A Wasp's Sting

by SparkyMira

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story continued from part two

The Misadventures of Kim

Part Three: Scarlet Orders

I had been working for Harrison as an assistant for going on 6 months now and it was so much fun. We had used my power of morphing into different states of matter to do so many things. 

I had been nearly every super heroin in the book and been trapped in machines countless numbers of times. I was having the time of my life.

Currently I was in my normal body typing away at my desk when I got a request to come up to Harrison’s office for a meeting. Shrugging I closed my laptop and walked my way up the stairs and into the large room I had become quite familiar with over the past half-year. 

“Ah Kim you came really quickly!” Harrison said as he gave me a hug and showed me a seat.

“Well when my boss asks for me to come up for a meeting I tend to listen Harry.” I told him with a mock stern tone.

We both laughed at the exchange before Harry pushed a button and a screen came up.

“Ok the reason I called you up here is because one of our clients has placed an order for one of our robot rentals for a party this weekend and our production line is kaput due to upgrades. I was wondering if you would be willing to fill the order for us?” he asked in a pleading tone.

I sighed. Ever since I started working here Harry had begun using me as a product quite often. Not that I minded because I always enjoyed it, but it was becoming more and more frequent.

A few months after I became his assistant he unveiled a new robot type of product that could interact with people and yet still have the appearance of one of the life-like sex dolls, minus the obvious intent for boning.

I had been one of the first official tests for the machine that made them and had used it as an excuse for being here after hours multiple times. It’s amazing what just pretending to be a robot will do for you when the janitor comes through in the morning.

“What’s in it for me?” I asked as he grinned.

“Double you normal salary and a week off completely paid in said double salary.” That sold it for me.

Almost as soon as the factory was closed down for the night the two of us made our way into the Mannequin factory and found the body I was going to be placed onto.

It was a mannequin modeled after Akiza Izinski from Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds and I was enamored with her body. It was busty and feminine in every sense of the words. I couldn’t believe I was about to become her.

Soon the second natured transformation overtook me as I became a mannequin version of myself. It took Harrison a few seconds to detach my head from my body and do the same to the Akiza model before swapping our heads and replacing her hair onto my head too.

Soon I was reanimated and stumbling at the new giant weights on my chest and the fuller body I was now the proud owner of. 

“Come along Ms. Izinski we have to get you ready for your assignment” Harrison said as he held the door to the doll factory open for me. 

“Why thank you Harrison” I said in my new sweet voice as I was led into the deepest portion of the factory.

We entered the newly renovated robot making factory that was in the very back of the building and my naked body was anxious to get the process started. I had been almost everything the factory made up to this point, but being programmed for specific purposes sounded interesting.

Harrison led me up to the machine where the conveyor belt was full of dolls waiting to be filled with a small electronic mainframe that would control movement and speaking. He instructed me towards one of the hangars towards the back that was empty.

I stepped up to the frame and let him strap me into it. The metal was cold but I was excited so I didn’t notice after a brief moment. 

“Ok, just turn into a doll and let the machine do its magic. Once you are out I can package you myself and send you to the renter. Have fun!” he said giving me a wink before walking away.

I didn’t need to respond as he pressed the large green button that sent the first doll to her fate. I slowly let the transformation overtake my body as I became just another doll on the line ready for the machine.

Harrison left out of the side door a moment later due to the time this was taking and he needed to prepare my crate for shipment in time. It took nearly 30 minutes but finally it was my turn and the machine sucked me into it.

I was scanned by a very familiar green laser grid that scanned me all over. I wasn’t really focused on that however as I was watching the doll in front of me get a hairstyle that mimicked mine placed onto its head.

I didn’t put too much thought into it as my body was assaulted by arms shoving a light metal skeleton into my body via a cut in my back that was soon closed completely by a heating rod melting the seam back together. I thought at that point I would be off to get dressed in a further part of the machine, but that didn’t happen. 

A pair of gloved metal hands popped out of the panel in front of me followed by a much smaller heating rod. I was a little curious to what the machine was doing but I couldn’t see what it was working on. I felt the warmth of the rod going up my arms one at a time, followed shortly after by the hands pushing and prodding my soft arms into what I assumed was a different shape. It soon moved lower as it reshaped my legs into something that felt tighter. 

The worry was starting to set in as the arms finished what they were doing and sent me to the head area. A smaller grid scanned only my head and flashed a quick red before another set of hands appeared from this panel. 

