The Women of Latex Hills 3

by Leticia Latex

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© Copyright 2007 - Leticia Latex - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; transform; lovedoll; firsttime; toys; cons; X

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3. Tina's First Time

Vanessa looked at Tanya.  "After that night, me and Penelope didn't care for explanations.  So that's how we became lovedolls" she told Tanya.  A knock came at the door, Melody stood up to answer.  Vanessa played with her immobile lover's toys to please her a bit.

"Tanya, this is Jeremy, Tina's husband" Melody presented him.  He looked into the living room.

"Is Tina..." he kept scanning the room, his eyes finally setting on the table in the lobby.  He saw Tina's face in her bag lying on the table.  "...Oh.  Yeah, I haven't been around a lot this week.  I'll have to fix that later tonight" he said as he grabbed her bag.

"But if Tina was born here, Jeremy isn't the guy that brought her into town" Tanya wondered aloud.

"No... I was actually born here too.  Me and Tina we're high school sweethearts" he stepped into the living room and sat down on what was Tina's chair.  "It was just a few years ago, before I graduated and got a job at Xetal.  I remember..."

School was really getting interesting at this age.  Graduation year, almost everyone had turned eighteen.  The girls, particularly, were a sight to behold.  The way girls turned to latex where they had sexual contact made it easy to know which girls had been having sex for a while.  Christina was really eager to become a doll, but she wanted the moment to be right so we never really went too far.  I had loved Christina ever since we were young.  I had only told her last year and we had started going out then.  I just knew she'd make a good doll once she turned to rubber and air, but seeing all the other girls my age changing was starting to make me uneasy.  My friends had been playing with a few girls lately and they kept telling me everything about it.  I don't think jealousy even started to describe the feelings I had. 

Near the end of the year, me and Tina were shopping for her prom dress.

"How about this one?" Tina asked, pointing at the pink latex gown.

"I like, you should try it" I said.  She picked it up and went for the dressing rooms.  I wandered around in the boutique.  I spotted Tiffany and Valerie doing some shopping.  They were considered by some to be the prettiest girls in school.  Mainly because their bodies were a bit more sensitive to sexual contacts and despite having possibly similar amounts of sex as their schoolmates, their bodies had shown a faster reaction to it, turning them into dolls completely or in part.  I stared at Tiffany as she ran her hands in the shiny, smooth yellow rubber strands her hair had become.  Tiffany was the same age as Tina, but she had started changing at the age of sixteen, completely turning by seventeen.  She was really something to see, but then again so was Valerie. 

Valerie was stepping out of her own dressing room, the rubber dress she was wearing showed lots of cleavage.  A year ago, she wasn't so proud about her cleavage, she was rather ashamed of it.  She thought people would think wrong of her if she had shown off back then.  A year before today, Valerie had started wearing more and more turtlenecks and she used to wear tank tops usually.  It was only a few months later, when half her face and her mouth inevitably turned to rubber, that we realised she had been sucking guys and they just kept cumming on her face and chest.  Nowadays, since her breasts had taken a size increase, she displayed them in all their shiny glory.  Since she began dressing that way, the speed at which the rest of her body was turning to rubber increased as it only made her more male friends.  I was still staring at Valerie when Christina came out of her dressing room. 

"What are you doing?" she asked, a bit jealously.  I jumped and turned around in surprise.  She stood there in front of me, her arms crossed.

No matter what she had just said, the first words out of my mouth needed to be "Holy shit, you look stunning".  And she was.  She uncrossed her arms and smiled back at me at the compliment.  I held her close to me and looked at her seriously.

"I don't mean to be a jerk, honey, but you and I both know most people will be screwing after prom.  And if you dress that way, sex or no sex, I can assure you I will be bugging you all night to let me do all sorts of crazy things to you" I warned her.

"Fair enough, I like this dress too much not to buy it" she responded, her mind was already made up.  I looked back at Tiffany and she was already looking at me, her eyes smiled at me while her mouth stayed wide open.  Tina tugged on my arms, not looking at Tiffany herself. I just followed her, keeping my eye on shiny Tiffany a few more seconds.  We paid for the dress and left.

Two months passed and it was finally prom day.  It had been a pretty uneventful lapse of time, aside from three more girls becoming dolls.  I had to pick up my suit so I went back to the mall, I crossed Tiffany on the way in.  She was by herself, I assumed she was here to get her dress too.  She didn't really acknowledge my presence but I was pretty sure she had seen me.

