Workout Dolly

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2006 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

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Bianca detested parading before cameras on a daily basis and was glad that after today's session, she would be leaving the business for good. She had been hired to manage and be the head fitness instructor for a new resort opening in Europe and judging by the amount of money they were paying her plus incentives, Bianca would never have to worry about money again.

" All right, honey, hold up that bag of beaver food high and give me the biggest smile you can muster. Jake, keep an eye on those wild beavers in the background. It cost us a fortune to get them from Canada and they've been known to be adventurous unless properly trained, " the photographer shouted out to his assistants while continuing to click away.

After about another dozen pictures or so, the picture taking was done and Bianca, after wishing all those present, quickly packed up her things and headed for the exit. Just as the blonde was stepping through the door that led to the parking lot, there was a series of shouts coming from the studio area. The camera crew was frantically trying to round up the beavers, which had broken free from the enclosure and were rapidly closing on the frightened people.

Bianca ignored the shouts and growing sounds of fighting as she closed the door behind her with her mind already focusing on her future job. Throwing her stuff into her rented car, she headed home to the house she would be vacating at the end of the week. Bianca checked to make sure all her possessions were packed up into the numerous cardboard boxes that were scattered around the house and that the movers were certain of the address in England they would be sent to temporarily to while she met with her new employers and they decided which resort they would be sending her to ( apparently they were building five in all ).

Two days later, Bianca was seated in the first class section of a 747 plane with headphones on and looking through a fitness magazine she had brought with her. The large monitor at the front of the section was showing a newscast originating from the US with the audio Bianca was hearing consisting of a reporter talking of ' damage to property and fleeing people in the face of the rampaging mob of angry beavers'. The images on the screen shifted to scenes of burning cars and storefronts with evidence of what looked like bite marks everywhere. People could be seen lying in the street moaning in pain with limbs showing evidence of vicious tail swipes.

" Man, am I glad I left that stuff behind me. I think any future pets I have will be ones that are a lot better behaved than a crocodile. Ha ! " Bianca thought to herself as she pulled out her audio plugs and pulled up the blanket she had gathered around her legs over her body. With images of trees falling and bright white teeth gnawing on telephone poles, she quickly fell into a light sleep dreaming of working out on gold and silver exercise machines while well built men looked on with admiration and lust on their faces.

Next day.......

Walking up to to the glass and steel multi-story building that was the headquarters to R & R for U ( Bianca's new employers), the blonde woman was impressed by the sleek modern construction of the building, which stood in stark contrast to the buildings around it which all looked to be at least 50 years old.

Pulling open one of the large glass doors, Bianca walked into a spacious lobby that was light pink and white in colors. Walking across the marble tiled floor, she noticed the furniture seemed to be a mix of antique and modern look with all of it very expensive. The overhead lights weren't of the dull, halogen lamps commonly seen in office buildings but rather rows of ornate chandeliers that illuminated the area far brighter than any normal lights.

" Geez, this place isn't anything like I had figured it to be. If it's any indication of the owners, I should ask for a fairly generous salary from my new bosses, " Bianca thought to herself as she walked over to the main reception desk for directions. The receptionist was looking at a small TV set on her desk, where the image of a BBC news anchor was visible. The news person was talking about ' waves of militant, angry beavers crossing into the United States from Canada in precision movements that would lead one to believe that they were trained for combat. Authorities in states bordering the US/Canada demarcation line quickly found themselves under siege by the buck toothed animals. Angry calls placed to the Canadian government resulted in steadfast denials by Prime Minister Baloney of having any prior knowledge of the animal's migration. '

Shaking her head slightly, the receptionist looked up and smiled upon seeing the waiting Bianca. " Hello and welcome to R & R for U. What can I do for you today ? " the brunette said warmly.

" I'm supposed to meet a company executive by the name of Bob McDonald today at 3:00. Could you give me directions to where his office is ? " Bianca asked while glancing around at the surroundings.

" No problem at all, ma'am. Take the elevators located on the far right and go to the fourth floor. Once there, head right once you step out of the elevators and go down the corridor. It'll be the third office on the left just before the main conference room. If you have any problems, there's a reception desk located to the left of the elevators on every floor, " the receptionist said with a cheery smile.

