'Layers of Love' Doll

by PonyB0t

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Storycodes: Solo-F; maid; latex; catsuit; sexdoll; remote; vibrate; mast; climax; used; shock; discovery; dollsuit; inside; stuck; sextoy; F/m; oral; cons; X

story continues from part one

Layers of Love 2: Play Partner

“What am I doing here?” I wondered aloud as I pulled the car into the mansion’s driveway. “Even if he answers, it’s not like he has any reason to take me back.”

At the top of the driveway, the mansion sat dark and uninviting. Between the darkness behind the large windows, and the dreary afternoon rain, it couldn’t have mirrored my mood any better. Regardless, I drove up to the front doors—I didn’t know why, but I felt compelled to come back.

My name is Alice. At 24 years old, I was still trying to figure out where I want to take my life. I was working as a maid for the owner of the mansion. All things considered, the job was pretty good. It only took a few hours every other night to keep the place clean, and it kept me stable through college. I was nearly done, with just a year of school left, but I left the job abruptly two weeks ago.

You see, it was a good job, until the owner left me a bunch of sex toys for me to clean up in the master bedroom. I don’t know why I reacted as harshly as I did, maybe it was the pressure of final exams in addition to the weirdness of the situation, but I remember being just so flustered after cleaning the place up that day. I went home in a fit, and had no plans to come back. It’s not like I couldn’t find another job to replace it. I thought that would be the end of it too, but obviously not...

Now, I have no regrets about quitting, but there was something that brought me back. After finding those toys—a pair of sex dolls that were admittedly really high quality—I just couldn’t get the thought of them out of my head. The idea of having a doll to please me at all times was pretty hot, on top of that the perfect gleaming rubber of the dolls made for such a striking image. Whether I was in class, at the gym, or just relaxing at home, the idea of playing with—or being—one of those dolls would keep pulling me away from reality.

As great as just that sexual awakening would have been though, it wasn’t the whole reason I was back. My new collection of rubber underwear—including the bra and panties I was wearing now—would have satisfied me. No, what brought me back was that even after two weeks of not showing up, I was still getting paid for cleaning services. Since any other client would have stopped paying me by now, I needed to see why I was still getting a paycheque.

I know not to ruin a good thing, but as much as the sex toys gave me that creepy vibe when I first found them, the guy who owned the house seemed nice enough. If something bad happened after I left, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. And if he was okay then maybe, just maybe, I could find out where he got some of his incredible toys.

After a few more minutes of preparing for any awkward conversations, I was ready to go. It was a bit of a jog to get from the driveway to the door, but I made it without getting too wet. After knocking loudly a few times, I waited.

And waited.

I tried the doorbell a few times.


Starting to get a little concerned about “worst case scenarios,” I pulled out my maid’s key and unlocked the door. It was silent inside, so I took a few steps further in.

“Hello?” I called, but there was no response.

The worry was really sinking in now. The first thing I did was check the garage for the owner’s car. It was still there. Next I began searching all the common rooms, I knew my way around pretty well from a few years of cleaning for the previous owner too. I noticed in my search that an even layer of dust was just starting to form on the furniture. It wasn’t enough for most people to notice, but as the ex-maid, it was a clear sign that nobody had been home in a while.

Things seemed pretty bleak once I finished checking all the common spaces. I went up to the master bedroom feeling a bit dejected. It was one of the first rooms I checked, but it was also the last room I cleaned before resigning not to come back. It was even in the same state I left it. The love doll hadn’t moved from it’s spot on the bed.

I sat down on the bed and let out a deep sigh.

I grabbed the doll from its little nook between the pillows. There were dildos in it’s mouth and butt still, so I removed them and tossed them onto the floor. I gave the doll a good long look, holding it on my lap. it had seemed so pervy when I first found it, but now it actually looked kinda cute with its cartoony features. I gave it a squeeze much like a big plush. Aside from the rubbery surface and more adult proportions, it was actually pretty similar to a teddy bear.

“What am I supposed to do now?” I said to nobody in particular. The owner seemed to have left without a trace. I could ride the free pay for a few more weeks maybe, but someone would notice he was gone eventually. And besides, that also meant I couldn’t ask about the doll or the crazy gear downstairs.

Just then, the doll began squirming in my arms. I jumped up and let out a shriek, dropping the doll.

“What the f—!” I bit my lip to keep my composure.

The doll just kept squirming on the ground. Something inside must have turned on when I squeezed it. Whatever it was, I figured this was my last chance to figure out how it worked before I left.

* * * *

The sensation of movement pulled me back into consciousness. It was a strange feeling. I had been sitting there for so long it was like I had forgotten how to feel anything. A squeeze across my midsection jolted me the rest of the way out of my stupor. The excitement of someone’s presence made my senses fire up to full alert.

