Window Dressing

by Vanilla Lite

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© Copyright 2014 - Vanilla Lite - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; armbinder; shop; lingerie; assiatant; dressed; basque; transform; mannequin; display; window; stuck; tease; climax; cons/reluct; X

Cass smiled impishly as she slid the cheap blonde wig over her not-at-all cheap, crew-with-a-twist haircut. The black with a hint of red was her trademark. But not tonight. The flirty white sleeveless blouse was doing its thing, but the jeans were never part of the plan, and with her flexible, lithe body she did without thinking what several of her girlfriends would have struggled with: slipped them off while the nylon on her head remained glued to the spot.

She quickly put on a black, pleated miniskirt over her black thong. Getting there. The makeup needed to be a mask in order to satisfy the playful idea she’d been rolling around in her head all day.

Charged thoughts had been tying her up in knots all week, after a crazy moment at Fen’s place. They’d been trying out each other’s outfits and giggling like schoolgirls. Cass, in her underwear, had found a black leather item and couldn’t work out what the hell it was. The answer left her none the wiser.

“An armbinder?” Fen, her second best friend, had become breathless with excitement.

Cass suddenly felt like she hardly knew her, but also had an urge – a desperate urge – to try on this tortuous-looking object.

Fen had eagerly obliged and cinched Cass’s arms tight behind her, elbows almost touching. There followed chatting, more touching than usual, occasional small adjustments to the device but no offers of release. After 25 minutes Fen gently removed the leather binder, and Cass, gasping with equal parts relief and excitement, was left wanting to scream: “What does this mean for us?!”

Instead, the sex thing was out there yet not out there. It was driving her crazy.

Cass was single, hetero and vanilla, save a little tie-up play, which was never her idea when it came to her being the tyee. Suddenly, everything was upside-down. Every fantasy was with Fen and involved being in the armbinder or other items she quickly discovered online. Sex was on her mind constantly and only her highest heels would do.

Today’s idea was simply to walk around in a sexy outfit anonymous from her regular life, and hopefully pick up some toys. Something leather. Something to show Fen, maybe. She grinned.

Black fuck-me shoes completed the look. But not quite the feel. When she left the apartment the thong did not.

She headed straight for a little adult boutique in a back street. It was late night shopping, and she reckoned the darkness and quiet streets should save her from bumping into the handful of people she knew here.

“Idiot!” she suddenly thought – you don’t try on intimate clothing with no undies on! The girl at the back of the shop had on a black basque with pink trim, black gauze panties and high heels. “You sell these?” Cass pointed, rather embarrassed, to the assistant’s crotch.

The assistant – who could have been Cass’s doppelganger but for her fuller lips and unreadable eyes – smiled softly but said nothing. She quickly returned with a pair that tied at the sides, which Cass much preferred. She put them on, emerging from the changing room for a better look in the big mirror at the back of the shop. And this? She found herself pointing to the assistant’s basque (which she didn’t even especially like) and quickly realised that her aroused subconscious was way ahead of her and knew she’d need help getting into that.

The assistant returned with a similar item. The place was empty, and the net curtain at the back of the shop window just gave Cass the confidence to change at the big mirror, her heart thumping with the excitement of not knowing if anyone was watching – they could see in but she saw only blackness outside.

The unnamed assistant proceeded to remove Cass’s bra. This took her aback but caused a rush of excitement to surge through her body. Heart racing and body tingling, she suddenly wished she was near the front of the shop and turned round the other way – and was now also taken aback by her own mental processes!

The assistant drew the basque around her naked torso and started firmly lacing it up, while Cass turned her head sideways to take in the effect – not of the lingerie but of being laced up by this girl, this strange stranger. She was transfixed and couldn’t look away.

And all of a sudden she realised she really couldn’t look away – her neck refused to move! So why was she mentally pleading for the basque to be pulled tighter? As if hearing her pleas, the assistant continued her expert and impossibly tight lacing. Cass could hardly breathe.

And then she realised she couldn’t breathe – at all! Something was happening to her. It was as if the basque was around every part of her, totally immobilizing every limb and muscle. It was both utterly terrifying and orgasmically thrilling. Get a grip, Cass, you need to breathe! She tried to move anything, make any sound. Nothing. And yet no nightmarish clawing at the mind like that time the scuba mix went haywire.

Her feet felt like that time they swelled up in her trainers on a long-haul flight. And her face... “Oh my god, my face!” It was changing. This had to be a dream, right? No way to pinch herself. Off-the-scale alarm now. Right, Cass, if it’s a dream and you know it’s a dream you can make stuff happen. Fucking ANYTHING. Change something. Blink. STOP changing into a goddamn shop mannequin!

She tried. She knew it was all real. Impossible, but still real. But she had to try. Nothing. It had only taken the assistant a couple of minutes to lace her up, but there was now just an unblinking mannequin staring back at her. The assistant swivelled her round to admire her handiwork. She must weigh all of 30 pounds now. Shit, what would happen if she toppled over and something broke off?! She cursed herself for leaning forward for her fitting.

The assistant slid her up against the mirror and rubbed her plastic crotch through her panties. Despite all that had happened she was TOTALLY unprepared for this. She exploded immediately into orgasm, unseen and unheard. “UNFAIR!” she screamed mentally. The assistant continued and Cass was angry with herself for being ecstatic. After just minutes she was a quivering mess who couldn’t quiver! And then it was over and she was dragged unceremoniously to the shop window.

She was positioned between two other mannequins, her head still turned to the side and now facing the street. She could see her own half reflection and a few lights and signs. She was all questions and no answers. Would this effect wear off? Would the girl use her again? How could she feel orgasms surge through her body when she was now hollow plastic? How would she sleep with open eyes? Would the girl use her again? Would the girl use her again?

A crazy mix of the deepest satisfaction and yearning filled her and Cass fell asleep

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