Woman in the Mannequin

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Justine had an obsession, it showed in everything she did, having gone to work designing and building mannequins out of high school. Her small home was filled with her mannequin collection, often making her few friends uncomfortable being left alone with them.

Justine dreamt about being a mannequin, unable to move herself but dressed daily by someone and put on display. Justine had briefly modeled clothes before learning it wasn’t the same as being a mannequin, her lean build with long legs and beautiful face had made her a natural.

After just starting to get noticed she had been offered the job at the company and quickly dropped out of modeling, hoping deep down someday she could become her dream. For years she tried to design a mannequin suit, never liking how bulky or completely rigid they turned out. She desperately wanted to be kept enclosed, but it had to be natural looking and still had to be flexible.

The biggest problem was making it flexible and natural looking. Each time she designed a joint it would show her skin underneath. Justine had multiple skins she would seal herself into, spending all her time off inside one of her creations, reluctantly removing the suit in time to get to work.

Lately she had started to wear the torso she had created under her clothes at work, continuing to enclose herself every day, adding leg casings and eventually adding arm sheaths all painted to match her skin tone perfectly. Justine was sitting trapped in her latest creation, having sealed herself inside the new design Friday night thinking she had finally found the perfect suit.

She knew it was thick enough to hold her inside, hide the latches and make it very difficult for her to move on her own but remain flexible enough to be posed and dressed. Looking through the tiny holes for her eyes at herself in the mirror she almost felt the body proportions were correct, especially in the tall high heels she had put on the suit's feet before squeezing into it.

The composition of materials she had used had to be mixed perfectly or it would harden to firmly or be extremely brittle. Justine had been experimenting with it for months finding the mixture she thought would be perfect and poured it over the casting of her own body she used for all her experiments.

Justine knew if she could make this work she would have created an entirely new line for the company. They would be able to make mannequins that not only looked human and could be posed in any position yet made to any level of detail the customer wanted very simply and inexpensively.

Justine had closed the featureless suit after shimmying into the lower half, letting her legs get squeezed tightly and smiling as she pushed her hands into the arms guiding her fingers into the gloves. She found it difficult to reach behind herself to pull the back together but she managed to close the suit hearing each latch click as she squeezed the new skin together around herself.

The head piece turned out to be the most difficult - feeling the material had swollen slightly made it difficult to get the latches to snap closed. Justine was excited as she waited for the suit to set fully hoping she had gotten the mixture correct so it would hold her firmly in place, wanting to be able to relax and be held in whatever position she had placed herself in but still be flexible enough to move in it.

With the mask closed Justine smiles as she panted through her nose, unable to open her mouth at all and feeling the material pressing hard on her head and neck. Justine lay back wanting to let the material set fully before she tested if she had gotten it correct or not.

Justine would know how long she had waited when the vibrators in her pussy and ass started to shake her – then she would know it was time to test her suit. She also found it pleasurable when she would have to struggle in her tight suit. Justine drifted off to sleep being wakened by her vibrators coming on which made her moan into the mask as she tried to lift her arms finding it was very difficult.

As she forced her arms to rise she tried to bend her legs, grunting as she was barely able to bend them. Justine forced herself to sit up, raising her arms out to her sides. She squealed when she relaxed them; the material held them in place perfectly. Standing was difficult partly due to the vibrators arousing and distracting her.

Justine stood in front of the mirror posing herself in a typical mannequin position and relaxing her entire body squealing again as she was held in the pose. For an hour Justine struggled inside the suit with the building orgasm forcing herself into different positions relishing the restriction and confinement as she stared at the faceless mannequin in the mirror.

Justine could fight the climax no more and let it slam into her compressed body. She stared into the mirror while remaining in the last pose with her legs together, bent slightly at her waist and knees with her hands on each side of her featureless face. Justine moaned and whined inside the hood as she tried to breathe deeper, finding the tension on her chest was constricting more than she had realized.

The compression was making her gasp for air until she slowly blacked out standing in the surprised pose. Justine woke up feeling her arousal getting stronger and only taking a second to remember what she was doing. She smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror still in the pose she had been in.

Justine wanted to change her position and grunted as she attempted to move her hands away from her face, finding no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t move her hands or arms. Justine was gasping as she forced her leg to move slightly forward, finding she could straighten her knees as she watched her mannequin body stand up straight.

Justine whined, pulling her hands away from her face, straining to get them to move and thankful she could see and feel them moving away from her face. The excitement of not being frozen in place mixed with the uncertainty of possibly being trapped drove the already aroused woman to climax again.

Justine rode out the orgasm screaming inside her encasement using the energy of the climax to force her hands behind her back. With her hands flailing Justine was able to feel the small release button. Pressing it, she felt the suit pop open in back.