Someone was there! Someone was holding me!

It took some willpower to not succumb to the erotic sensation of the rubber squeezing in again, but I managed to keep my thoughts together. This might be my one chance to get free. I struggled as hard as I could against the squeezing. Without any arms or legs, there was only so much I could do though. Regardless it seemed to be enough.

The next thing I felt was my weight hitting the floor. It might have hurt too if not for the rubbery padding of my prison. I tried as best I could to get my bearings, wiggling to look at the person in the room.

It was Alice! She came back! I might have been mad if i wasn’t so happy to see her. Unlike last time, she seemed much more concerned to see me.

After a wave of shock washed over her face, she picked me up and rested me back on the bed. It was rough enough to make me worried if she even knew I was in the doll. She accidentally locked me in the doll the first time because she didn’t know it was actually me. If she didn’t figure it out this time I might actually be stuck for good.

Her hands crept all over me as though she was looking for something. It was starting to turn me on all over again.

“How do I turn this thing off?” She asked. I got nervous at the question, it confirmed she still thought I was just a doll. After a few more minutes of fiddling with me, she finally settled on the back of my neck. There was a beep as her hands explored. She must have been reading the faded letters where the clasp was.

“Remote?” She asked. “Oh yeah!”

She dropped me at the revelation. Before I could put it together in my head she rushed out of the room. I panicked at her departure, desperately not wanting her to leave again. Between the fear of being abandoned and the newfound horniness, I was an emotional wreck. I could barely keep from humping the bed in frustration—not that it would do much, the bulge that contained my mandood made sure of that.

After several minutes that seemed to drag on forever, she returned. I wiggled to see her, but didn’t manage to change my face-down position. It wasn’t until she put me back upright that I could see why she left.

In one hand, she held the remote. It was almost enough to make me throw myself towards her. She just needed to hit the unlock button! In the other hand though, she held a mass of white rubber.

“Lets see here…” she looked closely at the remote, “I’m sure you have something for me to play with with.”

She pressed a button and there was a beep. Suddenly, I felt the rubber over my manhood come alive with a buzz. It was exhilarating! After so long with teasing and no sensation, the stimulation drove me into a horny frenzy. I contorted and struggled to grind further into the bulge, but to no avail. The sensation was incredible, but still not enough. It felt like it was coming from outside, so the layer of padding around my dick muted the feeling enough to keep satisfaction at bay. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more intense, Alice reached down to grope the bulging rubber.

“Oh, that’s the ticket.” She said in a noticeably more sultry tone.

She pressed the button again which stopped the buzzing—much to my dismay. After putting the remote on the dresser, she held up the mass of white rubber. It was a catsuit. She held it against her body, seeing how the fit might look.

“I guess the only thing to do is try it.” She said. I remembered the suit I had on under the doll layer. It was similar, a shrink-to-fit suit that would conform to a person’s figure. Unlike mine though, hers only had stirrups for the feet, and fingerless gauntlets over the hands. There wasn’t an attached hood either.

Watching her strip down was a treat. Her conservative street clothes had been hiding a gorgeous body—and to my surprise, a devious black rubber bra and a pair of panties, although she took those off too. Standing at 5’8, she was clearly in great shape. Her butt was tight from many hours of squats or something similar, and as she turned around I could see her flat stomach running up to perky breasts, not too big or too small.

She slipped on the suit with relative ease. The white rubber seemed to slide over her like a ghost. Throughout the process her hands kept drifting between her legs. The sensation must have been incredible.

When she finally clasped the collar closed, it was like fireworks were going off in her head. The once baggy rubber contracted around her, outlining every curve. Her hands darted to the now familiar position between her legs. She could barely keep up as the suit tightened around her breasts, giving just the barest hint of nipples on the gleaming white globes. Next, she jumped as the suit inserted sheaths at her crotch. I remembered my surprise too at the entry—not painful, but definitely intense. Lastly, the suit constricted her waist, not that there was much more to thin out. The final effect was like a corset, keeping her hourglass figure in perfect form.

With the transformation complete, she did a twirl in front of the mirror before looking at me with hungry eyes. She grabbed the remote again and pressed the button to start the buzzing. My mind quickly became a haze at the sensation. She put the remote down again and climbed on the bed. Her one hand took no time finding my bulge and squeezing it hard. Meanwhile the other hand was deep between her own legs. She was clearly lost in the fantasy of playing with the doll—playing with me!

Before she could reach a climax from just the rubbing she let her hands explore a little further, running one up my stomach and chest while the other groped her rubber encased breasts. When her fingers reached the sheath in my mouth, she stuck them in deep to play with the space.