We both went our own way.  I went to get my hair cut and then to the store to get my suit.  I tried it on to make sure it fit.  I asked if it had been cleaned as I planned to keep it on to save me time.  The salesman told me I could keep it on and made me pay for it.  He gave me a bag to put my clothes in and I got out of the store.  As I got out, I bumped into Tiffany.

She dropped her bags and fell to the floor.  I picked her up and put her back on her feet.  "So sorry, Tiffany, I didn't mean to" I apologized.  Again, I think she smiled back.

"That's ok... happens a lot.  People bump into me, then pick me up.  It's an icebreaker of sorts, their 'pick up' line" she chuckled.

"I didn't mean it like that...I mean... I didn't mean it at all.  I mean I couldn't because I'm with..." I stammered.

"...with Christina.  I know, silly.  I'm going to the prom with Adam anyways.  But you guys are weird, you and Tina.  Me and the girls were watching you... both of you I mean... and it just seems weird that she's still, you know, still a girl and all.  Don't you guys ever have sex?" she asked bluntly.

"Well, you know, we...huh...we" I admitted, almost as if I was ashamed of ourselves.  "Tina wants to wait until the time is right, I guess it's ok.  She'll be a great doll..." I defended her.

"You think so?" she stopped me.  "She'll be a pretty doll, but a good doll, I don't know"

"What?  Do you even know her all that much?".  It was the first time I really talked with Tiffany outside of class related stuff at or around school.  I was getting less nervous and she was easy to talk with, but as comfortable as I was with Tiffany, I felt weird that she questionned how me and Tina lived our sex life.  "She's always been telling me about how eager she is to become a doll.  I know it contradicts the idea of waiting for any physical contact but I guess it's part of the excitement" I tried to explain.  In reality, I was truly trying to understand Tina myself.

"What you just told me is enough... look Jeremy" she put her hands on my shoulders and looked at me in the eyes.  I looked back at her, I wanted to be inside her mouth so bad.  "You're a man, she's a doll.  She might not be yet but she will be.  You can date, that's fine, but don't expect to be 'faithful' to each other.  One day or another she's going to need to be used and you won't be around.  I go out with Adam now but I know he's had to help a few dolls since we've been dating" she revealed.

"So what am I supposed to make of all this?" I asked, scratching my head.  Tiffany just chuckled in response.

"You're cute..." she winked.  Looking me up in my suit. 

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" it just sounded like she was coming on to me, I was so confused.  She just giggled at me.  "Listen, I've got to go to the washroom for a second, just wait for me here if you want"

"Alright..." she agreed.  We turned around the corner and she dropped her bags as I got into the washroom.  Once inside, I realized it must've been nervous because I had no need for the washrooms.  I just washed my hands and splashed some water in my face.  I looked at myself in the mirror.

"You're dressed this good right now because tonight, you're going to the prom.  You're going to the prom with Tina, remember?" I reminded myself.  I straightened my vest and got out the door with confidence.  Right there, next to her bags, was Tiffany.  Her red rubber tank top was stretched tighter than usual as she had inflated herself noticeably bigger than usual for prom night.  She stood there, waiting for me...immobile.  Her legs were spread slightly apart and her arms had bent at the elbow.  "Tiffany?" I waved my hands in front of her eyes and got no response.  "Why must you test me so..." I muttered to myself.  I looked around and paced back and forth in the corridor, then I grabbed Tiffany and her bag and went back into the washroom.  I put Tiffany up against the sinks and looked at her.  She needed me now and what she had said went through my head again.  I knew dolls were still conscious when in this state, and I knew she thought I was cute.  I touched her body, turned her around and kept touching her, exploring a doll's curves and skin for the first time.

"I can't do this..." I stopped for a second, "...I can't do this here" I turned Tiffany around and popped open the valve sticking out of her back.  I pushed the air out of her with my arms and as Tiffany lost shape in my arms, a man wandered into the washroom.  "Aahh...women..." I sighed at him nonchalantly.  He just nodded in agreement, chuckling at my deflating presumed girlfriend.

As soon as I got her completely flat, I folded her up and placed her at the bottom of her bag, placing her prom dress over her to hide her deflated self.  I went out of the washrooms and went for the parking garage.  As I walked back to my car, Tiffany's best friend Valerie got out of her car and spotted me.  Valerie was one of the three girls who had completely transformed over the last two months.

"Hey handsome, nice suit" she called out, coming over to me.  Why did I have to draw attention to me.  "What have you got there?" she looked at the bags, particularly at the pink one.  "What did you get at Pretty and Shiny?  It's a doll's clothing store" Valerie asked.  "Can I check?" and without permission she reached out for the dress and pulled it out.  She shook the dress to straighten it out for a full view and to my horror, Tiffany's folded form, which had stuck to the rubber dress, peeled off and fell.  I catched Tiffany by the tip of the head and pulled her away from the ground.  As I pulled, Tiffany unfolded in front of Valerie who was folding the dress back into shape.  Her eyes went wide.