It took Justine almost an hour to get herself out of the mannequin suit. She dropped her exhausted body onto her bed, curling up under the covers and falling asleep immediately. Justine’s dreams were filled with images of her being trapped in the suit while an oblivious salesperson dressed and posed her, leaving her on display helpless to do anything but watch the shoppers as they walked past her.

Justine woke up very sore from her struggles in the mannequin suit, moaning as she staggered to the bathroom to take a long hot bath. Lying in the hot water she knew she had mixed the formula almost perfect and lay calculating the new mixture for the final suit. This one would be perfect with full facial features, breasts and all other body parts to make it look as human as possible.

Justine toyed with the mixture for two weeks before making another mold of herself. This time she wore an excessively tight corset wanting to make her waist appear more feminine. Justine had worn corsets before but had never worn one as tight as this one. She found she enjoyed the compression a great deal.

With the new casting finished Justine made the new suit, carefully coating every part of the mold before placing exterior molds on the suit and pressing them lightly onto it so it could set with the features she wanted molded into it.

Justine had been taking her failed mannequin suit experiments to a local fetish shop so they could at least be used for something. Mary the manager/owner of the store knew Justine well, having catered to her every desire for years and often having to sell products she wouldn’t have ordered normally because Justine changed her mind and was glad to get something back besides Justine’s business for a change.

Mary had been made fully aware of Justine’s intentions with the mannequins and was intrigued by her obsession with becoming a living mannequin. Mary had agreed to help her live her dream if she could make a suit properly. Justine visited the store regularly, testing and trying on everything that interested her, including her latest obsession of corsets.

Mary had helped Justine find the corset she wore under the new suit, teaching Justine how to lace herself tightly and use her need to try new things and her desire to be a mannequin to Mary’s own advantage. During many of Justine’s visits Mary kept her restrained as she demonstrated products on her living display.

Mary had forced Justine to submit to being compressed, gagged and whipped on several occasions while Justine struggled and whined. Justine always enjoyed her involuntary confinement being forced to endure Mary’s punishments returning more regularly after each session encouraging Mary to increase her incarceration with each visit.

During her sessions Justine realizes to be truly used as a mannequin she must incorporate feeding and body evacuation devices into her suit. Justine explains her new problem to Mary and the two set about finding a solution both exploring different areas they are familiar with.

Mary found several long-term bondage set ups that would control everything including breathing and presented them to Justine. Justine studied several, finally asking Mary to order her a system she believed she could modify and could be used to support her for up to two weeks at a time before needing to be adjusted.

Justine had almost finished the newest mannequin suit, getting more excited about how it was turning out and amazed at how it looked almost exactly like her with only slightly larger breasts and hips. She could hardly wait to try it on. Justine was sure she could not get into and out of the suit by herself so she got Mary to agree to let her set it up at the shop.

During the time Justine was adapting the suit to her body functions pack, Mary asked her to demonstrate the last suit she had made that had been so close to perfect. This made Justine excited about wearing the suit. hoping Mary would keep her for at least a few days before releasing her.

Mary had already planned to keep her trapped in the suit for longer than that. She had made slight adaptations to the suit herself that would allow Justine to “eat” and “drink” which would allow Mary to keep her trapped much longer. Mary had found out from Justine that she was allowed to take days off whenever she wanted. Justine’s company was very relaxed in that way for people who did not have jobs that would stop any projects or production, especially someone that had on many occasions increased their business with their discoveries. Justine hauled the new suit to the shop a few weeks before, showing Mary how it worked.

Justine had even asked Mary if she wanted to try it herself, making Mary laugh as she jokingly pointed to Justine’s much taller and thinner body while declining her offer. Now Mary would really be able to use Justine’s own obsession to force her to submit completely and fulfill her own desires to totally control someone.

Justine arrived late Thursday night. chatting with Mary about wanting to be sealed inside the suit overnight and asking if she could be left alone in the store until the following day. Mary quickly agreed, chuckling to herself as Justine squealed excitedly explaining she had already prepared herself.

Mary smiled as Justine babbled on about her preparations and how excited she was to be able to use the suit again. Justine shimmed into the suit, noticing the small tube Mary had placed in the mouth area thinking it was for her to breathe through not knowing it would also be used to feed her once she was encapsulated.

Justine pushed her hands into the sleeves, aligning her fingers as she stuffed her hands into the gloves. Mary watched amazed as her friend squeezed into the suit, finally helping her to close it before pushing Justine’s head into the head piece and snapping it closed.

Mary watched the figureless mannequin move slowly for a few minutes before Justine’s strength tapered off leaving her gasping for air, motionless and moaning. Mary forced the mannequin to sit, pulling its legs up until they were sticking straight out and then forced its feet into steep high-heeled shoes.

Mary wrapped the wide straps around its legs before slipping small locks into the buckles. Justine sat trying to hear what Mary was doing since there were no mirrors in her eye line and she could not turn her head. She felt her body being moved into different positions, not knowing what Mary was adding to her predicament.

