Dream Weaver: Origins and Dreams

by Shaded Sun

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Dream Weaver: Origins and Dreams

Oh. So you want to know how my shop got its name eh? Yes, that will do nicely for a story. Though at that time I wasn't really recording anything, so this will just be what I happen to be able to remember.

It was maybe... about twenty years ago? Maybe a little more, time doesn't really hold that much meaning for me beyond day to day appointments. Anyway, I was just getting bored of my "live like a normal person" phase, and was looking for an outlet for my magic. Somehow, though I can't remember the details of it, I got it in my head that it would be fun to pretend to be a genie and grant someone's wish. So I enchanted one of those classic genie-oil-lamps to alert me if someone rubbed it. Then I tossed it aside in a park in the middle of the night and left.

I remember it took a few days for someone to finally try it, but it did eventually happen, and I did pop out of the lamp wearing a stereotypical Arabian outfit. Now, I'd expected there to be a handful of people around, maybe with a few poking fun at the person who rubbed the lamp, so I made a grand sweeping bow saying "How may I serve you master?" before I took a look at my surroundings. An ear-piercing shriek brought me to my senses, and caused me to take stock of where I was; standing in a bathroom with a young woman soaking in a tub, at that moment trying to gather soap around herself in an attempt to conceal her body.

I made a quick judgement call, and decided it would be more fun not to break character.

"Well Mistress, if you didn't like the idea of me seeing you naked perhaps you shouldn't have summoned me while washing yourself." I said, keeping the somewhat haughty tone I'd used when entering.

"I didn't actually expect that to work! Genies aren't real! Nothing is supposed to happen when you rub a lamp!" She retorted while still trying to cover herself.

"I'll admit my kind are rare, but there ARE stories about us. Never discount stories as totally false, they have to come from somewhere right?" Just as a side note, genies ARE real, they just like to keep to themselves. That Aladdin movie had it all wrong; their lamps are a paradise for them. They're basically gods of their own realms in there so why would they want to come out?

"I'm still allowed to be surprised that you popped out, you just said yourself that you're rare!"

"OK I'll give you that. Now, as long as I'm here I believe I owe you three wishes?"

"Would it count as a wish for me to ask you to turn around so I can get out of here and at least wrap a towel around myself?"

"I suppose that one can be on me."

"Thank you." At this point I turned and she got out of the tub and began to dry herself off. "So do you have a name?"

"Call me Quill, Mistress." Now, it was fortunate for me that she didn't ask me to leave to room. Why you might ask? Because she forgot that there was a mirror behind me. When she got out of the bath I got a rather good look at her body, before she wrapped it in a towel. She was maybe five-and-a-half feet tall, and couldn't have weighed more than one-twenty, with a fair amount of that weight distributed on her chest. She had strawberry blonde hair in soft curls down just beyond her shoulders, a fair complexion, and amazingly clear skin. If that rogue mage from my last story had captured this girl, she would never spend longer than a few minutes on display before someone rented her again.

"And you call me Laura, being called Mistress feels weird."

"Very well Laura. So now that you've dried off, do you have any wishes?"

"Well..." She turned so red at this point that I figured she'd have boiled her bath if she was still in it. "I do have one wish. You might think it's silly though."

"If it is for something frivolous then do not worry yourself. I know you mere mortals have strange tastes, and it is not my job to judge them, just to indulge them."

"Well... I need to figure out how to phrase this. I don't want my wish to backfire on me."

"Then perhaps I can help you figure that part out. I know some stories of my brethren have us deliberately misinterpreting wishes for our own sadistic amusement, and I wish to assure you I am not that kind of genie."

"How do I know I can trust you?"

"You don't. But just don't say 'I wish' before you talk it out to me and I cannot act on it."

"I guess that part is true. OK, I'll just think out loud then. You let me say what all I'm thinking, then I'll ask for your opinion. Got it Quill?"

"Ok Laura, do as you wish."

