You Can Do Magic

by Northern Chill

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© Copyright 2007 - Northern Chill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; magic; transform; lovedoll; nc; X


Vickie wasn't sure why she agreed to help out her common law husband Mike in his stage act as a professional hypnotist/magician's assistant. Billing himself as ' Michangelo, the Master of Magics and Mysticism ', Mike would perform various feats of slight of hand and other simple feats of magic with Vickie aiding as best she could. Unfortunately, Mike was at best a mediocre magician with little style and he often flubbed even the simplest tricks. Vickie asked him several times if he would ask one of the other magicians that appeared on the same billet that he worked from at the local theater for help but Mike categorically refused.

It was after one lackluster performance that drew a smattering of applause from the audience that Vickie chose to stick around and watch the acts that followed Mike's. After a stand-up comedian, the next performance was a magic act done by Strazny, Performer of the Forgotten Black Arts. Although his act was very similar to Mike's, he had much more of a stage presence and a flair with drawing the audience's attention to his every movement. At the end of his performance, the crowd gave him a tremendous ovation and even Vickie found herself applauding.

When Strazny swept off the stage, he spotted Vickie standing off to the side with admiration clearly visible on her face. The two struck up a conversation which led to a private dinner and before long their friendship had blossomed into a full blown romance. Of course, Vickie made sure to keep this relationship out of Mike's eyesight as a clandestine affair with another man ( a fellow practitioner of magic to boot ) would not go over well to say the least.

Over the next two to three months, Strazny and Vickie went out romantically when Mike went out of town to attend a convention by himself to buy the latest prop that he could use in his act. On more than one occasion, Mike came close to discovering the two in an inappropriate situation but they managed to escape detection and keep their affair a clandestine one.

However, Vickie was growing tired of having to skulk around to avoid Mike's finding out so she decided that after the big annual show for international magicians, she was going to tell her husband that she was leaving him. Until that event ( in approximately four weeks ), she would carry on the facade of being the helpful wife and not even go near Strazny during that time.

About two weeks before the convention, Vickie was sitting on the couch wearing nothing except for a bath robe after taking a refreshing shower. She was leafing through the layout of the feats of magic that her husband wanted to add to his act when Mike walked into the room with a broad smile on his face and carrying what looked like a new wand that was gold and black in color.

"Vickie, honey, I was talking to the publisher of an adult men's magazine on the phone yesterday. It seems he's interested in me performing magic for him and his guests next month. The only condition was that I had to include a trick that was decidedly adult in nature," Mike said looking at his wife with a wry grin on his face.

"What ! Do you mean I would have to in the nude ? " Vickie asked in a voice that was angry thought nearly as outraged as Mike anticipated. In addition to her amorous natures that led to her secret infidelity, she was also secretly a bit of an exhibitionist.

Mike nodded as he dug out a white cloth. "Yes, that is part of the illusion. If you don't want to do it, I'll call up the publisher and tell him that I can't do the show, " he said looking at his wife for her approval or denial.

"Well, if the publisher pays well enough and it is a private party, I guess I can go without clothes for an hour or two if you think I have the body for it, " Vickie said smiling as she whipped off her robe for emphasis.

Mike smiled as he walked over and kissed his wife passionately on the cheek. "I knew you had it in you, honey. Let's get started with the simple stuff and move onto the fun stuff later on, " he said as he hurried over to where he got the props for his act stored and dug them out in preparation for the rehearsal.

Several minutes later, the couple started practicing the act Mike would us for the upcoming gig. After some simple feats like pulling various items out of a top hat and sawing the nude Vickie in half, they moved onto the more complicated and longer portions of the routine.

The first part was a classic bit of magic where Vickie stepped into a cabinet and Mike, with the use of several razor sharp blades, separated her into different body parts and displayed them to the audience. The only difference for this part of the act, as Vickie found out quickly, was that Mike took the opportunity to fondle and caress her exposed breasts and pussy. Despite the welcome stimulation, the blonde chastised her husband and told him that he better keep that part of the act to a minimum.

Chuckling softly, Mike agreed as he finished that part of the act and moved on to the next part of the routine. This feat of magic involved Mike donning a black catsuit and, standing on top of a trunk, had a spreader bar secured to his legs and his wrists were handcuffed in front of him. Vickie then handed him a long rod that had a curtain drooping from it which Mike managed to hold gingerly. After Vickie moved onto the trunk with him, Mike looked out into the empty room and announced that his bondage would change very quickly.

" 1.....2......3 !!!!! " Mike shouted while moving the curtain up and down in a dramatic manner. At the count of three, the curtain was held fully in front of them for roughly five or ten seconds before it dropped to the ground with a flourish. Standing on the box was Mike, who was not wearing any restraints at all and was now wearing an outfit that looked like a black jumpsuit. His assistant was nowhere to be seen in the area of the box that Mike was standing on.

