'Layers of Love' Doll

by PonyB0t

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I still wasn’t used to the size of the mansion. By all means it wasn't oversized or anything, but as a new place, it wasn’t like the small bachelor apartments I was used to at this point in my life.

My name is Tyler, I’m a young guy—about 5’8” with an athletic, slim build from years of swimming. At 25 I was doing just fine for myself at a medium sized tech startup building websites for all manner of clients. The job paid well, but definitely wouldn’t have been enough to afford something as lavish as the three story modern mansion I found myself the new owner of.

No, I inherited this prime piece of real estate from my late uncle. He was an eccentric man, but a good person. Over the many years he acquired a great fortune and paid back dividends to his community. I was fortunate enough to get to know him fairly well, unlike most of the family.

Through happenstance, I found a rubber suit in one of the guest rooms when the family was visiting for a reunion. After an awkward line of questioning, it came to light that we were both pretty kinky people. We were family, so of course we didn’t do anything, but we had a few short years to share some conversations before his health declined.

That friendship is how I got not only the mansion, but everything in it, and a modest trust that meant money wouldn’t be a problem for me in the future.

The first few days in the mansion were as you’d expect. I had just moved in and was still getting settled. But since I quit my job, I was starting to get restless for something to do, so I began looking through the still unexplored rooms. There were the usual suspects: a study with more books than I’d likely ever read; a pool, much to my delight; some guest bedrooms that the maid, Alice, just finished cleaning before going home; and finally a locked room. It took a few tries to find the right key, but with a click of the lock I eventually got it.

Opening the door I was immediately assaulted by the smell of rubber. It was at once both suffocating and intoxicating. After the initial shock, I turned on the light and was presented with a large walk in closet absolutely filled to the brim with rubber clothes. There was underwear, boots, hoods, catsuits—everything a rubberist could want. I looked through some of them and was dejected to find that nothing was really in my size. Regardless, I moved on. At the far end were some more elaborate pieces of bondage gear, but the strangest thing was a doll hiding in the far back.

I picked it up for a closer look. It was a sexdoll of course, obvious from the sheathed hole at the bottom, but other than that it had some unique features. For one, it was made of blue and gray rubber. Instead of looking like a person, the head was just a perfect sphere with animalistic ears stuck to it, big painted-on eyes, and a sheathed hole for a mouth. The expressive face looked almost like an old cartoon character. To add to the strangeness, there were no arms or legs, just short rounded stumps where the limbs would be attached. And at the front of the groin was a ball-like bulge with a red no-entry symbol—hinting at the presence of genitals, but with nothing substantial there.

As I turned it around, I saw that the back of the toy was partially open. The blue exterior was a thick, slightly padded layer around an inflated black rubber core. Examining it further, I found that inside the blue layer was a collar that clasped shut around the neck. There was a series of tiny blinking lights on the inner flap of the collar. Right now one was lit up in green next to the word “inflated”. Next to it was a light blinking red every few seconds next to the words “set time”.

The toy definitely intrigued me. Unable to resist my curiosity, I clasped the collar shut around the neck. To my surprise, the opening sealed itself up the back all the way up and over the collar—there was not even a seam indicating it was ever there in the first place. With the opening closed, the collar was completely hidden under the outer layer, leaving the whole toy as one seamless piece of rubber.

I was entranced by the quality of the toy, and that left only one obvious thing to do. I found some lube next to where the doll was kept—and made sure it was the right kind—then took the doll up to my room.

It was fairly light, but heavier than a normal lovedoll. After placing it on my bed, I stripped down. I was already hard from anticipation. Lifting the doll up, I generously poured lube into its two holes, and then I laid it down so its lower hole was level with my dick.

The first thrust was incredible. The inside of the hole was padded and squeezed firmly but slickly against my member. I couldn’t help myself as the first few slow thrusts became more and more frantic. The sensation of the rubber sliding over me was ecstacy.

As I grinded into the doll, I imagined how helpless it was as my rubber object—unable to do anything but sit there as I fucked it. Unlike my previous partners, there was a raw eroticism to fucking a toy that was clearly such high quality. This was its only purpose.

When I got tired from the vigorous thrusting, I pulled out and laid on the bed. Next, I grabbed the sphere that was the doll’s head and shoved its mouth down on my still throbbing erection. It was even tighter than the anal hole. I kept the motion going, occasionally thrusting up from my hips and hitting the back of the mouth sheath. I was lost in fantasies about the helplessness of it. The only thing that would have made it better was if I was clad in rubber myself.