The Justine mannequin was quickly transformed into a fetish display with extremely steep high heels and long leather gloves held up by garters attached to the tall posture collar. Around each wrist Mary had locked leather cuffs that matched the ones around its upper arms and ankles.

Mary had dressed the mannequin in a tight transparent latex hobble dress forcing its legs to be held tightly together and showing the odd colored skin of the mannequin underneath. Around Justine’s featureless face she arranges the straps of a severe head harness having removed the ball attached to the panel so she could strap it tightly onto her new dummy.

Justine could feel the added restrictions of the cuffs and even the added heat of the dress but has no idea what was happening, finding she was getting more aroused by each item she felt Mary placing on her body.

Justine felt Mary tighten the harnes,s blocking the small opening over her mouth and blocking the small holes for her eyes, sealing her mouth shut and blinding her completely. Mary started talking now that Justine was helpless to stop her, explaining that her new “Dummy” would be on display in the front window and redressed as often as she wanted during the next two weeks.

Justine was excited at Mary’s statement until she heard the length. “TWO WEEKS! I can’t stay sealed up for two weeks!” she thought to herself, trying to move in the tight suit. She only found with it and the new restraints she could barely move anything. Mary laughed at her captive, pushing her towards the windowsill where she had already removed the regular dummy that stood there.

Justine tried to stop Mary from moving her towards the window, struggling until she couldn’t move anymore only able to feel Mary scoot and drag her new mannequin towards the window. Justine could feel her helpless body being lifted onto the ledge and forced to stand inside the latex and leather compressing Justine’s outer skin.

Mary positions Justine with her hands over her head, locking the cuffs together and attaching them to the thin cable normally used for holding up other dummies. At Justine’s ankles the cuffs are locked to an anchor bolt making it impossible for Justine to move out of the window.

Mary steps back admiring her new display, slapping Justine’s rubber covered ass. “You look great, have a good night!” She sat behind Justine for almost an hour making sure there is nothing she forgot and planning new clothes and positions for Justine’s helpless body.

Justine stood on her throbbing feet, wiggling her encased fingers and desperately trying to keep her hands from going to sleep and ease her cramping shoulders. Justine could feel the heat from being encased in latex. She felt the sweat running under the suit and hoped the wicking ability of the suit could keep up.

Struggling to move any part of her body, Justine whined in the mannequin suit for hours before finding if she relaxed her body completely she felt much more comfortable. She eventually fell asleep standing in the window.

Justine was awakened by the heat rising inside the suit, struggling for several minutes before recalling where she was and that she was trapped. Concentrating on her breathing she figured the sun was rising and wondered how long she would be forced to stand in the bright sun before the shop was opened.

When Justine heard Mary’s voice cheerfully saying, “Good morning dummy!” Justine smiled under the hood at being called “Dummy”. She listened to Mary move around the store explaining that her new dummy would be courteous and silent unless she wanted to be punished.

Mary was inspecting her new mannequin and noticed small patches of fog under each mound where her breasts would be and over her pussy smiling at how hot she must be inside the suit and rubber dress.

Justine stood motionless for the rest of the day, concentrating on her breathing and trying to relax even when she felt her rubber covered ass being whipped very hard as Mary demonstrated a riding crop for a customer.

Justine spent the day slowly roasting in her cocoon, feeling some relief from the heat when the sun set and finally she could feel the cool air from the shop’s A/C and relaxed.

Justine was sleeping again when she felt Mary moving her. She squealed when she felt her rigid body falling backwards. Mary had released the cable holding her arms and leaned her “dummy” backwards, lifting it off the ledge and laying it on the floor.

Mary began bending Justine’s body forcing her to take a position of crawling on her hands and knees bending her lower legs so her feet were pointing straight up and rolled her onto her hands and knees.

Once Justine was kneeling Mary sat on her back asking “Was it good for you dummy?” and patting her head as she waited for an answer. Justine could feel the added pressure on her back as it slowly bent under Mary’s weight so she tightened her stomach muscles pulling against the weight.

Mary stood up, leaving her dummy on the floor. She grabbed another whip and began whipping Justine’s firm ass as hard as she could. Justine started wailing, her immediate reaction made her start to shuffle forwards It made Mary laugh as the featureless mannequin began to move by itself.

Mary whipped the dummy following it and laughing as it kept moving slowly around the shop. Mary could tell Justine’s energy was starting to wane as her movements became slower until finally the dummy stopped moving, only grunting and whining as Mary continued to whip it.

“That was very good, you almost made it to the back for me” Mary yelled before unbuckling the head harness, letting Justine see for the first time in twenty-four hours.

Justine could only see the floor but was grateful for the panel being removed allowing her to breathe a little easier. She felt Mary straightening her legs before lifting her to her throbbing feet.