After looking left to right for a few seconds as if gazing out onto an audience, Mike hopped down from the box and unlocked the big padlock that was visible on the front. He then threw open the top of the box and reached inside for a second or two before pulling Vickie, who was inside, to her feet. The blonde beauty was now wearing a black catsuit with the spreader bar and handcuffs now securing her wrists and ankles. In addition, she was wearing a bright red ball gag that fit securely around her mouth and prevented her from saying anything more than a few muffled grunts.

"Sorry for my assistant's appearance, ladies and gentlemen. Whenever we do this part of the act, she always wants to be the one without the cuffs and chains and is quite vocal about it. To keep things so you could hear yourselves think, I issued my version of a gag order. " Mike said with a grand gesture before bowing at the waist.

"Mmmmpphh..!!! " Vickie mumbled a few unintelligible words in response. She knew this was all part of the routine but there was something in the way Mike was practicing.... as if he was building towards a surprise quirk in the act....

After a few more feats of illusion and magic, Mike moved to the last part of his act which involved the classic feat of a magician making his assistant levitate into the air. In Mike's version, Vickie was introduced as a nude sunbather down at her favorite beach. The first part of the act involved Mike getting out a brightly colored bottle of suntan lotion and proclaiming it to be a very special bottle "guaranteeing the user to get the tan of a lifetime " .

"Hmmmm....this stuff smells strange... feels good though... maybe I'll get Strazny to buy a bottle for me when we go to that beach side home of his in California.... " Vickie thought to herself as she liberally spread the lotion all over her luscious nude body paying particular attention to her breasts and torso.

Once she was done applying the ointment, and with the smell of what seemed like peaches hanging in the air, the blonde gingerly handed the bottle to her husband before walking to the wooden coffee table that sat in front of the room 's couch. Vickie slowly lowered herself onto the table while being extremely careful not to smear any of the lotion on the furniture and waited for her husband's next gestures.

"All right, ladies and gentlemen, watch.... watch as I make my lovely assistant float up in the air as if she was a balloon... or a blow-up sex doll ! Ha ! " Mike exulted as he turned to face his wife and gestured towards her dramatically with what appeared to be a silver and black wand that Vickie had never seen before.

As if the wand wasn't strange enough, Vickie heard her husband start to mutter several words that sound like Latin or Greek to her while he was waving his wand dramatically above her prone body.

"Hmmmm..... Mike never did this part of the act before.... this must be something he's adding for the adult show.... " Vickie thought to herself as she stared up at the ceiling and took on a trance like facial appearance as she always did when doing the levitation bit. The other thing she noticed that was a bit odd was that her skin was starting to feel a little tighter than normal but Vickie dismissed that mentally as probably something in the lotion that was opening her skin pores.

As the seconds ticked by and Mike continued to gesture dramatically, Vickie found a growing sense of lightness spreading through her body and she swore she felt like she was starting to float off the couch. Of course, she knew that wasn't possible as it was all part of the illusion but still there was that sensation of drifting upwards that she couldn't shake.

To her shock, Vickie had her feelings confirmed a few seconds later as Mike leaned over with a silver hoop and passed it in the space between her and the couch. He had the strangest look on his face as if there was something going on that only he knew about.

"What's going on, Mike ? " Vickie gasped out loud as a restrictive feeling started to spread over her body that wasn't part of the act at all.

"Don't worry, Vickie. In another minute or two, the spell will be completed and all your worries will be gone forever, " Mike said simply before continuing to gesture in a grandiose manner.

"Spell ???...what...wh..... " Vickie sputtered before her ability to speak vanished altogether. At the same time, she found that her ability to move any part of her body had disappeared as well. As she floated above the couch, she gazed downward with her eyes and saw what Mike meant by a spell completing.

Vickie's skin was changing in form and shape from flesh and blood to smooth, tan colored rubber or latex devoid of any blemishes or imperfections. She could see what appeared to be seams forming on her arms and legs as well as on her torso that made it appear she was made out of sheets of material that were sewn together somehow. She felt her pussy clench together as if it was grasping an invisible cock and she felt what seemed like an intense orgasm ripple through her body. A second or so later, her pussy opened like a blossoming flower as it formed an O shape with the interior now a smooth sac composed of the same materials the rest of her body now composed. Judging by the intense feelings that shot through her body a few seconds later, the same thing was happening to her anus as the spell swept through her buxom body.

Vickie felt her breathing slow to a halt as the spell swept up her body and turned her insides into nothing more air or gas. She saw her breasts slightly swell as they formed twin mounds of molded rubber surrounded by the same seams that were on the rest of her body and capped by bright pink areolas and inch long thick nipples that begged to be caressed or licked. On their own, her arms jutted upwards while simultaneously bending at the elbows with her fingers closed tightly together as if they were holding someone. It was with this last change that Vickie realized what was happening to her.

" A LOVE DOLL !...I'VE BECOME A DAMNED SEX DOLL ! .....WHY ?....WHY IS MIKE DOING THIS TO.....OHHHHH.... " Vickie shouted mentally to herself before she found slowly moving downwards as her husband had apparently stopped the spell's incantation. As if to confirm her suspicion that she had been changed into a living sex toy, Vickie felt her body bounce slightly before settling on the couch once again.
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