Living Doll: Model Amara

by Millie

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The door closed behind the manager with a definitive click. I was alone. No way back. There were only two doors in this room. The one that just had been locked and the one leading out into the plant. This room represented the end of my former life and the beginning of...

I tried not to think of it. I shivered. Both from fear and because I was totally naked. Well - even more than naked. The clothes I wore when I arrived to the address had been shoved into a bin and would be sent to destruction together with other garbage - I wouldn't need it anymore. I felt a ripple down my spine. The room was not cold, but I was not used to be naked in public. Yes I was alone in the small room, but I knew I was monitored. I could see at least three lenses pointing in my direction. And I knew I would be monitored all through the process. Another shivering hit me.

Until this point I had been guided and helped which had been comforting even when they removed all my hair. I couldn't help but pad my bald head to feel the smooth surface. Not even stubble were left. The same with arm pits, legs and pubic area. The treatment had been all over my nude body. Not a single hair left. No eyebrows. No eyelashes. Nothing. Bare skin all over. Even my nails were cut down. Both on toes and fingers. The feeling was like - well more than naked!

The life I had left behind was empty. I  lost my parents years ago in a car accident. The only man I really loved - married my best friend. Having no family no friends and only bad memories I left my small home town and tried for the city. After several applications and the same amount of rejections I was finally to my big surprise called to an interview with a company that promised a very high salary if you could do a 24/7 job in at least two months. Shapely, open minded, single girls without relatives and without any other obligations preferred. I had just paid my last cash for the single-bed room I had rented when I received the call. So I walked to the interview carrying what was left of my belongings - the clothes I was wearing, my cell-phone, my id and an old bag with some worthless stuff. I was in deep trouble! And having nowhere else to go made the 24/7 concept sound like a wonderful solution.

Still I didn't have high hopes. And almost giving up beforehand I found myself telling the truth about my miserable situation to the interviewer - a pleasant elderly man. "Young lady" - he had said with a reassuring smile - "from what I hear you are just perfect for the job!"  I had looked up at him in surprise, and he had continued: "You have all the qualifications needed - a great body and no reason to want to go back.... - the only question is if you can handle the consequences."

So - now I was facing them. I was becoming a "Living Doll". That was obviously the trademark - and I was about to be a product...

The green light flashed over the steel plate on the conveyor belt. I touched it. It felt smooth and warm. I entered it lay down on my back and positioned myself spreadeagled as I was told. Some special fittings was lowered down onto my legs and arms and clicked as they were locked in position. Supporters and stabilizers shot up from the steel plate and adjusted themselves to my shape. In a few seconds I was totally immobile. I felt a prick in my behind. I knew it was to come, but was startled anyway. Not that it hurt too much, and I began immediately to feel more relaxed. At the same time a mask was lowered down over my face. The last thing I saw was that the green light went out and the red was switched on. Then my view was totally gone.

My ears were probed and then filled with something. All sounds went dull. Next thing I felt my eyes probed, my eyelids fixed open, eyes sprayed and provided with contact lenses. I had been told they were much bigger than normal lenses and they would protect my eyes. Probes that felt like huge dildos were forced into my anus and vagina. I wriggled a little to ease them in but it seemed no problem and actually it felt good. Suddenly my mouth was forced open and a tube entered and extended to fill the cavity and even press down my tongue. Two smaller tubes found their way into my nostrils much the same way. The tubes were sealed and I had to get my air through the tubes from now on. At this time I realized that my breathing had become much lighter. I could still force a deep breath, but it seemed I didn't need it. I was relaxed as I have never been relaxed before. From curiosity I tried to bend my index finger - I could - but very slowly - and on the other hand  - why bother. The conveyor belt had taken over. I could feel the mask was taken away, the clamps were lifted but probes, tubes and  supporters stayed as the belt set off. I was on my way into the plant.

At the first stop I felt soft plates layed out all over my front side. As I still could not see a thing I imagined it was very soft plastic sheets pre-molded to fit my shape. As soon as I was fully covered I felt a sudden heat and a tickle all over as the cover shrinked and made a homogeneous pressure all over. Obviously the pieces melted together and when the heat faded off the cover was removed as one piece with a popping sound. Funny enough - that made me feel naked again...

