The Women of Latex Hills

by Leticia Latex

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© Copyright 2007 - Leticia Latex - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; transform; lovedoll; reluct/cons; X


The door opened, Melody greeted Tanya.

"Come in, almost everyone's here" she gestured her in, helping her out of her coat and taking it to the closet.  She pointed at the living room. "Make yourself at home.  Take a seat"

Tanya sat down with the others, Olivia and Christina were sitting on each side of her while Vanessa and Penelope shared a couch in front of her.  Melody came back into the living room and joined them.

"So how's been your last week, Tanya?" inquired Olivia with a grin, before her mouth returned to it's O shape.

"It's been a learning experience to say the least... things have been happening so fast since my arrival that I've yet to have all my questions answered... I've been mostly with Lawrence inside the house all week, this week was more about rediscovering myself than the town" Tanya admitted.

"I must say a lot of us we're surprised how quick it all happened, so I can see how you'd feel that way" Christina said.

"With the wedding coming up, there was just so many things to wrap my head around" Tanya said. "A little bit over a week ago.  I remember..."

We had passed the security gates to the private land where the town is located when we finally came upon the first sign to bear the town's name.  Latex Hills.

"Latex Hills?  No wonder you didn't tell me the place's name.  Who names a town Latex Hills?" I asked, turning to Lawrence who kept his eyes on the twisting road.

"Well... there IS a place called Silicon Valley after all" he looked at me for a quick moment, smirking.  He was joking, of course.  "I heard it's because of the forest here.  They're rubber trees... you knew rubber came from trees, right?"

I just nodded as I had made a research on the subject when he first got me to wear some, before I got to really like it.  Lawrence had always had a love for latex and he got me into it because I was willing to try everything he threw my way.  But still... Latex Hills?  It had an odd sound anyway you looked at it.

I looked around as we arrived in town.  It was rather quiet, but we were in a small neighbourhood and it was just Tuesday afternoon.  "So this is where we get married and live now?"

"In a few days, yeah.  It'll be a life of bliss here, I promise" Lawrence told me as we finally came to a stop in front of a nice 2-story house.  He gestured for me to step out of the car as he did so.

"Our house?", I looked at it.  Around.  Nice neighbourhood.  Nice houses, clean streets, trees providing nice cover and a... woman in a rubber summer dress pushing a baby carriage?  "Lawrence, look!" I poked my elbow at him.

"Yeah... you like it? Let's step inside" He grabbed my arm gently and guided me inside, barely glancing at the girl.  Maybe I hadn't gotten a good look, and the girl was only getting farther but my Lawrence would've looked with more interest if it was really rubber.  We stepped into the house.

"A life of bliss, huh?  It's a nice house, baby.  But can we afford this?  I don't even have a job here yet" I inquired since he had been really scarce on the details of us moving here aside from the fact that only people higher up in the company were offered positions here.  Due to the nature of the work being done in the city/compound, employees were asked to cut off outside relations for the duration of their stay.

"With what they require of their employees?  The house is included with the job and the cost of life is very cheap for women here" he said vaguely as he grabbed my hand and guided me to the living room so we could both sit down on the couch.  He grabbed what I guessed was the remote for the TV, the sound system and the DVD player that was setup for us.  "I have to tell you more about the city.  Half the reason this place exists is because the company has made some research in efficiency and found that couples that are sexually active perform better and lead a less stressful life.  The other...half of the reason this place exists is because of the properties of this place and how it facilitates the...huh... active sex life" he explained as he pressed play.  A relatively old black and white introduction video started playing.

"Welcome young lovers to your new home in shiny Latex Hills.  Ladies, this introduction video is meant for you as your husbands have by now already gone through their 'New Owner's Introduction Video' themselves.  The secrecy of this place is something we cherish and as such we make sure proper instructions are given to ensure its security.  But secrecy sounds like such a bad word after what we've asked you to do for your husbands.  Given the nature of this place, the reason why you've been asked to cut off ties with outside relations isn't so much for secrecy as it is for intimacy..." the narrator explained enthusiasticly (spelling?) the way they used to do in such videos back in the 50s, all the while showing scenes and fly-bys of the city.  It then went on to explain how good an active and explorative sexual life is, how they had made researches on the subject and how unfortunate it was that such things were kept taboo and unspoken of.