"By the time I have used all three of my wishes, this is what I want to have happened: I want to be a toy. Not a woman, not even really me, at least not the way I am now. I want someone to own my body, and I want my body to do whatever that person says, up to and including having it change shape on their command. I want to always remain a woman though, and always humanoid. Things like my hair colour, ethnicity, breast size and the like would be totally up to my owner though. Even what my body is made of could be changed on command; if my owner wants me to be a statue, great! A lovedoll? No sweat! As for my mind, I want to be disconnected from myself, in kind of a waking dream state. I would see my owner as my boyfriend/husband, and I would be in the perfect relationship. So, is this all possible?"

I was... stunned to say the least. She'd obviously been harbouring this fantasy for quite some time and I did want to help her with it, but it involved mind-magic. Now, I don't think I've fully explained my position on messing with other peoples heads so let me do it here: it's evil. Oh, it can be used for some good purposes, but overall it's powerful, dangerous magic that has a good chance to corrupt the user and target alike. IF the target is willing then there's no chance of them being corrupted, but there is still a good chance for the caster.

Corruption, in magic terms, is a persons personal magic supply becoming tainted with impure emotions. What impure emotions are are up for debate, but hate, disdain for life, and the need to rob others of their free will, are pretty safe bets. What corruption means for a mage is that they're slowly going to be taken over by their magic; losing themselves to the pursuit of whatever tainted them to begin with. So someone who became corrupted by enslaving people is going to go out and try more and more crazy things to enslave more and more people. For a non-mage corruption tends to lead to insanity. So it's something to be avoided.

There is however one single, convoluted, difficult, and time-consuming method to get around all of that though: a technique known as Dream Weaving. It can only be performed on a willing subject, so that eliminates the chances of the target being corrupted. Additionally it can only be used to make changes the target desires, and I'm not talking waking desires, I mean the desires of the heart. If someone wants something badly enough it becomes a part of them, and Dream Weaving is all about the mage making those desires manifest, by giving the subconscious enough power to make it happen. So because the mage isn't actually doing all that much, besides providing power, and maybe a gently nudging the targets dreams in the right direction, there's no chance of corruption. This is the technique I used with Laura, after explaining how it was possible of course.

"So that's what I would need to do in order to complete your wish."

"You can't just snap your fingers and make it happen?"

"Unfortunately no. What you are asking for would take more power than I have available to me at any given moment, but over the course of time I can make it happen. You need only say 'I wish for you to fulfil my innermost desire' and I will begin carrying out my task each time you sleep."

"Well then... Quill, I wish for you to fulfil my innermost desire."

"I shall begin tonight then. Sweet dreams Laura."

The first night:

Just one more bit of information before I begin this tale in full; there are two techniques that a mage can use to accomplish dream weaving. Well... maybe three, but the third one is boring so I don't consider it an option. There's dream watching, which just allows the mage to see their target's dream as it happens without the chance of interfering with it, and dream walking, which makes the mage a part of the dream and allows him or her to alter some aspects of it. The third is to use neither of these techniques and simply provide power while going about your daily business, which isn't really any fun. So with that out of the way, on to Laura's first dream under my influence.

Laura had gone to bed just a few minutes ago, dressed in simple, practical underwear that she looked slightly uncomfortable climbing into bed with. My guess was she normally slept in the nude, but didn't like the idea of me watching over her like that, she'd lose that inhibition eventually though. Anyway after setting up the power link between myself and her and kick-starting her subconscious to get her to start dreaming, I cast my dream watching spell and entered her mind.

I materialized in a change room, with Laura and a handful of other girls changing out of cheerleader outfits.

“So Laura, has Tommy asked you to prom yet?” Queried a short, lithe Asian girl.

“Yeah, it's only two weeks away now! You two have been going out for three months now, you'd think he'd have asked.” A tall, athletic Hispanic girl chimed in.

