A Wasp's Sting

by SparkyMira

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story continued from part one

The Misadventures of Kim

Part Two: Power Burns

I don’t even remember most of my time in the factory. It was a dark until someone would come and drop off another mannequin. 

I was actually very intrigued by the machine. Every time a mannequin was brought in it would be scanned and then the belt under the line of mannequin it was made to look like would move back, emptying a space for the new arrival. 

My intrigue was the only thing that kept me from panicking. I knew I had been here for at least a full day, probably more, and was starting to worry. 

I was also no longer at the front of the Wasp section either, I was now at least 10 mannequins back and approaching the back of the line where a beeping was heard every time a model was sent beyond it. 

I had seen a few people come through and inspect some of the models in front of me but other than that I had no interaction with the outside world. I was starting to think I would spend the remainder of my days as a mannequin.

I must have dozed off for a while because I was abruptly awoken by the belt in my row moving backwards and a shadow being cast over me. I gasped as a green grid pattern of light descended from the ceiling and took in the entirety of my still form.

Many mechanical ‘whirs’ and ‘clicks’ were made as it scanned me over for a few moments before flashing a sudden and surprising red. 

“Error, no designated numerical code found for unit. Faulty part installation also detected. Unit to be set aside for review by administrator.” A synthesized voice echoed from all around me.

‘Faulty?’ I thought a little hurt that I wasn’t deemed acceptable enough for the machine’s standards. 

I didn’t have much time to worry about that however as multiple metal appendages came from all around me and lifted me off of the belt. They carried me for quite a distance before I was gently placed in an even darker room.

I don’t know how long it was before my eyes adjusted, my guess was a few hours, but once they did I could see the company I held.

I was placed in this room with two other mannequins. One was a replica of Power Girl who had pink hair instead of the normal blonde and the second was a Black Widow model with only one arm.

I sighed to myself as I prepared to either be “dismantled” or thrown away with these misfits.

It must have been another handful or more of hours before movement sprang to life again. I had spent those hours either sleeping or pretending to hold conversations between myself and the two other inhabitants of my new residence. 

Once more the arms descended, this time taking the Power Girl model and going through a bright doorway to out left where I heard a single voice that was being muffled through the walls.

Around 15 minutes later Black Widow received the same treatment and the voice let out a laugh once the door was closed. Based on my deductive skills the person inspecting us was a male around my age that enjoyed what he did to at least some extent. 

I only had to wait about half the time of the previous transaction before I was lifted up by the same arms as my sisters in malfunction. The door blinded me but seeing as how my eyelids did not obey my commands I was forced to endure.

“Well hello beautiful, what seems to be the problem?” a voice joked as I was lowered to a point where I could view him.

The man was roughly my age and wore a business suit that looked like it was thrown on against his will. He was at least a foot and a half taller than me with a lanky build and curly black hair.

He walked up to me with a tablet like device in hand and was looking back and forth between it and me.

“Well now everything seems to be in order. No barcode huh?” he asked to himself as he reached behind me and pulled up my dress. I would have slapped him but soon enough he returned to my view.

“Nope and the wings are a little off. What about the rest of you?” he commented idly as he brushed my hair and tapped the headphone like device.

As soon as he did that my body began relaxing and I felt control return to me. Grinning I poked his chest.

“The rest of me is just fine buster now hands off the merchandise!”

His reaction was absolutely priceless.

Immediately he dropped his tablet, let loose a girly scream and fell onto the floor.

“You! How?! Mannequin!” he yelled pointing at me with a trembling finger while shakily trying to get up.

I grabbed his arm and helped him to his feet. “Let’s just say my friend is an idiot who messed up our plan.”

Once I got him to calm down I explained to him exactly what happened. He was very intrigued by my story and actively asked me questions about how it felt being what was the equivalent to a living mannequin. 

It was fun talking to him, and not just because my only other conversations over the last two days had been with other mannequins and completely lopsided. He was kind, offering me water and food while also explaining himself to me.