"...frowned upon.  In our day and age, we hear of sex scandals created over petty things that really aren't all that bad, right?  But I don't have to convince you, you're here for a reason after all.  We, at Xetal Products, trust you and your loved one have an already pretty active sexual life.  We offered you this place within our community to help it flourish."  The video then started showing a bit more of the town's citizen.  Scenes of young couples in 50s fashion going to the movies, others going to the drive-in diner.  Common points in these scenes were that a lot of girls seemed to be wearing crude rubber clothing, which seemed a bit off for the era it had been filmed in;  the other common point was that there were a lot of couples making out in the middle of the public without any shame.  The narrator kept on explaining how the level of intimacy they had managed to keep in the town allowed its citizens such libertine ways.  I looked at Lawrence.

"So this is why you kept it all secret?" I asked, glancing back at the TV to see another rubber clad girl kissing her lover.  "And the name... Latex Hills..."

"That wasn't a lie, honey.  The reason why you see a lot of people wearing some is simply because Xetal Products have been behind all major discoveries done with rubber trees and it's products since at least the 19th century.  All made in this very city from the natural resources surrounding it."  He went on to explain how the city basically had it's own set of laws so that, as a tame example, public sex wasn't outlawed.  Because of the nature of the research done here and the city's odd customs, it made for a perfect public test for all rubber goods being developed here so that's why a lot of it's people had developed a fetish for it.  Lawrence pointed at the screen, a scene of a girl already wearing a casual rubber blouse and skirt was shopping for another rubber garment to illustrate his point.  I watched the screen, intrigued.

"...and this concludes our tour of the city, ladies.  We here at Xetal Products wish you a life of bliss in your new home of shiny Latex Hills." the video finished in a cheerful manner before fading out.  Lawrence stopped playback.

I looked at my fiancee, thought about the sacrifices we had both made to get here even though I personally had no idea what I was getting into.

"I'm intrigued, I must say.  You're such a sneaky one" I told him as I advanced on him, pushing him back on the couch.  We made love and went to bed early, the next day was the big day.

Now, I'd be lying if I said my wedding day was everything I ever dreamed it would be.  After all, my family wasn't there,  I had been here one day and it seemed like Lawrence had made sure I'd get as comfortable as possible as quickly as I could.  As I came into the dressing room, I remember seeing the rubber wedding dress lying on the bed with a note saying "Don't worry, it's customary around here".  I put it on and walked out into the backyard as the Nuptial March started playing.  All I knew about the place is that it was one of my fiancee's colleague who owned it; it was only later that I learned it was Melody's house. 

I stepped out and walked down the aisle under arches made of hundreds of balloons, not cheap ones either.  That wasn't nearly the oddest thing at the ceremony though, as our wedding had about the same attendance as if both families had reunited only they were mostly colleagues of my lover and complete strangers to me.  The men were smiling at me, congratulating me.  But the women, I would never have known if they were smiling, their eyes seemed happy but that's about all I saw.  All women were clad in black formal catsuits with a white full faced hood with matching white headdress, the hoods having holes only for the nostrils and eyes.  I make it sound creepy but I could still hear the girls congratulating me and generally being celebratory underneath their hoods.  The smell and sounds of the place were overwhelming, the scent and squeaks of latex filling the air.  Despite how kinky the whole setup was, the event was still so classy that after a few paces down the aisle I felt more relaxed.  It was rather liberating to be wearing fetish clothing out in public at such a momentous event and not having it feel out of place.  Truthfully, wearing anything else than what I had on at the moment would've been out of place.  I finally reached the altar where I joined the man of my dreams.  We listened to the priest before saying our vows.  It was such a moment, I could feel my whole body tingle as he slid the wedding band on my finger.  We were finally husband and wife.

And with that the party began.  Everyone was having a good time but we still retired early; all this rubber had put me in one of those moods.  We got into the limousine that was waiting for us as people cheered and applauded us as we drove away.  Even on our way back home, I couldn't wait to put my hands on my husband.  I felt emptier and emptier as time passed, I needed something inside me.  There was no way I was going to be in a car this spacious and this intimate in a long while I thought, so I hiked up my dress a bit and went on my knees on the floor of the car in front of Lawrence.  I unbuckled his belt fast while looking at him straight in the eyes with a devilish smile.  I pulled on his pants but had to force them down a bit as he resisted a bit.

