastic devoid of blemishes or freckles and the tattoo she had of a bald eagle had disappeared as well. She could see what looked like thin lines resembling seams becoming evident on her arms, legs and torso. The pleasure she was feeling became mixed with one of feathery lightness as if she was floating on a cloud.

" A LOVE DOLL ! ...DAMN YOU, MECKLAR !..... WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS ?..... " Sabrina thought as her breathing disappeared rapidly while her mouth gaped open into the familiar O-shape that all love dolls had. She felt her chest swell slightly as her breasts became composed of the same material that the rest of her was now composed of. Bright pink circles were visible on her taut yet pliable tits with small yet pleasantly erect nipples clearly seen by Mecklar and his female aide. Sabrina felt her legs swinging wide apart exposing her pussy, which was now composed of blades of pink rubber and plastic and shaped in the same ovular shape that the rest of her body's openings now resembled.
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