“Not yet girls, but soon I think. He's been acting a little weird lately and he seems the type to want to make a big deal out of something like asking me to prom. He's probably just planning some big surprise.” From the look of her Laura believed what she was saying. Though just after she finished saying it the change room showers switched themselves on and started emitting a pink gas throughout the room.

“What's goooiiinnn...” The Asian girl started to say before herself and the rest of the girls in the room froze in position.

The showers turned themselves off and the gas cleared quickly after that, once it had the door to the change room opened and a guy walked in, closing and locking the door behind him.

“Surprise!” He said, after walking up to Laura's frozen form and giving her a pinch on her pert butt. “Thanks babe for bringing me in here last week, of course you didn't really have much of a choice in the matter did you? I've got a confession to make Laura: these last three months you've seen yourself as my girlfriend right? We've been going to movies, spending time together, fooling around a bit – though nothing sexual, you were saving that for prom – and generally doing things couples would do. Well that's all been a lie, you've been my hypnotized slave-girl for the past three months. Whenever we spent time together you were dressed up in sexy outfits, or nothing at all, and carrying out my every wish. You've given me more blowjobs than I can count, and our first time together was only moments after I put you under. Of course now I've decided it's time to get a new toy – there's a girl on the swimming team that looks like she'd be fun to play with – so I've decided to get rid of my old one, and pick up a few extras for sale.”

At this he started going around the room placing headphones on each of the frozen girls, except for Laura. “These headphones are playing the same hypnotic-induction script I used to enslave you Laura. Soon each of your cheerleader friends will be just like you: a pretty doll that thinks she's a person. Once they're done I'll fill this room with the gas that will release you all from your paralysis, then after school you'll all come by my house one-by-one for your boxing. Of course they won't know that, each of these girls will just think she has a chance with me since I haven't asked you yet, and each of them will end up packaged and ready for sale. As for you, you won't remember this little conversation Toy, but you'll come by my house tonight for processing as well. Anyway, the script works fast so they should be done by now, I'll see you tonight Laura.”

With that he left, and a greenish gas started filling the room. When it cleared, the scene had changed to the outside of a house, with Laura ringing the doorbell.

“Tommy? Are you home? I need to talk with you!”

The door swung open to reveal Tommy, looking somewhat dishevelled wearing only a pair of jeans and an undone belt. “Oh, hey Laura I thought you might come by tonight, come in, I need to talk to you.”

“What do you mean? And why are you dressed like that?” She asked as she followed him into the house.

“Well Laura, come down to my room and I'll show you.”

Laura had a suspicious look on her face, but followed him anyway. When they reached the bottom of the stairs Tommy turned on the lights to reveal five large colourful boxes. Three of them had figures in them, each dressed up in sexy attire, with other possible outfits packaged in the box with them. Laura didn't pay too much attention to the boxes though, as something else entirely had caught her attention.

“Aya! How could you? Just because Tommy hadn't asked me out you came here and seduced him?!”

The Asian girl from the change room slowly dragged herself up from the bed she'd been on and walked over to cling to Tommy's arm. “It's nothing personal Laura, you knew every girl on the team wanted to steal him away from you, I guess I'm just the lucky one.”

“No, all your cheerleader friends have been here today, and while you were one of the best of the group, you're going to share the same fate as them.”

“What? What are you talking about Tommy?”

“Aya, prepare for packaging!”

At that Aya's body snapped to attention and all emotion drained from her face and voice. “Yes master.” she droned.

Laura looked horrified, and at the same time, slightly aroused. “Tommy? What are you doing? What happened to Aya?”

“The same thing that I've done to the rest of your friends, and the same thing that's going to happen to you. I'm breaking up with you Laura, and I don't like having ex's at the same school as I am, so you, and your friends, are going to be going far away to avoid any nasty rumours you might spread about me. Now, there's a qi-pao dress in the closet over there that should fit Aya here perfectly. Be a doll and get it out for me would you?”

“Like hell I... wait? What's going on?! I can't control myself!”