"It's not the right time, you can't be giving me a bloaaaahhh... stop it with your mmmmhhh..." he managed to blurt out as first I licked him up and then took him down in me hungrily.  He only seemed strong enough to push me away from his cock when I had to back up to take him back in, at which point he conveniently lost all strength to resist me on my way down.  I'm sure if I pieced it together, somewhere in all his moanings he was really telling me something but I was concentrated on my own moans; partly because I was fingering myself and also partly because my fingering timed my moaning which itself timed my rythm on his dick, and I didn't want to miss a beat so to speak.  I was about to cum as I started going faster trying to bring myself off, I moaned harder and sucked faster as I finally came and put my tired head on my lover's lap, still slowly bobbing back and forth as the warm liquid exploding into my throat agreed with me.  I wiped myself with my hands and licked them clean completely afterwards.  Even I somehow thought I was overdoing it a bit, but I soon brushed that thought away.  Lawrence went up to the house to unlock as I went up to the driver's window to tip the chauffeur.  He slid his window down as I tapped on it, doing a double take as he looked at me, then smiled a bit uncomfortably.  I wondered if I had cum running down my chin or something.

"Yes?" he asked.

"Here, thanks for the ride, it was a real pleasure" I said as I handed him a 50$ tip.

"The pleasure is all mine ma'am" he said as he pocketed the tip, "you're such a doll, thanks a lot" he finished with a wink and a grin before driving off.  I squeaked up to the house, making sure not to step on my own gown as it was long enough to be able to trip on it if I moved too carelessly.  As I came up to my husband, he swept me off my feet and into his arms, kicking the door open and taking me in.  He walked up the stairs to the bedroom, still carrying me.  I thought I had sucked the life out of him with that blowjob but he seemed to carry me with such ease, finally dropping me on the bed.

I sat up to reach to him but he pushed me softly back on the bed, spread my legs wide, lifted my skirt and went down on me.  I moaned so loud I put my hands up to my mouth.  My lips felt oddly numb and sensitive at the same time, eliciting a gasp out of me.  I drew my hands back in shock and sent them both onto my lover's head, holding him securely in place through my dress as he ate me out.  That same feeling of emptiness came over me as he drove me wild with his tongue.  I wanted more.  I closed my legs slightly, trying to push his head away with my hands.  He came up from underneath to see what I wanted. 

"Get undressed, I want you in me" I ordered him.  With no resistance, he took off his shirt and laid down on the bed, lifting his rear to take off his pants.  As soon as he was done I was on him, draping my skirt all over my lower end, covering my legs.  All Lawrence could see was my white shiny form humping up and down on him in the darkness as I got him fully inside me and started sliding back and forth on his hardened cock.  The feeling of emptiness didn't go away, but the sex was unnaturally good.  I rode him fast and looked at myself in the framed mirror hung behind our bed, it felt so good I could literally see myself glow in the light coming from the window.  Glow?

"Lawrence, turn the lights on!" I gasped.  I recoiled in shock as the lights came on.  "MY MOUTH! What's happening to my mouth?"  Lawrence just looked at me and saw what I was talking about.  He kept making love to me as I looked at myself in the mirror as my shoulders up to my mouth and nose looked shiny in appearance.  Having been surrounded by latex all day, the shiny smooth tone my skin was taking shocked me but didn't surprise me as much as my face's most striking feature.

"What's happening to me Lawrence?" I looked in the mirror as I spoke the words, seeing my mouth uncontrollably go back into an O shape after finishing my sentence.  I tried sticking my tongue out, but couldn't quite get it done.  The insides of my mouth reflected light and shifted a bit, my tongue was gone and I couldn't see my teeth either.  All I saw was a tube of rubber going down my throat.

"It's nothing honey, just relax" he said, trying to calm me down while not concerned enough to stop sliding me up and down his shaft.  He lifted his hands up to my face, caressing my cheek in a comforting way.  His hand stroked the soft skin that was covering more of my face by the second.  He slowly made his way to my lips where he traced their surface with his fingers.  As confused and distraught as I was, his fingers on my sensitive lips proved to be more than I could deal with as I hungrily took one, then two, followed by a third finger into my yearning mouth.  He kept on pumping me while getting his fingers sucked on.  I could see him staring me in the eyes, his own eyes sometimes scanning my face as a whole, entranced by the changes I assumed.  The sound of my squeaking dress was at certain times mixed with the sound of what seemed like a tight balloon being rubbed back and forth.  I made nothing of it as I tried to get my mind off the dick pounding in me and back to the alarming situation at hand. 