"I swear it's not what it looks like..." I quickly blurted out, holding Tiffany up.  I folded her again, putting her back in the bag.  Valerie put Tiffany's dress back over her and smiled at me.

"I'm pretty sure it's exactly what it looks like" she chuckled.  As she finished her sentence, she froze and fell in my arms, her arms bent and her legs spread.  I grabbed her and held her away from me in shock.

"Not again... this is so embarassing" I complained.  Valerie came to life in my hands and started laughing at me.  I put her down on the ground and released her.

"Calm down, I was just joking.  I wasn't really frozen." she giggled, looking at the pink bag again.

"Why would you do such a thing?" I asked her, all puzzled.

"She's right, you're cute..." she just winked at me and kissed me on the cheek.  "Take good care of her" and she went on her way into the mall.  I looked down at the bag, then I spotted my car and went to it. 

I drove back home and went in with the bags.  I went up to my room and locked the door behind me.  I turned Tiffany's bag upside down.  Her dress fell from it and stuck to it was Tiffany again.  I peeled her off from her dress and laid her out on my bed.  I didn't stare at her too much because I didn't want to look creepy, I knew she was looking back at me.  I wanted it to look like I was just trying to help her out with her predicament.  I went out to my parents bedroom to get my mother's home compressor and came back into my room. 

I plugged the compressor and hooked Tiffany up to it, then looked at her lying there and paused.  Against my better judgement, I pulled the hose out of her and brought her up to my mouth.  I closed my lips on her valve and blew into her.  I clenched my fists on her plastic skin, taking another full breath and blowing into her.  I closed my eyes and kept blowing, the hissing sounds entrancing me.  I ran my hands over her as she took shape in my arms.  I kept breathing into her until she was full, then tried to approximate the size she had overinflated herself earlier.  I might have made her a bit bigger.  I closed her valve shut and turned her over, laying her down on the bed.  I looked at her up and down, ran my hands from her tummy up to her breasts.  As I caressed her chest, I could swear she jerked before me.  I drew my hand back and looked at her.  She didn't budge.

I kept an eye on her and undid my belt.  I then unzipped and took my member out, letting my pants slide down to my ankles.  I grabbed Tiffany and held her in front of me, I lowered her down on me and entered her pussy.  Not only did she definately moan, she wrapped her arms and legs around me and started grinding her hips on my dick.  I tried taking her off me, shocked.

"You're not frozen... you're not..." I blurted out, puzzled.

"I'm so sorry... no... I was...I need you, Jeremy.  Just fuck me, please!" she begged me.  I managed to get her off me.

"No... I... this is wrong.  You don't need me, you haven't even lost mobility.  I thought I was helping you, why did you do this?" I asked her as I started pulling my pants up.

"Please... don't!" she pleaded as she stopped me from completely pulling my pants up, getting on her knees.  "I did this to prove a point, Jeremy.  Situations like these will happen to you, more importantly, they'll happen to her.  If she really says she's eager to be a good doll, you guys better start having fun together soon because otherwise she'll become a doll sometime when you're not there and she might turn immobile before she gets to see you.  What if the wonderful moment she wanted it to be turns out to be with another guy who just happened by and wanted to help her.  Would he deflate her or fuck her right there?  That would mess up her fantasy if she really wants to be your doll for her first time..." she told me, almost in a reprimanding tone.

"I guess you have a point there... that would be bad" I realized, trying to pull on my pants a bit.  She resisted again.

"Let me... please?" she came up close, took my penis in her mouth.  She started sucking me.  I just moaned and grabbed her head, playing in her hair.  On the tip of my fingers I could feel my cock hitting the back of her empty head.

" don't need me Tiffany, you just.... just use a dildo or something.  You have...ooohh gaaww...have one in your purse, no?" I reluctantly asked her.  She took me out of her.

"I don't have one, I don't smoke.  If I don't get cum, I might not make it till prom.  You could just jerk off on me, but I'm trying to make it fun for you too" she smiled, tilting her head a bit.  Then she went down on me again.

"You...won..." I just sat down on the edge of the bed, my pants fell back down to my ankles.  She kept going at it marvelously until I came close to cumming, then I heard a door slamming outside.  I got up and went to the window, Tiffany's weightless form glued to my cock all the way across the room.  I looked outside and saw Tina getting out of her car and she was headed for the house.  "Holy sh...." I pulled on Tiffany a bit.