Mary yelled “Go to the back room, now!” she pointed Justine in the correct direction and started to whip her sore bottom again. Justine whined but was able to force her legs to move, leaving her arms sticking out in front of her to give her a little reference for her limited eyesight.

Once she was in the back room Mary stuffed a squeeze bottle onto the small tube telling Justine to suck for her dinner. She left the bottle sticking out from the blank face as she peeled the latex off her dummy. Justine was confused but started sucking, feeling the thick liquid sliding down her throat as Mary continued to work on her new display idea.

Justine was still sucking her dinner when she felt Mary lift one of her legs, groaning when she felt the tortuous shoe being removed. Her relief was brief as Mary struggled to get her foot into her new footwear. grunting as she got the dummy’s foot seated fully into the shoe.

Justine could tell her foot had been stuffed into a ballet shoe and groaned, knowing how uncomfortable they became having worn the pair she owned multiple times. She hoped she would not be forced to stand in them.

Mary wrestled the other boot on, lacing it as tight as she could before locking two steel ankle cuffs on her dummy. Mary stood near Justine’s ear quietly saying, “Those will remain until I release you, if I release you, I have started to like having a living dummy.”

Justine whined into the almost empty bottle struggling to find a comfortable stance. When she moved her hands, she felt Mary bend them behind her back, forcing them high between her shoulders.

Mary laughed saying “No No No” using a snap clip to secure her dummy’s wrists to the back of the posture collar. Justine whined more as she felt Mary putting something around her waist, hoping it wasn’t a corset. She found she was right when Mary moved in front and began working the busk closed.

Justine’s arousal was growing again knowing if the corset was laced tight enough the suit would flex to allow her to feel it compress her waist. She fought the suit and the bonds Mary was placing on her yet unable to offer any resistance to her captor.

“Your waist doesn’t look quite right so I thought this might help” Mary said as she began pulling the laces. “This is the longest and strongest corset I have ever seen. It should be able to make you look more like a woman.”

Justine moaned as she felt the pressure increasing on her body. pulling as hard as she could on the cuffs as Mary continued lacing the corset. The black leather corset settled under the dummy’s armpits down to just above her knees and had been made to be used for tight lacers making it perfect for Mary’s purpose.

Mary struggled with the laces for an hour squeezing her dummy’s body significantly before stopping to rest. She left Justine to gasp in the suit and hope Mary was finished lacing her.

Justine was starting to adjust to her new compression when she felt Mary yanking on the laces again moaning loudly. Mary was adjusting the lower laces pulling them until Justine’s legs were crushed together down to her knees.

Justine was whimpering from being helpless to stop her legs from being drawn together, finding she was unable to escape from Mary and when she tried to collapse the suit held her up.

Justine was starting to really struggle in her suit before she realized she was actually living her dream of being used as a lifeless mannequin. Calming herself, the thought slowly comforted her.

Mary noticed that her new dummy had suddenly stopped moaning and grunting. Mary made sure Justine was still breathing before continuing her dressing.

Mary finished lacing the corset, making sure it was as tight as possible before tying off the laces. Mary spread her dummy’s ankles as far as possible, finding there was only a few inches between them.

Mary took a stubby post that snapped into the cuffs on Justine’s ankles, having to force them apart slightly before the post would fit. Mary felt her ankles being pushed apart making the corsets hem pull on her knees a little tighter wondering what was happening to her now.

Mary laughed as she stepped back looking at her dummy, knowing it couldn’t move even if it really tried. She had a thought, wishing the dummy had a face. Going out to the store, Mary returned, finding her dummy hadn’t moved at all, smiling as she pulled the strict leather hood over its head.

Mary only took a minute before the leather was crushing the dummy’s head enough for its contents to be able to feel it. The hood was a sensory deprivation hood with padded eyes, mouth and ears limiting air through a single small grommet.

Justine had felt her arousal jump after her realization of getting exactly what she had always wanted: To feel the added pressure of the hood she was forced to concentrate even harder on her breathing.

Justine was slowing her breathing, learning how restricted she was, wondering what was next and wishing there was a vibrator demo scheduled for her.

Mary rolled a furniture dolly behind her mannequin grabbing her constricted waist and rocking it back onto the foot of the dolly. Justine felt her body being moved, only squealing when she felt herself being tilted back and suddenly rolled. She was thankful she wasn’t going to have to walk.

On the way to the front Mary decided the bare legs of the dummy was unattractive, stopping by a display rack and grabbing a roll of bondage tape before pushing her dummy on a dolly to the window.

Using the cable in the top of the window Mary winched her dummy up onto the ledge, attaching the cable to its collar to make sure it wouldn’t fall out of the window.

Using another thin cable, Mary wrapped it around the post between the dummy’s ankles anchoring it in place. Before stepping back Mary wrapped each of the dummy’s legs in the black tape tucking it under the hem of the corset before wrapping down to the tops of the boots.