It was then, as he felt the pressure build within him that he pulled up my dress and forced his digits out of my mouth to continue pulling it over my head to throw it on a nearby chair.  He put his hands onto my thighs and his fingers cleaved into my skin as he held onto my legs stongly, continuing the same motion he hadn't stopped even once.  It felt like a rollercoaster ride, I was scared out my mind but I didn't want it to stop.  His hands on my thighs brought my attention to them as I looked down to see my legs.  I could see the shine starting to spread slowly down to my chest but looking further down I could see where the sound I had heard was coming from.  The sound matched the rythm of his motions as I saw his manhood plunge into what seemed like my vagina, only it looked as shiny as my face had become.  Under my waist, my whole legs and feet looked the same.  My eyes went wide open when I saw what looked like seams going up the sides of my legs.  I looked less and less natural as seconds flew by.  I touched and stroked my legs which had been covered by my dress throughout our lovemaking, they felt like I was wearing flesh colored rubber leggings over them but my lover's hands had such a grip on them that his fingers seemed to dig into my skin as if they were filled with nothing but air.  I looked back at my face and while unbelievable, the words that came out of my mouth were the only thing that had made sense to me for the past fifteen minutes.

"Larry, I'm... I think I'm turning into a doll!  Do something!" I pleaded.  The second I uttered the words Lawrence let out a huge groan, his fists clenching on my legs so hard I should've passed out from the pain except it only brought me closer to losing my mind.  I collapsed on his chest, resting my head next to his, breathing heavily into his ears as I kept humping his cock.  He came so hard I thought I would've flown off him if he hadn't been holding me so firmly.  I held him in my arms as I pumped the cum out of him.  My own orgasm only heightened as I felt the hot streams flowing deeper into my body.  I sat back up on his dick, arching my back and throwing back my hair as I opened my eyes weakly to see my reflection in the mirror.  I looked like I had a full faced rubber hood modeled after me on my head.  He kept on cumming inside me, yet the feeling of emptiness I had started to feel since we got married had only been getting stronger.  "Honey! My face!"

"Everything's alright, calm down" he said, again running a hand on my cheek.  Whenever he touched me where my skin had changed I rolled my eyes in delight uncontrollably.

"Alright?"  I rolled on to my side on the bed, getting his cock out of me.  A few more thick streams of cum erupted from him onto my belly and chest as I pulled off him.  "You think this is alright?  I think I'm having an allergic reaction or something"  I still trembled from my orgasm, but much of it was starting to be the panic that was settling in.  " tingles" I complained as my hands, as though they had a life of their own, came up to my belly and my fingers found themselves into a puddle of his cum.  I think I remember getting control of my arms back, but despite that continued playing with his seed, making swirls in it with my fingers.  The tingling subsided as I handpainted myself with his cum, smearing it all over.  It just felt right somehow.  My mood and train of thought had strayed away from sex a good while ago, I was shocked and panicked, yet I had and was still having the best and dirtiest sex I had ever had with Lawrence.

He grabbed his manhood, grinned and aimed at me.  "Oh, I'd say your having a reaction alright..." he chuckled lightly as he came a few last time on me.  "...but it's nothing allergic, actually I don't know.  But it's not harmful, I should explain what's happening"

"YOU KNOW?" I growled at him.  "Why didn't you say a word?"

"Well... I guess I was enjoying myself too much..." He said, blushing as he laid down on the bed besides me.

"Can't you see I was having trouble.  I can't believe you can be so..." I was interrupted by him clearing his throat.  "What?"

"You're still touching yourself, Miss I'm-having-the-worst-day-of-my-life" he said matter of factly as I absent-mindedly played with the last few hot streams he had shot on me.  I reluctantly stopped, seeing his point.  I looked him in the eyes.

"Tell me what's happening to me, honey!  What am I becoming? Why does it feel so good?" My mind was filled with so many questions I didn't know which ones really mattered anymore.

"You actually put your finger on it a little earlier... you are becoming a doll.  I can't really say how it's made possible, but there's some history behind it.  Over the years, the city seems to have an effect on people.  Over time, the women who lived here long enough started turning into the same kind of dolls you're becoming right now.  The first cases started happening with girls who had lived here around 5 to 10 years.  They also discovered that of the kids who were raised here, girls started showing signs of this natural mutation around the age of eighteen.  In all cases, sexual relations speeds up the process.  Your mouth, for example, has been this way since we got out of the limo, after that blowjob you gave me" he told me.

I looked at my jizz-covered hands, I could see them start to turn shiny like the rest of my body had.  When I looked at myself, I could only see my forearms and middle of my torso and back hadn't turned shiny like the rest of me though the area around my chest looked like it had started to change.  To the exception of the seams that had formed around them, my breasts still looked normal.  "But I've only been here 2 days..."