"Mmmmnnnoooooooooo!" she held on to me fiercely.  She knew she just about had me and wouldn't let go.  Seeing no other choice, I reached for the plug in her back and popped it open.  She just used all her strength to go faster on me, hoping to make me cum.  "...Meremmmy... mmmnnnooooo".

"Jeremy, are you there?" Tina called out as she came up the stairs.  I really had to get dressed, I couldn't lose time fighting Tiffany, I just let her suck me as I bent down and brought my pants up.  Tiffany was half deflated, her lower half laying limp below her waist, yet she wouldn't stop sucking.

"Yeah... I'm in my room, just about ready" I replied back, looking around for a place to hide Tiffany.  I became increasingly distressed as I found no suitable place.  Seeing no option, I grabbed most of Tiffany and pushed the remaining air out of her, stuffing her into my pants.  I finally felt Tiffany stop sucking me as I zipped up my pants and tightened my belt back on, my cock still deep into her deflated head.  The hissing of her deflating finally stopped as Tina stepped in my room.  I turned around, twitched in Tiffany's mouth at the sight of my girlfriend in her pink rubber gown.

"Boy... you look happy to see me" she looked at the exagerated bump in my crotch.  I just blushed, probably more than I would if that was the only reason for the bulge.  "And you look good too..."

"Thanks" I smiled back at her.  "You're here early"

"No, silly, we had talked about going over to my parents house and taken some pictures before going to the prom" she reminded me.  She was right, I had forgotten about that.  She then spotted the Pretty and Shiny store bag.  "Did you buy me anything?" she smiled as she picked up the bag.

"Well..." I started.

"It's so pretty, your so sweet!" she cried out in joy as she laid the dress on the bed.  She came over to me slowly and gave me a kiss on the cheek, turning her lips to my ears, she whispered.  "...I got on the scale this morning..." she paused.  "...I weighed in at a pound and a half" my cock jerked at the mention of her weight, then she looked me in the eyes.  "This could very well be the last time you feel my tongue" she leaned in for a kiss. 

We kissed for a minute, eventually pushing her back on the bed, I climbed up on her and kept kissing her.  As some of our make out sessions lately, we started dry humping each other.  The insane sensations reminded me that I was humping in and out of Tiffany's face at the moment.  "Not now..." Tina pushed me back "...we have pictures to take".  I knew even though Tiffany was crumpled up in my boxer shorts, she was still conscious and probably very sour at me having been so close to orgasm and being denied my cum again.

Tina grabbed her new dress and put it in the bag before taking it with her.  She took my hand and we went down to her car.  She threw me the keys and I sat in the driver's side.  We made our way to Tina's parents house, but we were slowed down by bumper to bumper traffic for around ten minutes.  It just seemed I wouldn't be able to forget Tiffany that easily.  Tina's car was a manual transmission which meant those ten minutes were spent moving my left and right feet back and forth between all three pedals.  I would usually have called this short traffic, but I could feel Tiffany's mouth shift on my hardened penis as well as if she had been inflated.  The motions were spaced enough so that I didn't climax but I just wanted to take her out of my pants somewhere and Tina hadn't given me a second out of her sight.  She was acting way more sensual than usual so that sure didn't help my precarious situation.

We finally arrived at her parents place.  Tina's mom opened the door, she looked only slightly older than Tina, having turned at 20.  Her maternal behavior betrayed her as she acted way older than she looked.  "Hi kids, come in!" definately illustrated my point as the 20 year old looking doll waved us in. 

We took the pictures we needed and had a little chat in the living room with the parents, going over just how proud they were of us graduating.  Time flew by, and sitting in that couch made me completely forget about Tiffany.  When time came, the limo me and some friends had rented arrived and we went to the prom.  After the prom, we were supposed to head to a campground where everyone would reunite for the after-prom bash.

The limo dropped us off at the prom and we headed inside the ballroom, taking the obligatory couple's picture.  We sat down at our table and chatted a bit.  Some of the girls went to dance while we guys kept talking.  Having completely forgotten about Tiffany, I lost that chance I had away from Tina to remove Tiffany from my pants.  The girls finally came back as the music calmed down to make place for the meal.  During the meal, teachers made speeches about the future, their past with us, and then proceeded to name the customary king and queen of the prom.  The announcement came as a slap in the face, bringing me back to reality.

"...and the king of prom '96 is... Adam Scott" the spotlights lit up Adam, out in the crowd, following him up to the mike.

"Uh-oh..." I thought to myself.

"And the queen of prom '96 is..." they announced.