Nothing happened for a while - except I could feel the vibrations from the active machinery. I was about to doze away when suddenly the newly molded plastic form was pressed down over my front-side with a sound of escaping air. This time however the form felt hard and stiff. Again I felt the light but firm pressure all over. Then the whole thing tilted. Steel plate, plastic form and everything rotated slowly around my long axis and stopped when i was laying face down and my body pressed down into the form. Again sheets of plastic was placed on my skin now covering my backside. And again the heat melted them together. Like before the new cover was hoisted up and there was a pause before the back piece was pressed back down over me. This time likewise hard and inflexible. I was kind of cocooned or mummified. I could not move a toe. Still I was breathing lightly and was totally relaxed. Once again I felt the heat. The back and front part were now melted to one form with me inside I gathered. I surprised myself by being excited and even a little aroused.

After a few minutes I felt a new movement. This time I was raised to vertical. I felt like standing. No, not standing - it was more like floating. As I was contained in this very tight cocoon the pressure from gravity was spread all over my surface. Combined with being so relaxed I might as well be flying or even better swimming. Actually it was as if I was swinging from a hook over my head. This feeling was intensified when I started to move again. Still I could not see or hear a thing, but the vibrations and the swinging told me I was definitely hanging. Probably from an overhead conveyor of some kind. I couldn't help imagining the line of slaughtered pigs in the bacon factory - only they have the head down...

The conveyor stopped. I felt activity around me and suddenly I could see again. Still I couldn't blink, the view angle was limited and my sight was dimmed. But I could see! - What I could see now was a man in overall holding a hose and spraying me all over. I was thinking I was covered in plastic so I didn't feel naked... Until I became aware of a huge mirror on the wall behind the worker. My plastic cover was fast becoming transparent from the spraying. When he stopped spraying and put away the hose my plastic cover was shiny and totally transparent. Nothing hidden. I should be embarrassed but I was not. I looked like and felt almost like a doll. A spreadeagled glass figure dangling from an overhead conveyor. A plastic eye extended from the top of my skull was hooked with a chain up to the conveyor. I had truly become an object.

In the mirror I could catch a glimpse of other figures like myself along the conveyor - all hanging spreadeagled. Men and women in overalls were busy working around them. I felt a tug and slightly swinging I moved on. The conveyor halted over a vat in the floor filled with some liquid. I think I could smell latex. I was lowered down until I was fully under the surface and I lost my sight again. I was breathing without problems though thanks to the tubes. After a few seconds I was hoisted up probably for the surplus latex fluid to drip off. Then I was rotated. I couldn't really feel or hear anything, but I knew from the interview that now I was coated and between every layer I was blow-dried. I was dipped several times with a rotating pause between each. I dozed a little dreaming of being a doll to be played with...

I woke up when the conveyor set off again and stopped shortly after.  Now the layers covering my eyes were removed and I found myself looking into the eyes of a nice looking woman. We were face to face almost touching. She looked very concentrated while cutting and forming the latex around my open eyes. I really couldn't see exactly what she was doing, but after she very gently had polished my contact lenses I could see clearly again. I must have moved my eyes trying to follow her efforts because suddenly she focused and smiled at me nodding. She then turned her attentions to my ears removing the plugs and cutting the edges. Now I could hear again. All kind of noises from the factory machinery hit me which was somehow comforting. I was an object on the assembly line. But somebody was taking care of me. I felt safe. I even felt good.

The woman faced me again staring into my eyes saying: "I know you can hear me and see me! - But as you can't speak I need you to give me a signal. - I want you to move your eyes up and down for a yes and sideways for a no! - Can you do that?" 

I tried to nod and was kind of laughing at myself. Nodding was not a possibility in my condition. So I did as I was told. I moved my eyes up and down. The woman smiled: "Good girl!" She stroke my bald head - which I couldn't feel - with appreciation in her eyes. "Now I will ask you a few questions. Just to make sure everything is all right. - First: Do you feel ok?" - I moved my eyes up and down. If I had been able to express myself I would have added "never better!" - Again she smiled. "Do you feel relaxed?" - I eyed a yes. "Is anything in your shell irritating or otherwise uncomfortable?" I eyed a no. Actually the shell as she called it was like a glove - or another skin?

The woman kept asking questions like - could I feel my little toe,  could I hear the distant bell, could I read the sign on the wall - all easy questions I could answer with yes or no. All the time she looked content and smiled at me.