Bianca nodded in appreciation and headed off in the direction of the elevators while the receptionist, as well as a few others in the vicinity of her desk, looked on at the images of destruction and police being savagely paddled by scores of beaver tails.

Riding up in the elevator while trying to block out mentally the background music of the song " Snowbird" being sung by a Jamaican reggae band, Bianca wondered to herself whether she should push for a long term contract or try and press for the best location currently owned by her new employers.

To the blonde's surprise, when she stepped inside Mr. McDonald's office, she saw the executive dressed not in a traditional business suit but a red and black exercise outfit working out on a stationary bicycle. When he saw Bianca walk into his office, he stopped pedaling and hopped off the machine. After quickly toweling himself off, he walked over and shook the buxom blonde's hand.

" Miss Jagger, I'm delighted that you were able to get here in such short notice. I must say, the pictures you've emailed us of yourself don't do you justice at all, " Bob said enthusiastically.

Bianca blushed at the compliment. " Thank you. I'm impressed by the looks of your building here in London. Is this typical of your offices throughout Europe ? " she asked in unabashed appreciation.

" Well, this is the newest of our offices and is considered to be the crown jewel of our corporation. I'm glad you like the looks of the place, " Bob said with a voice that showed no trace of European accent.

Slightly puzzled by the lack of local flavor she had encountered, Bianca was about to ask about her own place of employment as well as her salary when Bob abruptly walked over to the left to a large oak cabinet. Opening it, the executive fumbled around for a few seconds before turning around to face Bianca holding what looked like two racquetball racquets in his hands.

" When I read over your resume, I saw that you are an avid racquetball player and have won several amateur invitationals back in the US. I was wondering if you'd be interested in playing a match with me right now in our private gym located two floors down from here. We have a fully stocked clothing shop that can provide you with an outfit as well as anything else you might need. I know you might be suffering from a bit of jet leg so if you want to put off such a contest until tomorrow, I'll certainly understand, " Bob said with a smile while taking a practice swing with one of the racquets.

" Well, I do feel a little tired but if I can beat you in a simple game of racquetball, it might make you more agreeable to any salary demands I make, " Bianca thought to herself as she mused over the offer.

The company executive sensed Bianca's hesitancy and spoke up. " If you think I can't give you a good match, I'll tell you that I regularly beat all challengers who work for the company and have been told by more than one person that I should enter some of the professional tournaments held in Europe, " Bob said with a certain amount of boasting evident in his voice.

" I accept, Mr. McDonald. I just hope you won't humiliate me too badly, " Bianca said trying to sound like she was awed by what she had just heard.

" Call me Bob and relax. If it gets too one-sided, we can always quit and adjourn to the player's lounge right next door, " Bob said cheerfully while taking another practice swing with his racquet before heading towards the office door and out into the building.

Vowing silently to make sure the score was nothing like what her future boss anticipated, Bianca quietly followed Bob out of the office and towards the bank of elevators she had been in earlier. Five or so minutes later, the busty blonde found herself looking over different outfits in the company store fairly certain she wouldn't find something to fit her curvaceous curves. To her surprise, she found, with the assistance of the shop's female clerk, a bright red top with white shorts just in the size she wanted with sneakers and socks to go with it. When she went to pay for her purchases, Bianca was told by the store clerk that Bob had left word that all her purchases were to be charged to the company directly.

Nodding and thanking the clerk for her help, Bianca headed off for the nearby women's change room. As she undressed and put her clothes into one of the many lockers in the room, the blonde glance up at one of the many TV monitors lining an entire wall of the room directly opposite her. On it, there was an image of what looked like a hockey player standing behind a podium with a moose to the left and an RCMP officer to the right and a large Canadian flag draped in the background. The player was saying something about " the area being the new 11th province of Canada from this point on and the residents must immediately learn all the rules of hockey..." or something stupid like that.

