Wash Away Your Troubles

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2008 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; revenge; potion; transform; lovedoll; boxed; nc; X


It was a warm summer day with birds chirping and the usual traffic noise associated with a busy downtown. One building in particular was drawing a fair amount of traffic and people going in and out. Draped just above the front entrance was a large banner with GRAND OPENING - BEAUTIFUL BODIES SPA written on it. Large glass windows next to the entrance showcased a vast array of exercise machines and weightlifting areas which were in heavy usage by mostly women in their 20's and 30's.

An empty parking space near the front door was quickly taken up by a blue BMW which rolled into the spot with a loud screech. A lithe black haired woman in her mid twenties stepped out and strode confidently across the parking lot towards the building. Janet Eaton was a wealthy businesswoman known for her ruthless attitude in negotiating business deals and the contempt she had for the men she triumphed over. She was nicknamed "The Ice Queen" by some wags and it was a name she was actually quite proud of.

In fact, earlier in the day, she had had ruthlessly foreclosed on a debt ridden toy manufacturer called Kid Toys, Inc. with the intent of negotiating the sale of the factory to a West Coast firm who produced adult oriented products. The delicious irony of the situation was not lost on her though the profane shouts of the Kid Toys, Inc. president as he stormed out enraged and vowing to get even with her brought an evil smile to her face.

After opening the front door, she strode through the spacious lobby towards the receptionist who was just finishing up with a customer. Janet thought the woman looked familiar in some way but couldn't quite put a name to the face. The woman went off towards what appeared to be the changing rooms while Janet stepped up to the counter and waited for the red haired receptionist to finish up some paperwork.

" Yes, ma'am, how can I help you today ? " the woman asked Janet while simultaneously transferring a call to another part of the building.

" I received an email originating from your business a few days ago inviting me to attend your grand opening today with all costs paid for by an anonymous benefactor. Here's a copy of the email in question as well as my credentials. " Janet said in a clipped tone while handing the papers in question to the receptionist.

The receptionist nodded as she looked over the papers quickly while also glancing at a nearby computer monitor. " Yes, everything seems to be in order. The person paying for the day, a Mrs. Jill Anderson, left a message saying that she hopes you have a wonderful day here today." the redhead said pleasantly as she handed Janet a plastic white tag to wear.

Janet's eyes opened wide as she recognized the name almost instantly. Her benefactor was none other than the wife of the man whose toy company she had foreclosed on earlier in the day! Janet figured that either Mrs. Anderson was unaware of what had happened earlier in the day or had not had the chance to cancel her gift. Either way, she fully intended to take advantage of the freebie and if Jill had a problem with that, she could take it up with her husband if he had any money left.

" Well, maybe I should start with a visit to the club's gift shop. I feel like a little shopping spree today especially in the pricey part. Ha ! " Janet chirped happily as she headed off to make her purchases before availing herself to the many services available at the club.

Later in the day, Janet emerged from the change room feeling exhilarated after a wonderful day of being pampered. She was carrying several bags stuffed full of club merchandise as she strolled towards the exit whistling out loud happily after experiencing one of the best days she could remember ever.

" Ms. Jones... Ms. Jones, before you leave for the day, could you please accept this package that was left here at the desk for you ? " the blonde receptionist called out to the lawyer just before she got to the exit. The woman stood up holding a small box wrapped in expensive looking paper with a fancy silk ribbon around it.

Hearing the receptionist's shout, Janet stopped just short of the exit and walked back to the reception area where she accepted the box in question. She then headed out to where her car was and placed the package on the seat next to her in the vehicle before speeding off towards her home.


Several hours later....

Janet sat down in a chair by the front door of her home and slowly opened up her gift. To her amusement, she found a bottle of expensive shampoo inside with a card indicating it was from the same Mrs. Anderson who had paid for her day at the spa." Boy, is she in for a big surprise when her hubby gives her the bad news about the company ! " she said as she opened the bottle and sniffed the fruity smelling contents. She contemplated storing away the bottle and waiting till the news of the takeover hit the papers but figured there was no time like the present.

Fifteen minutes later, the sound of hot running water emanated from the washroom as Janet stood in her oversized shower and let the water bead across her taut body. She lathered up her new shampoo and rubbed it vigorously into her hair. She felt her scalp tingling after just a few seconds as the shampoo reacted to her massaging it.

" Mmmm... it feels good.. nice..." Janet muttered as the tingling sensation spread rapidly down her neck and seemed to be affecting her entire body right down to her toes. The tingling was now accompanied by a feeling of lightness as if she was floating on a puffy white cloud. She raised her hands to her head and basked in the exhilaration of what she considered the best shower she had ever had.

However, her feeling of happiness quickly changed to one of horror as she found she could no longer move her body whatsoever ! She tried to shout out for help but found that her ability to speak had vanished as well. She could see her reflection in the golden shower fixtures and saw that her skin was rapidly changing in color and appearance from warm flesh and blood to shiny plastic that was tan colored in nature with no sign of freckles or blemishes visible anywhere. Her breathing had ceased as well and she could see her firm breasts were becoming mounds of molded plastic capped by pink nipples that glowed artificially in brightness. Seams were becoming visible all over her body running up and down her torso and limbs as if she was made of sheets of rubber sewn together.

" A DAMN LOVE DOLL.. A SEX TOY.. I'M BECOMING AN INFLATABLE SEX DOLL!!.. NO!!!.. " Janet screamed mentally as the transformation rapidly engulfed the rest of her body. She felt her teeth and tongue dissolve away as her mouth became composed of the same material that the rest of her body was made of now. She felt something growing out of the small of her back which she assumed to be an inflation plug for air to be release or added by.. by someone.

As her mind dissolved away into a sea of darkness, Janet's last thoughts were ones of puzzlement and confusion. " WHO DID THIS ?... WHY?... WHYYYYY????????....." she thought in bewilderment before she was totally consumed by the change and became nothing more an inanimate love doll standing awkwardly in the shower with water beating off its' artificial skin.



A hand reached into the shower and turned off the water that was beading down on the newly created doll. Chuckling softly, the man reached over and gently pressed down on the doll's thighs so that it looked like they were tucked behind it.

" You don't know me, my dear, and in your current state, I doubt you ever will. My name is Jack... Jack Anderson and I'm the son of the man whose life you destroyed today. When I heard about your vile actions, I decided to extract a little revenge on behalf of my parents. I faked the invitation and package notes so as to not arouse too much suspicions. After that was done, I simply waited outside your home and listened for the telltale sign that you had used my little 'gift'." he said while wiping down the doll and placing it in a box he had brought with him.

" Oh, and here's a little tidbit for you. I've arranged for you to be owned by the same adult toy company you helped buy up my father's company. Just think of yourself as a bonus thrown in for the last deal you'll ever do... a most unexpected bonus ! Ha! Ha! " the man said as he closed the box on the new doll..........



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