"The process so far has been perfect, and you have just confirmed that." she said, now looking serious. "I am going to tell you what will happen from this point. but first I will show you a mirror." She held up a round mirror and I looked at my new face. It made me a little surprised. I was beautiful. Even with the tubes from my nostrils and mouth I could recognize my features only perfect now - no flaws at all.  It was my face turned to a dolls. - The mirror was removed and the woman looked at me inquiringly. I eyed a yes, and she smiled. "Yes you are beautiful - but just wait until you get your makeup, eye lashes, brows and hair. You will be stunning!" - I eyed a no, but she nodded, smiled and said: "Yes you will! - I know you will be a hit!"

She reached out and turned me so I had a clear view down the line. I could spot the other figures I had seen earlier though dimmed. Now I could see them clearly and they looked just like the reflection I just saw in the mirror. Of course those in the far end I couldn't be sure of, but those nearby was like my twin sisters. I was turned back facing the woman. "Yes!" she smiled and nodded "they are all copies of you. - We can give them different skin-tone, hairstyle and makeup. But they will all have your beautiful face." She made a pause.

"Now back to you!" She looked at me as if she wanted to be sure she had my attention. - Well I was not going anywhere! - "Next step" she said, "the tubes will be removed and your mouth, ears and nostrils will be finished. No fins from molding will be left inside or outside. Everything will appear as smooth as your cheek." She touched my cheek and smiled. "Well, after that you will have your plugs removed and the lower holes done. If the makeup girls are ready they will finish the job and make you the finest model ever. Maybe you will have to wait a bit. You see, even though you were the first in line you will finish last. The copies did not need to be handled with care. Their process was much more automated and much faster. Still they will be very good copies. You will see for yourself when you are put on display later tonight". She examined me once again very carefully from top to toe. Then she pressed a green button, waved at me and said "good luck girl!" - I was on my way again.

Doing my ears, nose and mouth seemed to be another delicate job as there were two working on me at the same time - a man and a woman. They even fixated me while they were working so I could not  swing or rotate. They worked very concentrated for several minutes cutting, grinding and polishing with tiny instruments like those of the dentists. I was a little surprised when they removed the mouth-tube. I still could not close my mouth. And when the man worked inside my oral cavity I could feel the plastic layer keeping my tongue down and my lips forming a big O. He was very careful and gentle when working in my mouth region. I almost wished I could feel his touch. The woman talked to me once. In a business like voice she told me she was inserting a second eardrum in my ears. They would not hinder my hearing, but as being very strong they would be a good protection. When I was released and sent off down the line I knew I now had a perfect face of a lovedoll.

Again a team of two - a man and a woman was working on me. They removed the plugs from my anus and vagina. As with my mouth, both holes kept their new shape. They worked down there for a while. I could not see what they were doing but I imagined it was much like what had been done at the previous stop like smoothing, shaping, grinding and polishing. Instead I looked out over the working areas in my limited field of vision. Away from the conveyor I could see people working on packaging, wrappings and containers. I couldn't read the text, but no doubt it was my picture on them. Well, a picture of the new me! - Behind some windows and a glass door I could see a room with tables and chairs like a canteen or a staff restaurant. A few people were sitting in there drinking coffee and eating cookies - I guess they had a break. I came to think of why I was not hungry - I didn't even feel like wanting something to eat. I know of course I shouldn't. I was given a few injections right after signing the contract. Besides keeping me relaxed they should also slow down my metabolism like if my body was almost on hold. I just did not think of it until now. I guess it was a good sign.

My attention was again drawn to my bottom. The workers was shoving something big in to my holes - both of them. They pushed deep until I felt a click or snap. Then they withdraw leaving something pushing the walls deep inside me. - The man got up and looked at me as if he wanted to see if I was still there. He showed me a king size dildo and said: "We will test it now!" - he lowered himself  again, shoved it in and immediately I felt a vibration set off. First in the vagina then in the anus. The experience was too short though to be really exciting - but somehow promising nevertheless. The man faced me again. He put away the dildo and showed me a remote control like those you get for TV-sets. "We can do it from here as well!" He pushed button 1 and the vibrations started in my vagina. - "Hole one!" I was thinking to my self. He clicked it again and the vibrations stopped. Then he pushed button 2 and not surprising my anus started to vibrate. He stopped it and looked at me making sure I could see what he was doing. Then he smiled and pressed both 1 and 2 and both holes went off vibrating and making me wanting them not to stop. All to soon he stopped it. - Holding up the remote he said: "There are lots of functions in this. You will hear about them later - else you will learn it by experience." He put away the remote and turned me to face down the line. "I think they are ready to take you in Make Up now. You are almost finished and ready for shipping!" He pressed the green button and I was on the move again down the line.