"That's because they've had to come up with ways to speed the process for newcomers so they fit in more easily.  I've heard it usually had to do with the wedding ring.  All of this is so you can adapt better to the city" he explained.

"Adap...? You let your company turn me into A DOLL??? What am I now? Is that rubber?" I poked at my legs tracing my fingers on the seams for emphasis.

"Yes, you're turning into a rubber doll.  An inflatable doll.  That's why I had told you that living here was cheap for women, you're... or you're going to be, only filled with air" he revealed the truth to me and inched closer to me.  "It's not a bad thing, you like latex, don't you?  You kinda looked like you were enjoying yourself I thought."

"Oooh... don't ask me questions like these, it's not fair.  The sex was... indescribable but that's probably because of what I'm becoming, no?" I asked him.  I couldn't see any other reason why my skin had felt so sensitive tonight.  "I like latex, Lawrence.  You know that.  But it's quite different now... I AM latex.  Maybe this'll drive the point home about why I react this way.  Maybe you can understand what I'm trying to wrap my mind around.  I'm becoming an inflated latex sex toy... ever thought you'd hear your wife say that?"

"I could only dream of my wife saying that before we moved here..." I wasn't sure what to make of this comment.  "Besides... about the sensitivity of your skin.  If like you say it's because of those changes that the sex was all great, then that doesn't make much of an argument for you."

"You... like me? like this?" I leisurely cupped my breasts, tracing the seams as they seemed particularly sensitive.  They were still skin but it showed that I was empty underneath, my breasts didn't hang anymore; they more or less floated there, just puffed up with air for now.  My husband didn't need to answer the questions I was asking him.  Each move I made seemed to make his still erect cock twitch.  "I look so freakish though... how will I ever go out like this?"

"You forget the one thing that perhaps would make you reason a bit better.  Everyone in town is just like you.  If you're female, you're a doll, plain and simple.  That's another reason why nothing can be said about the town.  But I told you it would be a life of bliss here and I swear you'll like it here, I know you" he swore to me.

"So this is what I'll be for the rest of my life? This is what I'll look like?" I asked.

"It isn't so bad, is it? If you stop trying to rationalize what's happening, you've only found enjoyment in your new body, right?" I knew he was right.

"Yeah... I guess... but it's just... my mouth is..." I stammered, raising my hand to my mouth to touch it.

"I like your mouth..." he interrupted me. He put his fingers on my lips " looks kinky".  I started sucking on his fingers slowly.

"I..." he paused, "...I know you like to give head, honey.  This change was only meant to make it bett..." as he was explaining, I had closed my eyes and moaned a bit.  I sucked a bit more than I first thought as his whole hand popped inside my mouth, past my smooth, slippery lips.  I emitted a small yelp as my eyes shot wide then my eyelids went heavy with lust again as I closed them to enjoy the moment.  Lawrence brought me back to reality, pulling his hand out my mouth with a slight popping sound.  "...uh, yeah... I think you get it.  You're definately a natural".

"It feels so unreal, I..." I tried to make sense of what I was about to say.  "...I think I like it".

"I've rarely heard of anyone complaining about how it feels to be a doll" he told me, wrapping his arm around my body, resting his hand on my fleshy ass cheeks.  I looked at my forearms and belly as he said that.

"But I'm not a doll yet..." I replied.

He shifted on the bed, getting closer to me.  He then asked with a soft voice "...y'think you're okay now? Do you want to be a doll?" he asked me, his sticky cock touched my belly.

I remembered the video.  "Yes, lover.  I can't stay like this.  I want to be your shiny plastic inflatable wife".  I never thought I'd say such a thing in my lifetime, but I was starting to think the ring may have had some effects in the way I expressed myself.  I meant what I said, but I didn't intend to have it sound like I desperately needed it.  Truth be told, I couldn't resist the idea anymore.

"I love you Tanya" he said before kissing me.  He closed his lips on mine and ran his tongue inside my mouth.  It seemed like anything remotely phallic getting in or near my mouth sent me in an uncontrollable sucking frenzy.  He broke the kiss and lifted my weightless body to turn me over on my front.  He caressed the real skin on my back softly with his fingers, tickling and sending shivers down where my spine would still be if I had been more than just an elaborate balloon.  I arched my back at the sensations, hugging my husband's body as he rubbed the head of his oozing cock against my rear end.  His hands wandered to my front, he rested them on the skin of my breasts and played with them a bit.  They gave way under his fingers, they felt wonderful.  His fingers on my seams, he pushed his palms down on my chest, hugging me closer to him as he pulled me down to take his dick in my bum.