“Of course not Laura, you've been my toy since our first date, you just never realized it.” Tommy explained as Laura handed him the dress. “Thank you Toy, now strip down yourself, you're next to be packaged. Aya, put on this dress.”

“Yes master.” came the monotone response.

“What do you mean packaged? What are you doing to us?”

“Have you not looked around you? When you're done stripping you will examine each of the boxes down here with us. Aya, there is a makeup in the bathroom, put on your programed china-doll makeup.”

“Yes master.”

At this point Laura had finished stripping and found her way up to the first box. “Oh my god! Leslie!” Inside the box was a Caucasian girl about the same height as Laura, she had less about the chest, and brown hair. She was dressed in a short black skirt, with black panty-hose and a crisp white blouse. Her hair was done up in a bun, and her eyes were framed by smart-looking black framed glasses. She was posed at attention, like a regular plastic doll would be, complete with zip-ties holding her to the packaging. The box art showed her naked form in various poses, and proclaimed her name as Loveable Librarian Leslie. It then went on to explain that she would wake-up when removed from the box, and she would view the person who woke her as her master, though in her conscious mind she would be her master's girlfriend, not a doll to be played with.

“This is what you're doing? Selling us as slaves?”

“Yes Laura, though none of you will know it, just like you didn't know you were mine. You'll be living happy lives thinking you've found the perfect boyfriend, or girlfriend if a woman buys you, when in reality you'll just be obedient little toys.” By this point Aya had finished with her makeup and other accessories and Tommy was strapping her into her packaging, and Laura had moved on to the next box.

Inside this box was the Hispanic girl, who's name was now Beach Beauty Brittney. She was 'dressed' in a skimpy two piece swimsuit that had just enough fabric to cover the essentials, and practically nothing else. Her curly dark-brown hair provided a nice frame for her made-up face, which held the requisite plastic-doll smile. “Brittney,” breathed Laura before her body moved on to the next box “I'm sorry.”

At this point Tommy came up behind her. “I'm quite fond of this one actually, I almost chose her as my cheerleader toy, but she had a boyfriend at the time and that would have been messier than I'd have liked.” Inside the box was a busty little Asian girl, and when I say little I mean it; she couldn't have been taller than five foot two, but had somehow developed DD cup breasts on her slim figure. The box gave her name as Fuckable Fuko, and her frozen form was clad in baby-doll lingerie with a Chinese inspired pattern. “I expect she'll fetch a good price when I sell her, though using her can be a little awkward due to height differences.” Laura just looked at her packaged friend with sadness in her eyes before Tommy guided her to the next box.

Inside this box was a tall black girl who was about as well developed up top as Fuko. “I have to admit I'm surprised that Titillating Tina ended up in that box as easily as she did. I always thought she had a more fiery personality than the rest of you that would be too hard to dominate, guess I was proven wrong though.” Tina was packaged in the nude, and that allowed Laura to notice something that hadn't been visible on her other friends. “Why doesn't she have nipples?” She asked.

“Oh, that's a side-effect of the serum I use to make you girls into living plastic. For some reason it can't do nipples right, so your breasts just become round plastic orbs.” Tommy explained.

“They're all plastic? They don't look it.”

“Neither do you, but you've been plastic for a month now.”

“But I still have nipples!”

“You just think you do.”

“I still eat and breathe!”

“Yes, your body can do those things, they're necessary for you to emulate a real human, but you don't need to do either of them. You've also been under strict orders from me to not show your breasts to anyone else, can't have outside people know our little secret eh?”

“So you're telling me I haven't even been human for the last month?”

“Exactly right Toy. But enough about that, take a look at how Aya turned out.”

They had arrived at the next box, and inside was Aya, looking like a fighting game character where the characters clothes take the brunt of the damage. The Qi-pao she'd been given had been torn in various places and her entire left breast was exposed. She had a small, thin sword in her right hand, and her hair looked like it had been done-up, and then artfully messed up in certain places to give just the right dishevelled-sexy look. Her makeup was flawless however, reinforcing the image of a video game character. Her box called her Action Aya, and promised that playing with her would be a mind-blowing experience.