The three makeup girls were not ready at my arrival - still cleaning up from the doll before me. Anyway they pulled me into the middle of their cubicle which seemed to be the terminus. They all looked appraisingly  at me like I was another piece of furniture. Then they hurried the clean up and put everything back in drawers and on shelves. They were all dressed in white coats with colored stains and they were all very efficient. They rolled a special table in. It was looking like a horizontal Saint Andrew's Cross on wheels. They lowered me down onto it and unhooked me. I had left the conveyor and lay on my back like back when the whole thing started. Only now I wouldn't need supporters and restraints to stay put.

One of the girls produced a small buzz saw on a cable and cut off the eye I had been hanging on. Then she cut down the stump and removed the evidences. Instead she began making my face. The second girl painted my lower holes. Not that I could see what she was doing, but she disappeared between my legs with a paintbox and a paintbrush. The third girl was doing my nails or rather I got some new nails glued on and then painted.

Also the first girl had a paintbox and this was not the kind of makeup I was used to. It was much more like painting a bike or a garden gate. Well I was now an object indeed. I was certain that the paint was synthetic. Hopefully not toxic. The second girl leaned over me and painted my nipples and areolas, while the first girl glued a blond wig on my head and then eyelashes and eyebrows in the proper places. My new nails got a lot of coating. - I should be near finished. At that moment I would really like to have a look in the mirror.

The manager arrived in the cubicle together with the woman that first checked my condition. She smiled warmly and nodded to me as if we were old friends. Then she and the manager examined me. The woman said: "Now you can see for yourself. The process has really been improved. This product has no flaws whatsoever. I say it is perfect!"

The manager nodded. He looked content. He touched my left arm and stroked it lightly, smiled and said: "Yes, this is how it should be. Good work girls!" He nodded to the makeup girls. "Can we get this over in the mounting room now please?"

One of the girls said yes and started pushing the cross table with me out from the area and down a passage between the different machines. The plant seemed almost deserted by now. I wondered what time it was. Maybe the workers had left after a good days work. The other girls, the manager and the woman followed. I could look at them, but I could not see where we were going. After a sharp turn we entered a long corridor with a lot of closed doors. The last door was wide and open and there I was pushed in. It was a room with shelves, boxes, stands, racks, tripods and much more. I guess anything you would need for a window display.

A dummy stand was pulled out and adjusted. Then the girls lifted me up and lowered me over the pole which slipped into my anus and stopped with a click. The table was removed. I was now kind of hanging in midair only supported by the pole in my behind. I must have been looking ridiculous sitting there with my legs and arms in all directions. But not for long. The makeup girls sprayed my hips, my knees and my ankles and suddenly they could be flexed. Now the woman directed the girls how she wanted my legs to pose. Left leg a little forward bending the knee a little, foot stretched a little like if I was about to take a step. Right leg a little back ankle bent so that I could have my foot sole fully on the ground. Both legs inside the foot of the stand. Still I was up in the air.

But when the woman was content, the girls adjusted something on the stand and I was lowered until my feet touched the plate. They sprayed the plate where my feet touched and then they started a hand held blow-drier. Very hot air was blown on my joints and around the feet. After a minute all the plastic was hard and inflexible again. The same was done to my arms and hands They were positioned as if I was just about to embrace somebody. My head was bent a little back. I think it should look as if I was about to receive a kiss. Now my hair was combed. It was curly and reached my shoulders. I liked it very much. I already considered it my hair - my blonde, curly doll hair! - The girls examined me again checking every detail. Obviously they didn't find anything they could improve so they left the room pulling away the strange table that brought me here.

Now I was standing there. Locked and glued to the stand. Wanting to view myself in a mirror. The manager looked at his watch and said: "I better go and see the press. - See you in half an hour in the show room!" The woman nodded but kept looking at me in admiration. I think she would like to trade places if she had been younger.