I saw us both in the mirror.  I was squirming and moaning, my breast skin getting shinier by the second from the sexual stimulation they were getting.  It took only a few thrusts into my backdoor before I started hearing the same rubbery sound my vagina had made when he had been fucking it.  He cupped and squeezed my chest with one arm as his free hand went down between my legs where he started fingering my pussy.  I was so completely out of my mind with lust that I couldn't think of anything to do with my own arms.  The only use I found for them was to hold Lawrence firmly against me so he wouldn't stop fucking me.  I barely had any of my skin left, my arms starting to show their seams as my skin got the same rubber look the rest of my body had.  For all I could tell, I was now a blow up doll.  The idea alone got me so fired up I began pumping my lover's penis faster with my tight rubber ass.  On all fours, I squeaked back and forth down his whole length, soliciting groans from him. 

"Tanya, you're so beautiful.  Touching you feels so good" he said as he ran his hands down my hips to stop at my waist while he slid in and out of me.

" can fee..." I blurted out, not making any sense at all.  I stood up on my knees, grabbed his hands and brought them up to my breasts and pressed firmly on them so he'd play with me.  "...Tou...touch...tou..ou..ou..ou..ou..ou.ouch mmmeee" I moaned out in rythm as I slammed down on his cock faster than I had ever done before.  I could feel him getting tense in me, hissing and panting with every thrust.  I kept the pace up until I heard him yelp, his hands quickly and firmly clawed into my inflated breasts as he let his warm liquid fill my ass.  I came as he grabbed me and squeezed me hard against him, still fucking my ass.

Our orgasm very slowly subsided as I fell onto my belly, not able to support myself anymore.  I wasn't helped by Lawrence who actually also laid himself down...on me.  I felt a huge pressure in me as my arms and legs stuck out uncontrollably, still he felt good just lying there, in contact with me.  He was still in me, hard but immobile, as we started talking.  I could seldomly feel his cock twitch and send other jets of cum down in me.

"So that means you've known about this for a while now, no?" I asked him.

He pulled out, the sensations pulling a few more drops out of him.  I felt the few drops land on my back, all converging to the small of my back where it formed a small puddle.  I let it stay there, figuring I might as well get used to being covered in jizz.  Lawrence laid next to me, spent.  I turned my head on it's side looking at him, still laying on my belly.

"I...huh..." he scratched his head, I think he wondered if he should answer the question.  "'s..."

"Honey, we're married and I'm a pretty piece of inflated latex.  I don't think it really matters now..." I insisted out of curiosity.

"...I knew before I met you" he admitted while getting red in the face.

"What? You kne... what?" I was simply baffled.  "You mean to tell me that when you broke the ice with me, you already foresaw me becoming a doll eventually?" as mad as I was at not being told, I realized that it wasn't really his decision to make.

"Well... you make it sound so bad.  We wouldn't be married today if you hadn't given me tons of reasons to think you'd make a good lovedoll..." he explained quickly, trying to defuse the situation.  I relaxed a bit, this was our wedding night and I was feeling as good as I ever had after all.  I arched my back suddenly as I got a small pleasurable jolt and trashed about a bit as I felt the biggest orgasm I had that night.  I felt something pop out of me amidst the pool of cum on my back.

"Oh... there it is" he simply said, looking at my back.

"Mmmmh...whu...what?" I mumbled, catching my breath and trying to grasp what had just happened out of nowhere.

"Your inflation valve, love.  You're inflatable, remember?" he teased.  I tried to reach around and see with my hands.

"Well...I guess.  I just didn't think I'd gaaaaawwwwwhhh" I lost it as my hands felt the sticky plug.  I let it go as the feelings were stronger than I could deal with that night.  I let out another yelp as he pushed the popped but unopened valve back into me.  I squeaked as I moved closer to him on the bed, insatiably looking for human contact.  I showed him my back and took his hand to put it on my chest as I backed up against his erect penis.  He spooned against me, playing with my tits as I drifted to sleep, tired.

The rest of the week was spent unpacking...mostly.  Anytime I had to call Lawrence over to help me with something, not being totally used to the changes yet, I had to constantly remind him that I needed help because my arms were full of air and barely had any strength in them.  The words alone got him hard and we ended up fucking whenever I had to remind him what I now was. 

I had to remind him a lot.



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