“Well Laura, it's time for you to go into your box.”

“Don't I have to be prepared first?”

“Yes, but that won't take too long, you're used to putting this on after all.”

Tommy tossed Laura her cheerleader uniform, and without bothering to comment, she began putting it on.

“Don't look so glum Toy. You've had fun these last few months right? You told me multiple times at school – where I couldn't exert direct control over you – that you were the happiest you've ever been. So what if those memories weren't real, you were happy right? You had me – who you perceived as the perfect boyfriend – beside you at almost all times. You're unhappy now because the illusion has been destroyed, but when your new owner opens you up you'll be just as happy with him – or her – as you were with me. And your friends will be in the same position. In fact, I've done you a favour, since you're now just living plastic dolls you girls won't age anymore, you'll get to keep those amazing bodies for eternity.”

“I have enjoyed these last three months Tommy, I'm just sad that you've ended them. I don't know if you knew this but I had my room at home wired up with all kinds of video and sound surveillance equipment a while back to see if I sleepwalk. Remember that first week of our 'relationship' when my parents went on vacation and you spent the time at my house? That equipment caught it all. I knew I was just your hypnotized toy, and I didn't care, I don't even mind what you're doing to me now; I know I'm going to enjoy it. I'm just sorry I didn't call you out on this earlier, maybe I could have avoided having my friends being caught up in my fetish.”

“Well well. I never would have guessed that, but don't feel bad for your friends Laura. If you'd called me out I'd have shipped you off early and gotten to them through Fuko. They were destined for these boxes one way or another. Speaking of boxes, you're almost ready for yours.”

While they had been talking Tommy had straightened Laura's hair, and given it a few pink highlights using some miscellaneous liquid. He'd then pulled it back into a pony-tail, and had guided Laura over to the makeup table, where she had begun to prepare her face.

“I guess I just need to be strapped in now right?”

“Yes. Stand here.” Tommy started pulling the zip-ties that attached her to her plastic backing. Locking her body into the same pose her friends had been in.

“Ok, before I put you into your box, which will place your mind into stasis, I think I owe you a look at it.” Tommy said as he turned her around.

“Lusty Leader Laura?”

“I wanted to keep the alliteration theme AND have you dressed in that cheerleader outfit; you look the part of the stereotypical cheerleader after all. This is what I was able to come up with.”

“I suppose it's fitting. So is this goodbye?”

“It is.” Tommy leaned in and kissed Laura, a kiss she responded to with passion.

“Just so you know, I think you'd have been a good real boyfriend”

“I'm sure you'd have been a good real girlfriend too. Goodby Laura.”

With that he pushed her into the box, and the world dissolved around me.

* * *

“A very interesting dream Laura. Did that have any basis in reality? Or was it just a fabrication of your mind?”

“It... Tommy was my first boyfriend. He dumped me two weeks before prom for my friend Aya on the cheerleader team. I guess I never fully got over it for my dream to choose that as it's subject matter.”

“Apparently not. Now, it's only been the first night so I doubt anything has happened, but do you feel any different?”

“I can't say I do.”

“Not surprising, your desire is rather intricate, so what is likely to happen is that a bunch of changes will happen at once, rather than things gradually changing over time. Though there will be stages to that, for now just go about your life as you normally would. We'll make sure each morning before you head out that nothing has happened that would change your routine too much.”

“Alright, thanks Quill. You can go do whatever it is you do in that lamp when you don't have a master.”

“I don't suppose you'd be willing to take off that underwear of yours and give me a nice parting image to remember you b - Ack!”

“Shoo before I fling the next one.”

“Alright, I get the message. See you tonight.”

* * *

Ok, I lied. One more thing: Dreams. Are. Weird. Even with someone awake guiding them they don't always make a whole lot of sense, and can also be a little difficult to remember. So if, throughout this tale, you notice logical inconsistencies, or things just seem to happen for no reason at all, you can chalk it up to dream-logic and possibly a foggy memory. With that being said, on to Laura's second dream.