Mary stepped back inspecting her display, smiling at it and yelling “Perfect! I’ll see you tomorrow” walking away from the dummy she flipped off the lights leaving Justine helplessly aroused and living her dream.

Mary redressed her dummy every day, never leaving her unbound for more than a few minutes. She had installed the pack for the dummy’s body functions on the third day. The corset and ballet boots had become her base clothing, only slipping other dresses and gear over them.

It took Mary twelve days to decide she had teased Justine long enough. Not wanting to ruin their relationship all together she pulled the mannequin from the window. When the dummy was carried into the back-room Mary yelled asking her if she was ready to go home?

Mary listened for an answer hearing nothing for several minutes then started removing the equipment from her dummy. After removing the breathing tube she had attached she asked her question again, slightly more frantic.

Justine could barely hear what she was being asked, her mind had slipped into her fantasy world of being a mannequin the week earlier. Justine had felt happier than she had ever remembered, and her mind was refusing to respond to reality.

Mary was removing her dummy’s bonds, dropping each on the floor and slicing the lacing on the corset then quickly yanking the corset off. Mary started snapping the latches releasing the pressure on the trapped woman inside and hoping Justine was ok. Mary could feel the woman breathing, learning that getting her out of the dummy skin would be difficult without her help.

Justine felt the hood being removed letting her head relax and feeling it start to drop backwards. Justine’s eyes popped open seeing Mary’s face in front of hers yelling “Wake up!” Justine smiled before asking “Just a few more days, please”. Mary stepped back, feeling much better and thankful Justine was ok.

Justine began wiggling out of her dummy enclosure, both women commenting on the smell coming from her body and chuckling they would have to do something about that. Justine used the shower in the back room, noticing immediately she had lost weight and felt very strange, almost in pain without the compression and boots.

It took Justine a few days to fully recover. She lay around thinking about improving her design then picked up the new mannequin suit from Mary telling her she was going to address the “smell” issue.

It took a few months before Justine brought the suit back to Mary’s shop. She said she thought it was ready for another try, explaining she had integrated all the maintenance equipment into the suit so all Mary would have to do is plug in the cord and one hose.

Justine had spent the last few months perfecting her mannequin suit, making it taller so the body proportions stayed correct, the hood had microscopic holes over the eyes so she would be able to see this time as well.

The suit’s integrated systems made it necessary for Justine to wear her firmest corset completely closed so everything would fit inside and still look normal. The suit had been modified to keep her body odors down and to keep her temperature more stable while holding her more firmly inside it so if she lost more weight it would remain tight.

Justine had also added her first design hinges to the suit, these hinges had made it possible to lock the company’s mannequin’s joints in place, It had been the first design her company had started using.

Now the suit, although less flexible than the previous suit she hadn’t even tried out, would still be flexible enough for her to move slowly if her owner wanted to allow her.

Justine hadn’t told Mary that she had taken a leave of absence from the company, having given them the new designs for a much better mannequin that was cheaper to build. The company head had stated if this works you have made us the biggest name in mannequins.

Justine had cleaned out her home, storing her few things she wanted to keep in a company’s storage facility. Mary listened to Justine tell her about the suit getting aroused herself as the excited woman told her about all the new features.

Mary asked when Justine would be ready to try it out, watching as Justine dropped the long coat covering her body and showing she was only wearing the long stiff corset under it, “Right now”.

Justine had no place to go if Mary declined to help her so she hoped the shop owner would agree. she breathed a sigh of relief when Mary said “Okay, but we’ll have to wait until this evening”. Justine started to pick up her coat hearing Mary say, “Oh I think we can do better than that.”

Soon Justine was encased in a latex catsuit with gloves, socks and full hood with ballet boots laced to her crotch panting as Mary struggled to get the extra small hobble dress pulled down over her head.

With her model dressed, Mary locked her hands behind her back telling her to go mingle, leaving the panting woman unable to speak from the tight hood as she walked around the store on her toes.

Mary forced Justine to work in the shop for a few days never removing the tight rubber only adding gags and different restraints before Justine finally asked her if she ever planned on helping her into the suit or not.

That night Justine had bathed in the back room shower preparing herself for her new adventure. When Mary went to get herself dinner Justine slipped the mannequin’s “owner’s manual” onto Mary’s desk and prepared the suit.

Justine fought and wiggled herself into the new suit, gasping for air over the tight corset as she fought to force her body into it. When Mary returned she found Justine already wedged into the lower half and her face stuffed into the front of the hood, reading the short instructions pinned to Justine mannequin’s chest she started closing the suit.

Justine had left two simple ratchet straps for Mary to use to assist her to get the suit to close and soon Justine could feel the compression building around her as Mary ratchetted it closed. Mary continued closing the suit until she heard the loud clicks she had been told about quickly moving to close the hood.