"UH-OH..." I panicked.

"...Tiffany Pinkerton, come up here Tiffany!" the principal cheered with enthusiasm.  My eyes shot to the spotlight, illuminating an empty spot at Tiffany's table.  Right behind the spotlight was the next chair at that table, Valerie's.  She sat there, staring at me.  When I saw she was looking at me, I broke eye contact, ashamed.  Valerie last saw Tiffany with me so she was giving me an evil stare, she looked amused at the same time as she must've known first hand the sorts of adventures dolls can get themselves into sometimes.  Adam, embarassed, started explaining on the mike.

"We haven't broke up or anything..." he chuckled, "...she must just be late, I'm sure you guys will see her at the after-prom" he took the crown for Tiffany in case she showed up and headed back to his table.  As he made his way, I looked back at Valerie.  On her lips I could read "Where is she?" before they went back to their O shape.  I pointed and looked downwards, opening my legs a bit so she could see the bulge in my pants.  Her eyes went wide.  She looked at me and nodded no with her head, she couldn't believe it.  I just nodded yes to her, then hung my head in shame a bit, her eyes went wider.  Then Adam arrived at their table and Valerie looked at him like nothing happened.

She kept silent about it throughout the meal but when people started to dance after, she waited for Tina to go dance and came up to me with her date and Adam.  "Where is she?" Valerie asked me again in presence of the other guys.  Again I looked down.

"I had to deflate her and couldn't find anywhere to hide her.  I swear she was glued to me, I couldn't get her off my... she's in my pants" I finished.

"Dude!" Adam said, a bit surprised.

"I'm sorry, she's the one who insisted, she wanted to prove a point to me and then she said she needed me or wouldn't make it to prom, then Tina almost burst in on us.  That was the safest place I could hide her at the time and I haven't been able to get away from Tina" I explained.

"Just do something though, it's my night with her and I want her back..." Adam told me, before being interupted by Tina.

"Hi, what are you guys talking about?" she asked

"Hey... Christina!  Have you seen Tiffany?" as soon as he finished his question, he turned his stare to me, still waiting for an answer from her.

"No sorry, I haven't" she said apologetically, oblivious to the whole masquerade.  Adam looked back at her and smiled.

"Alright, sorry to bother, have a good evening.  See you guys later" he said before going back to his table.

After the prom was over, buses were waiting for us outside as everyone had punch for drinks and they were all headed to the same place.  We arrived at the campground and all the tents were arranged in a circle around the campfire for a source of light.  Everyone went in the their tents to unpack the stuff they had brought for the party, some people planned to change clothes, others had brought music, alcohol and the likes.  As I entered the tent and dropped our things at the far end of our tent, I heard the zipper closing.  I turned in time to see Tina align the two door zippers and put a small padlock on them.  Holding the key in her hands, she dangled it over her mouth and she swallowed it.

"What the heck are you doing?" I asked her, puzzled.  She didn't usually act this way.

"It should fall out of me soon enough anyways, I don't want to leave this tent until I'm a sexy..." I started getting hard "...shiny, inflatable..." she continued, driving me crazy as I filled Tiffany's mouth completely with my hardened member.  "...fuckable, smooth latex lovedoll" she finished with a naughty grin, advancing on me. 

I backed away, this couldn't be happening.  I couldn't let her catch me like that.  The back of my feet hit our bags and I stopped.  She grabbed my belt and undid it.  She unzipped my pants and looked at me.  "what's wrong?"

"I can explain...SHE can explain" I stammered in defense as Tiffany unfolded out in plain sight as my pants fell down, her head still on my hardon.  Tina looked down and gasped in shock.

"What the hell is Tiffany doing on your... Jeremy, answer me!" she fumed at me.

"I... I can... she can explain.  Just let me reinflate her... or you do" I couldn't just blow this when she was in this mood, she had just locked us in the tent and there's no way we were getting that key out unless she became a doll.

"No... no no, you go ahead and inflate her, you guys seem close now" she said mockingly, still obviously mad but waiting for whatever explanation I could provide.  She didn't want to stay in that mood either.  Still nervous, I took Tiffany off of me and brought her to my mouth and started inflating her.  As she took shape, I just knew she wouldn't move.  Finally inflated, she just stood there, immobile.

"Huh... she needs me to... you know".  This was just getting better and better.  Asking my girlfriend permission to finish what I had started.

"She just needs your cum, nothing more" she replied knowingly.  She stared at me and pulled the straps of her dress away to the sides, letting the top half fall down, revealing her breasts.  Tina's areolas and nipples were pink and shiny, the second sign of her turning into a doll after the weight loss that morning.  She took Tiffany out of my hand and laid her on the floor.  "I think I know what point Tiffany was trying to make..."