As it turns out his name is Harrison Mackey, the current owner of the company that makes the mannequins. He was a child prodigy who took over for his father when he turned 22 last year. 

As he explained it to me the company did not just make mannequins.

“We also make statues and other works of beauty. We have a few taboo sections like the Adult Toy section my father invested in but overall my company is 100% clean.” Is what he said. 

We talked back and forth for what was at least three hours when a knock on the large office doors interrupted us. Quickly looking at me he motioned to the headset and I grumbled out an agreement as he pushed the button, once more locking me into the basic pose.

“Come in.” he said and the door was pushed open by another business type figure.

“Ah Mr. Mackey the newest shipment of adult dolls is ready for shipment on schedule. I just wanted you to be aware we met the deadline after all” the man said with pride.

“Great job Will! We were so behind I was sure we would lose those orders! Top notch work.” He said clapping the man who he was clearly friends with on the shoulder as the two celebrated.

“By the way boss, what’s with the Wasp model? You inspecting it?” he asked pointing at my prone form near the edge of his desk.

“You could say that my friend. I am actually in the process of integrating some tech into this model. So if it is still here when I leave make sure maintenance or cleaning doesn’t move it. Now get back to work you champion!” he said ushering Will out of the office.

He sprinted back over to me and pressed the button, freeing my movements.

“Sorry about that Kim I was just unprepared. But that interruption did give me an idea!” he said excitedly. 

“Oh and what would that be Harrison?” I asked my newest friend while taking a seat.

“Well now that the convention you were supposed to go to is long gone and the circumstances in which you missed it are most bizarre. How would you like a job here at my company as my personal assistant?” he asked nearly exploding with excitement. 

I stared at him in shock. Sure we had become fast friends and of course I was looking for compensation but this was absurd. I had just been trapped for 2 days and now I was being offered a job because of it.

I opened my mouth to speak but he quickly placed his finger on my lips. 

“Now I know what you must be thinking, ‘Harrison why are you offering this job to me?’ Am I right?” he asked doing his best impersonation of my voice and getting both a nod and a giggle out of me. 

“Well the answer is simple my dear Kimmy! I want to pull some pranks and have some fun! With what you just did to me I have some big ideas for the future of the company too. With you by my side not only can we use your newly acquired talents for fun, I also get to have a good friend as my right hand on trips and the like. It works out perfectly.”

His enthusiasm was contagious and his ideas made me think on it hard. My old job was fun but now I had the opportunity to not only make more money but also use what had happened to me over the past few days to have fun? I was sold.

“Harrison my friend you have just earned yourself an assistant.” I replied happily to which he pulled me into a tight hug laughing. 

We spent the next hour finalizing my new work schedule and the like but soon we devolved into ideas for future jokes and fun things we could do. Soon though it was time to leave the factory and Harrison handed me a piece of paper. 

“Give me the number of your apartment and I will have all of your things set up in a nicer building closer to the factory by tomorrow evening.” He said as I scribbled the details down onto the paper and handed it back to him.

He smiled and put the paper away with one hand as with the other he reached up and tapped the button on my headset. 

My protests died on my now still tongue as I smiled at him though I wanted to frown. He simply patted my head and smiled. 

“Everyone is leaving right now and if a woman that no one knows dressed exactly like one of our mannequins just up and walks out things will become suspicious. I will personally bring a change of clothes for you tomorrow so you can leave but for now I am afraid you will be spending the night here.”

He patted my cheek affectionately before turning off the lights and exiting the room leaving me to my own thoughts. 

After such a long day it came of no surprise to me that I fell asleep soon after he left. When I next awoke it was 5 am and the door to the office was being unlocked. 

When the lights were flipped I was able to see a small, elderly man with a mop and a janitor cart walking into the room. 

I remembered the conversation Harrison had with Will yesterday and smiled inwardly as the man whistled an upbeat tune and started scrubbing.

It took him a few minutes to notice me standing there and when he did he grabbed a smaller version of tablet off of his cart and began scrolling through it. 

“Doesn’t look like Harrison had any deliveries planned before today so this must be one of the new models he was testing. Let’s see what we are dealing with here.” 