Shaking her head at the idiotic behavior of the Canadians and their war mongering ways, Bianca ignored the rest of the TV chatter and quickly dressed. Picking up her racquet, she made her way to the court pausing momentarily to glance at a bulletin board and, in the process, making two young men turn beet red upon ogling her curvaceous figure.

A few minutes later, Bianca was standing on the court and had donned her protective eyewear. Looking at the other side of the court, she saw Bob was decked out in what looked like a custom made outfit that must have cost several thousand dollars.

" Standard of three sets...first to fifteen wins the set....all set......? " Bob said as he lifted up the ball and prepared to serve.

" Set to kick your ass!!... " Bianca thought as she nodded her assent. With that, Bob served and the match was on. At first, Bob used his superior strength and, combined with Bianca's slight case of jet lag, managed to win the first set convincingly. However, halfway through the second set, Bianca's superior skills and physical fitness started to become more prominent and she won point after point. When she won the second set with a strong forehand that had Bob lying crumpled on the ground in frustration. Seeing Bob's face turning bright red in anger and frustration, Bianca knew she was also winning the mental battle as well.

When they started the third set, Bianca played with more and more confidence all the time. When it was all said and done, she won every point of the set and ended the match with a rocket of backhand that whizzed by the outstretched racquet of an exhausted Bob.

Wiping her forehead before taking off her goggles, Bianca walked over to Bob, who was soaked in sweat and panting from fatigue. " Good game, Bob. I thought you had me there at the beginning. I don't think that I've ever played better than I did in that last set, " the blonde said extending her hand in congratulations. Privately, she knew she coasted a bit in the third set physically but playing down the scale of her win

" played well...uhhh...I have to go see the staff physio therapist right now. I think I might have pulled a muscle in my back. If you want to get changed and wait for me back at my office, I'll see you as soon as the therapist lets me know how bad my back is, " Bob said as he shook his opponent's hand before walking slowly off the court holding his right hand to his lower back.

" So much for the hotshot who thinks he's as good as the pros....Ha! " Bianca thought to herself as she walked back to the change room and started to change out of her outfit. She notice that the TV monitors were no longer on which was good as she was growing tired of the prattling. Stepping out of her shorts and panties, Bianca removed the sports bra she was wearing and hung it in a locker behind her.

Bianca had partially peeled off her leotard when suddenly the TV monitors flickered on again and the familiar face of Bob appeared on them. He looked a lot better than he did just a few minutes ago and was holding what looked like a remote in his right hand.

" Hi, Bianca. This isn't a two way transmission so don't be concerned that I can see what state of undress you're in right now. This is a private communication just between you and me, " the company executive said with a smile that seemed serene but something more as well.

Looking around, Bianca noticed that she was indeed alone in the locker room for this part. Shrugging mentally, she figured Bob wasn't in the mood for any more face-to-face chats that day and wanted to tell her the contract offer he had via this method.

" As I told you before, I beat all the challengers I have here at the company but what I didn't mention was how I handle my losses. You see, I'm what you call a 'sore loser' and I hate to be viewed as such in anything I do in, entertainment or a game of racquetball. To that end, I make sure that the people who defeat me never get another chance to do so again, " Bob said with a downright evil smile.

" Shiitt!! I'm going to lose the job before I even get started because he lost and his ego can't handle it. This sucks!! " Bianca thought as she she massaged sore muscles on her arms as well as her chest ( being big breasted and playing sports often was painful to the blonde).

" However, my way of making sure I don't have people whispering behind my back is a little more definite as you're about to see! " Bob said while simultaneously depressing a button on his remote.

Almost immediately, a huge wall of energy shot our from the wall of monitors and enveloped the entire room. When the energy enveloped Bianca, she found herself knocked backwards by the force to the point where her feet were off the floor and her head had leaned back almost touching the lockers behind her.

" What's going on? Uhhhh..I can't move! Help! Someone, anyone, help!!! " Bianca called out as she found her entire body was now unresponsive to her thoughts and wishes. She was frozen with her hands atop her breasts and her legs raised high in the air exposing her cunt to anyone who walked into the room.