She'd gone to bed in underwear again, though this time it was a bit lacier and I have to say she looked quite fetching in it. I decided to use the dream walking technique the second night, so I made my preparations and entered her mind.

“Welcome,” a tall well-dressed man said to... myself – looking like myself which was surprising – and Laura “to the Perfect Lover's retreat. Where can I direct you to?”

“The mud-bath please” Laura answered.

“Very good choice miss, that's down the hall to your left, third door you come across.”

We thanked the man and began walking. The surroundings themselves looked like a ritzy hotel spa, but it was the names above the doors we passed that got my attention: the first read 'inflation', and the second 'rendering'. The door we were instructed to go into read 'sculpting'. Inside we found no-one, but there was a single large vat of mud. Laura began to strip down, and I started to take her lead before she put a hand on my arm to stop me. “No,” she explained “this is my gift to you.” Then she jumped into the mud.

I felt a bit out of my league, and began to think that maybe I should have gotten to know her subconscious a bit more before jumping right into dream walking, when Laura pulled herself out of the mud pool, and wandered over to a pedestal that simply appeared in the middle of the room, still completely covered in mud. “Come on honey, work on me before I dry!” Suddenly I was wearing an apron with a few sculpting tools in the pockets and I knew what it was I was supposed to be doing.

I wandered over to Laura and inspected her body, I knew that if I wanted to change anything major I'd either have to be particularly skilled at sculpting, or learn to work with the dream to accomplish my goal. I decided it was go big or go home, so I grabbed some clay from a mound I didn't remember being there a moment before and set about working it into Laura with the intention of making her my equal in height. To my relief as I worked the clay into her in one area, it seemed to spread itself out and work on all aspects of what was needed. After a few minutes of working the clay, with Laura squirming and giggling under my touch, she was a good six feet tall.

After that I decided to work some finer details: Laura was beautiful, but I'd always had a thing for Asian girls, so I grabbed a tool from my apron and set about working on her face, with the intention of giving her some Korean features. A couple more minutes of work and an Asian angel was moulded out of the clay in front of my face. I noticed her movements starting to slow down, so I figured the clay was hardening. I worked quickly, and started moving clay on her body around, wanting to pull it from places like her waist and stomach, and deposit it around her chest. I just finished the exercise when the clay hardened, and began to crack under my fingers.

I took a step back as the clay began to fall away from Laura, exposing her new body to the open air, which despite being warm stiffened her nipples. She looked at me with lust and jumped on me from the pedestal. I didn't remember taking my clothes off, but I was happy they'd vanished.

After we finished that little romp (come now, I think we deserve our privacy) Laura, still in her sculpted body got up and wandered over to a computer screen, again, something I hadn't remembered seeing.

“Would you like to preserve my body, Love? The spa says is possible if both of us want it.”

“I do like your old body, but I'd keep you like this if you want to stay.”

“I've never felt sexier, and I was pretty great before, you've done too good of a job with me to let it go though. Come on, lets go to the other hall, I've picked the Perfect Preservation option.”

With that I followed her out, back down the hall we came through, and towards the other wing. In the main room we passed by the tall man greeting a couple, one of whom looked like Tommy, and the other Aya. Laura made no visible note of them, but I saw that Aya's eyes were devoid of pupils, and she seemed to be mindlessly going along with whatever Tommy said.

The new hall had new doors to read before we reached out destination. The first just read preservation, the second said imperfect preservation, the third sealed preservation, and the fourth was perfect preservation.

Inside we chatted briefly with a busty young (though a badge she wore prominently stated she was 18, for the benefit of the guests) girl with pigtails and a lab coat about the process.

“Prefect preservation is exactly what it says: perfect. You go into this end of the machine with the body your lover has given you, and you come out the other end of the machine with the body your lover has given you.” She explained. “Preservation may do the same thing in effect, but perfect preservation is much better!”