When I finally reached the peak, I came hard, audibly spraying against the back of the sheath. It took me several spurts to finish. By the end, the doll’s mouth sheath was overflowing.

It took me several minutes to come down from my afterglow. I didn’t even bother to move the doll’s face off me.

Finally peeling the doll off me, I had a shower. With my thoughts clear again, I looked at the time—it was late and I was tired. When I got back to my room, I looked at the doll again but left it to the side of the bed. I’d clean it up in the morning.

* * * * *

The next morning started fairly uneventfully. When I got back from my morning swim, I went to examine the doll some more. It was in the same state as I left it. What perplexed me was that the collar and opening were still closed. I wondered why they would have been opened in the first place if it was just a doll?

I looked at the back of the neck again. I grabbed where I though the collar clasp was and tried to pull. There was a faint beep, and text flashed, but I let go and it faded before I could read it. Upon very close inspection, there was faded text across the back where the collar would have been. I tried again, but held my hands where they were this time. The text flashed again and I could read: “To time set. Use remote to Unlock.”

Remote? What Remote?

I realized that there must have been some more stuff in the closet downstairs. I ran down to where I found the door before and unlocked it. Sure enough, on a shelf next to where I found the doll, there was a remote, and to my surprise a business card. I looked over the card for a second and read: Surreal Tech and Toys - “Layers of Love” Doll. Call for assistance. I took the card too, just in case.

After getting back to the room, I threw the card on my dresser, and then looked the remote over. It was fairly plain, with a simple screen and a few buttons. One of the buttons said "unlock”, so I pressed that one. With a click, from the doll, the collar clasp unclipped, and the back slowly opened to reveal the black rubber core underneath. Once again, the inner part of the collar just had a green light next to “inflated”, and a blinking red light next to “set time”.

Checking the again, I saw that the screen had a blinking clock with all zeros on it. Using the number pad on the remote I tested it. It took a few tries to figure out how to set specific numbers, but I settled on a very small number.

With a time now set, the inner light next to “set time” was a solid green. Thinking I had figured it out, I closed the clasp again, but instead of clicking shut, it just popped right open immediately and the remote beeped.

So it doesn’t work if there’s a timer set. With that mental note I looked at the remote. Beside the unlock button was a “lock” button, so I pressed that. A smaller timer on the screen began counting down from two minutes. I waited in anticipation for it to finish. Once the last second ticked over, I saw the collar on the doll clasp shut, and the back seal again.

What I did not expect was that the timer I had set on the remote was not ticking down as fast as I thought. Instead of setting it for a few minutes, I had set if for a few hours!

Unsure what to do next, I pressed the unlock button again. All I got was a beep and the back of the doll remained shut. I tried various other buttons, but the doll still wouldn’t open.

Thinking there was nothing left for it, I took the doll for another quick fuck, but that barely lasted for a portion of the remaining time. So I spent the next few hours lounging around, and eventually, I even looked up the Surreal Tech & Toys company that made the doll. They were a bigger deal than I expected, making a wide array of tech, some of which was used for sextoys.

One thing that caught my eye was a shrink-to-fit latex suit. I looked through all the features and attachments. As I read up on the product, it slowly dawned on me that if that doll was in the closet, there might be more stuff from this company in there.

I went back to the closet and looked through the outfits more carefully this time. Sure enough, some suits in the back were by Surreal Tech & Toys. I eagerly grabbed one and took it back to my room.

After stripping down, I looked the suit over and ran it through my hands. The feeling of the latex was wonderful, a lot like the doll. It was a full, hooded suit, with attached feet, gloves, and even both penis and anal sheaths. The suit had a similar back opening and collar mechanism as the doll, but without all the buttons and settings.

I began to slip the suit on. It was a little baggy, which made it easy to get everything on, but definitely didn’t satisfy my desire for a perfectly tight fit. It was only after I got the hood on, and lined up the eye, mouth, and nose holes that I shut the collar clasp.

It surprised me just how quickly the suit began to shrink down on me. In just a few seconds, the bagginess disappeared and every inch of me was covered in skin tight rubber. But just as I thought it would begin to stop, it shrunk even more, getting tighter and tighter. Soon I felt my cock straining against the sheath and my breaths begin to get shallow. I looked down and around my waist the suit had contracted so far as to give a corset-like effect. My entire torso became perfectly defined in the black rubber. I could follow the distinct track of muscle running down my abs to my groin, where my rigid erection was standing proud. The final surprise came from behind though, as the anal sheath forced its way up my ass. It wasn’t painful, but definitely unexpected.