Mary was getting nervous as everything seemed to be extremely tight, watching the straps sink into the dummy’s skin. Mary figured Justine knew what she was doing so she continued closing the hood, hearing the same clicks when it was sealed.

The last part of the instructions was to cover all the remaining seams with the special “Tape” Justine had supplied. Mary carefully placed it over the seams pressing it hard as instructed until all the seams disappeared making her new dummy appear to be made from one piece.

Mary stepped back looking at her new mannequin having only seen it under its cover before. She smiled as she saw it had the beautiful face of her friend with her mouth spread wide open and a fully endowed body as well. Mary noticed that the hands, although detailed down to the fingernails were actually mittens.

Mary was stroking the suit feeling how smooth and almost lifelike it was, rubbing the pert nipples and laughing as she thought how much better her fetish clothes would look on this mannequin.

Mary had no idea that each touch completed a circuit sending small but steadily increasing electrical pulses to the trapped woman inside. Justine was already moaning around the mouth filling phallus wedged deep into her mouth from the stimulation especially when Mary began playing with her nipples.

Mary also had no idea that the suit had been fitted with two huge and multi talented phalluses in Justine’s pussy and ass and that she would be teased and tormented as soon as the unit was plugged in unless the exact circumstances were met to let her orgasm. Justine was starting to panic from the extremely tight mannequin shell she was now sealed into and releasing all control to Mary.

Justine was starting to think she should have tested the suit fully but now she had no choice but to deal with her panic attack. Mary suddenly noticed there were no visible latches or anything she could see to unlock the suit from Justine. She looked and rubbed her mannequin, arousing a panicked Justine greatly.

Mary was frantically searching the dummy’s body running her hands all over it noticing the seams were now completely sealed and level with the rest of the skin. Mary was yelling at Justine louder and louder trying to get a response, but Justine had made sure she was cut off from as many of her senses as possible by filling her ears with thick plugs under the hood.

Justine was being shocked all over again forgetting her struggles as her arousal increased. Mary had sat down at her desk staring at her new dummy wondering what she had done agreeing to let her do this.

Mary wanted to assist Justine and maybe get some payback for her being such a difficult customer but had no desire to be its keeper forever. As Mary sat cursing the situation, she found the “manual” Justine had left for her.

Mary scanned the directions, going back to the first page and carefully reading the document. She gasped as she learned more about her new dummy. Mary stood up and plugged in the dummy, picking up her favorite hard paddle and spanking the dummy as hard as she could while she cursed.

Mary had learned she was now the new owner and sole supporter of a mannequin that needed regular attention apparently for the rest of her life. Justine stewed inside her new home still whimpering from the substantial beating she had just endured wondering if Mary had just learned what she had done.

Mary came in the next morning seeing the dummy standing exactly where she had left it the night before. Grunting, she had been hoping Justine might have left the shop. Mary dressed her dummy in ballet boots that were too small, planning on tightening them slowly until they were closed, crushing Justine’s feet in the process.

Mary wrapped a corset that would cover her dummy from her armpits to her ankles again, using one that was too small thinking of the same plan. Mary yanked and pulled on the laces not even bothering to measure since she planned on eventually closing the corset anyway.

Justine was gasping for air whimpering inside the tightening cocoon desperately trying to move her body and get away from her tormentor. Mary’s next abuse of her power was to force the dummy’s arms behind its back, stretching a leather armsleeve over them and repeating her ruthless tightening.

The thick leather hood and extreme posture collar was next both laced and buckled as tightly as she could make them. The dummy was placed in the window, the collar and its ankles clipped to the cables. Mary had not unlocked the dummy’s legs so even if Justine had been able to walk away, she couldn’t have.

Every day for the next month Mary tightened her dummy’s corset, boots and armsleeve until all were closed. Justine was enjoying the distractions she had given herself just starting to hope she would be repositioned soon.

During the second month Mary had started dressing her dummy, leaving her bound and hooded with her arms laced tightly behind her back. One day Mary was dressing Justine, loosening the dress enough to unlock her knees then tightening everything back up.

Mary drug the dummy from the window forcing its legs to bend in the tight hobble dress before attaching a spreader bar between its ankles and the back of the posture collar. Mary stepped back. looking at the dummy and changing her mind. She quickly unhooked the spreader bar from the collar.

Mary forced the bar under the armsleeve, pushing it through the opening and reattaching it to the collar leaving the dummy with its crushed arms sticking almost straight out from behind it. Mary smiled, darting to the back returning with large battery cable clamps she had used in other displays placing both on Justine dummy’s breasts.

Mary swore she could hear whining as the clamps slowly bit harder on the leather and skin of the dummy, deciding she might like to have this thing around a while after all.