The first hand was equipped with a small paint brush and went directly for my eyes. I couldn’t see past the brush that was undoubtedly painting my eyes a different color to the currently honey ones I had. 

I didn’t need to see however to feel the other hand ripping my mahogany hair from my scalp and lowering a different one in its place. When the hands receded I couldn’t tell the difference in color of hair or eyes but I could feel the hair reach down to the mid of my back. 

‘What has the machine done to me?’ I thought to myself as the doll who was now different from who I was now and I were moved to the dressing portion.

As I was shown into the larger portion of the machine the arms were busy with my former twin as she was dressed in Akiza’s standard outfit from the show including her power restrictor that was rolled into her hair. I was admiring the work of the fine machine until I was snapped out of the daze by the belt moving me forward. I figured I would be placed in some sort of normal outfit or maybe something that was common for whatever character I was. I wouldn’t know it right away but I ended up being correct. 

The next few minutes were a blur as something small was placed over my womanhood and pulled snugly up against it. The same happened as a bra was fastened to my large breasts and squeezed them tightly. 

Something soft was pulled up over my legs that covered them all the way past my tiny panties. It was followed by a something that was a shape of deep red sliding up my legs and covering my stomach up to my breasts, leaving plenty of skin from the top of my cleavage up.

I felt some type of heels slipped onto my feet while two soft bracelets were slipped onto my wrists. Finally a weight was placed into my long hair and the belt buzzed to life moving me forward. 

The moment the belt pushed forward into the I wanted to gasp. Staring me down in the reflection of the glossy outside of the machine was no longer a replica of Akiza Izinski, but instead Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail in a scarlet and black bunny girl outfit. 

The scarlet top coupled with matching heels and black leggings would have brought a blush to my face if I could still do so. The black and pink bunny ears on top of my now long scarlet hair just accentuated my new look. 

I was in a line of other dolls dressed in similar ways to me barring a few that were dressed as maids. I spotted a Lara Croft and Carol Danvers at the front of the pack.

I looked around for Harrison but couldn’t place him in my vision. Slowly the machine kept moving forward as all of us were moved towards the packaging area.

My mind started to worry a bit so I figured now was a good time to change back and hop off of this crazy ride but found that I couldn’t.

Each time I tried to change back to normal a small buzzing noise appeared inside of my head and prevented me from shifting somehow. The panic was setting in as I tried every trick in my book to turn back to no avail. 

Suddenly the belt stopped and I heard Harrison’s voice talking to someone else as he entered the room. His conversation was cut short when he hung up the phone and approached the belt.

“Man you turned out even better than I expected Kim, c’mon I have your box ready and everything.” He said from somewhere to my left.

I heard him typing something in and the portion of the belt the Akiza model was on lifted up and placed her onto a cart. I tried screaming as Harrison grabbed the cart and started pushing the doll he thought was me out of the room, leaving me trapped on the now forward moving belt.

All of my efforts were in vain however since right as he reached the exit I was grabbed by the machine and lifted inside. 

The darkness inside of the machine was unnerving, especially now that I knew I was being processed as a normal robot. I felt and heard things moving around and placing things near me but it wasn’t until I felt myself being lowered that I knew I was screwed.

I could feel my feet hit something under me as the sounds of shuffling as I felt something click behind me and I was pulled taught around my ankles, thighs, stomach, arms and neck. More shuffling above my head signified something finished and I was once more pushed into the open area of the factory, however now I was in the shipping room.

I already knew I was placed in some type of box and upon entering the area I could see myself. I was no longer a woman pretending to be a doll that was getting special treatment from a friend. In the box was a bound bunny girl based on Erza Scarlet who was giving a very sultry smile to anyone who gazed upon her. 

That wasn’t what scared me however. Some of the other doll boxes were labeled while others were blank. I knew what that meant after a conversation with Harrison about the shipment process.

The boxes with labels were ones that had been sold to a customer and the ones that weren’t were being rented for an event. The reason I wasn’t panicking was my box was unlabeled, meaning no matter where I was being sent I would end up here eventually and hopefully by then Harry would notice the bot he had taken was not me. 

The belt began placing dolls in their desired containers, some were put off to the side, while others were being placed in crates to be shipped.

The three boxes in front of me were lifted up at the same time as I was and all of us were placed into a large crate. A nozzle came down from above us and began filling the space that wasn’t already covered in packing peanuts before the lid came down and was nailed shut with multiple thuds.

‘Please let this just be a normal weekend maid job!’ I thought to myself as I drifted into a much needed sleep.


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