Once the suit finally settled, I went to the wall mirror to explore my new form. Every inch of me was now perfectly sculpted of a glistening blackness. The hood covered every part of my face, except for the whites of my eyes. Even my lips were a perfect shade of shiny black. I turned to explore my rear end too. The sheath made it easy to probe a slick finger into me.

It was all I could do to not break down right then and pleasure myself, but I returned to the doll that was still lying on my bed. The back opening had since unlocked and the timer on the remote was once again flashing all zeroes. The last thing I needed to understand how it worked was to press the blinking “inflate” button on the remote. Once I did, the black inner core to the doll both deflated some, making the doll slacken up a bit. I pulled on the black rubber, and to my satisfaction, it slipped out of the doll now that it was deflated.

Out of the doll, the mass of black rubber was largely formless in my hands, so I pressed the “inflate” button again. Once again, the core inflated, revealing a fully humanoid shape that resembled a much more typical sex doll—although with no real facial features. One thing that caught my attention was the fact that the core had both arms and legs, which didn't make much sense as they wouldn’t otherwise fit in the stumps of the main doll body. After seeing what the doll and suit could do so far though, I felt ready for just about anything.

Putting down the core of the doll, I decided to make my final tests of the now hollow outer layer of the doll. I stuck my arm into the back opening, the inside being just as smooth as I’d expected. Reaching deeper in, all the way to where the arm stubs were connected, I found that my hand kept going deeper, far past what should have been the inner bounds of the suit.

But more than that, I felt a weird sensation—or rather, lack of sensation. Where my arm reached past the bounds of the doll’s arm stub, I couldn’t feel anything! It was like my hand wasn’t there at all!

Upon that realization I yanked my arm back out, and to my relief it was still there, and I could feel it again now that it was out of the doll. I was in disbelief at what this doll could do. Was this what it was made for?  I began getting flashbacks to my fantasizing when I first used it—the utter helplessness of being just a toy…

I took a minute to regain myself. Realizing that I was harder than ever from both the suit and doll, I knew there was no way I could pass up at least a test run. I grabbed the remote, and with a little more foresight thanks to my blunder earlier, set the timer for just fifteen minutes.

With one last deep breath, I pressed the lock button. The small timer began ticking down, so I wasted no time. I set the remote down on my dresser, and took the doll to the bed. I slipped my feet into the opening, and pulled the outer layer of the doll over my legs. The slickness of everything made it easy enough to do, but inside it was still tight. As my feet went in further, they reached the area of the leg stumps and I began to lose the feeling of them.

When the hips of the suit almost reached mine, I felt a sudden pressure against my ass. The lower sheath of the doll! Quickly realizing what needed to happen to go further, I went for broke and pulled even harder on the doll body. The slickness of the suit and doll sheaths let it slide in with a pop and I suddenly felt filled to the brim. I might have came right there if I hadn’t been in such a rush.

The next part I had to put on was the head. Looking at the now deflated sphere, it was clear I could slip it over my head with a little effort. I stretched the neck opening and pulled it over my face. With the experience from the anal sheath, I wasn’t so caught off guard by the mouth sheath in the head. I relaxed my mouth and throat as much as I could, and to my surprise, it slid in easily. I didn’t even feel the need to gag even though it was clearly running right to the back of my throat. As I adjusted the head a bit, I realized I could see out of it, my vision coming from about the same place as the painted-on eyes.

With both the upper and lower parts settled—if a little stuffed—I only had my arms left to slip in. This proved to be the easiest part. Once I stuck them far enough in, the tension from the rubber slid the rest of the opening over my shoulders. In an instant, I lost the feeling in my arms right up to my shoulders. Panicking a bit, I tried to backpedal, and found it was easy enough to slip my shoulders back out. With that knowledge to calm me down, I worked them back into place again. I was ready.

I waited for what must have been another thirty seconds or so, and started to doubt if everything was working properly. Maybe the doll doesn’t work if the core isn’t in it? Or maybe I took too long and the pre-timer stalled out? I waited a few seconds longer, until the doubt won over and I was about to start work my way back out.

Just before I could start to move my shoulders though, I felt the click of the collar and froze in both fear and excitement. The opening in the back began to seal, just as it had before, and the tightness inside the doll doubled. It was more than just the outer layer closing, but also expanding, as though inflating. I could feel the body getting slightly more plush, and the head must have been filling out to become a perfect sphere again. The sheaths expanded too. The anal sheath puffed out, actually lifting me slightly in my sitting position while going in even deeper. Meanwhile, my mouth filled to the point I couldn’t open any wider. I moaned in pleasure, but could barely hear it within the inflated headpiece. From outside I knew it would be absolutely silent.