Tina got on her knees and took my cock in her hand.  As she rubbed it on her lips, I saw them turn ruby red and shiny at the mere contact of my member with her mouth.  She opened her mouth wide and I thought she'd be swallowing me but she paused and then got back up on her feet.  "You like my lips?" she winked, licking and pursing her plastic lips at me.  As we kissed, I could feel her tonsils turn to slippery rubber as our tongues made contact.  I could feel her plastic nipples caress mine, my hard-on rubbing against her latex gown in our embrace.  After a few minutes of playing with her breasts and making out, she broke the kiss.  "Sorry if we kissed so long..." she said sheepishly, gently stroking my manhood while she looked me in the eyes.  "...I wanted us to take advantage of the last time I used my tongue" she grinned and stuck her shiny tongue out.

She then went back down on her knees and stuck her tongue out to lick my shaft, but what happened instead I can still play in slow-motion in my head to this day.  As she got near my cock and motioned forward, her tongue melted away like a popsicle in front of an open flame before even touching it.  As my dick came to her lips, her tongue had melted away inside her mouth.  She kissed the tip of my cock and looked up at me, smiling.  As soon as her mouth went back to it's O shape, I could see the insides of her mouth had been transformed into soft, inflated cushiony latex, her teeth and tongue completely gone.  She kept on jerking me off as she looked at me; I could feel her hands becoming soft on my cock as she did so.  I looked at her normal face, completely flesh except for a round plastic hole in the middle of her face.  She had lust for me in her eyes as she craned her neck down, engulfing my member completely in one fell swoop.  Never mind the fact it was the first cock she'd ever put in her mouth.  She moaned as she started picking up pace on my shaft.  Seeing my long time girlfriend suddenly act so debauched drove me mad.  Enough so that it didn't take me much to get near climax.  I held Tina's head on my cock and felt her empty head give way under my fingers, I could feel my cock banging against the back of her head through her hollow skull.

"Tina...unnngh... pass Tiffany over here, you're going to make me cummm..." I asked her.  She just grabbed my ass even harder and didn't let go, she pulled me in farther down her throat and just kept on sucking me as I gave up, not able to resist anymore.  I arched my back and came down her throat, slowly coming back to me I looked at Tina, her face was becoming lighter, softer and shinier as my cum filled her.  She finally let go of me and let me come out of her.  She looked at me with her shiny face, grabbing Tiffany with one arm.  "So what was her point?  She told you she was worried we didn't fuck?" Tina guessed.

"Basically, yeah... she just said not to wait for the special moment or we might've missed it and not be together for it..." I detailed, my head still turning from my first orgasm after having had Tiffany on my dick all day.

"I still can't figure where you fucking her fits in the story though" she said.

"She needed it before prom because of what you see now" I explained, pointing to the frozen Tiffany.

"Wasn't she supposed to go with Adam?" and as she asked me, Adam came up to the tent door.

"Campbell, I know you're in there, everyone told me this was your tent" Adam tried to whisper in a commanding tone.  "Where's my girl?"

Tina popped Tiffany's valve and let her deflate again, looking up at the tent's ceiling vent.  "We can always slip her through there, Adam'll take care of her and I'll talk to her some other time..."

As she slipped the deflated girl through the vent, letting her slide down the tent's outside walls into Adam's hands, she turned back to me.  "This IS the special night, and I don't want her or any other doll to have a single drop of your cum but me tonight" she ordered, jumping back on me.

At last she was letting me do the things I longed to do.  Licking her soft skin, I painted it shiny as everywhere my tongue went turned to wet looking rubber at my merest touch.  She squirmed and twisted on the air mattress, then pushed me away and sat back up.  She had random shiny stripes on her belly from my kissing and licking.  She grabbed my cock with her hand and stroked it a little.  "I want more of this" she tugged on it slightly, drawing me closer.  She placed the tip of my cock against her vagina and rubbed my oozing shaft on it.  Her vagina shifted upwards from between her legs a little as it still kissed my penis.  Then, after its transformation, she impaled herself on me.  "Oohhhh god, this is unreal" she moaned out.  Her ass turned soft under my hands as I helped her up and back down on me.

"This whole day has been unreal..." I said, panting.  She looked less and less natural , seams slowly starting to appear.  Even parts of her flesh that hadn't turned yet had seams showing up on them.  She presented her tight, round breasts to me.  They were surrounded by seams and capped by plastic nipples, but were otherwise still made of air filled flesh.