“I know it is,” Laura interjected “A friend of mine did it, and her and her lover couldn't be happier. You don't need to sell me on it, can you start up the machine?”

“Of course!” The lab coat girl pulled a large red lever on the side of the machine, and the conveyor belt Laura had been strapped to pulled her into the machine.

“It'll be about twenty minutes buddy. Want me to entertain you while you wait?” Offered the girl. Of course... 18 for the benefit of the guests, I should have seen this coming, I remember thinking.

I declined her offer though, figuring that if the spa still existed while Laura wasn't in a given part I could take a look around. Opening the door I discovered that it did, so I headed out.

Peaking into the sealed preservation door I saw a variety of mannequin stands, some with visions of beauty in plastic mounted on them. Makes sense, I thought. Imperfect preservation had inflation pumps and cardboard boxes, with a few Inflatable women lying around the room. Preservation had a machine that looked identical to the Perfect preservation machine, so I wondered why they needed the two rooms.

Wandering back to the other hall I poked my head into Inflation. I saw Aya standing there with various inflation plugs on her, and Tommy using a hand pump to increase the size of her breasts. They were at the point where they were all Aya would see if she looked down when I left. Rendering proved to be an interesting room, there was a large cylinder with various high-tech looking equipment rigged up to it, connected to a computer that seemed to be running a 3d modelling program. Passing sculpting to the final door, I stuck my head into Dressing. Inside I saw clothing, tons of clothing, all of it plain looking, but in various different sizes, and all meant to be tight fitting. I wouldn't have been totally sure of what was going on if Tommy and the now absurdly-top-heavy Aya weren't in there. Aya was putting on a corset that miraculously fit her massive chest, while simultaneously giving her a waistline that Jessica Rabbit would envy. When she removed the corset, her waist stayed in the form it was given.

I headed back to perfect preservation after that, only to be told by the girl that Laura still had twenty minutes in the machine, and would I like to pass the time with her? I'd noticed a Super Nintendo in Laura's home, so I chalked this “mandatory option” up to her being an old-school rpg fan, and accepted the girls offer.

What was certainly longer than twenty minutes later the machine finally beeped, and Laura came out the other end as I got up, and found myself fully dressed. I wandered over to help get her unstrapped from the machine, and noticed a faint seam running along the side of her body. I nearly smacked myself in the head. Of course “perfect preservation” would make her into a silicone doll.

“She's absolute perfect now sir! Truly the perfect lover! She's got a body you designed for her that will never fade or age, she'll always be open to your armours intentions, and the machine programmed her with every sex position imaginable, with priority on the ones I think you'd like best based on the profile I put together. Congratulations on finding someone willing to become your truly perfect lover!”

And then we woke up.

Laura blinked at me a couple of times, then just said “Wow.”

“Wow.” I replied.

“That was... I don't know what that was. I know it was a dream, and dreams are weird, but... I don't know. While I was in it, it felt right, having you there. I don't really know why. If you hadn't of used... dream walking was it? I don't know who would have been standing next to me there, or how it would have turned out. I've never had a relationship I was really happy with, so I can't see myself having knowingly turned myself into a doll for any of my exes. That's part of the reason I'm doing all of this, I know that even if I'm treated like shit, I'll be happy, cause I won't see it as being treated like shit.”

“Laura... dream-logic is something that even those of us capable of using magic find difficult to understand. But what you've just said is telling of how you feel. You've asked me to fulfil your innermost desire, and I'm using dream weaving to accomplish that. It's possible your innermost desire isn't what you really think it is. But for now... I should tell you that your hair seems to have changed. You're black instead of blonde now. And it's straight.”

“What? Huh... well, I guess I can tell people I dyed it.”

“Yes. It is at least an easy change to cover up. You don't feel any different in the head, do you?”

“Not that I notice.”

“Alright, go about your day. I'll be waiting for you tonight.”

“Ok, have a good day Quill!”



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