Lastly, the bulge around my cock inflated, holding my erection tightly. I leaned forward some, but the soft pressure didn’t transfer onto my stiff member through all the padding. It dawned on me what the no-entry symbol on the outside meant—I was effectively chaste

When the doll layer finally stopped filling out, I let out a breath I didn’t even notice I was holding. It was a strange sensation, being held so closely, by the layers of rubber, but also so comfortable. I tried testing the limits of my motion, but all I could manage was a simple wiggle against the thickness of the outer layer.

It began to dawn on me what it would look like to anyone outside. On the bed was just a rubber sexdoll. There was no way a person could be behind that cartoon face. I struggled even harder, but couldn’t even make myself turn to face the mirror to the side of the room.

What the wiggling did however, was stimulate the sheath in my ass. The pressure made my erection press as much as it could against the constricting prison of the outer bulge, but even the most intense motions didn’t pass through.

I spent the next several minutes trying the extent of my motion, but all I managed after all of it was to fall forward onto my stomach. Now with my body in a more stable position, I definitely wasn’t going anywhere. What’s more, even though I could hump the bed like this, no stimulation reached my throbbing member. I couldn’t even ride the inflated anal sheath anymore. In those next minutes, I was frustrated beyond belief, but somehow I loved every moment of it.

And as quickly as it all started, it all came undone. I heard the click at the back of my neck, and the suit began to deflate. All the pressure around me dissipated, and I felt cool air at my back.

I slipped my shoulders out, then arms, and continued until I had done the whole process in reverse. Now free, I sat at the edge of the bed in an afterglow from the intensity of my bondage. I looked at myself in the mirror. I could see the aftermath of the session clear as day. My erection was still there, but I knew it wasn’t as intense as being edged by the doll. I knew I needed more before I could be satisfied for the day.

Picking up the remote again, I entered in three hours this time and hit the lock button without hesitation. Quickly returning to the doll, I repeated the steps, reveling this time in the sensations—the sheath in my ass, and the helplessness of my arms and legs “disappearing”. I made sure to face the mirror this time.

When the pre-timer ticked over, the suit tightened back up and I was back in heaven. I watched in the mirror as the suit took its full shape. With all the compression the suit was giving, I was surprised to see it kept a slim, smooth figure—much like my own outside of all this constricting rubber but without the lean muscles, and with wider, almost feminine hips. When it was completely done, it really sunk in how complete the transformation was. The painted face was so inhuman that I even had trouble believing mine was under it. The little bit of cum staining the mouth hole from didn’t help matters much. I never did get around to cleaning it.

Next I began my fit of wiggling all over again. In the mirror it was clear how slight this movement was, despite how hard I tried. The doll illusion never broke, as the wagging back and forth could easily be written off as an internal mechanism. No, I was truly stuck like this for the next few hours.

Having learned my lesson from before, I kept upright to ride the anal sheath for as long as I could before getting tired. It was exhausting trying to keep up motion with the doll layer fighting to keep me still. I wanted so bad to come from the anal stimulation, but just couldn’t manage it at the pace I was going.

With one final round of wiggling, I ground into the sheath as hard as I could. I thought I was getting somewhere when I felt myself lose balance and fall forwards—shit!

From my new position, I tried as I could to roll over or adjust myself, but it was futile. I couldn’t move far enough to roll over, let alone get back to sitting on the anal sheath.

Accepting my fate, and with the fatigue getting to me, I finally passed out.

* * * * *

I was stirred from my sleep by a knock on the door.

“Hello?” A muffled voice came from the hallway. It was Alice. I heard the door open as she called out again, “Tyler, are you in here?”

I could feel that the back of the suit was open, but I was frozen, both from embarrassment and because I didn’t know what to do in this situation.

The sound of the door creaking and footsteps let me know she was in the room. I frantically was thinking what I was supposed to do or say in this situation, but her words quickly made up my mind for me.

“Wow, what a mess he left me with. The least he could do is clean up his sextoys when he’s done.”

She thinks I’m just a doll! I hit my lucky break. I just had to keep still and she’d never find out. I can’t expect you to clean up my cum stained sextoys. Just leave and let me clean my mess up. I prayed in my mind.

I heard her sigh, then the sound of rubber being moved.