"Play with my tits, Jeremy.  Play with me" she begged me, still humping me.  I was too happy to comply, feeling them turn soft and shiny while I licked and sucked on them.  I played with her new ballooned chest, pressing my fingers deep into her.  "Oh god... I'mmm cumming" she cried out, twisting on my cock as I held both her breasts in my hands.  I came in her at the same moment, sending stream after stream of cum into her.  Each spasm I made sent more into her, turning what remained of her flesh completely to rubber.  I hugged her tight and then lowered my left hand down to her ass and inserted three fingers into the cushioned insides of her rear hole.

She arched her back as if she had received a jolt of electricity.  She squirmed and thrashed about as she felt my fingers slide with ease into the soft plastic hole that used to be her ass. 

Feverishly cumming into her, with the fingers I had plugged her butt with, I pulled and pushed her weightless form on my erupting manhood with ease.  The way I handled her body was so different then what I was used to, and she seemed to be loving every second of it.  I caressed her sensitive back with my other hand and rested it there as she fell on me, recovering from the shattering orgasm she had just gone through.  Under my hand, I felt her valve come out of her back.  With my hand covering and slightly brushing her air valve, she came again as if I was touching her g-spot.

"Jaaaahhh...Jeremy, I love you so much.  Forever..." she paused, moaning "... I want to be your doll forever".  I sighed and panted heavily, exhausted from the workout.  Tina didn't breath heavily like I did, she was mentally exhausted from the orgasms themselves, instead she just moaned in the same rythm she'd be doing if she breathed.  We both finally calmed down.  She tossed her hair in front of her and looked at the shiny, smooth strands of rubber they had become.  She turned to me and smiled, her mouth then returning to it's natural O shape, the insides of her mouth glistening with my cum.  I smiled back at her and removed my fingers from her ass, making her squirm and wrapped my arms around her.  We both soon fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning, I woke up with a hard-on, still inside Tina.  I tried removing her from me to let her sleep and she woke up at the smallest of movements.  She was way too sensitive to not wake up.  She opened up her eyes and looked at me sleepily.  Amazingly enough, her mouth opened even wider as she yawned and then smiled at me, feeling my hardened cock inside her.  Tina started moving up and down on me slowly, moaning softly.

"Tina, you should stop for a second.  Do you mind if we unlock the door first?" I asked her.

"Why? What is it?" she stopped.  I took her in my arms and pulled her off me.  I shook her gently.  Not a sound came from here.

"Where's the key?" I asked worryingly, setting her down on the mattress.

"I don't know, Jeremy, I thought it'd fall out of me.  You didn't feel it fall on you or something?" she said as she got on her knees like me and looked on her side of the tent while I did mine. 

"I can't find it" I told her.  Looking at her, she was searching on her side, her naked back to me.  I extended my hand to caress her back and her soft butt, she just leaned on my hand, moaning gently.  I retracted my hand and we both stood up in the tent.

"I can't find it either..." she said as she shook her body a bit and threw her arms and legs about, "... and I don't feel it inside me, I think we'd hear it.  Maybe it got dissolved inside me when I turned" she concluded.

"So now what?" I sighed, looking up in desperation while Tina tried to force the locks with her weak arms.

"I got a double in the glove box in the car, but I don't see what good that's going to do us in here" she said, giving up and laying down on the mattress.  I joined her and laid down on the bed too.  We both looked up at the ceiling, wondering what to do.  Then she broke the silence.  "Jeremy..." she looked for my attention with an 'I found it' sounding tone.  I looked back at her and she was still staring up.

"I wonder why we didn't think of this sooner" I continued, almost sure I knew what she thought.  She came up on me, straddling me and looked at me in the eyes.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" she asked with a smile.  I just caressed her back and stopped my hand on her valve, looking over her shoulder at the vent in the ceiling, than back at her.  She just nodded, craned her neck and brought her lips to my ears.

"Deflate me" she simply whispered.  Then she came back into view and winked at me teasingly.  I popped her valve outwards and played with it with my fingers.  She started moaning loudly before I yanked the valve open and she came in my arms, slowly becoming limp in my embrace.

Her loud moaning faded out at a certain point, when she lost all shape.  I stood up, fully erect from her whole act.  I brought her up to the vent and slid her outside, letting her slip down the tent's side where the car had been parked.  I heard Tina fall to the ground.

"Great plan, honey.  Now grab the keys and lets get back home" I said joyfully.  I got no answer from the other side of the tent.  "Tina?" then after a small pause I slapped myself on the forehead.  "Well, THAT was well thought out" I said to myself, thinking of Tina's helpless deflated form outside the tent.  Then I heard Tiffany's voice.