"Now!" she said. "I want to tell you a few things before you are carried out and put on display. - First - we have decided the name of this model. You could call it your stage name, but for us it is a product name that will cover all the different copies. From now on your name will be Amara. Depending on the culture, the name means something like eternal beauty or unfolding flower. I think it is very appropriate. The more I look at you, the more I feel that you are Amara"

"Second - as you have been told we make three different product-types from the same prototype. Statues, shop-dummies and love-dolls. So we have to give them type numbers and as we keep track of all our products we also have to give them serial numbers. As you are the prototype for the 7th product line You will have the number 1007001. This number is already engraved in your shell behind your left ear. Furthermore it is printed as a bar code on your lower back as a standard, so it can be read by our packing machinery among others. This means that you are from this day Unit 1007001 Amara to the world."

She kept a pause to catch her breath - or maybe to give me a chance to let it seep in. I just felt like I had just been born and baptized. And I liked that metaphor.

"Amara", she said. "Right now the manager is speaking to the press and some special invited customers. In these minutes he will declare you - Amara - our new top model. We are so happy with the result that we have set off all three assembly lines. The copies you saw together with you on the conveyor have been finished and made ready in the show room. They will represent all three lines and have been posed differently. With you on the center stand the setup will be no less than breathtaking. - In the lecture room the guests have seen figures, statistics and a few pictures, so I guess it will be quite noisy when they enter the show room and discover the exhibition".

"Another thing - Amara - the injections you had this morning will keep your metabolism very low. So you will not need food or any maintenance the next few weeks. Anyway we need to control that your body works perfect in this state, so your job the next ten days will be to pose in the showroom to be seen and examined by our customers. On the center stand your vitality will be monitored by our computers so nothing can go wrong. That is why we formed you as partly a statue and partly a lovedoll. We will discuss the possibilities in ten days when this exhibition closes down. - Oh by the way, you will still be relaxed from the drug, but the light numbness you may have felt will wear out soon - if it has not already... Which means that somebody might bring you to orgasms using the remote or the dildos - I hope you will enjoy." She was smiling with a twinkle.

She looked at her wrist watch - "Time is up!" - and looking at me: "I wish you a great experience!" - She opened the double doors opposite where I came in. And I could catch a glimpse of a larger room with a lot of activity. Two workers approached with something looking like a sack truck, on which i was carried into the show room and mounted on a dais in the center. A cable was connected and hidden in the foot of the stand before they set it on slow rotation. Now I could see all my fellow dolls – my sisters - posed in a circle all the way around except where the doors led out. There were statues in classic poses. There were mannequins with detachable body parts. And there were love-dolls in poses I know and some I have never seen before...

Spotlights were turned on everywhere and soft music filled the room as the workers left the show room. I felt excitement as if I was about to take an exam. Suddenly the other double doors were thrown open and a fanfare sounded. A crowd entered the room and spread out in the circular space. Everybody started talking pointing and showing their surprise. After a minute the manager took a microphone, cleared his throat and waited until the noise was lowered. "Ladies and gentlemen", he began, "Just a final remark. The models you see in this room is a section of our newest production line: Model Amara! With the prototype in center. All the models are fully workable according to their purpose. You are allowed to examine them in any way you may want to assure you they are just as I have described in my lecture. Of course we can't have offending sexual activities in public. If anyone should want such a tryout you can give your name and phone number to my secretary, and you will be given a time during the next few days. No more words from me. I will mingle and you can ask me any  question that might occur." - He cut off the microphone and the noise raised again.

A man in a grey suit picked up the remote from my stand and clicked a few buttons. My rotation stopped and started a few times until I faced the man perfectly, the front hole came to life. It felt so good. I only wished I could move my abdomen. Still it was good. I was thinking maybe the rear hole could not work as it was filled with the supporter, but I was wrong. After a few click the front hole stopped its activity but then rear hole started up and at the same time I began rotating again - only this time the other way around. When I returned after a full round the man had disappeared and a woman was studying the remote. She clicked and I stopped. She bent down and picked up a shiny dildo like the one that was tested in the plant. She looked at it shortly and then shoved it up in my front hole. The vibrations began immediately and I was in heaven. She clicked again, and the vibrations changed to a complicated pattern that made me feel wonderful. She looked into my eyes and winked. Then I discovered a small badge on her chest telling that she belonged to the staff. I moved my eyes up and down hoping she understood I said thanks.
She turned to a man next to her and began explaining the functions on the remote, but she didn't turn it off.

During that evening the remote was operated by almost anybody in the room, and I had more orgasms than my former fiance ever gave me. That night I slept like a log - with wide open eyes, dreaming of what the next ten days would bring, and what would come after...



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