“I guess he didn’t like you very much,” she said, “still clean.” She must have been talking about the inner core of the doll. On it’s own it would have looked like it’s own doll when separated from the outer layer.

Next I heard her walk over to the bed. She stuck a finger up the anal sheath and it was all I could do to not shudder.

“Yeah, you’re his fucktoy,” she said with some disdain. “At least the previous owner had the courtesy to clean up after himself.”

I was both hurt and completely aroused by her statement. She really thinks I’m just a sex doll.

“Oh well, there’s nothing really for it,” she continued, “I’ve got a job to do.”

Yes! Go clean the rest of the house so I can get out of here. I screamed in my mind.

“Why would a sexdoll open up like this anyway?”

She walked back to the dresser, I heard her fiddling with something. Maybe the remote?

Next I heard a phone being dialed.

“Hello?” she said to whoever was on the other end. “Yes hi, this is a really embarrassing call to make, but I have a...‘layers of love doll’ here. I think it’s from your company.” There was a pause. “Yeah that’s the one. Look, it’s not really mine, but I have to clean it up and I just want to know what I’m supposed to do.” There was another long pause, with a few “yeah’s” and “uh-huh’s”, then Alice continued. “Thanks, I think I can manage that.”

She hung up and walked back over and ran a finger along my exposed back.

“Seems pretty straightforward,” she said, “black part on the inside and…”

I felt the click at the back of my neck. I froze for just a moment when I realized what she had done. Before I could get my senses and struggle, the suit closed up on me and inflated. My movement was cut to almost nothing again.

When it finished, Alice picked me up and rested me on the bed in a sitting position.

“Alright, now they said I just needed some simple detergent…” With that thought, she left the room leaving me stuck on the bed facing the dresser side of the room.

The remote was sitting on the dresser still, I could just barely make out the screen from where I was, and my heart sank looking at it. The timer was blinking zero. The outer layer wouldn’t open if there was no timer set!

I tried with all my strength to flail around, but only succeeded in falling over again, this time on my back. I was stuck there until Alice came back, and what’s more I was stuck as a doll until someone pressed the unlock button on the remote!

When Alice came back, I heard some water sloshing around. She came back over to the bed and lifted me off it. For a brief moment I could see a bucket with soap and a washcloth in it. I panicked at what I knew was coming next.

Alice unceremoniously took the washcloth and with two fingers shoved it up my anal sheath. My mind became a blur at the sensation. I was overfilled between the sheaths and her scrubbing, but the rhythmic pressure in and out of my hole felt so good.

Once she was satisfied, she lurched me around and began the process with my mouth sheath. I tried to struggle now that I wasn’t paralyzed with ecstacy, but my struggles were overshadowed by her rough scrubbing. After both holes were cleaned out, she gave me once over with the washcloth all around my body.

Next I saw her pull out another bottle and squirt some liquid on her hand.

“And some polish to finish it up.” She said. Her hands were quick but thorough, rubbing every inch of me, including a few fingers rubbing into the anal and mouth sheath. I was in a daze by the end of it, but it didn’t finish there.

My eyes went wide behind the mask when she pulled out two large dildos. She looked them over for a moment, almost with disdain.

“God Alice, are you really doing this?” She asked herself, “they said it’s ‘to keep the doll in proper form’... I think they’re just pulling my chain.”

With that, she took the smaller dildo and slid it hard into my mouth. It rammed into the back of my throat and filled the sheath completely. I was still amazed at how I wasn’t gagging like crazy.

After that, she took the larger dildo and shoved it up my ass. I definitely tested the gagging power of the headpiece, because I screamed into it as hard as I could. Regardless, it seemed like Alice didn’t hear a thing...

With her work done, she took the cleaning materials back downstairs, leaving me to wallow in the stuffed feeling from both ends. It was excruciating and sexy at the same time. I tried as hard as I could to wiggle the intruders out, or pleasure myself with them. Maybe it was because I was trying to do both that neither happened.

When Alice came back, she looked me over. Unsatisfied, she picked me up and sat me up against the headboard of the bed. After a few adjustments, she finally seemed satisfied with her handiwork.

She grabbed the business card, remote, black core of the doll, before looking back at me.

Please just press the unlock button! I screamed in my mind.

“God he better appreciate all this,” she said with frustration. “If I don’t hear a thank you for cleaning out his spunk collector, he can find a new maid!”

She finally left the room, taking everything with her. I struggled as her last words rang out in my head. I was stuck there, just a helpless doll.

I got to live out my fantasy, but I didn’t think it would end up being so final.

Story continued in Part Two


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