Mary unlaced the thick leather hood, removing it from the dummy’s head, then taking a full head harness and buckling it as tight as she could around the dummy. The large O-ring circled the dummy’s fake open mouth pressing hard on the surface covering Justine’s. It let her know something had changed. causing her to open her eyes.

Justine was excited she could see again, watching for any movements in front of her face since she couldn’t move her head at all. After a few minutes Justine saw a sign held up in front of her. Straining to read it she saw “You should have told me of your plans” the next line read “I do not want to be your owner forever” Justine’s heart raced at the thought of Mary throwing her dummy away.

Mary flipped the board over and Justine read “I’m looking for someone to be your new owner” Justine grunted and tried to fight her cocoon, not wanting to be given to a stranger and finally calming herself when she realized that’s exactly what she wanted: someone who didn’t know she was sealed inside the dummy and would treat her as a real mannequin.

Justine had been able to watch people walking by the large window she was kneeling behind, almost reaching an orgasm a few times when someone would stop and talk about the mannequin. Knowing she was in front of people completely bound and unable to move excited her more than she had thought possible.

Each time Justine was getting close to an orgasm the people would leave making her try and scream out for them to stay just a little longer and ruining her orgasm. The frustration was building and she knew if she was left alone and hogtied she would never reach any of the parameters she needed to be forced to cum.

Justine spent the next few weeks on her knees with her arms slowly getting higher behind her until she could actually feel the strain on her shoulders. Mary had left the clamps pinching her but the sensations never really was enough for Justine to feel so she just knelt silently wanting for something to happen.

Mary was actively looking for someone to take over the duties of caring for the mannequin, ignoring it for a few weeks before dragging it back out of the window and changing its whole appearance. Mary stripped the mummy of all its clothes and bindings with only the ballet boots still laced tight holding a sign up telling it that it was free to move around if it wanted.

Justine was ecstatic and slowly walked around the shop. She found one of the large mirrors and stopped and carefully inspected her appearance. It took Justine a few minutes for her eyes to adjust to being able to see clearly and when she could finally see clearly she was stunned.

She could have never believed she would have achieved her dreams as well as she had done. Her body looked amazing. With its miniscule waist and long legs she really looked like a sexy mannequin.

Her orgasm had started growing the moment she was allowed to walk. It suddenly exploded inside her, leaving her motionless as her body convulsed in its tight confines. When Justine opened her eyes again she felt some tugging at her throat only taking a moment to realize Mary was pulling on a leash.

Mary had seen her freeze, waiting a few seconds before closing a steel collar around its neck and starting to pull her mannequin towards the back. Justine gladly followed desperately trying to keep up before she exhausted herself not being able to force her legs to move anymore.

Mary had felt her slowing, not being surprised when it had stopped moving, dropping the leash to go get the dolly moving the dummy’s feet together before sliding it onto the hand truck's foot.

Mary had spent days thinking about her mannequin’s new outfit, preparing everything she would need to torment its occupant that Mary felt had trapped her into this arrangement.

Justine didn’t care what was happening outside her shell, the orgasm was still fresh in her mind and she was extremely content in her new life. Mary positioned her dummy lying on a large table and began fitting it with its last outfit.

Mary had decided that since she had been trapped into this arrangement that Justine would have no chance at happiness and should feel trapped as well. Mary had been ordering specific gear for her dummy each being ordered with “permanence” in mind.

Justine lay staring at the ceiling as Mary wrestled things onto her outer shell for a couple of hours before rolling the dummy onto its stomach. Mary winched the dummy’s arms behind its back until its elbows were touching, enjoying the muffled whimpers as Justine strained to comply.

When Mary was finished she slid the dummy off the table onto her pointed toes, stepping back to admire her work and smiling since she knew it would be the last time she would be moving the dummy.

Mary rolled the dummy back to the mirrors, letting her see herself and waiting until she heard something from the captive before holding up a sign.

“These are all the keys” showing Justine a brown paper bag “I am putting it in the trash so none of these can ever be removed again. Enjoy!” Justine watched as Mary picked up the trash can from the shop and dropped the bag into it.

Mary left Justine standing in front of the mirrors, just able to see the trash can sitting nearby. Locking the doors as she left the shop she allowed Justine to fully inspect what had been done.

Justine had felt more pressure around her tiny waist and across her chest but had been concentrating on how much her arms hurt but now could see what had been done. Around her waist was a wide band of shining steel, it looked very smooth connected to another band than ran between her legs.

Justine knew it was a chastity belt seeing the steel over her chest figuring it was a matching bra but couldn’t figure out why Mary would lock it onto her knowing she was already trapped and unable to touch herself. Justine continued her inspection, slowly moving her head as far as she could to see the wide silver bands around her legs.

There were four wide bands around her legs, two above her knees and two below. She strained her eyes looking for details but was only able to see that they were locked directly together and squeezed her mannequin skin until it bulged around them.