"Hey, there's Tina..." then I couldn't make out what she was saying to whoever was walking with her.  Then I heard Adam's laughter.  "Great" I thought.

"Hey Jeremy, you in there?" Adam asked me rhetorically, he knew I was in there.  Tiffany had surely told him about the lock.  "...Tiffany tells me you guys were fighting ... or was it fucking, when you gave her back to me.  She's not so sure anymore" he continued as I saw his silouhette pick up my limp lover in his hands.  "I mean, here she is, deflated outside the tent.  I'd think you guys fought alright... but then she IS a doll afterall, so you guys did fuck, right?" he paused, waiting for an answer, but I thought he'd go on.  The guy liked to listen to himself when he had the upper hand.  "Jeremy?"

"What? You done now?" I replied, a bit annoyed.

"I asked you a question, have you guys had your 'special' moment?" he asked again.

"Yes Adam..." I gave a dry response, " guys don't need to worry about our sexual lives anymore"

"That so?" he stopped for a second.  "What part of your story explains you still talking to me from inside the tent and her lying here shapeless in my hands?" he asked in a mocking tone.

"...she tell you about the lock?" I asked him, trying not to sound too ashamed of my situation.

I could see Adam's shadow look at Tiffany then back at Tina.  "Lock?  Was she looking for a key?"

"You already know the answer..." I gave up, this was going nowhere.

"Got that right.  Wanna get out?" he asked, almost sounding serious.

"Right... after what happened yesterday?  I don't think you'd let me"

"Damn, you're on a roll, buddy!" he told me as he threw Tina over his shoulder like a sack.  "I'm not all bad though..." he said as I saw him get closer to the tent and threw something into the vent at the top of my tent.  I grabbed and pulled until it was in the tent.  I unfolded it until I saw what, or rather WHO it was.

"Valerie?!?" I was puzzled.

"Well, she did say you were cute plenty of times before and she and her date DID have a fight as opposed to you guys.  Last time we've seen her inflated, she was horny as hell" Tiffany explained to me.  "You just treat my friend well, Tina's in good hands I can assure you" she said as she looked up to her lover Adam.  "We'll be riiiight back.  Soon.  Promise" she giggled with Adam before I saw their shadows go away in the distance.

"Guys?" I asked around.  Then I looked down at Valerie.  "How did I end up fucking the three most beautiful dolls in school in one day?" I thought to myself as I happily popped Valerie open and brought her to my lips.

"I learned later that Tiffany told Tina that she was a non-smoker that morning, and that it was why she needed me so bad since she couldn't see any other guy before the prom.  Tina liked the idea and became a non-smoker herself.  That morning, she came back to the tent, unlocked it and let me out.  She hadn't even washed yet, she was drenched in cum" Jeremy concluded his story.

"Wow, that's quite a story" Tanya said, amazed.  "Didn't it bother you that she had sex with other people before coming back to you?"

"Well, to be fair..." he paused, "...Tiffany hadn't been washed either, and I did wear her all day.  You sound like me back in those days" Jeremy looked at Tanya.  "She's a doll, like Tiffany was... like you are"

"Right... I know it's true but Lawrence..." Tanya started.

"Lawrence brought you here, Lawrence knows.  You'll never have to feel bad or hide anything you do with other men from him" Jeremy explained.

"Oh..." she simply said, relieved.  Tanya smiled, she seemed to be looking at Jeremy in a new light.  He was cute after all.  Her reverie was cut short as she got hit by a dildo bouncing off her face and onto her lap.  She looked up at Vanessa, who laughed at her reaction.  Vanessa then turned to Jeremy.

"Jeremy.  Me and Penelope have a show tonight and she's in no working condition, think you could help both, before you head out?" she asked him, turning to Tanya who understood why she had been thrown the dildo.

"Sure thing, girls" he said as he stood up and went over to the long sofa the twins were sitting on.  Tanya just slumped back in her chair and pouted, then brought the dildo to her lips and gave it a suckle, like she was sucking on a consolation lollypop.

"Don't you worry about that" Olivia got Tanya's attention.  "There's plenty of men to go around" she smiled.  Tanya just looked at her and sat back straight.

"So what's your story?" Tanya asked bluntly, finally inserting the dildo completely down her throat, moaning.  Olivia took hers out of her mouth again.

"In short, this place is literally heaven on earth for me" she told Tanya with a smile.  Tanya was about to ask a question but Olivia stopped her.  "Of course, there's a longer story behind all that, let me tell you..."


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