Dream Weaver: Origins and Dreams - The Third Dream

by Shaded Sun

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Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; M+/f; dreams; carnival; stage; transform; majick; bodymod; doll; silicone; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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Dream Weaver: Origins and Dreams

Part 2: The Third Dream

If Laura had looked uncomfortable going to bed in her basic underwear the first night I met her, than that third night she'd looked positively pained sleeping in an oversized t-shirt and boy-shorts. She also made a request that I not take part in her dream, I could watch if I wanted, but she didn't feel comfortable with me being a part of it. I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to watch though, so when she fell asleep I triggered the spell.

“Step right up ladies and gentlemen!” Called a stereotypical carnival announcer, “Try your hand at finding your perfect lover! Thanks to our magician Manika the Magnificent, five beautiful women have been turned into nothing more than silicone love dolls! I hear a sixth is going to be joining them within the hour, but if you go watch that you might miss your chance to own one of the beauties already in here. Yes, you heard me right! You could leave this carnival with a love doll in your possession, all you have to do is win her! How you ask? Simple! Pay a small fee, go into the tent pick a doll and use her! If the doll woman is impressed enough by your skill she'll come to life and help you finish. If that happens she's yours to take home once you're done in the tent. Take a look at the beauties up for grabs right now...”

The announcer gestured to some posters set up next to him, none of them looked like Laura, though I think I remember seeing Fuko. Seeing Larua wasn't there though I took a guess at were I would find her, and set out to find Manika the Magnificent's tent. Along the way I took in the sights of what turned out to be a very adult-oriented carnival. Many of the tents seemed to contain strip shows or live pornography. At least one tent promised cat-girl yuri action, while the tent directly across from it said something about yaoi; I couldn't read the other words on the sign due to the lineup blocking them out, and I didn't feel like examining the posters too closely. There were rides as well, with the most memorable one being a carousel, only instead of horses the figures were quite literally human – the technicians running the ride used some sort of device to freeze half the riders in position on the various poles, then the other half would ride the frozen customers. On that one I thought I saw Brittney frozen in a lying down position with her hands on her crotch, while the mobile Leslie sat on her frozen friends face.

Finally I reached the tent where Manika the Magnificent put on her show, just in time to hear the announcer there declare it was time to make a new doll. I ducked into the tent and settled in to watch as, just as I'd suspected, Laura was led up on stage. The woman leading her was gorgeous, and had a body that could really only exist in fantasy, or – after getting a better look at her – I decided it could also be manufactured: there were slight seams running around the sides of her body, and her eyes had a not-quite-human look to them.

“Not long ago I was a simple love doll,” Manika began “I didn't move, didn't eat, didn't think! I existed for one purpose and that was to please my owner. Well, as it turns out my owner knew some magic, and decided that he wanted a real lover instead of just a toy. Thanks to him I slowly started developing a consciousness, though bringing me to life seemed to be proving difficult. Not that I minded that, even though I could think like a person by the time he felt confident enough to try granting me movement, I was perfectly content being what I was. Tragically, in his bid to bring me to life, his own ended. He used up too much of his power, and couldn't stop the spell before his life-force started being used up instead. Because of that, the spell ended up having a different effect than was intended: I was brought to life, but remained in my silicone form. I also picked up the ability to use some magic of my own, though the only thing I can do with it is turn women, like my lovely volunteer Laura here, into a doll like I was.”

At the mention of her name Laura waved at the crowd. A couple of people wolf-whistled and one yelled out that he'd be taking her home. Laura blushed a bit at that, but responded to her would-be owner, saying he'd have to prove himself in bed before she'd give herself to him, and she wanted someone who could make even a doll feel exhausted. This got some cheers from the crowd and a smile from Manika.

“That might not be as tall an order as you think young lady, you've not yet felt the pleasures of being silicone,” she said, stroking Laura's hair “but you will soon enough. First though, you must earn it! Be a good little doll and prove to me you've got what it takes to bring pleasure to others.” With that said, Manika lied down on the stage and spread her legs. Laura immediately joined her on the floor and plunged her face into the gap. A few minutes (and a little screaming) later Manika got up, and helped pull Laura off the floor as well. “Very good little doll, you've made me cum and by drinking it as you did, started your transformation from human woman, to silicone sex-toy!”

The crowd watched in fascination as Laura's body began to change, starting from her face. Her lips plumped up, and her complexion became flawless, as only a doll's can be. Her hair grew out, and though it wasn't visible I knew it had also become a wig so her owner could change her hair on a whim. The transformation caused her breasts to jump two sizes, as well as become gravity-defying perfectly round orbs with permanently erect nipples to cap them. Her stomach flattened just a bit as her waist pinched and her hips flared. Not long after she crumpled to the stage, a vision of a goddess rendered in silicone.

“And that's my show for tonight, now lets see...” Manika looked around the audience “You!” She exclaimed, pointing at a young man dressed in what you might expect to see a farm-hand wearing. “She was good, but I do prefer men. Care to join me backstage?” I'm not sure I've even seen a person move quite that fast before. After that little incident, I noticed someone clearly working for the carnival pick up Laura and carry her out of the tent.

I followed them back to the original tent where a poster of her had already been set up. He carried her through a back flap, and placed her on a bed in a sectioned off area. The sheet that made up the door to the room was a depiction of Laura in a standard blow-up-doll pose: legs spread, arms at her sides with her elbows bent at a ninety degree angle, and her mouth open in a wide O-shape.

I hung around outside the room for a while, as various visitors tried, and failed to get her to move for them. I then started to wonder what the point of this particular dream was. She'd willingly become a toy, and was subjecting herself to being fucked by various strangers, or at least I figured they were strangers, until she found one that pleased her enough to give herself to. I saw the change into an object, but there was no changing of her mind involved, and I didn't remember her wanting to be screwed by a whole bunch of people. As I was musing on this I noticed the next guest to enter her room looked... familiar... to say the least.

I'd wanted to give her some privacy for this part, given that she didn't want me dream-walking, but I was too curious not to poke my head in. There I saw my double lying on the bed with a very-much-animated Laura bouncing on his cock.

And then it was over.

“I told you not to dream-walk Quill!”

“And I respected your wish. Did it feel like I was interfering?”

“Well... no. Last night even though I was dreaming, I kinda knew it was the real you beside me. Tonight you didn't feel different from anyone else. So... I guess... My subconscious related that amazingly good sex last night with wanting to be with you. That's why you showed up tonight, and that's why I re-gained movement when your double came in.”

“Came in? Not when he started using you?”

Her head was still on the pillow and I was surprised it didn't catch fire from her blush.

“You're too literal. Now, I don't feel overly different in the head, but I don't remember this t-shirt being tight around the chest area.” She sat up and it became rather obvious what had changed due to the dream. “Well that's great. What am I going to tell people? I decided to get breast-enhancement surgery and the doctor was so excited at the size I wanted that he did it the same night?”

“I think maybe you should just call in sick. Perhaps tonight's dream will offer you some way of fixing this... I really don't want to call it a problem...”

“Fine, I could use a day off I guess. I get bored here alone though, so instead of going back to your lamp today, do you want to help me kill some time? Maybe I'll use another wish or something.”

“Sounds like it could be fun, and you do have two wishes left to use. I think it would be prudent to have me grant them before your first wish is completed, and you become a toy with no need for wishes.”

“You're right! Lets see...”


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