Quickly he tipped me up against the desk and looked in the same spot Harrison had looked when he first inspected me yesterday.

“No bar code.” The old man mumbled to himself as he typed.

I would have flushed at the next part as he pulled down the tight pants I was wearing under the dress and probed around my private areas.

“Well that solves that!” he exclaimed as he stood me back up with my pants still down.

I wish I could have told him how I was real and that what he did was illegal but I never got the chance as he finished cleaning before leaving the room.

I had thought that was the end of it and when Harrison came in he would apologize after seeing me in such a state but I was very wrong.

Once more many arms descended upon me and carried me through another side door. This time however I was whisked past the room that I had previously been stored in and was whisked right into a large room labeled AS Factory.

Once I was placed on the floor I was immediately stripped by the same arms that had dragged me here. They took all of my clothing and even the headset. 

Thankfully as the arms retreated with my outfit in tow I regained control and yelled out in frustration. I was now naked in a dark room and not in the best of moods.

I walked around a little in the dark before stumbling forward onto something soft as the ground beneath me was lifted. The lights switched on and I was blinded and shut my now mobile eyes. 

When the movement stopped and I opened my eyes I gasped at the sight. I was now naked, somewhere deep inside the factory, far away from the “safety of Harrison’s office and knee deep in a bin full of unmoving naked dolls.

I had seen these dolls advertised on TV before as being the most realistic thing next to a real woman and they weren’t lying. I was surrounded by dolls that wouldn’t have surprised me if they had started walking around. 

Of course I was scared but now I at least knew where and why I was here. I was in the Adult Store portion of the factory and judging by the bin I was stuck in being labeled “completed” I was in a pile of dolls that were finished.

I laughed to myself at the situation I found myself in and tried to lift myself out of the bin. It was then I heard a few voices coming in and peeked my head out just a bit.

“I swear dude this load is the best yet. Harrison keeps making better tech here I’ll show you.” The man I ‘met’ yesterday named Will said as he approached the bin.

I had to think fast and immediately dropped back down into the bin. I had about 45 seconds before I was discovered and possibly raped by a stranger. I had only one option.

I dove beneath a busty black doll and positioned myself under her. My small stature was hiding me but just in case I spread my legs and arms similar to what the other dolls looked like.

Something in my mind sparked as I spread my lips into an O shape and suddenly my body was on autopilot again. My arms straightened out and my legs followed suit, I swore that my skin looked shinier than it was even after being polished by Andrew before this whole fiasco started.

I found that I could still move if I tried really hard but otherwise I would remain in the same position. I wanted to laugh again at how my life had become so insane over the course of one decision but couldn’t as the conversation from directly above me took my attention.

I was startled as the shield I had made was removed and the duo were looking over the busty woman like a piece of candy.

“Look at this, I swear she feels as real as my girlfriend!” Will said as he lowered himself.

The younger looking man smiled and grabbed onto my arm as he lifted me with ease. I was surprised, though I was very short and weighed nearly nothing it would still be a chore for a man of this guy’s size to lift me with one arm.

“Yeah I mean just look at the detail on this shorty! It is incredible.” The new guy said as he held me up to Will.

He seemed to grin. “Watch this kid.”

Immediately after that was said a large finger was stuck into my mouth. Almost instantly my mouth began to suck on it as if it were my life.

“The newer models have machines in them that basically make them act like real women that would be doing this to your junk” the duo laughed as they tossed me and my former shield back into the bin and walked away.

As soon as I heard the doors close I thought about how to turn back to normal and just like that I reverted to my normal self and was on my way out of the container.

I began my trip sneakily going around machines until I reached the same door I had come into this section from. I was about to exit the room until someone’s voice echoed behind me.

“Bin is secure.” A robotic voice said and I saw a green grid peak out from behind one of the machines. A robot was checking things and it would be here soon enough. 

I groaned but then snapped my fingers as an idea hit me. “If I turn myself into a mannequin I can just pass through into his office as an un-tagged model again!” I said as the changes overtook me.