Just when her lack of mobility was starting to settle into Bianca's mindset and she figured someone would soon come and rescue her from her predicament, she noticed, by her reflection in the monitors, that her skin was changing in color and appearance rapidly. Freckles, blemishes and other such imperfections were quickly vanishing as her skin took on an artificial, tan colored appearance. She saw what looked like seams start to appear on her arms and legs as well as across her waist and around her breasts as if she was made of something synthetic stitched together by a machine. Bianca's cries for help started to diminish in strength and became mixed with gasps of pleasure as the changes to her body were accompanied by waves of erotic pleasure that flowed through her still body.

The blonde then saw, and felt, her pussy clench shut momentarily before opening into a perfectly round shape with the interior forming into a sac that seemed to be composed of latex or rubber. At the same, Bianca sensed her anus shifting upwards before forming what seemed like the same type of opening as her pussy now was.

Bianca was starting to experience a growing sense of lightness on top of her physical transformation as if her body was composed of nothing more than air. For now, it was centered in her lower torso but it seemed to be spreading rapidly throughout her body. Her breathing slowed considerably as she felt, with her hands, that her breasts had become nothing more than firm mounds of latex capped by bright pink nipples and areolas that were perfect in shape and size. As her fingernails took on a bright red color and a glossy sheen became visible on her body, Bianca realized what was happening to her.

" I'M BECOMING A LOVE DOLL... A FUCKING SEX TOY!... THIS CAN'T BE... THIS MUST BE A NIGHTMARE.... I CAN'T BE JUST A PLAYTHING FOR..... OH, NO, NOW I CAN'T TALK.... I CAN'T GET ANYONE TO HELP ME!!!.... " Bianca said before her words faded away and she was left with her thoughts. She watched in silence as the change swept into her head area. Her mouth twitched and contorted with her teeth and tongue melting away into one solid mass of supple rubber. With that, her mouth formed a desirable O that was highlighted by her cheeks taking on a bright red color. Her eyes, which still showed a mixture of fear, pleasure and bewilderment, changed to nothing more than painted features that had nothing but eternal lust. The transformation ended with what felt, to Bianca, like an inflation plug growing out of the small of her back and her feet dropped to the floor with a loud THUD! as her legs became as light as the rest of her.

The transformed doll laid on the bench for several long minutes waiting for someone...anyone... to find her. After about ten minutes, Bianca heard the door to the locker room open followed by a familiar face walking over and stopping in front of the newly created doll.

" As I said, Bianca, I'm a sore loser which is why I've changed you into a sexy, inanimate love doll. Don't worry, I'll make sure you are well looked after and aren't alone for any lengthy periods, " Bob said as he picked up the doll and quickly stripped off the rest of its' clothing. Once he was done that, he flipped the doll around and pulled opened the inflation plug on the doll's back.

With a quiet ssssss-sssss, the doll rapidly deflated until it became nothing more than a flat sheet of latex with bumps where its' breasts were. Bob quietly folded the doll up with the face sitting on top looking upwards in frozen lust at the man it now regarded as owner.

Reaching into a nearby locker, Bob pulled out a cardboard box and placed the deflated doll inside it. " Oh, and in case you might be wondering, I don't discriminate about my losses. You see, you'll be joining quite a few other dolls in my ' special locker' and the men who I lose to are the vibrators you'll see alongside you. Don't worry, I take a few of you home from time to time after stressfull periods at work. If I just can improve my backhand, there would be a lot less in the locker, " he said as he quietly walked out of the locker room and into the male changing room. Walking over to his private changing area, he opened a locker on the left hand side of it and gently placed the box atop what looked like ten or twenty other boxes with a corresponding amount of vibrators.

" NOO!!..PLEASE, I WON!....I.....I.... I NEED TO BE USED.. FUCKED!!! " the doll thought before darkness closed on it and the other sex toys as the locker door was closed and locked with a combination only Bob knew to open it.

" Winners and losers, Bianca.....I guess you did both today....." Bob murmured to himself before he left the room thinking about tomorrow's schedule....

" A board meeting at 10...and a match at 2 with Jill...I hope she's not too good.... " Bob said softly before going heading back to his office with a tinge of humor evident in his voice................



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