Justine wiggled her arms figuring they had been shackled in the same way pinning them tightly together behind her back and making her even more helpless. Justine suddenly realized that restrained in this way she would never be able to make any of the required movements to achieve another orgasm.

Justine fought briefly, almost in tears as she thought about never having the pleasure of being dressed or posed again with only the slight teasing for the rest of her life and tried to figure out why Mary was being so mean to her.

When Justine opened her teary eyes again she saw someone pick up the trash can then set it back down placing a new bag in it. The night cleaners! Justine thought to herself trying to turn her head, able to catch only a slight blur of the man walking away rolling a larger trash bin beside him.

The man walked from her view and she knew the keys would be thrown into the dumpster and she would be locked into this position forever. Justine wept until she fell asleep confused and exhausted from her struggles held firmly on her pointed toes unable to even ask why.

When Mary returned the following morning she slapped her dummy’s head a few times before holding up a sign that read “The final part will go on now, you will not be able to see again, goodbye”.

Justine whined as loud as she could as Mary held the steel head harness so she could see it before sliding onto her head covering her eyes snapping the latches closed sealing her dummy in black silence.

The purpose for the belt and bra was so Mary could secure her dummy to a metal post that ran up the back from the platform she would be forced to stand on. Over the months Mary had gotten no interest from anyone on taking her living dummy off her hands so now she thought this was payback.

When the mannequin was firmly secured in the steel Mary made sure all the latches on her joints were engaged before stretching a thick rubber “dress” over it. The rubber would seal the dummy completely leaving only her caged head exposed and Mary had plans for that as well.

When Mary had the dummy sealed in the rubber sheath she pulled the rubber hood over its head making sure the small breathing tubes lined up before settling what looked like a SCI-FI inspired gas mask over its face. Mary stepped back admiring her work working the large D-ring at the top of the head harness through the rubber.

Mary used the D-ring to hoist her dummy into the window, leaving it there for several months. The mask made sure Justine could breathe and be fed automatically, only requiring Mary to top off her nutrients once a month.

Mary went about her life forgetting the dummy and how she had been tricked into maintaining it, never thinking about Justine’s extreme isolation or how overheated she became each day, only smiling each time she saw the dummy thinking they were even now.

A year after she had been shackled and sealed in rubber Justine was unaware of how long it had been with her mind being kept distracted by the constant tingling and teasing. In her mind it had only been a few weeks even though she had stopped counting feeding times at one hundred and twelve knowing she had been getting fed every other day.

Justine’s mind was working hard to keep her from going stir crazy as she stood on her pointed toes unable to move, see, hear or speak. One day Justine felt herself being moved, she could tell she was swaying then she had been set down on the floor again.

Justine had no idea she had been crated up for shipping. Mary had finally been contacted by a woman who desperately wanted a living mannequin. The woman had been upset when Mary had explained about the steel it had been locked into but couldn’t say no when the woman made an offer anyway.

Justine was moved to a custom builder’s shop and after several days of strange feelings and odd sensations she felt her arms being slowly moved to her sides. When she saw light again, she blinked and whined until her eyes adjusted seeing she was standing in front of another long mirror.

She cried as she saw the restraints had been removed, cut off by the builder, and now she tried to read the note in front of her. “I’m your new owner, Mistress Karla, I have purchased you for one reason because I have always wanted a living mannequin.” Justine’s heart leapt as she continued to read. “If you are able, I think we can have a lot of fun, turn your head if you agree.”

Justine hadn’t been able to move in a year and screamed as she used everything she had left to turn her head slightly. Another sign was now in front of her “Great! I’m glad you’re ok” Justine was really crying now reading the next note “We’ll go slow at first”.

Karla was very understanding of Justine’s time trapped motionless and over the next few weeks helped to get Justine healthy again, encouraging her to move around on her own.

When they were ready Karla took her mannequin to her largest store, letting Justine find out she was the owner of a large fetish store chain. Now Karla had Justine changed into different fetish gear each day, sometimes allowing her to move around the store while other days she would be locked into a pose or bound in an odd position.

Justine had been the store's mascot for several months when her first orgasm in almost two years slammed into her making her quake slightly in the bonds that had been placed on her.

Each day someone from the store would change her clothing and position and when a new employee started working they wouldn’t tell them of the living mannequin. The newbie would be told to dress Justine, who had been told they were new, only to have Justine move a few times before the person figured it out giving Justine her ultimate thrill.

She loved being posed and forced to stand motionless while people moved around her, even being used as a whipping demonstrator had become her favorite pastime. She was thankful Karla had found her and that she was frequently taken to Karla’s home and put on display whenever she had friends come over.

Karla spent hours with her mannequin, watching her every move, often being bound and gagged herself with the person dominating her unaware Justine was watching. Justine could only stand and smile, her dreams of becoming a living mannequin had come true in all aspects of possibilities.


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