This time instead of just stilling myself the changes actually made my body into silicone and made my eyes grow glossy. My vagina, asshole and nipples all vanished from my body as they smoothed over. 

Soon I was standing there in the same pose I had adopted when I was pretending to be a mannequin. It wasn’t long before the machine took notice and scanned me.

“Unmarked model detected. Actions in motion” it said before rolling away.

I figured it would take me to the office again where I would spend the next few hours hiding under Harrison’s desk before he go there. I was mistaken.

Arms did indeed grab me and carry me away, but much to my chagrin I was whisked right past the office doors and soon dropped near a group of other ‘naked mannequins.

One of the workers who was clearly bored went to each of us in the line and posed us with our bodies completely straight as we were fed into the machine.

The first thing that happened was a scanner matching us into groups based on size as we were whisked away. I was only paired with two other models as we were moved into a small chamber. 

I couldn’t really tell what was going on until after it was over and I could see my reflection in the metal wall. My lovely short brown hair was now nothing but a wig that was thrown in a pile. Instead I was now sporting a mane of long red hair.

That wasn’t all the machine had changed, my breasts were now a bit bigger and my eyes had been painted a deep green. I was not even myself anymore.

I wanted desperately to escape my prison but I couldn’t yet. Soon my new body was incased in a bright yellow, fullbody costume with little flame patterns for the boots and gloves. An orange domino style mask was fitted into place on my face and that was it.

The man that had overseen my transformation was now distracted with a game on his phone so I made my move. Slowly my arm shifted back to normal and pressed the keys on his control panel. I quickly checked myself on the controls as to be checked by Harrison and returned to my position.

The belt slowly inched forward as we were posed by the final checkpoint. My new pose was even sultrier than the last. 

I was positioned with my legs crossed over one another as I stood. One arm was bent with the hand closed into a fist and placed just on the curve of my left hip near my butt.

My other hand was lifted upwards and placed behind my head on my new hair and my now ruby painted lips were pulled into a slight smile. Overall I looked gorgeous but was still a bit miffed.

Once we were out I was lifted once more by the arms that had ruined my stay here multiple times and was carted off towards my safe haven in this nuthouse. Upon entering the room Harrison looked up at me with a questioning gaze.

I was set on the ground as he approached me and looked me over. Of course he wouldn’t recognize me since I looked completely different.

“A Firestar model?” he questioned before I poked him in the chest.

“Apparently so!” I yelled poking his chest in the same spot and in the same way as last time. 

His reaction was more subdued this time around but he still jumped into the air squealing. I gave him a minute to cool down before he ran a hand through my very real red hair. 

“Kim what happened?” he asked still very shocked by my new appearance. 

I sobbed a little as I described my experience with the machines and workers. My body was now completely different and I didn’t know if I could get it back.

He allowed me to lean on his shoulder and rubbed my back soothingly. After a few minutes of emotional breakdown I did let myself have a slight smirk.

“I suppose one good thing did come from this after all.” I said giggling to myself.

“Oh and what would that be my dear mannequin?” Harrison asked poking my shoulder lightly.

Instead of recovering from the gentle shove I fell backwards and allowed the now familiar feeling of becoming a sex doll to flow over my body. I landed softly against the ground in the same position that I had landed in back in the bin. 

He rushed over questioning if I was all right before viewing my position and gasping. Slowly he ran his hands over my body and gently placed two fingers into my open mouth. Instantly the sucking began and he jerked back.

“Who, what? Explain!” he demanded as my body shifted back to normal.

“I actually have no clue how it happened Harrison. One second I was worried about being discovered in that bin of sex dolls and the next I am just another sex doll in said bin. I can transform into mannequins too and it feels amazing!” I exclaimed while we started talking back and forth. 

Soon enough I was exiting the building in the set of clothes Harrison had brought for me. I had to borrow a bra from the mannequin department because of my new bust size and my hair was now down to my mid back and red but I was now on my way to the new apartment I had been given and things were looking up.

story continues in part three


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