All I Want for Christmas II: Pas de Deux

by Tonya Souther

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© Copyright 2012 - Tonya Souther - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/mf; prepare; corset; costume; mask; object; box; transport; display; public; cons; X

based on the original story by Caza Savira

All I Want for Christmas II: Pas de Deux

Caroline rushed through her Christmas shopping this year. She wanted to be absolutely sure to be ready for this year's display. She'd needed almost a month to recover from last Christmas, but it was oh so very much worth it.

She dealt with all the presents, even one for her Great Aunt. She could barely contain her excitement as she walked down the back street, dumped her purchases and the list on the counter of the wrapping service, and paid the bill.


Jason's Christmas shopping list was much shorter, but he, too, had reason to finish early. By chance, he happened into the wrapping service as Caroline was walking out. He held the door for her with a smile, then went in and repeated what she'd done. That chore taken care of, he went home, feeling fulfilled and ready.

The next morning, he woke up, after a somewhat fitful night. He was excited to see what would come of the fittings and the measurements and the discussions. Ben and Mike wanted him at the club early in the morning. Jason showered thoroughly, threw on sweats and sneakers, and headed down to the club.

Ben met him at the door. "Ready to go, Jason?"

Jason nodded emphatically. "I'm so excited I couldn't sleep."

"That's all right... you'll have plenty of opportunity to sleep once we get you set up. Here, let's go into the back."

They went into the back room. Jason's excitement was plain to see through his sweatpants as he realized it was going to happen, for real. He stripped quickly.

"Let's get you ready." Ben handed him a huge dildo. Jason was thankful he'd pursued his plug training, but even so the thickness was almost too much to take. He heaved a sigh of relief when it slid fully home and his ring constricted around the narrower neck, a tube and wires dangling. He knew it wasn't going anywhere now. The pressure inside him drew a loud groan as he settled himself on the couch.

Ben gently slapped Jason's cock. "It'll hurt less if this goes down." Jason tried thinking of something, anything, to relieve his arousal, but nothing worked. He looked sheepishly at Ben. "No soap." Ben nodded and slid the catheter in. "This will sting more than a little, then." It did.

As Ben changed his gloves, Jason put on a pair of latex shorts with a hole for the tube and wires from the dildo, and a detailed sheath for his cock and balls, passing the catheter carefully through the tip. He laid back down. Ben gently slid a tube into Jason's nose, then his stomach, telling him to swallow at the right moment. Jason managed not to gag. Ben taped it out of the way, and stuck EKG pads to his chest.

"All done. Ready?"

"More than ready. Let's do it."

Ben helped Jason to his feet and turned him to where Mike was putting the last touches on Jason's costume: a male ballet dancer, white tights and ballet slippers and a short jacket with long sleeves that barely reached his waist. A few muscles were hinted at more than seen through the tights, but the bulge in front was very much present. Jason's cock got even harder.

Under it all was a full-body corset, leaving only his eyes exposed.

"I don't have to ask. I can tell you love it."

"Y...yeah…", Jason stammered.

He sat down again, shoving the dildo so deep he could barely stand it. His legs were stretched out, and the corset pieces laced over them loosely. One foot was turned almost 90 degrees to the outside; the other, pointed straight out. The corsets were then laced up tight, locking his legs into place, and the tights pulled up over them. The slippers went on.

"This might be hard for you, Jason. Let us know if you need a break." Ben and Mike helped Jason stand, weight on the one foot, the other stretched out behind, the tights pulled down over his hips.

Mike held up the top of the corset, pulling it over Jason's arms, which were forced down at an angle, palms turned upward. He brought it all the way up and laced it loosely closed.

"Last chance to back out, Jason."

"No way in hell."

Ben fed the feeding tube through the mask, where it came out in back, then slipped it over Jason's face. The gag silenced him, the plugs filled his ears and silenced the world, and the tube in his nostril held it open for breathing. He could see out, though.

The codpiece was fitted next, sliding over his stiff cock and forcing it back against his body, the catheter feeding through it to his rear. The buttplate was fitted to it, pushing the dildo in deep and holding it there. Ben and Mike laced all the parts together, gradually taking away what little freedom of movement Jason had left until he was one solid statue.

Jason didn't even know his legs were tightening up until the stand was placed under his butt, lifting him slightly and relieving the weight. The jacket went over his arms and slid into place, zipping closed up the back.

Mike rolled a mirror out where Jason could see it. He was a vision, all right… of strength, of grace, of power, and of raw male sexiness. He looked at himself, cock pushing at the sheath, until the box was lowered over him. He felt himself being moved outside, then lowered and set down. All went still as Jason wondered what was in store next.


Caroline came in almost as soon as the truck's doors were slamming shut. "All right, Ben, let's go! Chop chop!"

"Wow, Caz, you're an eager beaver!"

"I can't wait. Hurry up, will you?"

Caroline's preparation went just as it had the previous year: plug, dildo, catheter, panties, feeding tube. She was hard pressed to control herself. Finally, the costume came out: a ballerina, white tutu, pink tights, pink toe shoes, full-body corset. She gasped, thinking she would be even more beautiful than last year.

The corset went on much like Jason's, too: leg pieces, body piece, one last confirmation, head. Then the tightening, severely constricting her waist and fixing her body in place, torso bent forward, arms reaching downward a bit, leg straight, pointed, high in the air behind her. She saw herself in the mirror when it was done, and gasped at the vision of loveliness she had become.

She went into the truck in her box, not knowing that Jason was right next to her.


The truck backed up to the mall's loading dock. Forklifts moved the boxes to the display area. The sound of crowbars was loud as the boxes were knocked down, and the statues exposed. Jason and Caroline didn't see each other at first, facing different directions, but that soon changed as they were moved into position, Caroline's hands gently touching Jason's. They looked into each other's eyes, widening when they realized that the other statue was occupied by another person in the same predicament.

They kept looking into each other's eyes hours later, as the mall lights dimmed and they were left alone, the centerpiece of the Nutcracker display...



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