“It’s a shame we can’t fill each other up properly,” she said with a pout, “but I’m sure we can still have fun together though.” With that, she threw me onto my back and climbed on top of me. Our hips met and she ground her pelvis into mine, making the buzzing that much more intense. For me it was still numbed by the padding, but I imagined for her it was a wild ride. She pinned my shoulders down as she rode me. It started off with slow methodical motions, but after several minutes it developed into rough humping as she got closer to her climax. Finally, she clung to me in a full embrace and ground into me one last time. The climax must have been intense. She held me like that for a long while, her mouth against the doll’s in a deep kiss.

It took some time for her to recover, but finally she sat up—still stradling me.

“I think I’m gonna have to take you with me when I go.” she said.

Thanks to the bulge, I was still coming down off my own sexual high, but it was rapidly diminishing because of her words. She still thought of me as nothing more than a doll!

She got up and went to grab the remote again.

“Now how did this work again?” She hit a button and the vibrating stopped. Another and there was a beep. “No that’s not it.”

She finally walked over to me and flipped me over to look at the collar. Following another beep, I heard a click, and felt cool air against my back. I was stunned, but wasted no time trying to shimmy out of the suit.

The next thing I knew, there was a shrieking and a hard pressure on my back. Being caught off guard, I was pushed back into the confines of the suit. Another click followed, and the familiar tightness came back. I cried out in frustration, although I knew it would be muted, and I struggled against my prison once again with everything I had. It wasn’t until I wore myself out that I finally stopped.

Meanwhile, I heard Alice speaking. “Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god....”

It took some time for us both to calm down. When I finally stopped struggling and she got her nerve back, she came to the bed and sat me upright. She looked into the doll eyes with concerned intent.

“Are... are you real?” She asked in a shaky voice. “Like, are you a person?”

It was a struggle, but I did my best to nod. It probably looked more like I was bending in the middle, but it seemed to be enough.

“Oh wow, I didn’t even know.” Realization and panic flashed across her eyes. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry! If I had known I wouldn’t have done anything!”

I was unsure how to respond, so I tried my best to shrug my shoulders. The motion was extremely slight but seemed like enough to quell her panic somewhat. The questions kept coming.

“So, umm… when did you get like this? Was it all the way back when I cleaned up?”

I nodded yes again.

“That was like two weeks ago though!” She seemed very concerned again. “Tyler that couldn’t possibly be you could it?”

Another nod.

With that last answer, she picked up the remote and pressed the unlock button. The clasp in the collar opened up again and I felt the familiar release. This time however, I didn’t need to wiggle myself out as Alice peeled the doll layer off me. Finally free of the doll prison, I tried to stand, but my legs gave out underneath me. Alice caught me and eased me down onto the bed.

“Careful, you’ve been like that for a long time. You must be starving, and thirsty.” She said.”

“It’s weird, but I’m not,” I said weakly. It was like I had to learn to talk all over again. “I feel fine, if a little weird.”

I looked down at myself, still in the perfectly fitted catsuit, but something had changed. My features were… softer. Like I had lost a lot of muscle, and the catsuit had molded me into a similar shape as the doll. If it weren’t for my manhood standing at full erect attention, I could even be called androgynous.

“Well that’s good, I think.” She replied. After following my gaze, she ended up in the same place. “You’re uh… still ready to go huh?

I really was. “That whole time in the doll, I never got to finish. It just built up more and more.” I said.

“Well, seeing as how I got you in such a mess to begin with, I think it’s only fair I finish the job.” She looked at me with a hungry passion that just barely covered up her worry.

Moving down to the end of the bed, she spread my legs apart. Gently, she leaned in close to my member and gave it a long, sensual lick. It was the first full sensation I had felt in two weeks, and it was incredible. She continued her work slowly, licking and sucking on the throbbing rubber. After a long buildup, she finally got more intense, and took the full length deep into her throat. She continued her deep sucking rhythmically, and it didn’t hake long for the pressure in me to build. I got closer and closer until I finally cried out and thrust upwards.

Feeling the wave incoming, she pulled her head off me, but continued to massage me with her hands. The finale was intense, washing over me and focusing in on my dick. I sprayed a powerful shot upwards, taking several pumps to release everything. The moment was absolute bliss.

When I finally came to my senses again, I saw her looking down at herself confused. It didn’t take long to see why. A black splatter was sprayed across her stomach and chest. It dripped off her breasts and a dribble could be seen still coming from the tip of my penis.

“Are you sure you’re feeling alright?” She asked again.

“Yeah, I really am,” I replied. I actually felt fantastic now that I had gotten my release, but I also got her point.

She nodded and stood up. Walking over to the dresser, she picked up a familiar business card.

“I think it’s time we made a call then,” she said.

to be continued...



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